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tv   News  RT  June 29, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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to sit down and talk. this hour's headlines. coming your way. and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion. really a tremendous discussion there's a cease fire in the trade war. the u.s. and china will be resuming talks on the. number of concessions to beijing.
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had more than 20. parliamentary. website showing. most of them. yes. a violation of. one minute past 7 pm here in moscow june the 20 hope you're having a fun weekend wherever you're tuning in from welcome. to r.t.
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international. law to mere putin donald trump have agreed to new arms control talks under also reportedly moving towards improved trade relations the news lines coming out the annual g 20 summit which wrapped up a few hours ago in japan. what a coincidence on the last day of the g. 20 summit and also the president of russia vladimir putin and u.s. president donald trump having a press conference almost simultaneously different styles different choices of language we know that donald trump loves simple words we even heard him say something like the lad is a great guy and the great guy himself was a bit more careful with what he was saying but the bottom line is that the 2 leaders are very glad with how they talk to. me it's it was good in business long as we discussed the whole area of issues which are of interest to russia and that is it's we spoke about our economic relations russia sees that american businesses
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are interested in developing spezza relations with russia and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion president for that it was really a tremendous discussion i can see trade going out with russia we could do fantastically well we do very little trade with russia which is ridiculous frankly so what exact steps came out or will come out of this good meeting leaders task their foreign ministers with working on sorting out the disagreements on arms control and this could be the 1st step to possibly signing a new nuclear agreement that is very important after the u.s. withdrew from 2 key treaties in the past 2 decades plus both presidents said that how much the u.s. and russia trades with each other leaves much to be desired and agree to come up with something to boost trade possibly create an intergovernmental panel for this
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and another highlight donald trump confirms during his press conference that he is seriously considering paying a big visit to russia in may next year after mr putin invited him for the victory day celebrations on may 9th so good to. productive discussions these are the kind of phrases we always heard after the. previously but what followed them was only more trouble between the 2 countries and also antiabortion sanctions by washington followed suit so one of the journalists at the vladimir putin press conference wondered if the russian side brought the issue up during the talks and also whether there are a lot of our putin possibly asked his american counterpart to make sure that the story doesn't repeat itself and here's what mr putin's response to that was. we definitely won't be asking the u.s. to lift sanctions. but if they have good intentions we'll reduce them so to say i'm
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going to improve relations with. the movers and shakers of the global economy we're counting on donald trump and she paying to do something about the trade wars between the world's 2 biggest economies and there you have it after they met it was announced that at least for the timing there will be a cease far and the talks will proceed we're going to continue the negotiation that we agreed that i would not be putting tariffs on the 325000000000 dollars that i would have the ability to put on if i wanted i have a tremendous relationship with president and nobody else would have the deal that we were getting tens of billions of dollars from china coming in another thing that shaped out as quite a big story here in japan surprisingly was the russian contract for the deliveries of russia as advanced as 400 missile defense systems to turkey as a member of nato so this purchase was on precedented and america was furious when
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they found out that the deal was underway and what happened here and japan was that the turkish president 1st reassured his russian counterpart that the deal was still in place however just 2 hours the. he heard from donald trump that it was still a big problem for america and that for them all options are on the table to deal with this situation now the supply is that donald trump at his press conference for the 1st time ever admitted that washington wasn't treating its allies in turkey fairly right president hurdle one he's tough but i get along with we get along great but what happened with turkey and i will tell you when it's fair when it's not fair he wanted to buy the patriot missile president obama's group said no i'm all for a country but he got treated very unfairly he was told you can't you can't but you know it's the old secret when you can't have something all of
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a sudden he heads up going getting something else and then they were they said 1st they said we'll sell it to you could have it in 4 years then they said we'll get it to you immediately but he said you can't do it i've bought i've spent a fortune on buying another system similar system from russia that said for this year's g 20 the next one is happening in saudi arabia next year. let's just go back to friday if i was day one of the summit it was packed of course with high level diplomacy as well but there was also a fair share of emotional moments thrown in for good measure.
