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in disorders they cut allergies we are actually creating these problems is a huge epidemic of problems in all of them i believe can be linked to fairy simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. making history donald trump becomes the 1st ever sitting u.s. president to enter north korea he was there for a hastily organized meeting with kim jong un but sanctions on the reclusive state remain an issue previously. i'm looking forward to taking the. i don't like the sanctions but you know his country i'm looking forward to the
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sanctions. also in the stories that shape the week a trade war ceasefire between the u.s. and china positive steps of relations with washington the g. 20 summit in japan scores a few hits. the meeting was good and businesslike we discussed a whole range of issues that are of interest to russia and the united states and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a good discussion president for that was really a tremendous discussion. deal european launch a new payment system to bypass us. sunday afternoon 2 pm here in moscow a very warm welcome to the weekly news international my name's neal our top story
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president made history becoming the 1st sitting u.s. leader to enter north korea he briefly stepped across the border while meeting the north's leader kim jong il for an impromptu summit between the pair. didn't actually confirm the meeting what actually happened wright's. moment but meet they did the leadership across the border. into militarized zone one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world kim said he was surprised that donald trump's offer to get together was announced on twitter before outing the american president's presence there was a great sign of willingness for relations to improve trump himself described it quote as a great honor. since my honor. i didn't really expect that at the g 20 we came. over here i want to thank you. and we got to be
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stepping. out of. the world is watching and it is very important for the world and also the place of these meetings is special that is why i chose the attention of so many people i was surprised yesterday morning when you expressed her willingness to meet with me here and we had official confirmation late yesterday afternoon. so a lasting and significant to or a glorified photo op while our senior correspondent steve joins me in the studio to talk through right good to see you. describe the meeting was productive but we've been here before the century it led to business as usual well it this is different because it's a historic moment any way you look at it regardless of whether there's a follow up follow up progress donald trump calling the meeting productive which is you know a pretty important considering the talks denuclearization progress that completely
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stalled in recent times and. don't trump even invited. to visit the united states not now but when time is right with regards to concrete details there's been a change in thinking from said to themselves the speed is no longer for the essence they've realized i suppose how complicated how difficult this is how many years this is taken to get to this point they're now talking about progress rather than speed so. small bites but getting there and in that vein they've now come up with working groups negotiation groups from the north korea from the united states to get together and they try to find common areas where the where they agree so little things and by by achieving these little things agreeing to do small things for now they hope to build up the big things and. they're going to start meeting in
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2 or 3 weeks so we'll see if progress comes from that but of course sanctions sanctions are the thing that really peed in everything. they're saying on memory or something or look i'm looking forward to taking more i don't like sanctions being on his country i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain useful but at some point during the negotiation things can happen and that's what we'll be talking about it is exactly because of sanctions that the last meeting between the 2 leaders north korean leader. trump that it came to nothing talks ended 2 hours early and afterwards this is politically quite depressing because there was completely nothing that came out of the. us for north korea they have got the coup of getting a sitting u.s. president to their land the 1st ever time what else what do they want to hear all donald trump said the north koreans want the sanctions to be lifted the completely
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and he said the there is no way that that is going to happen and now the north korean foreign foreign affairs minister came out and said no we are asked to we asked for sanctions to be lifted partially and that the united states demanded something extra. to denuclearization to to go ahead and begin lifting sanctions which he said is an acceptable. this is a manifestation of the most extreme hostile acts by the united states all these speak clearly to the fact that the wild dream of the united states to bring us to our knees by means of sanctions and pressure has not changed at all but grows even more undisguised. the the meeting finished without any documents being signed in a mutual agreement. with the u.s.
