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into pet food killing dozens of pets nationwide melamine is used as a fertilizer in asia and also has several industrial and commercial uses including a component of kitchen utensils and soy the association between melamine in the kidneys and urine of cats that die and the melamine that was in the food they consumed is undeniable additionally melamine is an ingredient that should not be in that food in any level. following the 2007 recall one central question began to resonate among consumers. one of our dogs and cats actually supposed to eat it's confusing because the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets more based on what they want to sell us than what's necessarily good for the pet she is oprah winfrey is about mary and now an author and her new book is called their warrior treatment please welcome dr barbara while good morning a thank you so much for being here so let me ask you this what are the things that
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we are giving them that we should do and then what should we be given them that we are so no corn no wait no so way after many years of r. and d. we have found that corn is still the best available source of carbohydrates when processed and refined properly those are the things that cause overweight diabetes arthritis chronic skin infections allergies things like that that's the precursor for a lot of that if you're feeding for nutrition and they're eating a lot of those things that mess with the body they just don't stay healthy let me ask you this doc there are those the things that you find in dogs that are here talking to people who are giving table food to know it's and on food. during the war there was a moratorium on using the metal cans for canned food so they said you can't use.
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metal cans for dog food anymore you have to use that for ammunition. as somebody said we need to make the dog food something we could put in a paper bag and that's how they did it and nobody thought at that time that making a kibble and eventually the way that we process it now could ever be a help detriment to the dog. now because of the way that the world is corn and wheat have become so subsidized and so chain it's a super cheap way to make a food for somebody who can say no it's a good thing there's definitely an epidemic of problems now in animals that i don't think we've seen anything like it in in history every animal that comes in to see me they'll say oh they're basically healthy but the list of problems is immense so it's not that they're healthy they're actually suffering from so many many maladies a lot of the same maladies that we see in people we have animals that have you know diabetes and arthritis they have auto immune disorders they've got allergies and
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part of the reason for that is because we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet. and. 2 i have heard chatter for the top 10. to 12 years old you know you don't know 12 year old you know why you know that 12 years old because your parents feel extra food if you put this down on every side they can arrows just right on it absolutely the best thing they can imagine they're so excited about and it's gone. and i worry about them eating raw food and then letting me know i do not know. if because the fact is. there aren't any fashion thing ever. i think raw food
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is weird to a lot of people when i 1st mentioned it to people they sort of say raw food i have to feed raw food to make my diet healthy like are you crazy and i well you know i don't have to do it it'll make a difference in make a huge difference. one of my hobbies and passions as wildlife rehabilitation. this is her did. you see the current. i have been fascinated with nature and life something i can remember. 2 i became a license to wildlife rehabilitator when i was 14 and i knew that i would have a life long career helping animals when i was 14 i heard about a woman that had tremendous success with wildlife rehabilitation your name is
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barbara harvey and she was in for a kind of concent and i called her and i said barbara my name is karen bakker and 14 years old and i want to know how you became so successful. long story short she invited me to her home in her account wisconsin she lives in a beautiful log cabin during the winter months and she lived in a teach me on 13 acres during the summer months she invited me to live in a t.v. on her 13 acres and see how she rehabilitates hocks eagles i was in falcons barber has the best success rate in the country with raptors and the reason she has such a success she feeds biologically appropriate all wrong living mice rabbits rodents to those animals to be able to help the body recover from injury. so when i went to veterinary school years later and i sat to these nutrition courses and when they gave me the laminated chart that told me what food i should feed with what disease process. things didn't.
