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tv   News  RT  July 3, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is what before you go for the big you. are still always at the water's edge. a u.s. navy seal accused of multiple war crimes including a brutal murder in a combat zone is acquitted by a military court as a key witness claims responsibility for the killing. of. protesters and burned cars and throw petrol bombs after an israeli ethiopian teenager is shot dead by an off duty police officer. also this hour britain's m.p.'s debate what to do with profits made from the assets of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi. and supporters of julian assange react with anger to a british foreign office promotional video about
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a free speech conference going to defend the freedom of press. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. a military court has cleared a navy seal accused of multiple war crimes of all key charges as well as the controversial nature of his acquittal edward gallagher once again raises questions over pentagon conduct overseas we go live now to our to scale up and for more about philip is gallagher now a free man and what's been the reaction. well the 40 year old special operations chief was acquitted in a military court in san diego california on 6 out of the 7 charges he faced and he was acquitted for all charges of killing civilians and such he was only convicted
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of posing for a photograph with a corpse which is a violation of military rules for that the maximum sentence would be 4 months in prison however and he's already served 9 months of pretrial detention so essentially at this point he seems to be basically a free man his legal team and his wife were delighted with the verdict and slammed the entire process this is what they said after the verdict. huge victory huge we have to gallagher's huge victory for justice i was feeling like we're finally been betrayed after being terrorized by the government that my husband bought for for 2 decades in the war on terror he's proud every major enemy of the united states here writes this noble individual and his name has been smeared in flanders in track through the mud. now the jury that acquitted gallagher was made
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up of 5 marines and 2 sailors and 6 of the jurors had themselves served in combat with many speculating that this caused them to sympathize with gallagher and now the whole saga began with gallagher's own platoon members turning him in saying that he had shot civilians and that he had engaged in a number of problematic behaviors and that he had killed a captive islamic state fighter who was being held that he had killed him with a knife now. essentially the turning point in the trial seems to have been the testimony from one individual a navy navy seal medic and this navy seal medic testified that he himself had killed the captured islamic state fighter by covering up his breathing tube and that this was an act of essentially euthanasia that the captured fight it was going to die anyway and that he himself covered up the breathing tube and it was not gallagher who was responsible for the death of the of the captured islamic state
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fighter now you know it has been pointed out that gallagher did post a photo of himself with the captured islamic state fighter dead holding the hair of the islamic state fighter and he then in the in the photograph that he posted on social media company in it with the words good story behind this got him with my hunting knife many interpreted that as a confession of sorts however the jury heard from this navy seal medic and essentially seems to believe that it was not gallagher who is responsible for the killing now there was other testimony that came forward that seemed to contradict the testimony of this maybe seal medic who did say this to the shock of prosecutors now it's also been pointed out that the navy seal medic that testified that he himself was responsible for killing the. the captured fighter and it was not actually gallagher who did it he was receiving prosecutor immunity he could not be
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charged for it so he can now not be charged for for killing this this captured fighter that he himself says he was responsible for so he will face no no penalty he is immune from any prosecution now there's been quite a bit of outrage surrounding this case many have spoken up on social media saying that this is a miscarriage of justice that any gallagher is a war criminal that these are crimes they are crimes of war these are war crimes these are violations of international law however there have been many voices that have spoken up in support of gallagher and it's also been noted that the navy seals who did turn in at the gallagher and testify against him have been facing all kinds of threats they've been threatened with violence some of them actually begun carrying weapons for their own defense as they are being viewed as traitors responsible for this march in the image of the u.s. military and among those who supported eddie gallagher our we have captain roger
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hill a veteran author and he's come forward and said this in support of any gallagher. think that a gallery is a hero not just to the united states and united states military but to the world because he's over there fighting isis which is an enemy that very few countries are willing to put forth troops and resources to can to fight themselves so he basically is being charged with premeditated murder for an isis fighter in my mind and i'm just a simple man here but that sounds like an oxymoron that you would send a navy seal to go fight isis which is a cancer upon humanity yes or humans but they've made themselves to be monsters and so they should be treated as such and so when you say that you're going to charge someone with premeditated murder of isis in a combat zone little own a navy seal i just think that's complete weak. introductory doesn't make any sense . violence has flared up in tel aviv during
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a rally in honor of an ethiopian israeli teacher who was shot dead by an off duty police officer. you. know. that i could not look the other. cars and stick to the streets and want to appears to have been a spontaneous demonstration some class with right right police and other cars and trash bins on fire the officer who shot the teenager said he felt his life was in danger after you started throwing rocks at him the teenager's family has demanded an immediate investigation the ethiopian community in israel often describes
