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green. talks call for improved trade relations. the 2 presidents seemingly coming away from the summit in and. we discuss the whole area of issues which are of interest to russia and the united states and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a good discussion president. it was really a tremendous discussion. in the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china the world's largest economy also ahead on the program more than 20000
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public sector workers. and it is facing a shock is posted on an empty web site. one minute past 2 pm here in moscow this saturday june the 29 wherever you're tuning in from right around the globe a warm welcome to our international. our top story. agreed to new arms control talks reportedly moving towards improved trade relations the annual g 20 summit wraps up in chip we can go to.
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the days of plenty of headlines coming from this year's g. 20 take us through some of the. good afternoon you know and well it was indeed spectacular water coincidence the press conference of the russian president vladimir putin and the u.s. president donald trump they happened almost simultaneously different styles different toys of language we know that mr trump loves simple words we even heard him say something like vlad is a great guy the great guy himself was more careful with his language but the bottom line is that both leaders were very glad about how they talked at the g. 20 and. it was good and business lunch and we discussed the whole area of issues which were of interest to russia and the united states we spoke about our economic relations russia sees the american businesses are interested in developing that's
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a relations with russia and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion president putin for that it was really a tremendous discussion i can see trade going out with russia we could do fantastically well we do very little trade with russia which is ridiculous frankly . so what exact steps came out or will come out of this good meeting the 2 leaders tasked their foreign ministers with working on the difficulties and the differences on the arms control issue and that this could be the 1st step to potentially a new agreement in which that is very important after twice in the last 2 decades the u.s. abandoned 2 landmark treaties plus both presidents said that how much russia and the u.s. trade with each other leaves much to be desired so they decided to do something
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about it possibly even create an intergovernmental panel and there's something very important as well donald trump during his press conference confirmed that he. is really considering the possibility of going to moscow in may next year that came after an invitation by vladimir putin to attend victory day celebrations so phrases like good discussions productive talks we hard them all the time after putin's summits but as a result of this every time more trouble came in relations between russia and the u.s. and also and how western sanctions by washington has followed suit still at the vladimir putin presser one journalist wondered if the russian side brought this up and also possibly if lattimer putin asks his american counterpart to make sure that the story doesn't repeat itself here is what mr putin said in response to that. a
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simple shushi differently going to be wishing us to. get something but if they have good intentions we are ready to go so you can use you to improve relations with the bits of growth that was. among the most important outcomes of the g. 20 and japan is the cease fire and trade wars between the 2 biggest economies on this planet donald trump's plans to impose extra tariffs on chinese goods will be put on standby and talks will resume. but we're going to continue the negotiation but we agreed that i would not be putting tariffs on the $325000000000.00 that i would have the ability to put it on if i wanted i have a tremendous relationship with president xi nobody else would have the deal that we were getting tens of billions of dollars from china coming in and. someone else
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that ended up shaping out as a big story at this g. 20 surprisingly enough is russia's contract to deliver the. asked 400 missile defense systems to turkey and as a member of nato so this purchase was unprecedented america was furious when it find out that the deal was in the making and on saturday type aired on 1st told latimer putin that no matter what the deal is there to stay event just 2 hours later the american president told the tarkus leader that it was this that was still a big problem for washington and that for them all options are on the table in terms of how they want to deal with this however during the actual press conference donald trump for the forest time ever said that america was treating turkey on fairly and this matter. with i get along with we get along great
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but what happened with turkey and i will tell you when it's fair when it's not fair he wanted to buy the patriot missile president obama's group said no i'm all for a country but he got treated very unfairly he was told you can't you can't you know when you can't have something all of a sudden he heads up going getting something else and then they were they said 1st they said we'll sell it to you could have it in 4 years then they said we'll give it you immediately but he said you can't do it i've bought i've spent a fortune buying another system similar system from russia. so many. g. 20 summit i don't even think that i can give you the exact number of how many. little busy summits happening here but you can read about the rest of them on our website. we have plenty going on as he is saying in the sidelines as well in the. live on the program thank you very much. well day one of the summit was packed with
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high level the plough mysie hours of well but there was also a fair share of emotion and let's be honest or good moments thrown into. you.