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before i went to vet school i worked for years in zoo medicine. the most important thing i think i learned from that is every species has its own requirement each species must eat what it is supposed to eat it's developed evolved to have a specific diet that keeps it healthy. animal has its own biologic requirement for certain nutrients a species appropriate diet for worms is dirt and a species appropriate diet let's say for hummingbirds would be nectar if you can't feed earthworms nectar and you can feed hummingbirds dirt both of those animals would simply die it gets pretty confusing with dogs and cats however because dogs and cats are nutritionally much more resilient than other species and what that means is that we can nutritionally abuse them for lack of a better term and they don't die immediately they just have an overall vitality decline and overall degenerative changes take place in their bodies from feeding
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them food that are not biologically appropriate cats being obligate carnivores have to consume meat to be able to thrive they do not have a biologic requirement for any type of carbohydrate very high protein require a very high moisture requirement and a moderate fat requirement cats originally we thought were domesticated to guard the grain race because cats don't consume green cats consume ice that consume the grain and so by domesticating cats we assume that there was a mutually beneficial relationship we do know in the last 100 years since we have produced cat food on the market that cats have experienced significantly more kidney disease and we know that they have experienced obesity organ failure and diabetes at a much higher rate and certainly we need to begin evaluating what role nutrition has in some of those degenerative diseases kidney disease is the number one killer of cats and we know that asking can. to process and tire lead to hay treated food
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such as kibble can be very detrimental to kidney health dogs evolved from the gray wolf and we know that dogs came. out of the order carnivora which means they're carnivores in 1903 the international society as a logic nomenclature redefined. familial laris as just these are the people that define what category what taxonomy animals fit into and why this society concluded that dogs were genetically identical to walks they shared 99.9 percent of the d.n.a. we know that geno typically the genome type the d.n.a. is identical to what has changed over the last 2 to 3400 years this to phenotype phenotype is the jacket which is what looked like we have bald dogs dogs with white fluffy hair blue eyes dogs with crazy tough severe in their body and no hear anywhere else eckel dogs short legged dogs double coated dogs we've created these
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fantastic varieties of breeds because we like diversity and what we see despite the fact that we have bred dogs to have certain characteristics we have not bred out of them there came this lupus d.n.a. so yes just as you can have brown hair blonde hair or you can have blue eyes or green eyes brown eyes your nutritional requirements as a human being remain the same despite the fact that you look vastly different depending on what your d.n.a. dictates. the rules and. so far it's not that they didn't want but i would say that they couldn't. think of a short quick war with iraq but i would say that would look at the case trump said that if they wanted to. they would have killed the bug one. 50 people in the rain
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inside but the question comes to me is that america is a country in the past by nuclear bombs do they really care about killing 150 people in. my 7 years doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my system just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers started going after the users in the prison population. we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the ready war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's
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a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. i i don't want to talk to a communist news agency forgive me you'll have to find someone. well what they're trying to say with a swastika meaning of the going to teach is just like the jews it is exactly when my father.
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yes you see until that where. we have to be 6 2. i think a. fight. because. we are definitely winning it because we have the people they have people in power but we are in.
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this. water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers. litterbugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this way to company has promised to reuse the plastic. on. the mountains of ways only grow.
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the major companies criticize world diets warning consumers against the hazards of feeding romita pets claiming it can make your animal sick. however those companies who repeatedly criticize feeding world diet have yet to produce a single study to provide any substantial evidence to support their claims. the problem with the types of research studies that you are describing they would go at least 7 day to 10 years in length before you would get a definitive answer within our. legal requirements and framework said it's not f.d.a. has responsibility to do such studies the research has not been done on raw foods not because there is an interest but because the $1000000.00 it takes to fund that particular research simply isn't there now integrative in areas are working on that but trisha veterinarians will say until we see the research we're not interested in recommending this particular food for dog and cat owners we just don't believe it's
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safe and healthy the frustration is is that we don't have clinically proven research demonstrating that dry and canned foods are wildly healthier for pets as well. the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research since major pet food companies are involved with and have influence over vet student lack of education surrounding role diets ready exist heavily among traditional vets when clients come to veterinarians have who have not been educated about raw foods at all and say i'm considering feeding my pets raw meat of course the logical conclusion is why there's a lot of bacteria in the raw diet and it's kind of a ticking time clock or you could harm them or why would you do that or it's risky i think groff food as too much of the potential for negative side effects that it's just not worth it it's people's biggest question is there could be. pathogens or
