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tv   News  RT  June 30, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the. president makes history becoming the 1st sitting u.s. leader to turn north korea kate flown into the demilitarized zone for a hastily organized meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un. a trade war cease fire between the u.s. and china and a positive steps in relations with moscow and washington the g 20 summit in japan scored a few hits. the meeting was businesslike we discussed a whole range of issues that are of interest to russia and the united states and we had a discussion we had agreed actually we had a good discussion presumably most of it was really
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a tremendous discussion. and the last stage the time to save the iran nuclear deal european signatories launch a new payment system to bypass the u.s. sanctions on the islamic republic. in watching the weekly here on r.t. international live from our moscow studio with me in a day or 2 to welcome to the program president makes history becoming the 1st sitting u.s. leader to went to north korea he briefly stepped across the border while meeting the north. for an impromptu summit between the pak pyongyang and didn't confirm the meeting would actually happen right until the last moment. of presence there is a great sign of willingness for relations to improve while trump himself described
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it as a great honor. i believe just looking at this this is an expression. living made all the work you know all you future. i just want to say this it's my honor. i didn't really expect. the g 20 we came. here i want to thank you thank you. we got to really step. out of the right. during the historic meeting the leaders shook hands across the border at the korean demilitarized zone one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world kim said he was surprised that donald trump's offer to meet was announced on twitter they were holding talks behind closed doors for almost an hour. the 2 leaders have met twice in the past 12 months the 1st summit was held in singapore last year and a 2nd meeting was in vietnam in february the u.s.
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wants to denuclearize north korea and reach an agreement on destroying its whole arsenal and to end its development program north korea wants the removal of punitive sanctions in return but neither of those earlier meetings could find a compromise the last one and a properly. but let's discuss this further now with dr allen. thank you for coming on to the program here from the department of asian studies korean studies bar university that was a historical moment that we've just seen trouble crossing that line they've met what can we hope for now. from history again of the 1st the 1st time when you. are poor and now is the 1st sitting president across the line without any military following him this is an impressive move by trump he doesn't follow diplomatic protocol and he's very creative the
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question is what can be gained from the comp point of view we are continuing the discussion with. the gap between both sides of the working. and pyongyang is huge pyongyang is not willing to disarm before some of the sanctions would be lifted while washington saying storage showing this arm and process and then we will be willing to discuss the. lifting some of the sanctions it is important that both sides are negotiating this from. from point of view the discussion in closed doors allows them to try to find a solution and one would say in order to organize a meeting like this like that you need months of preparation from saying no need to prepare we can reach a deal. yeah i mean you're saying that the meeting alone would take months of preparation but what about an agreement that could be years couldn't it and it was
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a very brief meeting i mean last up to an hour which isn't bad but it comes back and the result is still the same at the moment so they've had those 2 previous meetings they were. yes not really successful in their outcomes this is an impromptu meeting is there a real chance of. north korea succumbing to try wishes and the other way around because there needs to be compromise. there. with you it's difficult to get to get a deal in one hour meeting but it's important that both sides are negotiating even if they disagree as long as they negotiate trump said it in a press conference with gene the president of south korea the 3rd are going to meet him if it works out good if it doesn't work out doesn't matter as i just want to shake him to say hi how are you it's been a long time since we last met but it's important that both sides continue to
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discuss and to find ways to bridge the gap between pyongyang and washington i don't except i don't expect to have. in agreement they signed agreement what happened in the in the noyo the both sides expected to reach an agreement to implement what was agreed in singapore they failed to do to agree or to find some kind of a solution and their. field but both sides are continuing to to negotiate to find ways to find ways to solve this this character as long as there is longer is the we're happy there's no tension between the between washington and. pyongyang and despite the fact that pyongyang tested short range missiles trump was saying this is not important this is business as usual i like him he's trying to give the honor to present to you. and we can do is trying to give the president from
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hoping that the both sides my find a way to solve this issue i don't expect to reach a deal but even if they reach a deal in the one i were meeting the implementation would take longer yeah ok so as you mentioned i'm just picking up on a few points that you mentioned. course the communication is historical there's no doubt about that but you know even in the meeting as you say they could disagree that still equates to no progress and as donald trump said himself he looked back to and a half years ago it was a dangerous situation a lot dangerous situation remains doesn't it if no progress is made. there's no progress there potential of conflict exists burke. what if i'm allowed to disagree with the president trump wouldn't iraq today even if he wasn't elected no. young or washington don't want to go to to to
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a conflict that price that would be very high both sides are now continuing the negotiation in trying to find ways. so far trump didn't come lifting the sanctions will have to see if the agreed on something concrete that will allow them to say we reach some kind of a deal. even if they reach a deal both sides will have to send their delegations the vice president or the deputies or are there officials that will continue the negotiation in order to achieve a better deal or find ways how to implement what was free what field in the you know it's not going to be 40 or port opportunity that will solve like magic all the problems we will continue the process and we will continue the discussion between there from when we can juggle yeah i think what we'll do because obviously trying to paint himself as a bit of a peacemaker because of this meeting and because of he's managed to meet north
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korean president number of times before let's just have a quick listen to what he says about perhaps. what was. really strange it was. for south korea very very different to. change very quickly. through positive positive things going. so he is saying that it's because of him that the situation has changed and the previous administrations well you know. too bad to make any changes having said that should we be looking at the fact that maybe north korea was ready in themselves for some kind of changes because of the economics of the country the sanctions obviously have affected them what are your thoughts on this. there
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are a model for another factor. prior to go out of the insertion or didn't have the i.c.b.m. a long long range missile that can carry. that can threaten the united states and so from their point of view once they reach this capability that allows them to come to the negotiation table i disagree with what the previous administration policy was. they could have reached some kind of a deal but one is ready to negotiate to from his point of view as an equal as a nuclear state he was open minded to see it with i agree with the i would say the creativity or. policy not to follow the. created an atmosphere that both leaders were willing to see the problem for now from the point of view is that the sanctions are continuing and the sanctions have . a north korean economy and this might.