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knew. it was. moving on to more world news now or rather suspicious or vulnerable 20000 public sector workers are at risk of islamic radicalization in fronts according to a parliamentary report party's policy here is following the story. it's so shocking as it is revealing a report on radicalization in the french public sector carefully put together 2 french parliamentarians and now gone in quite a reaction from the media and politicians so what exactly does it say in total $29039.00 individuals are considered by the government as radicalized suspicious or vulnerable under different. factors the most radicalized all the prison and maybe kosik has while it's a case in and just us all considered
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a relatively safe place then hosack the same to be army for example has been radicalized and then there are gray areas like sports and public transport where they say it's too difficult. to determine exact numbers and yet still the report is disturbing with certain media outlets and politicians calling it shocking and demanding that the french president emmanuel micron takes action. the report should serve as an electric shock and finally force in menlo micro to end this all could silence and reaffirm the place of secular friends he has made a promise and reality is telling him to act should public service agents who are thought to be radicalized be dismissed this is one of the 2nd proposals the reports offers they should close office mosques and cut ties with arab countries that sponsor of radicalization we asked people here in paris whether they believe something should be done to i feel in security. and public
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places i see it this morning more so you see. one of the logs. she weaves schools i don't think they're doing the right things i don't think putting cops in schools or putting cars in the streets will help you anyway i don't know i also measure may share which you're taken to stir fry to kill easily i don't think they're doing it the right way i don't think they really get into the causes of what's. pushing people towards this kind of a very. well last year the french government announced a national plan to prevent extremism following a series of terror attacks a rights lawyer we spoke to says the country needs to clearly understand the dangers of radical islam. we of course after the terrorist attack that we have in france there is a fear a legitimate fear of what can happen again so police actions for
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those of sociologists lawyers all thinking about how to manage to situation and make sure to avoid new terrorist attack the thing is that when you reduce reports there is an idea that the bedrock of terrorism is reservation so if we want to make sure that there we have tourism again we have to fight radicalism it could be a good idea but the program is that we don't have. a clear definition of what is radicalism we have to pay attention there is a lack of knowledge about what is the reality of islam today. now ahead of 2020 elections in the united states democratic presidential candidates of 2 nights of bruising debates joe biden bernie sanders elizabeth warren they were among the 20 count that stuff took part in them are to skill up and takes a closer look at what about the say. so too many candidates for just one stage we
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have now seen the 1st 2 democratic presidential debates and it was quite a show or should i say shows and among the tactics used to get off to a good start with voters spanish necessary almost in who had got the persona and legs it'll just economy. a president is. one of the most immigrant places in except probably of welcome the honesty and when it came to the issue of minority rights the candidates outmaneuvered each other with identity politics growing up my sister and i had to deal with that neighbor who told us her parents could play with us because she because we were black as experience of being in a marriage that exists. it's by the grace of a single vote on the u.s. supreme court for the last 21 years i've been raising a black son in america and a clear star on the 1st night tulsa gabbert often dismissed as a fringe candidate got a lot of applause for her antiwar stance and many say that she actually swept
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a victory in round one we have got to have some present there is this is how was it we were out there long before we came in the end there yeah well we us and they were the one throughout the aniston now you could declare tells the gathered the victor by one clear metric she took the trophy for the most google searches that night after the dust had settled but that's after she claims she got less time than other candidates and even got attacked by a moderator she says that it's clear bias you were the only one who was essentially attacked personally by the moderators what do you think that was. i look at it shows that there's a clear bias now the format of letting candidates just jump in at will certainly made for a rowdy evening one candidate says that he was treated unfairly andrew yeah right is that the talking. as i mean there in my life is the. yeah this is sort of thing where he does all the user talking oh you know all the sudden the disease of the
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over is i was i being like others out there. now the candidate who seemed to disappoint almost everyone was the so-called perfect centrist joe biden he didn't live up to his fighting joe reputation and that taking blows from almost everyone without much of a comeback do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing and america that do you agree i was 6 years old when a presidential candidate came to the california democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans back and it was then senator joe biden deal that he talked about with mitch mcconnell who is a complete victory for the tea party it extended the bush tax cuts. now despite the smoke and mirrors and t.v. lights the audience seem to actually be concerned about progressive issues it seems that despite the fact that the media is focused on personalities the audience in