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another point. to this story donald trump offered to meet kim jong un off the demilitarized zone between north and south korea right ahead of a trip to the capital of south korea so he initially made the suggestion on twitter and then repeated the remarks the g 20 summit. was. very receptive you responded so we'll see because tomorrow we're going to the
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d.m.z. i said well i'm there i'll shake his hand we get along let him know we'll be there and we'll see i mean i don't i can't tell you exactly but they did respond very favorably he follows my twitter and does it's very hard to follow us because we got a call very quickly well north korean officials have called the u.s. president's invitation quote a very interesting suggestion but say they have not yet received an official proposal the leaders of the long time adversaries met twice in the past 12 months in singapore last june and in 1 noise in february no neither of their meetings ended with any significant breakthrough on denuclearization despite the political analysts under of all czech told us that in the country between trump and came at the d.m. said however brief would still represent a positive step. president don't break some of the. books something comes loose mind and he tweets he makes decisions he said or there's little of that alias pride
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that i'm policy is a bold good idea the same thing you know i mean of course it would be great if they meet at the see that is a best. thing growing up there are going to have a good time again for the camera though and will they succeed to really to move forward to push forward well peace agreement between well between north and south korea between north korea and united states i'm not i'm not sure again if the united states wants to do it that is the there is a it can do is look all the doors are open. ok let's say look at more world news this hour radicalized suspicious are busy vulnerable the figures of this next story quite incredible 20000 public sector workers are at risk of a slum mic radicalization in front of us according to a parliamentary report paullus leader has been following the story. it's
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a shocking as it is revealing a report on radicalization in the french public sector carefully put together by 2 french parliamentarians and now garnering quite a reaction from the media and politicians so what exactly does it say in total $29039.00 individuals are considered by the government as radicalized suspicious or vulnerable under difference day to act as the most radicalized of the prison and maybe call 6 has while it's a case in and justice are considered relatively safe less than half a percent of the army for example has been radicalized and then there are gray areas like sports and public transport where they say it's too difficult to determine exact numbers and yet still the report is disturbing with certain media outlets and politicians calling it shocking and demanding that the french president emmanuel mccrone takes action. the report should serve as an
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electric shock and finally force in memo micra to end this all could silence and reaffirm the place of secular friends has made a promise and reality is telling him to act should public service agents who are thought to be radicalized be dismissed this is one of the 2nd proposals the report offers they should close office mosques and cut ties with arab countries that sponsor of radicalization we asked people here in paris whether they believe something should be done to i feel that in security. and public places i see this morning more so you see. one that's a lot like jewish schools i don't think they do the right things i don't think putting cops in schools or putting coats in the trees will help you anyway i don't you know i o's image may share which o. are taken to stir fry to kill easily i don't think they're doing it the right way i don't think they really get into. causes of what's. pushing people towards this
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kind of radical acts last year the french government announced a national plan to prevent extremism following a series of terror attacks a rights lawyer we spoke to says the country needs to clearly understand the dangers of radical islam we of course after the terrorist attack that we have in france there is a fear a legitimate fear of what can happen again so police are. philosophers sociologists lawyers all thinking about how to manage to situation and make sure to avoid new terrorist attack the figures that when you read this report there is an idea that the bedrock of terrorism is regularization so if we want to make sure that there we have tourism again we have to fight radicalism it could be a good idea but the program is that we don't have. a clear definition of what is
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radicalism we have to pay attention there is a lack of knowledge about what is the reality of islam today. head of the 2020 presidential elections in the united states the candidates for the democratic nomination of health to charge them a fractious debate among the crowded field of 20 hopefuls were joe biden bernie sanders elizabeth warren get up my pen reports and that race is shaping up. so with too many candidates for just one stage we have now seen the 1st 2 democratic presidential debates and it was quite a show or should i say shows and among the tactics used to get off to a good start with voters spanish ness is almost. gone the persona and the exit poll is to economy and this president. will be one of the most immigrant places in
