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tv   News  RT  July 3, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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russia's defense minister and the 14 sailors who died in the. fire tragedy sacrificed their lives to save their colleagues. britain's m.p.'s debate what to do with profits made from the assets of ousted libyan leader moammar gadhafi. and protesters and television burned cars and perpetual bombs after an israeli you'll be in teenager is shot dead by an off duty police officer.
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watching art international bring you a live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. heroic russian navy officer sacrificed their lives saving colleagues and a civilian expert on board when their deep sea submersible caught fire the defense minister has described it in that manner. joins us now in the studio for more on this what do we know so far well so far the details that we were pretty scarse we know we know that on july the deep sea vessels submersible quote file while on a mission and apparently it was. assignment this is what we're getting from the defense ministry in the course of the 1414 people turned up dead so now the defense minister rushes to face a defense minister who has a bit more insight as to what happened on board during that. and apparently the
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crew 1st they evacuated a civilian we don't know much about who that civilian is whether it's getting down to the simplest of details like it was a new worry she what they were doing there we know it was an industry professional and that sick so after evacuating that civilian they sealed in the arch behind them just to prevent the fire from spreading across the vessel and so then they fought the fire and they fought for the lives of their comrades they fought for the vessel to survive and when the russian defense minister talked about this he did not mince his words. it is similar to put the word into it is the. acted heroically in the critical situation because of the lives they completed the task the good out the fire cooperates and the deep water source. so essentially what they did they dealt with the epicenter of the fire and that's why the death toll
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didn't go much higher that's why the death toll is at 14 because it could be much worse so essentially yeah they saved the lives of their colleagues by sacrificing their own and what can you tell us about those sailors who perished well again this is not much details there the only thing that we know it came from the russian president from vladimir putin we know that there were heroes of russia among those who perished we know that all of them were offices ranking and so glad i'm a putin revealed that as he offered his deepest condolences to the families and friends have a listen. to but of the 47 or top rank captains who are heroes of russia this is a big loss for the fleet i offer a sincere condolences to the families of the deceased everything must be done to help and support them in the so this is pretty much all we know about the crew officially we don't know any names we don't we haven't seen any lists yet and the
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spokesman for the russian president when he was asked the question he said that this is basically because of the secrecy of the matter. the commander in chief has all the information but naturally this information cannot be made public it belongs to the category of state secrets so no it's not a tool or that no more information has been shed there is already a commission that's been formed and it's been tasked with one thing looking into investigating as to what caused the tragedy was caused on board of that submersible it is led by russia's naval chief so the only way we i think we can expect any other more official information being released about the tragedy is that through the verdict and through the findings of this commission artist staying across this tragedy for us thank you. an airstrike on a migrant detention center in the libyan capital has killed 44 people and injured more than 130 that's according to the un mission in the country and warning you may
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find the following images disturbing officials at the target center allege the strike was ordered by opposition general belief on how far you launched an offensive to wrest control of the capital in early april but so far the rebel government hasn't commented on the allegation. meanwhile british m.p.'s are debating what to do with frozen funds and the accounts of ousted libyan leader moammar gadhafi has more. if you run a business say one of these offices or shop before 2011 then your landlord what do you mean one colonel gaddafi he like to be known as the king of kings and his piggy bank reflected that before his downfall and death in 2011 exactly as libyan investment authority had amassed some 12000000000 pounds worth of assets in the u.k. alone among them in portland house on london's oxford street the 2011
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un backed libyan intervention came with a un backed libyan asset freeze 2 that meant that any libyan accounts in the u.k. were frozen and according to a report by a government committee the u.k. tax man could be scooping tax from those frozen assets the government said may kid that its own $17000000.00 pounds in tax on the frozen libyan assets in the process 3 years h.-m. revenue and customs that the tax man here won't reveal any more than mt and now some british politicians want that tax revenue to be put to good use the deputy head of northern ireland he priority has urged the prime minister to use those 17000000 pounds in tax collected from libyan assets in the u.k.