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the american public is actually more concerned about platform when it comes time to take on trumped up and r.t. new york. we should remind no matter which candidate the democrats choose they'll have to go up against the trump i asked republican senator richard block about their chances. i don't think the way that most of them said anything that really was was a practical suggestion to real world problems they certainly didn't seem to are excited anyone there are so impractical in trying to to do good. the support of the most left wing elements of the party they're being driven into the arms of people who are so extreme that the american public is just i don't think going to go for them so at this point are unless something
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dramatic happens in the foreign policy arena i don't see any of the democrats posing a credible challenge to the president a danish headmaster faces a rightwing buchla softer a video of schoolchildren being taught how muslims pray it's the internet i love that story after the break. you know world big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the
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truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. crisis meant if it's i mean crisis and they share. it's as a scale a financial disaster just like malaysia. and they bring into this. here when japan. for the problem of you say a group of substances which is a rather big saw that governments and international organizations do not have enough. hello again a danish headmaster has received hate following the emergence of a video migrant website in the footage
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a muslim boy can be seen teaching his fellow pupils how he prays the video was not intended to be made public. the principal said his school was holding. a get to know your classmate week aimed at promoting friendship and mutual understanding the video was all to draw a reaction from a number of right wing politicians i am deeply shocked at the answer from the school principal he obviously believes that they need students can learn about the basics of islam and its teachings by learning all of the muslim prayers in this way they learn nothing about the nature of islam or we heard some contrasting views on the story from stephen morris a member of the english democrats and mohammad shift fake chief executive of the ramadan foundation in the u.k. they spoke to my colleague daniel hawkins. i think in the multi society should we
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learn about each is faith so we can have cohesive relationships i could he said societies i think most people would say yes is it important for muslim kids to know about the jewish faith the christian faith the hindu faith yes i'm vice a versa is one thing be made aware but this is a different thing actually sitting down or kneeling down and pray and in doing it it's a so mark i want experts of muslim to take. the the catholic. rituals go to a church it's one thing to ciccio and to show them well actually get him to do it that's a completely different thing and that's out of order i think the reaction has been way over the top alleys from the usual suspects people who like sean to anything negative and any way that they could attack the islamic faith or the muslim community what they should have been doing was teaching the peaceful side of islam and yes there is a peaceful side of islam we agree but at the moment it's the extremist part that's
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taking over to celebrate a festival or a jewish festival i think that's fine because it doesn't say you know i don't think our faith where you watch it but things were one of only 2 different things. actually very different really sent in the school's fault in trying to teach people about different religions it's one thing teach them about what goes on but get him to actively pray that's a violation of their european human rights and it should not be gone. so that these very clear issues in the schools reaction they were wrong i just find their irony if i mr stephen that you are referring to the european convention of human rights in your campaign. your opinion in so sorry i just couldn't resist saying that i'm on i'm all right just because we don't agree with you on your human rights doesn't mean we don't we i'm gone let's get something just because we want to leave you you
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we want to pull out of your pay. human rights doesn't mean we don't want human rights in england by far what you'll suggestion is we don't know what i'm good we do just just come down my friend stephen saying that's a serial she is no mo is the same as the school in doing good still you at the school see if there was sex education why don't you use a you know you could even mix for that as well here let's be consistent and talk up our history i'm not saying my faith is not immune from criticism or challenge but you know if you're if you're targeting just islam a community then let's look a bit further and look at all our history we've all got a dark history. all right that is our lot for an hour just a reminder we'll have all the analysis from the final day of the g. 20 summit just about wraps up we'll go through the last 2 days right through right at this summary you won't miss a thing with r.t. if you're.