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convince the north korean to do something positively in order to allow the united states to ease some of the sanctions and this is a positive move as i said both both leaders are not cursing each other or not blaming interocular leaders are trying to create some kind of. and i hope it will allow them to reach an agreement but we have to understand it's a long process it's not it's not like a magic. say ok now let's give up with a nuclear weapon even if he says so it will take a few months even more than a year ok dr alan i love kevin said department of asian studies korean studies. thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on our program thank you. president putin and trying to create a whole new arms control talks and america answers a trade war with china and she 20 summit a chapter ponse us and japan find out some of the tensions facing the world wasn't
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for us. you may like it or not but the 20 year round table isn't the biggest summit attention grabber the reality is that everyone is keen to know what happens at the so-called buy a last and the one that the media was hungry for the most happened on friday the face to face between donald trump and vladimir putin's one and a half hours behind closed doors or wait the journalists were there just for a little bit at the very beginning not to the delight of mr trump. and to a cleese tried to make american journalists leave him alone on one particular matter
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donald trump said this. was. going to bring a very. soon after time after time the president's kept repeating how happy they war with how they got along the meeting was good and businesslike we discussed a whole area of issues which are of interest to russia and the united staes we spoke about their economic relations russia sees that american businesses are interested in developing better relations with russia we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a good discussion president putin most of it was really a tremendous discussion i can see trade going out with russia we could do fantastically well we do very little trade with russia which is ridiculous frankly so from now on the top diplomats of russia and america will be working together on
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a new framework for global arms control plus the administrations agree. to join afterwards to boost mutual trade and donald trump is considering coming to moscow in may next year he was invited there for the victory day celebrations another leader who got an invitation by the kremlin was emmanuel macron and we found out here and saw mr mccall and won't have a problem with saying hello when he comes to russia. so as you can see great vibes that that late night meeting to like when putin was with you case to resume a for the 1st time in 3 years london is set to remain an cold war mode with moscow the good news though is those who were in panic mode because of
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us china trade wars can breathe with relief for now we're going to continue the negotiation we agreed that i would not be putting tariffs on the $325000000000.00 that i would have the ability to put it on if i wanted i have a tremendous relationship with president nobody else would have the deal that we were getting tens of billions of dollars from china coming in indeed donald trump xi jinping bilad work its magic no new import tariffs for the time being and further talks to try and and the trade wars all together now everyone who is really making this planet spin angle maracle shinzo abi mohamed ben. and aired on who by the way heard for the 1st time from donald trump that washington wasn't treating fairly sometimes got their fair share of headline making by
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a lats and we as journalists got to know. quite a few amusing moments here and also. the european union has launched a new payment system and it firms bypassed u.s. sanctions on iran brussels is at odds with washington after the u.s.
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unilaterally ditched the $15.00 landmark nuclear accord and reintroduced strict trade restrictions the sanction busting tool is called the european financial settlement mechanism all in sticks washington threatens to sanction any country that buys all from iran to round responded by increasing its production of low enriched uranium and threatens to produce near weapons grade levels if it's not guarded from the u.s. sanctions. america's campaign of maximum pressure on taran doesn't and that there are a foreign minister accused of violating international law and resorting to all cake politics with his threats to obliterate iran. president. or. choose day trying to threaten iran with obliteration of terror on attacks anything american when asked about the possibility of a war with iran he boasted that it would be
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a quick affair but said that he doesn't want one. on friday the u.s. send more stealth fighters to the persian gulf adding to the military deployment already there the president of iraq has spoken out against this he warned that he will not allow the u.s. to use his country to launch any kind of military action against neighboring countries the american troops the coalition troops in iraq again at the invitation of the iraqi government for the specific exclusive mission of fightin isis we do not want our territory to be a staging post for any hostile action against any of our neighbors including iran the u.s. secretary of state my pompei are things the united states has done everything it can to deescalate tensions with the islamic republic. america's do everything it can to deescalate. conflict there is war there is a commander here clearly will because the arabians made their choice the pressure or the approach that the americans or their allies have had toward iran has impact
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that this behavior iran now we are in this collection more than the region as a result of the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal and then followed by a maximum pressure against iran on the one side we're seeing the americans talking about the goetia on the other hand they're using militant threats as well as economic war against the country this shows inconsistency as well as i think ambiguity in their policies because i think donald trump is enjoying advisors who have conflict viewpoints towards iran and other international issues and this has caused this broad chaos to the white house in relation and is of iran the solution in the region needs cooperation and talks and diplomacy between different sides in the region this is the argument of you ron. investigative group project where it has been from you tube for a probe into google i'll have all the details
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a lot for you after this break. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be.