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senate and thursday passed a bill that would allow for the strengthening of sanctions with the with regards to north korea soon so you know there is a trust issues well sanctions is the issue that this is the overriding theme is that is there any sense do we have an idea when they may be lifted or otherwise well donald trump said that sanctions will stay in place for now that nothing will be lifted but he said they won't be intensified strengthened for now is that significant well it is because they're looking at these speed rather than progress rather than serene so they're looking for concrete details concrete achievements before they begin lifting sanctions and they want them verified but again it's going to take time so denuclearization efforts progress to be put in place and then verified by the united states. but as i said trust big issue there's history
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here the united states after convincing the nation to denuclearize libya iraq later the united states or its nato allies in the country north korea knows this very well north korea. denuclearization talks have been going on for decades now and whenever the whenever there's promises made by the north koreans it comes to comes to nothing so trust these. we don't expect. to of the truth that's where we're going to verify any denuclearization that takes place that's why we will ensure that we see actual on the ground on the ground outcomes we're not going to take anyone's word for it. nonetheless still a historic moment a sitting u.s. president visiting north korea more than that both sides are this heartened by the lack of progress so far i suppose they're getting becoming a little more mature with regard to denuclearization realizing that this is going to take time and a lot of effort they need to keep talking. bring us right up to date on that our
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senior cross from rutgers there for us thank you. what hong kong based political scientists have chuang things that sanctions are the most contentious part as well of the talks let's take a look lance some of the 3rd leaders here not at t. march exactly because of adequate preparations and exactly because of the it's from mark or polls anything new you see the crux of the issue is that the strong and the assertion good man's are. you diverse a bow and there is fire bow in corrosion on the opinion before it will consider the look in the ascensions this is not it's not the ball from khinjan one's point of july encircling one some intermediate. agreements some kind of. by stage agreements so much so
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that our show lifting of the sanctions can be achieved within a very very short period of time but we see no. north strong. from from ready and willing to make the kind of step. well diplomacy efforts certainly coming to the fore this week moscow on washington are also edging towards better relations it's been reported presidents putin and trump they have agreed to hold new arms control talks that occurred at the g. 20 summit which wrapped up on saturday in japan and have a tranquil was in osaka for us he takes us through the heart another big development as. you may like it or not but the 20 year round table isn't the biggest summit attention grabber the reality is that everyone is keen to know what happens at the so-called buy
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a last and the one that the media was hungry for the most happened on friday the face to face between donald trump and vladimir putin's one and a half hours behind closed doors or wait the journalists were there just for a little bit at the very beginning not to the delight of mr trump. and to a cleese trying to make american journalists leave him alone on one particular matter donald trump said this. was. going to bring a very. soon after time after time the president's kept
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repeating how happy they war with how they got along the meeting was good and business we discussed a whole area of issues which are of interest to russia and the united states we spoke about their economic relations russia sees that american businesses are interested in developing better relations with russia we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion president putin most of it was really a tremendous discussion i can see trade going out with russia we could do fantastically well we do very little trade with russia which is ridiculous frankly so from now on the top diplomats of russia and america will be working together on a new framework for global arms control plus the administration's egg. to join afterwards to boost mutual trade and donald trump is considering coming to moscow in may next year he was invited there for the victory day celebrations
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another leader who got an invitation by the kremlin was emanuel macron and we found out here and saw mr mccall and won't have a problem with saying hello when he comes to russia. so as you can see great vibes that that late night meeting to like when putin was with you case to resume a for the 1st time in 3 years london is set to remain an cold war mode with moscow the good news though is those who were in panic mode because of u.s. china trade wars can breathe with relief for now we're going to continue the negotiation we agreed that i would not be putting tariffs on the $325000000000.00 that i would have the ability to put it on if i wanted i have
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a tremendous relationship with president nobody else would have the deal that we were getting tens of billions of dollars from china coming in indeed donald trump xi jinping bilad worked its magic no new import tariffs for the time being and further talks to try and and the trade wars all together now everyone who is really making this planet spin angle maracle shinzo abi mohamed bin. and aired on who by the way heard for the 1st time from donald trump that washington wasn't treating fairly sometimes got their fair share of headline making and we as journalists got. quite a few amusing moments here and all soccer. world
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news this week the european union has launched a new payment system aimed at helping its firms bypass u.s. sanctions on iran brussels is that all is with washington after the u.s. unilaterally ditched the 2015 landmark nuclear accord reintroduce strict trade restrictions the sanctions busting to list called the european financial settlement mechanism or instax washington has threatened to sanction any country that buys oil