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maximizers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for.
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this for boring or minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. what politicians do to you so you can. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to the press that's what before 3 of them or 10 people are. interested always in the waters about how. this should.
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thank you for the way. to bridge the accident was the comedy show where americans in america covering the american news are called foreign agents now i know you expect me to tear into the 1st democratic debates but i'm not going to do it all right 1st of all because it's covered on every other channel and that's not we don't redacted tonight but more importantly i'm not going to cover it because it happened yesterday and much like swallowing a large chunk of plastic i need time to digest all right i need a democratic debate takes roughly 72 hours to get through my intestines and then i analyze what ends up in the toilet bowl. but there's a lot of other important stuff going on so let's get to it for example this week vice president and most homophobic man to be wearing that much make up like ben. did an interview with c.n.n.'s jake tapper in which tapper continually went after
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pence for having to go all 7 the nerve to support a president who is not currently bombing innocent people in iran why isn't he bombing. now you were initially supported the military strike against iran do you agree that there is a risk that iran will get the wrong message from the president's restraint as you put it way to go jag way to nail the trumpet ministration for being too restrained that's like telling hannibal lector he's too nice to have dinner guests. this is ministration that according to air force central command drops roughly 121 bombs a day mr vice president i understand that we are currently dropping bombs on iraq afghanistan syria yemen somalia libya tunisia where sometimes pakistan but
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why is president trump such 2 a pussy foot in base neck. with the flowers in his hair and the. it's always walk around barefoot i'm sick of it i'm sick of it. but much like a man masturbating in the park jake is not done yet. i expect iran and our allies in the region have no doubt about the military capabilities of the united states of america but i think really that's i probably going to pull the trigger because it's not a concern at all well yes way to go and sun enough that we have sanctions on the country that are killing tens of thousands just like our economic war in venezuela recently this report came out said it killed roughly 40000 people over the past couple of years but c.n.n. wants to know why this sissie president won't get his tiny hands bloody. this is what our corporate media does it make sure average americans think that there are only 2 sides of this debate right either get into
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a cataclysmic war with iran or be don't get into war with iran but still kill a lot of their people with economic sanctions while accusing every ronnie of being an evil villain and that 2nd option is the peaceful option. however there is a top secret 3rd option that can never be mentioned on c.n.n. here it is what if we never withdrew from the carefully negotiated multi nation nuclear deal and what if we didn't surround the wrong with our military bases and what if we didn't constantly threaten them how's that sound idea but c.n.n. is worried that if secret choice number 3 were ever ordered on t.v. some people might think. it sounds like a good idea. and there's something else that
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can't ever be talked about on the mainstream media the history of iran 1953 we overthrew their democratically elected leader 1953 to 79 the us backed the thai radical rule of the shah 98 we backed iraq's war with iran 987 we sent 2 iranian warships 1988 a us navy ship shot down iran air flight 655 killing all 290 innocent people on board 8 years later in court the us said it regretted the loss of human life and paid iran $61000000.00 in restitution 1995 we increased oil and trade sanctions and then of course there's whatever the today. i don't know what this is we're waging economic war on them and we just did mid to cyber attacking their missile systems but yes jake tapper tell us again how we're
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too easy on iran no no no seriously keep pressuring my pants one of the most bloodthirsty american leaders to kill more people no no i agree with you my parents is a pacifist weenie totally i agree i agree so next tapper moves on he moves on to immigration and rightfully as the vice president why the u.s. is actively torturing children at the border by keeping them in cages without adult supervision or proper hygiene yet you have 12 year olds looking after 2 year olds so pence respond with a waterfall of bull and watches tapper just keeps agreeing with them jake we have a crisis on our southern border right we've got to get to the root causes we've got to close the loopholes that the human traffickers as we speak are using to entice vulnerable families to take the long and dangerous and i'm not going to i'm not taking issue with that.


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