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considered to be crooks that's what the $43.00 of the more m.p. get. into st paul's in milwaukee using. their city. welcome back to the program conservative investigative group project veritas has been banned from video portal via due to violation of community guidelines it comes just days after the group posted a new probe into google on the way the search engine alters its algorithms to direct content to uses the video includes an interview with a whistleblower and secretly filmed a conversation with a company executive. you're biased.
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never bothering somebody but. if there were an estate is a great. like letting her see a very lady like that see make a will these are. the resources they need to be charged with the same thing that existed 3 all the. way. to. you tube a subsidiary of google also banned the video the link now shows a blank screen with a message stating it had broken. off has seen the film in full. it's a household name for everything searched online it hosts those stupid videos you watch when the boss is not looking and there's a new service coming in 2020 electing the u.s. president at least according to activists from project very to us who say they interviewed an insider from google. works in 2016 the couple did
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a complete one. what they thought was important for the top sort for exposure and comparable one of course is important but. there's a lot of because of there's a lot of. bruce and some thoughts. got a lot to it and so we. thought we'd destroy police and your users because we don't want to have an. american all corporate good you sure can search on google but who said anything about finding according to the documents which are alleged to have come from the same anonymous insider the algorithms will move down those results they deemed quote unfair and trust me google's algorithms aren't voting for trump this document is about algorithmic unfairness it reads quote for example imagine that a google image. query for c e o's shows predominantly men even if it were
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a factually accurate representation of the world it would be algorithmic unfairness time to. see this. kind of balances out. google secretly adding filters for its search is like a loan shark heading interest points in the finest of prints at the bottom of a 100 page document except google does that in invisible ink but search is by far not the only tool in google's arsenal a web browser smartphones tablets laptops p.c.'s an operating system for phones tablets and smart t.v.'s the world's best seller that as over 2 and a half 1000000000 active users monthly google can tinker with any of those any time at its whim and apparently it plans to do so including to their head of responsible
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innovation both would think it was. good. for you. to be taken care of like what you. think. it is. now how's that for innovation or how's that for don't be evil how's that for do the right thing actual slogans google promises to a bite to proudly but why not play god when it's totally the right thing is pretty scary they are also research results to match their definition of fairness because it isn't a matter of a few people saying is with a d. mystere and what they deem isn't fair really their fairness term is kind of a smokescreen like the person was saying in video that id etc seeing is more about their particular political viewpoints eg. they are publishing certain stories to
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curating new specifically for the actual goal of having a particular person in the white house that it's clear election if you will google is doing is way way way more damaging and actually legitimate compared to the rush of conspiracy theories that have been floating around the google executive film by project veritas claims the video is not since sun says she has no connection to the projects discussed although she admits that she didn't use in precise language which. severe flooding in eastern siberia has claimed the lives of 5 people to a missing and more than 300 are in need of urgent assistance according to the emergency minister almost 100 people have been injured and a 1000 more evacuated from the region saturday was the 5th consecutive day of torrential rain in the province over 4000 houses are reportedly underwater roads
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and bridges have also been submerged suffering child support thanks and holding back the work of the in the services president has told officials to provide housing for all those affected and repairing damage infrastructure. that's all news i'll be back around 30 minutes time with global updates so stay with us. descriptions sound appetising even for the owners so how to choose pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us and what's necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be the best people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes and arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually. creating these problems is
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a huge epidemic of toms all of them i believe can be linked to sherry simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. real crisis midriff examines crisis when they share. it's as a scale of natural disaster in counter-strike malaysia. and they bring to us. in the news year here when japan will care for the problem of you say a group of substances which are the other being so flush that can go and international organizations do not have enough time to create rules where.
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i think the reason that they have not attacked you wrong so far is not that they didn't want but i would say that they couldn't do it top as the thinking of as short and quick war with iraq but i would say that that would not be the case trump said that if they wanted to attack they would have killed about $150.00 people in the rain inside but the question comes to me is that americans tied a country in the past by nuclear bombs do they really care about killing 150 people . thank you. so most of the mothers who.
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seem to use these. as you know. the size of the stick this is part of the deceased this marriage. and i would go to the store and hear the wall behind the studio wouldn't know the. deal already feeling to. know that i guess. who one of. the marchioness was for the fee mr theme i think if you want to hear one of them. busy when you are. in this. we tend to feel we have to swim a few we do we should if you.


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