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from iran to run responded by saying it will increase production of low enriched uranium to near weapons grade levels if it is not guarded from the u.s. sanctions or america's campaign of maximum pressure and to run does not end there iran's foreign minister has accused donald trump of violating international law and resorting to archaic politics with a stretch to obliterate iran president trump should remember that we don't live in the. united nations try to force. choose the mr trump threatened iran with her ration if tehran attacks anything american now when asked about the possibility of a war with iran he boasted it would be a quick affair but now that he doesn't want one. on friday the u.s. sent more stealth fighters to the persian gulf increasing its military deployment
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there the president of iraq spoken out against it he war enough he will not allow the u.s. to use his country to launch any kind of military action against neighboring countries. the american troops the coalition troops in iraq again at the invitation of the iraqi government for the specific exclusive mission of fighting isis we do not want to be a staging post foot any hostile action against any of on neighbors including iraq though u.s. secretary of state my pump won't be done to anything the united states has done if war breaks out. america's do everything it can to deescalate. this conflict there is war and there is a commander here cuba because the arabians made their choice the pressure or the approach that the americans or their allies have had toward iran has impact that this behavior iran now we are in this collection more than the region as
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a result of the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal and then followed by a maximum pressure against iran on the one side we're seeing the americans talking about negotiation on the other hand they're using military threats as well as economic war against the country this shows inconsistency as well as i think ambiguity in their policies because i think donald trump is enjoying advisors who have conflict viewpoints towards iran and other international issues and this has caused this brought chaos to the white house in relation and is of iran the solution in the region needs cooperation and talks and diplomacy between different sides in the region this is the argument of iran the un's expert on torture slams the mainstream media for refusing to publish his article on the case of julian assange alleged abuses against the wiki leaks founder i'll have the details of that plus plenty more from the week that was after this.
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crisis matter if it's a crisis and they sure. as a scale of natural disaster just like malaysia. and they bring to us. here in japan. for the problem of you say a group of substances which is a rather big. and international organisations do not cover enough. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic to follow only. exists i
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don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. 20 minutes into the program welcome back the un special rapporteur on torture hubs once more highlighted his concerns over the case of julian the such this week he accused the media of ignoring the alleged inhumane treatment of the wiki leaks founder by refusing to publish an article he wrote about his findings. argues that julian assange has been slandered to divert attention from the revelations that
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wiki leaks helped expose he also sees the whistleblower has been deprived of his fundamental rights and suffered fully fledged psychological torture during his time in the ecuadorian embassy in london mr meltzer told me why he thought many media outlets 100 fuz to publish his article. some of them said it wasn't high enough on their news agenda some of them said it was not within their core area of interest but you know there have been reporting all of them on the case of julian assange when it was about his cat and his skateboard and kind of the allegations that he smeared excrement on the walls but when you have a serious piece that actually tries to damascus. this public narrative to actually show the facts below it then they're not interested well julian assange just currently serving a 50 week sentence in the u.k. for skipping bail back in 2012 he's also expected to face a u.s.
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extradition hearing in february next year. last month mr meltzer highlighted some just prison conditions as a major concern the whistleblower said to show an alarming deterioration in his mental and physical state the u.k. responded by saying melzer was wrong to interfere and should leave it to british courts to make their judgments kneels military command on the suffering julian assange has faced. i knew that i was going to get into a very politicized environment when i visited julian assange i didn't know him before so i took with me 2 experienced medical experts a psychiatry and a forensic expert and have worked for decades in examining torture victims just to go to the objective scientific and medical basis for my assessment and what they found is a person who shows all the symptoms that are typical for a person who has been exposed to prolonged psychological torture he has been exposed to public more being now that's a slippery slope you know we're going to be in
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a debate when it's 2 side it's been more being basically something like mudslinging that's not torture yet but when you start exposing a isolated individual who cannot defend himself to a sustained campaign of shaming of humiliation of ridicule of even death threats and calls for his assassination and he's completely isolated then that can cause severe psychological trauma. well the music media there are listed by needles that males are yet to respond to requests for comment on this but meantime if you want to read the article for yourself head to r.t. dot com you'll find a link there. a washing powder advert has triggered a gender equality ra in pakistan after consumer goods giant procter and gamble opted to show women taking on traditionally male roles.