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mistreatment at the hands of the authorities there a spokesperson for israel's police describe what happened. there were a number of suspects that were involved in a fight in a local park a police officer who was in plain clothes he approached those individuals and requested to see their id what happened was is the situation developed and they started throwing stones at him he was hit and struck by stones and he felt that he was in a life threatening situation he responded by drawing his weapon firing to the floor busy and what we know is that the bullet struck the floor busy and then unfortunately struck one of the men who was taken to hospital in serious condition and then later in the past the way since the burial of the individual that was unfortunately killed number one there's an investigation taking place as to what happened and number 2 the israeli national police are dealing them focusing with what is the fact that since. the funeral which is unfortunate again on large scale
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riots in and around almost all of the made to drum things across israel protesters attacked civilians police offices throwing petrol bombs as well as burning vehicles well just over 3 years ago there was a similar incident and it took months almost years in order to rebuild the trust and this is 140 there was recent incident has taken on both the unity unity as well as the israeli police to a level in the area which we didn't want to reach it's obviously going to take time but we're focusing on the period that we're in at the moment which is dealing with the protests calming the situation down. russia's defense minister has described how navy officers sacrificed their lives saving colleagues and i civilian experts on board when their deep sea submersible caught fire on monday artie's acres don of join me to discuss the details. well so far the details that we were pretty scarse we know we know that on july the deep sea vessels submersible quote file while on
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a mission and apparently it was the assignment this is what we're getting from the defense ministry in the course of the fire 14 people turned up dead so now the defense minister rushes defense and defense minister sergei show who has offered a bit more has offered an insight as to what happened on board during that fire and apparently the crew 1st they evacuated a civilian we don't know much about who that civilian is whether it's getting down to the simplest of details like it was a date what they were doing there we know it was an industry professional and that sick so after evacuating that civilian they sealed to the behind just to prevent the fire from spreading across the vessel and so then they fought the fire and they fought for the lives of their comrades they fought for the vessel to survive and when the russian defense minister talked about this he did not mince
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his words it is because it. acted heroically in a critical situation from a compartment that was engulfed in fire 1st the vacuity to disability industry representative then close that had to behind him to prevent the fire from spreading throughout with deep water. so essentially what they did they dealt with the epicenter of the fire and that's why the death toll didn't go much higher that that's why the death toll is at 14 because it could be much worse so essentially yeah they saved the lives of their colleagues by sacrificing their own and what can you tell us about the sailors who perished well again desire not much details there the only thing that we know it came from the russian president from vladimir putin we know that there were heroes of russia among those. who perished we know that all of them were offices a ranking. report revealed that as he offered his deepest condolences to the
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families and friends have a lesson. to give the 47 or top rank captains who are heroes of russia this is a big loss for the fleet i offer sincere condolences to the families of the deceased everything must be done to help and support them in the so this is pretty much all we know about the crew officially we don't know any names we don't we haven't seen the lists yet and the spokesman for the russian president when he was asked the question he said that this is basically because of the secrecy of the matter the commander in chief has all the information but naturally this information cannot be made public it belongs to the category of state secrets so no it's not a tall order that no more information has been shared but there is already a commission that's been formed and it's been tasked with one thing looking into investigating as to what caused the tragedy was caused on board of that submersible it is led by russia's naval chief so the only way we i think we can expect any
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other more official information being released about the tragedy is that through the verdict and through the findings of this commission. supporters have marched britain's foreign office for posting a video demanding freedom of the press across the world out of a conference on free speech. with the rest of this current examination we're having to have. the promotional video that you've just seen has been posted on the foreign offices twitter feed and it's to promote the upcoming conference on press freedom the irony is that amongst all of that for the emphasis on freedom of speech and freedom for the press there's no mention anywhere of julian assange which was something that wasn't lost on his supporters who said plenty of things below on that twitter feed you have to believe in freedom before you write about it today julian assange just
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birthday wish him a happy day in your prison this is hilarious considering you're currently doughtery one of the premier journalists about who came up with this complain take action to free his son jeff you mean it the fan media freedom well as well as that promotional video the foreign office also had on its twitter feed videos about imprisoned journalists and also called for people to follow the hash tag defend media freedom of course which is very much just passed by jeremy hunt's the foreign secretary and the conservative leadership party candidate as well as amal clearly the human rights lawyer who in the past has represented julian a song though this is rather ironic because it's come on 48 birthday of julian assange and in the in his home town where his father lives there have been celebrations and clamor ations off that with the leaks founder of course mixed feelings. overjoyed and in a bit distressed overwrought. constant.