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to compensate the victims of libyan backed ira terrorism the prime minister will be aware be to be the long standing problem for justice and compensation by victims shows the libyan. terrorism in northern ireland did throughout the u.k. u.s. citizens have been compensated by libyan authorities but the u.k. should not that's unlikely say the. x the reason why this is. more than is most of the mess that was because of what's more about the relationship between the conservative party. and the party and this is just. because the government is in the midst of a. civil war. and the interest of that money even for the symbols of the question all this raises is when the libyan money well finally returned to the
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people of libya the countries in a state of civil war and its rival governments haven't requested the funds back in april libya's house of representatives called on the international community not to release any libyan assets implored until a unified government is formed this u.s. news report is from 2011 the u.s. treasury department has $37000000000.00 worth of funds that were accessible to more market off his regime frozen. in the united states the u.s. government is holding this money but does not control what it has to release the funds back to the newlib libyan government when the government requests it and the you want to prove that and of treasury spokeswoman says they are working with libya's transitional council and the state department to do just that that was 8 years ago they're still working on it right now it's hard to see when the situation in libya will be safe enough for the money to be returned without the risk of it
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being me 7 appropriated by rival governing factions but in the meantime all those frozen assets are breathing life and liquidity into banks in the u.k. . and the u.s. is that money will still be where it's limited absolutely going to be liquidated it would cool. where there in global markets we're just taking that money out of the global. only because especially in the white house that especially in your this case yes there is heat but it's facing difficulties because the lives of over 7 years i came across very much as a result of the game that's over as a senior in the clinton with them but then again because more pressure him but certainly not over for me son so it was rather global markets looking at the moment it's a very convenient that maybe not since the reason it's a great convenience for the money and what we are in a european muslims aren't. violence has flared up in tel aviv during
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a rally in honor of an israeli ethiopian teenager who was shot dead by an off duty police officer. that i picked up with the other. i. as you can see thousands took to the streets in what appears to have been a spontaneous demonstration some clash with riot police and other set cars and rubbish bins on fire the officer who shot the teenager said he felt his life was in danger after you started throwing rocks at him the teenager's family has demanded an immediate investigation ethiopian community and israel often described
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mistreatment at the hands of the authorities a spokesperson for israel's police described what will happen next. congress suspects that were involved in a fight in a local park a police officer who was in plain clothes he approached those individuals and requested to see their id what happened was is the situation developed and they started throwing stones at him he was hit and struck by stones and he felt that he was in a life right. situation he responded by drawing his weapon firing to the floor busy and what we know is that the bullet it struck the floor busy and then unfortunately struck one of the men who was taken to hospital in serious condition and then later in the evening passed away since the burial of the individual that was unfortunately killed number one there's an investigation taking place as to what happened and number 2 the israeli national police are dealing in focusing with what has developed since the funeral which is unfortunately been large scale riots in
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and around almost all of the major drunk friends across israel protesters attacked civilians police officers throwing petrol bombs as well as burning vehicles well just over 3 years ago there was a similar incident and it took months almost gears in order to rebuild the trust and this is 114 of the most recent incident has taken both ethiopian community as well as the israeli police to a level in an area which we didn't want to reach it's obviously going to take time but we're focusing on the period that we're in at the moment which is dealing with the protests calming the situation down. students at a u.k. secondary school have started a petition after they were banned from wearing skirts and a bed to promote gender neutrality under the new rule all peoples at appleton academy in northern england will have to wear trousers starting in september both female and male students parents in some teachers believe that the fact the school has decided to make wearing transit's and lay shoes compulsory for gender
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neutrality is a complete farce and the rule should be overturned hundreds have signed the petition however the school insists most parents and students have responded positively. there are a number of reasons for this change it is gender neutral in line with the policy in the majority of secondary schools it simplifies the uniform and it removes the issue of pupils wearing skirts that are inappropriate learned the majority of parents have responded with positive feedback and are supportive of the change and understand the reasons for its school uniforms they signify membership of a body a group of people and usually you know there's a decision about what color what you know the symbols are included head teacher often decides what clothes should be worn i hope that what's being chosen has no or is not about dogma it's about consistency or think it's probably true to say
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that it's well intentioned i mean this the mess is toward children in school it's to treat other children as they want to be treated as the golden rule so it is to help they all g.b.t. community but actually i think it's going to be counterproductive because many girls will see your skirt is part of the family law dentity so if you take away the scourge so you can wear a skirt you ban the skirts what you're doing is robbing them of their identities form of identity theft and it's going to make life probably more difficult for the algae bt community rather than helping them so i would really go as the school to do what most schools do and not banned this this uniform article for girls i think is going to be counterproductive i know that my the the person speaking opposite me refers to l. g.b.t. but i'm a lesbian i'm a feminist are i mean i'm a poet possibly a bit more neutral about it because i'm also a mother a grandmother and i don't think that we should have these kinds of arguments which