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well the advertisement house drummed up plenty of reaction as you might expect on social media with some people even calling a thorough haste to take action against the brand. boycotts dariel were muslim and we love our culture or religion and our rituals the government should take strict action against ariel brand i miss my request to all my dear pakistanis that please boycott ariel a soon as possible because religion comes 1st and this is our responsibility to protect our religion boycott ariel prime minister of pakistan we want ariel cloth washing detergents banned in pakistan immediately for driving and spreading anti islamic campaigns through media. well we have
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a few coleman tutors who have the courage and dad was right to push the boundaries of social norms in pakistan. i don't think it's a big us companies job to insert themselves into pakistani culture or if it was women speaking up against their own culture that would be one thing but i feel that it's very wrong for a western company to come in and insert themselves in a culture that maybe isn't adapted the same way that american culture has in a lot of these women it has been their position and their desire to see a change within their country their desire has been for women to have more rights to you know education to financial stability financial empowerment that's come from within the culture so for these women to be on the commercial simply gives them a platform to add enhanced their voice that they've already been using this kirshner may set back that agenda this commercial may set back that initiative for these women this commercial may create children are you married at the age of would
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it be a gallon can it be i understand how much how we're not sure brady and peyton are going to have marilyn company in jail getting them said are willing to you know why why you came saying how i see any women i think they're really pushing the envelope when they're dealing with sharia law and just like i don't want sharia law to come here to america and take over my western american values i don't necessarily think i think it's very confrontational to go into a country that does have shari'a and insert western values there has never in the history i'm just curious if you're going to acknowledge the value type of knowledge that without women in america who are willing to speak up you're not going to acknowledge if we were in america in the 1920 if it were not about women sitting up it was not america up against not america if we were in america at its peak you would tell that it is and not to marilyn to speak up against the lavery because it would put people at risk of being lynched. now it's a vast
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a $1000000000.00 industry but just what is in the food our pets are charming dine on is it actually what it says on the tin our documentary pet food starts and moments. that are owed to the birds or ahead. or behind it or the feel good but so. far good. service is that people. just show you the commission did. not occur to move. the damage to fish you know my bush could. be.
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a godsend. when you. need. me the only. kind of a system definition in. the midst of them run shit. the f.d.a. is primary role isn't regulation of what the label says it is and there is actually in there the f.d.a. is not regulating quality production sourcing any of those things they're regulating that what you say is on the label is actually on the label the most shocking thing about the pet food industry that has remained since basically i
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started doing this work is the f.d.a. compliance policies i still cannot understand how and industry is provided by a federal tax supported organization loopholes to avoid federal law if you go to the f.d.a. website and just type in compliance policies and then scroll down the page to hand feed and and there's one after another they allow contamination by pesticides contamination by industrial chemicals contamination bad natural toxins contamination of micro biological contamination over tolerance for. drug residues. it's incredible. the law says that can be but the compliance policy says don't worry go ahead we won't enforce.
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for all practical purposes there's nobody looking out for the average job in 2006 the mystery illness begin to sicken thousands of pets across the united states and canada thrusting the industry into the spotlight like never before. ok everyone is so forget about this recall tell us what do people need to know about this recall so it's menu food menu foods menu foods menu boodle many food on. march 16th 2007 many foods began recalling dog foods produced in their facilities in kansas and new jersey what disturbs me about this incident is that it confirms yet again the pet food as well as human food is a risk more than 60000000 packages were taken off store shelves last month because they apparently contained wheat gluten that was tainted with the chemical melamine veterinarian offices are getting flooded with phone calls from concerned that people on the other end of the phone sound worried yes very very yes no official estimates on exactly how many.


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