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and. toward. the end of. all those 9 years the jump ship summers referring to there were basically going back to that extradition claim by sweden for alleged sexual assault all the way back to. 12 and in those years in the meantime julian assange has been fighting to clear his name also to fight extradition he's also fighting extradition to the united states and that's that's in relation to chelsea manning and all those alleged war crimes that were already exposed by her in the leaks that were provided to wiki leaks and so while the u.k. is preparing for this conference on media freedom in melbourne they're having this party but also this sort of commemorations with julia song and also protests in the meantime the 48 year old himself is spending his birthday in belmarsh prison instead london because he's in breach of his belt conditions that's what they imprisoned him for for 50 weeks and also waiting for that full u.s.
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extradition hearing that will take place in february next year. an airstrike on a migrant detention center in the libyan capital has killed 44 people in the more than 130 that's according to the u.n. mission in the country a warning you may find the following images disturbing officials at the target center allege the strike was ordered by opposition general cody for her to launch an offensive to wrest control of the capital in early april rebel government has not commented on that allegation. meanwhile british m.p.'s are debating what to do with frozen funds and the accounts of ousted libyan leader moammar gadhafi has the details. if you run a business say one of these offices or shop before 2011 then your landlord what do you mean one colonel gaddafi he like to be known as the king of kings and his piggy bank reflected that before his downfall and death in 2011 exactly as
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libyan investment authority had amassed some 12000000000 pounds worth of assets in the u.k. alone among them in portland house on london's oxford street the 2011 u.n. backed libyan intervention came with a un backed libyan assets for use to that meant that any libyan accounts in the u.k. were frozen and according to a report by a government committee the u.k. tax man could be scooping tax from those frozen assets the government said make kid that is and $17000000.00 pounds in tax on the frozen libyan assets in the process 3 years h.-m. revenue and customs that the tax man here won't reveal any more than mt and now some british politicians want that tax revenue to be put to good use the deputy
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head of the world in ireland deano he priority has urged the prime minister to use those $17000000.00 pounds in taxes collected from libyan assets in the u.k. to caribbean say the victims of libyan backed ira terrorism or the prime minister would be aware of. the the long standing problem for justice and compensation by victims show the libyan. terrorism in northern ireland did throughout the u.k. u.s. citizens have been compensated by the libyan authorities but the u.k. should not that's unlikely say the. x. the reason why this is her around the is most of the mess that was in the 3rd begins once more about the relationship between britain and the conservative party . and the timing of this is just. because the libyan government is in the midst of a. civil war. in the interest of that money and for the symbols of the
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question all this raises is when the libyan money well finally returned to the people of libya the countries in a state of civil war and its rival governments haven't requested the fund back in april libya's house of representatives called on the international community not to release any libyan assets abroad until a unified government is formed this u.s. news report is from 2011 the u.s. treasury department has $37000000000.00 worth of funds that were accessible to more market off his regime frozen. in the united states the u.s. government is holding this money but does not control what it has to release the funds back to the newlib libyan government when the government requests it and the you want to prove that and a treasury spokeswoman says they are working with libya's transitional council and
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the state department to do just that that was 8 years ago they're still working on it right now it's hard to see when the situation in libya will be safe enough for the money to be returned without the risk of it being procreated by rival governing factions but in the meantime all those frozen assets are breathing life and liquidity into banks in the u.k. . and the u.s. is that money will still be on where it's limited absolutely going to be liquidated it would cool a massive very global markets are just taking that money out of the global. common it is especially when i have been especially in your space you conspiracy but it's facing difficulties with drugs because there are lots of over 7 years economical start in russia as a result of india and. seeing your liquid isn't there much of the media because more pressure him but. not overturn the sunsilk which is where the global markets
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and i think this is the moment it's a very convenient that they do not sense that there isn't a great convenience or that money can what we put in a european must invite. more global news after this short break. much of mushroom soup used down some contacts used in the wrong way carry carry potential arms like any any song kind of substance. it's used in the right way they seem to have quite a. profound 32 potential points a good safety profile as well. for years now the precious metals markets is undeniably manipulated by the same people who are printing all the money because they don't want gold to rise up and attract the capital while they're trying to pump the fake money called the u.s.