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are which are. you know one group against another ok it's right to think it is right to think about what you. people want and to listen i don't know to what extent i mean lots of girls do object to the way that to the way that boy is. or i would say that there's a danger here that quite a lot of children who are who are not part of the algae bt community they will be jet into this they're going to have their view soured by this and i don't think it's going to help harmony we need to bring people together when you stop banning skirts you're going to alienate quite a lot of people and it's going to focus attention on those people who are banning it is going to focus attention on the algae bt community they need support they don't need to have to ban things to help the r.g.b. to community and i'm sure many people on either side of this debate would agree with me you know we help the algae bt community by promoting tolerance that
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includes tolerance of the girls of the community so we've got to be fair to both sides one over the other give freedom to the girls to. their global news update continues after this short break. trump's impromptu visit to the d.m.z. separating the 2 koreas was unprecedented and historic indeed it was a bold even brilliant decision of course his political opponents particularly the democrats running for president and the media slammed on orthodox diplomacy to focus on the side of peace. for years now the presses battles markets is undeniably manipulated by the same people who are printing all the money because they don't want gold to rise up and attract capital
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while they're trying to pump the fake money called the u.s. dollar now why because it is important is unlike gold the community can call their base layer of collateral out during what trace mayor would call clues about. how to. welcome back the e.u. parliament has elected its new president italy's david safley of the socialist and democrat faction but i mean peers have yet to approach on successor as european commission chief leaders propose german defense minister ursula van de line she will now need the backing of a majority of the 751 m e p's she is known as
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a federalist supporting the creation of a united states of europe and army she would become the 1st woman to head the commission which has helped her win support but not everyone is sold on her candidacy especially in light of how leaders suddenly scrap the established nomination system. undermine is our weakest minister that's apparently enough to become commission president o'sullivan's alone is unacceptable this head of the e.u. commission for social democrats we cannot simply throw the top candidate principle of a board because the results of the election did not see some heads of government very disappointing deal of the council this is old europe at its worst a back door deal with candidates emerging to please the national leaders from germany france and spain this is not the change that was promised to european votes is e.p. should not follow. leaders have also put forward a new head of the council who will take over from donald they've opted for the belgian prime minister however the pick doesn't sit well with many in the european
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parliament either the party m.e.p. is are particularly angry as michelle openly mocks the idea of britain quitting the bloc let's bring in a lot of former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament for more on this now why is there opposition to yvonne alliance canada c do you think. that doesn't really surprise me the line is not not exactly somebodies are well known. politician in the european context is quite well known in germany as such but to say that she would be a good candidate because she would be different female president of the commission well she already has proven as a minister of the 1st female minister of defense at least she can be just as bad as as as her mil pre-disaster us so that doesn't prove anything her tenure as a minister we're still very very controversial to say the least and also as minister on other issues before that but the thing is to say that because she's
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a federalist what that actually means is that the indebted she stands for that and she within the european union who just want to maintain the same geopolitical strategies as the us has done before they just want to do it more independently of the e.u. but for the countries around the world that have to suffer at least the consulate policies it's just exactly the same thing is in work here happening here is that the main traditional. power parties in all of europe have chosen again for what they call stability for continuity and basically for the same near same neal liberal policies that have plagued the appeared for pollution for so long the then there is the issue of child abuse shell the present prime minister of my own country i know him quite well as
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a politician he stands for the same neo liberal i mean his government for the last 5 years in volume has had the worst the most severe anti social policies in the belgian history since the 2nd visit where they'd meet it with politicians like on the lane and with michelle is the signal to the. european people is it's going to be the same as ever before perhaps some different rhetoric but the same as before now if she is appointed she'll have a rather fractured on her hands with west east tensions still simmering is she up to the job of bridging those gaps well. being up to the job depends on how are you. judges don't judge what it should be i mean if you do a traditional conservative tendencies when in the you shoot. she is up to the joke absolutely but there is not the real question the real question is is you going to
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make it to the vote in the european parliament and that remains to be seen mean charlie michelle is going to rehab less difficulties but we should not forget the reason why so many belgian and so many luxembourg politicians for that matter make it to the top are in the e.u. is not because there's so much international talent here or there is but they're not any more then another country the real reason is because the other big countries do not want to have the others to have it so they roll through compromise person to say they. don't stand for something that and he's going to be a compromise are you going to try to find balance in between the big powers nish most newton and i'm going to speak out all these own personal choices that have a nurse former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament thank you for joining us on the program today. and friends hundreds of are all schools are about to close forever that's despite promises by present my problem to