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bacteria parasites within the food that could cause illness to pets when dogs eat raw diets their feces their poop has a lot of bacteria. let's talk about. dogs if given the opportunity will eat. dogs and cats being carnivores are equipped to be able to process their evolutionary food source which is raw meat. all of their digestion has acclimated and has evolved to be able to process whole living unadulterated protein so from ripping and tearing their dentition is set up to be able to process meat their stomach acid is very acidic in fact the ph of water which is highly acidic that stomach acid is in place to be able to neutralize pathogens or potential harmful bacteria that could be present in the food from the
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outside the pet food industry looks like the perfect industry there are beautiful packaging there are diets for every disease and disorder there's all kinds of different colors and beautiful pictures and if you look a little deeper unfortunately that isn't what the pet food industry is all about. i've collected a few examples here and we're going to go over some labels but 1st example is the food that on the front says be several meals fully prepared and bursting with flavor who doesn't want that in a pet food 1st a previous corn 2nd ingredient is soybean meal certain greeting as peace and bone meal for think gradient is growing wheat followed by animal fat preserve the b a h a we can see they are the ha is that toxic preservatives that should not be found in any human or pet foods despite the fact that it is the 1st 3 ingredients are carbohydrates that are totally unnecessary followed by a totally toxic preservatives selfish q. bank not a car. next we have
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a food that has one. several packaging awards because it's so beautiful there are chunks of meat falling from the sky and i believe that your core here we have a nice array of radioactive colors that have been added in for you the consumer dogs and cats cannot see all these different colors this is added in because you take my cash it looks beautiful my pet would love it but the amazing buzzwords like a full light. one town or doesn't want their pet to have a playful life this is just entirely a marketing 1st thing greeting a ground yellow corn totally biologically unnecessary 2nd ingredient you can buy products meal totally rendered inappropriate in terms of quality to be nourishing your dog with turning green corn gluten meal very allergenic totally unnecessary for think whole wheat flour and then animal fat although this really looks to be beautiful and something you'd be interested in nursing or my recommendation is to avoid it over here and they have a special latte right to help with prebiotic fiber there's
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a lot of these patented words that are trademark words that companies will use to how kind of distorted their product is something special included as a means of you coming back and buying it because other brands you're comparing it to doesn't have to help it's a good so good marketing on that because this particular food is b.l.s. quality if you are a goat. when you add up organic from rice organic own organic millet organic barley organic grains or go organic peas organic potatoes. portion of the ingredients in this particular food doesn't outweigh the organic chicken or the chicken mia healthy really what are you supposed to say unhealthy the worst possible food in my opinion you could ever feature dog. number one ingredient beef byproduct. of fruit toast corn syrup what is byproduct.
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my product is what's left over after an animal has been slaughtered and all the edible parts have been removed the criticism lies in the mystery of the meats being news. what is quality quality is a term used when discussing how good or bad the world material that goes into the food actually is whether this protein comes from diseased animals euthanize animals kill human food waste for processing the industry doesn't have to disclose the source of the ingredients. that doesn't prevent them from easily proclaiming that every ounce of their pet food is of the highest quality. the issue is on the back of the dog and cat food bank it doesn't say render terrible quality protein it doesn't say that it also is we also can't less legally grade a u.s.d.a. inspected meat so this leaves this giant gap for the consumer to have to fill in that void and it's wildly confusing the controversy with kibble exists because troy food is $45.00 more easter. when your animal eats try to they're put in
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a permanent state of dehydration the quality insourcing of where the ingredients came from is kept secret in even if the ingredients were perfect the manufacturing process to make any products shelf stable for extended periods is performed adik strangely high temperatures. this creates 2 potent carcinogens that are cyclical means in a cruel mind however most companies do not disclose to the consumer what temperature their foods are cooked at and they act as if the trace amounts of carcinogens pose no threat it was a real 948 when veterinarian mark morris decided to create the 1st person correction pet food still recognizable today at a time mark morris was critical of pet foods for lacking quality ingredients and he wanted to make a superior product backed by scientific research he teamed up with canning