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except probably would welcome be autistic and when it came to the issue of minority rights the candidates outmaneuvered each other with identity politics growing up my sister and i had to deal with the neighbor who told us her parents could play with us because she because we were black as experience of being in a marriage that exists by the grace of a single vote on the u.s. supreme court over the last 21 years i've been raising a black son in america and a clear star on the 1st night gabbert often dismissed as a fringe candidate got a lot of applause for her antiwar stance and many say that she actually swept a victory in round one we have got to have some present there is this is how was it we were out there long before we came in the end there. well we knew us and they were going to afghanistan now you could declare tells the gathered the victor by one clear metric she took the trophy for the most google searches that night after the dust had settled but that's after she claims she got less time than other
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candidates and even got attacked by a moderator she says that it's clear bias you were the only one who was essentially attacked personally by the moderators what do you think that was. look at it shows that there's a clear bias now the format of letting candidates just jump in at will certainly made for a rowdy evening one candidate says that he was treated unfairly andrew yang ready to start talking. as i mean there in my life was going. yeah it was a sort of thing where he does all the user talking like you know most of the monkeys of the number is i was i being like others out there. al the candidate who seemed to disappoint almost everyone was the so-called perfect centrist joe biden he didn't live up to his fighting joe reputation and that taking blows from almost everyone without much of a comeback do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america do
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you agree i was 6 years old when a presidential candidate came to the california democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans back and it was then senator joe biden deal that you talked about with mitch mcconnell who is a complete victory for the tea party it extended the bush tax cuts and then only now despite the smoke and mirrors and t.v. lights the audience seemed to actually be concerned about progressive issues it seems that despite the fact that the media is focused on personalities the audience and the american public is actually more concerned about platform when it comes time to take on trump. r.t. new york a headmaster in denmark faces a right wing buckler saw through a video of schoolchildren being told how muslims pray it's the internet that story on more than 90 seconds and counting.
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crisis metaphysic means crisis and they share. it's as a scale of financial disaster and gun just like malaysia. and they bring into this. here when japan for the problem of you say a group of substances which has ever been so fast that governments and international organisations do not have enough time you can't use them. in a world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. all right let's start by can denmark where a headmaster has received hate mail following a video emerging on an empty mike and website of one of his classes in the muslim boy can be seen teaching his fellow pupils how he prays the video was not intended to be made public. we got. a low. the principal said his school was holding a get to know your classmate week aimed at promoting friendship and mutual understanding the video a strong reaction from
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a number of right wing politicians to here's one tech i am deeply shocked at the answer from the school principal he obviously believes that danish students can learn about the basics of islam and its teachings by learning all of the muslim prayers in this way they learn nothing about the nature of islam or we heard some contrasting views on the story from stephen morris a member of biggest ever krauts on how much afic chief executive of the ramadan foundation. i think in the multi society should we learn about each is faith so we can have cohesive relationships i could he said societies i think most people would say yes is it important for muslim kids to know about the jewish faith the christian faith the hindu faith yes i'm vice a versa is one thing be made aware but this is a different thing actually sit in on kneeling down and pray and in doing it it's a so mark i want experts of muslim to take. the the catholic. rituals go to
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a church it's one thing to ciccio and to show them well actually get him to do it that's a completely different thing and that's out of order i think the reaction has been way over the top alleys from the usual suspects people who like sean to anything negative and any way that they could attack the islamic faith or the muslim community what they should have been doing was teaching the peaceful side of islam and yes there is a peaceful side of islam we agree but at the moment it's the extremist part that's taken over to celebrate the festival or a jewish festival i think that's fine because it doesn't tell you know. where you are going but things where one of. these 2 different things are. actually very different really sentence it's the school's fault in trying to teach people about different religions it's one thing teach them about what goes on but get him to actively pray that's a violation of their european human rights and it should not be gone. so that these
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very clear issues here and the schools reaction they were wrong i just find their irony if i mr stephen that you are referring to the european convention of human rights and your campaign of the. liver your opinion in so sorry i just couldn't resist saying that you on your right just because we don't agree with you on your human rights doesn't mean we don't we i'm gone let's get something just because we want to leave you you we want to pull out of your pay. human rights doesn't mean we don't want human rights in england by far what you're suggesting is we don't know what i'm good we do just just come down my friend stephen says the reality is no same as the school in doing good still you at the school is going to sex education why don't you use or you could even write for that as well let's be consistent and talk up our history i'm not saying my faith is not immune from criticism or challenge but you know if you if you're targeting just the stomach community then