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keep them open he was responding to demands by the l of us protest movement also takes a closer look at the issue. it's been 2 months since french president emmanuel kwan promised that no more schools would close in a period of what we should not have closings of schools or hospitals without mayors accord until the end of my presidential term and yet now more than 350 rural schools are closing their doors and people in communities like this one a furious it's terrible that schools are closing in rural areas because for the education and well being of children small establishment are much better than big schools for kids to go somewhere to learn should not be tied to if i have a place to go or not i think it is but it would be a bad decision to close those schools even if there are not enough students when i was on the quote we need schools to educate the next generation our future with our schools we can move on if the foundation of everything if these schools close there
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will be fewer and fewer children and families in the villages and religious will die out that's why it's very important to keep schools open to make them attractive so more families will bring their kids there to be fair the french president hasn't gone back on his word he did say local authorities would have the final say on meet the police officer what he says is that the promise will be kept 100 percent mr mccraw answer that they will not close any school without agreement from local mayors and this is exactly what we are doing but who's behind the push for local municipalities to do this i'm surprised that the mayors are in favor of the closure of a school this is the only social fabric that remains for villages from which have gradually disappeared post offices shops where the school closes it is heartbreaking for citizens and elected officials critics point out the government toys finding elected officials who agree to close schools some mayors have had time to work on
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their closure project but others have done it under duress so how do you get the mayor's views in some cases they're told anyway there will be. no teachers in front of your students so regroup while it may not make direct financial sense for schools to remain open when the classrooms are not full it hardly encourages families to move to the rule areas and to trace the growing demographic crisis in the regions when a school is closing i do believe that it is very it's like a heart attack you know because you are just. facing reality in the way it's you have the feeling that the village is dying that the small town is dying and it was saying is collapsing this is something that my call we live. it is my console because he hasn't changed you karaoke. it hasn't changed the financial and budget but it's you know is that you know on just let's say it again
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i'm sure the world why economy which is not what the french want. that's news wrap up for now but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest thanks for tuning. in a world of big partisan. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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time after time they were going on the ground hours after israel did what u.k. pm contenders boris johnson and jeremy hunt have advocated before it bomb syria coming up on the show why is the british government destroying in hiding documents essential to the jewelry of the sons' case we speak to the journalist who is in court this week fighting for their release and is the e.u. squabbles over management personnel changes the un warns that the mediterranean will be a sea of blood we investigate european dehumanization of those who seek better lives for the news atomic bomb goes nuclear as iran and europe do business on this boris johnson giving the thumbs up or the 2 fingers of big business dollars or more
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coming up in today's going on the ground 1st as a fraction of one percent of the electorate decide britain's next prime minister labour's jeremy corbyn questions the arguable deep state after the murdoch times defames him over his health the civil service should be breaching new spite against an elected politician against a prospective government is something that should be very concerned much more concerning for mainstream media has called in the ledge tolerance for anti semitism is one of his m.p.'s a tolerant of the violently semitic abuse she has received from people who say they back corbin you know i spy you are evil satanic late night the hash tag. good has roots me the labor m.p. who has called on jeremy corbyn to resign ever being a spy there is nothing to connect it to any spying for previous employers whether it be french outsourcing company said xo or the swiss company nestlé current be targeted by activists boycott ruth to me this came to emphasize she is not
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a spy specifically not in that she speak out i said i must inform you that i am not a cia spy i am. a mossad agent i know i am i 5 percent i'm sure to be here i'd be serious enough. although i would urge you not to be unpleasant meeting i do not work for the people of tell me well arguably she did work for an organization linked to tel aviv before entering parliament she used to be a director of the britain israel communications and research center britain's equivalent of israeli lobby as a pack not only that but there are no apparent links between her in the cia or m i 5 a wiki leaks cable appears to expose that she has been used as a asset by the u.s. government in a cable dated 20 year 9 april 24th from the us embassy in london to the then secretary of state hillary clinton me this name ject as a source for finding out when the then prime minister gordon brown would call
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a general election in britain labor perspective parliamentary candidate for burton roots we need strictly protect told us april 20 that brown had intended to announce the elections or may 12 he goes on to say note this information has not been reported in the press and note perhaps 3 there's not a willing us informant but why was she a protected source for a cable to the us national security council as well as hillary clinton babs it's all accidental the us authorities felt the need to keep her name secret when it came to information about u.k. general elections today she has declined all going underground requests for comment on allegations she was a us intelligence assets but that's the thing about we get leaks cables they allowed journalists to probe the state we don't see the links we otherwise have no evidence for today wiki leaks founder julian assange is in prison in southeast london and the un has determined his treatment by u.k. u.s. ecuadorian and swedish authorities amounts to talk.


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