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manufacturer. burton hill to fulfill his vision. the result became what we know today is science diet sold in vet marion offices all across the country. but in 2013 the wall street journal reported hills was starting to see its profits decline because consumers no longer identified with their ingredients. science diet has since refocused on rebranding their image as more natural creating new product lines and shying away from controversial in rendered ingredients. the national renders association argues that they're providing a necessary role when it comes to the recycling of animal carcasses. if there wasn't anywhere to put the animal waste from the human food industry where would it go in the earth in the air. in the ocean. it all has to go somewhere. we have a huge quality control problem meaning the quality of ingredients coming into the
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industry anything from potentially fabulous u.s.d.a. inspected human grade all the way down to entirely rendered which is every piece and part you could ever imagine actually probably don't even want to think about the final result is used to manufacture hundreds of products everything from so few channels in the fed foods to cosmetics that the companies blend those recital their gradients together with synthetic by demands and minerals to create a profitable quote complete and balanced diet that is then marketed to tell and in 100 years time we have successfully convinced an entire generation of pat lovers that why would you feed anything but dog food for cats looking at the rules that guide the pet food industry it's easy to see how they are set up to benefit the corporations over the consumer. the regulators have created special terminology for packages assuming that consumers would be able to guess what they mean. any product
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containing the words dinner nugget or formula only have to contain 25 percent actual meat any product labeled with only has to contain 3 percent me furthermore the so-called slaver rule a levels for any protein to be listed on the back it may be flavored as me but in reality the back that contains the word flavor may contain little to no meat by using the key word flavor on the package the pet food could but does not have to contain any meat at all but it's acceptable for the package to contain an image of a fresh day in green panels to display certain percentage of the protein percentages and do not represent actual meat content in the product as protein come from a multitude of sources this raises the question if the average consumer knows that the terminology used on packages reveal the exact amounts of meats used in food trying to understand who exactly makes these rules and what their actual legal
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authority is needs to many different organizations the association of american feed control officials is a non-governmental organization they have a model bill that that sets the standards in terms of ingredients nutrient levels package labeling in terms of ingredients as well for pet food companies to abide by each year members of africa come together to update their official publication which defines each ingredient that's allowed to go into pet food. members of the major pet food companies attend the meetings as well below in their voice to be heard when it comes to what goes into pet food. so who is africa i think if you look at our websites we have some very clear statements about the fact that asco is not a regulatory organization itself that's one thing important the 2nd is that asco doesn't approve products while we do is we deal with the ingredients in the scientific validation if you will of the ingredients that go. into the food and then the
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actual claim that a manufacturer makes it is after all approved is probably not representing what but afterward self would say f.d.a. has worked closely with f. go on the regulation of all animal feeds not just pet food i think the important thing to remember is f.d.a. is a true regulatory authority were after 0 is an association of state feed control specials when you look at the manual i think you really begin to see how the interests of africa and the pet food industry ally actually putting together a list of ingredients that you would want to see and that's what's that you would want your pets to eat and then forcing that on the industry they've done it in reverse and basically just accepted the standards that the industry has been using for years and i'm quoting now use of the term or claim natural and pet food labels so if i want to use the word natural on my dog food label sure are the rules and i'm quoting this verbatim
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a feed or ingredient drives solely from plant animal or mind sources either and it's unprocessed state or having been subject to physical process heat process rendering purification extraction except it goes on and sensually these are all definitions of the antithesis of natural. i am. i d l it. must. be a good sickle as. you know to me. and you have all to make it.
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a week you'll be. busy this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as the seeds do cookouts lose excuse. to maine and soon school sets their classes kristie take with me on my end are you staying at a special projects funded me. on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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as we speak large organized care of our own the march to the united states. this 7 and a player coming out for caring for their most wars remains slaughtering dad. this is a virtual invasion of our country but so far it's bigger than anything we think. that i'm at the end i thought of what i meant yet are no for nothing i'm going to farm out the whole thing you know it's going to stuff it in. a knife our food. as you do is you know we're going to see a more who goes unnoticed suspicion for a player for 2 over. the.
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donald trump becomes u.s. president and to north korea. remains in place i'm looking forward to taking the ball i don't like the sanctions putting on this country i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain. under the stories that shape the week. to overcome the differences at the g 20 summit in japan with all eyes on the meeting between the needs of. the meeting was good and businesslike we discussed a whole range of interest to russia and the united states and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion and the president for that was really the trauma.


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