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dollar now why big point is important is unlike gold the big point community can call their base layer of collateral out during what trace mayor would call. welcome back in france hundreds of rural schools are about to close for ever despite promises by president mccrone to keep them open he is responding to demands by the l of us protest movement paul slayer reports. it's been 2 months since french president emanuel kwan promised that no more schools would close in a period of what he should not have closings of schools or hospitals without mayors
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accord until the end of my presidential term and it's now more than 350 rural schools are closing their doors and people in communities like this one a furious it's terrible that schools are closing member all areas because for the education and well being of children small establishment are much better than big schools for kids to go somewhere to learn should not be tied to if i have a place to go or not i think it is but it would be a bad decision to close those schools even if there are not enough students when i was on the clip or we need schools to educate the next generation with our future with our schools we can move on if the foundation of everything if these schools close there will be fewer and fewer children and families in the villages and religious will die out that's why it's very important to keep schools open to make them attractive so more families will bring their kids there to be fair the french president hasn't gone back on his word he did say local authorities would have the
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final say on meet the police officer what he says is that the promise will be kept 100 percent mr mcmahon said that they will not close any schools without agreement from local mayors and this is exactly what we are doing but who's behind the push for local municipalities to do this i am surprised that the mayors are in favor of the closure of a school this is the only social fabric that remains for villages from which have gradually disappeared post offices shops where the school closes it is heartbreaking for citizens and elected officials critics point out the government toys finding elected officials who agree to close schools some mayors have had time to work on their closure project but others have done it under duress so how do you get the mayor's views in some cases they're told anyway there will be. teachers in front of your students so regroup while it may not make direct financial sense for schools to remain open when the classrooms are not full it hardly encourages
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families to move to the ball areas and address the growing demographic crisis in the regions when. the school is closing i do believe that the. very it's like a heart attack you know because you are just. raising really in a way that you have the feeling that give village dying small town is dying and everything is collapsing just something. if you mark one small because he hasn't changed you carry out your policy he hasn't changed look you know and shoulder and budget but. you know if you know. let's say again ensure. worldwide economy which is not what the french want. wednesday's hearing on journalist kitty elevation ski which has sparked a diplomatic incident between ukraine and russia has been postponed for 12 days
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since he was arrested last year by the ukrainian government has been caused by journalists worldwide and even president putin to release him they know the case is politically motivated and he was simply carrying out his journalistic work missions kate faces up to 15 years in jail prosecutors were switched on the day of the hearing meaning they were not familiar with the case says kiev has no plans to release him whatever the findings. because i think what's happening right now shows only one thing no one on the side of the prosecution sincerely cares about justice these people are only interested in one thing for me to stay behind force as long as possible but the people come and say we are you today you became prosecutors give us time to get acquainted. there are 78 pages there are 26 volumes well 2 or 3 days and we'll decide. that's a news break down for this hour that's for tuning in wherever you may be.
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trump's impromptu visit to the d.m.z. separating the 2 koreas was unprecedented and historic indeed it was a bold even brilliant decision of course his political opponents particularly the democrats running for president and the media slammed an orthodox diplomacy who was on the side of peace. if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god be careful to do all these commandments and the statutes. then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people the stolen property and therefore it must be returned to black people if they get rid of whites only problems will go away. within the.
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presence of the fleet. wide farmers in south africa every single day. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the don't barfs mania somebody is. not being and these white horse will find themselves affected by crime and we often point when live like kings and queens oh it's all sweats and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner today we don't have anything i'm asking for all night made bad feelings towards civil war in south africa is inevitable. 117110 and each be in the town of you're going to.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. greetings and sell you taishan. from tanks on the national mall for the 4th of july to venice williams losing to a team year old things are definitely turning strange here in the summer of 2019 and just when you thought it can't get any more upside down out there we are now seeing reports that billionaire leftwing financier and central pillar and almost all right wing conspiracy fever dreams the one and only george soros is now teaming
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up with fellow billionaire and central pillar and many a left wing conspiracy fever dreams charles koch of the torrijos koch brothers and just what super villain scheme are these 2 titans of left and right puppet tearing teaming up to unleash on the world. and being the united states penchant for starting endless wars now that you've picked up up off the floor after hearing that one yes the boston globe has is reporting that soros and koch are joining forces to finance a new foreign policy think tank in washington it will promote an approach to the world based on diplomacy and restraint rather than threats sanctions and bombing called the quincy institute for responsible state craft the billionaires hope to open their doors this september right in time for the 2020 presidential campaign season news of this bizarre tag team comes hot on the heels of a recent open letter signed by 19 of the richest.


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