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let's look a bit further and look at all our history we've all got a dark history. with us democrats readying to grill special counsel robert muller next month over his $500.00 page report into donald trump on his 2016 campaign amaan jail this part of the probe of former trump advisor george papadopoulos claims he was set up by investigators papadopoulos was a foreign policy adviser during the 2016 presidential campaign and pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. in 2017 about his contacts with officials going to russia he was jailed for a dozen days is currently still serving a 12 month supervised release going on regrowing program spoke to mr papadopoulos about accusations australia spied on him and fed that information to the british intelligence services the full interview comes out right here on r.t. international dot com this monday. april 20th 2016 i
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reached out to for the 1st time by the australian government in london where they began to tell me that dahlan trump was a pariah and that he's a danger to the world and he's going to affect the trans-pacific partnership and up and the security architecture of the world i laughed it off because many foreign governments at that time were basically you know suggesting similar things about him i didn't understand that i was actually being spied on by the australian governments as early as april 2016 may 10th 2016 so approximately 2 or 3 weeks after that initial contact by the australian governments and in between that i had been reached out to by the d.i.m.a. and british intelligence as well the meeting i had with the team in december of 20172 months after my name went public regarding my guilty plea and i was in discussions with miller's team basically trying to actually understand
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what was happening in my case because at that point i started to have contacts by various reporters who were telling me that my story wasn't adding up the way that my status of offense was presented to the world and it looked like there was some sort of sort of set up that occurred in my case and likely in other cases involving trump associates. now for 33rd consecutive weekend yellow vans protesters have been rallying in the french capital against falling living standards. i think demonstrators could be seen chanting and waving french scuffled with police on the streets and responded by firing tear gas. since nov 28th and say 33 weeks ago tens of thousands of people have been involved in the. nationwide protests they were initially triggered by plan fuel tax hikes but
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quickly morphed into a broader campaign against an approach governments see. right done is here and 30 to keep you right up to date with all the latest goings on this weekend in the meantime sit back take it easy i'm prepared to get right back to tonight. financials but i don't know why i'm on if you. think. that's the last of my it's from the future trucker watch guys. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers started going after the users in the prison population. we
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started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of this is just it doesn't get easier. join me every thursday on the elec simon shore and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. her. ok. ok you're for gay.
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marriage the accident was the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents now i know you expect me to tear into the 1st democratic debates but i'm not going to do it all right 1st of all because it's covered on every other channel and that's not we don't redacted tonight but more importantly i'm not going to cover it because it happened yesterday and much like swallowing a large chunk of plastic i need time to digest all right i need a democratic debate takes roughly 72 hours to get through my intestines and then i analyze what ends up in the toilet bowl. but there's a lot of other important stuff going on so let's get to it for example this week vice president and most homophobic man to be wearing that much make up like ben. did an interview with c.n.n.'s jake tapper in which tapper continually went after pence for having the gall 7 the nerve to support
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a president who is not currently bombing innocent people in iran why is it a bombing. now you were initially supported the military strike against iran do you agree that there is a risk that iran will get the wrong message from the president's restraint as you put it way to go jag way to nail the trumpet administration for being too restrained that's like telling hannibal lector he's too nice to have dinner guests . this is ministration that according to air force central command drops roughly 121 bombs a day mr vice president i understand that we are currently dropping bombs on iraq afghanistan syria yemen somalia libya tunisia a air sometimes pakistan but why is president trump such a pussy footing basic. where the flowers in his hair in the end it's always walk
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around barefoot i'm sick of it i'm sick of it. but much like a man masturbating in the park jake is not done yet i. expect iran and our allies in the region have no doubt about the military capabilities of the united states of america but i think really that's probably going to pull the trigger that's not a concern at all well yes jay way to go and sun enough that we have sanctions on the country that are killing tens of thousands just like our economic forum venezuela recently the report came out said it killed roughly 40000 people over the past couple of years but c.n.n. wants to know why the secy president won't get his tiny hands bloody. this is what our corporate media does it make sure average americans think that there are only 2 sides of this debate right either get into a cataclysmic war with iran or be don't get into war with iran but still kill
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a lot of their people with economic sanctions while accusing every ronnie of being and.


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