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tv   News  RT  July 3, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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it. was a. u.s. navy seal accused of multiple war crimes including a brutal murder in a combat zone is acquitted by a military court as a key witness claims responsibility for the killing. was. tested in tel aviv burn cars and throw petrol bombs after the israeli ethiopian teenager is shot dead by an off duty police officer. tell of true sucker feist it's revealed the 14 sailors who died in a deep sea vessel fire in northwest russia we gave up their lives to save colleagues. and supports the julia songs react with anger to
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a british foreign office promotional video about a fleece beach conference calling to defend the freedom of the press. hello and welcome you watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from moscow and karen our top story this hour a military court has cleared a navy seal accused of multiple war crimes of all key charges as well as the controversial nature of his acquittal edward gallegos trial once again raises questions over pentagon conduct overseas let's go live now to our season caleb maupin for more details it was good to see you now is gallagher a free man now and what's been the reaction to all this. well the military courts in san diego has acquitted gallagher on 6 out of the 7 charges that he faced all the charges involving the killing of civilians he has been acquitted
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on those charges found not guilty he was convicted on a charge of posing for a photograph with a corpse which is a violation of the rules however of the maximum sentence for such a violation is only 4 months in prison and he's served 9 months in pretrial detention so at this point he is indeed a free man now it appears that his acquittal was essentially hinged on the testimony of a of a navy seal medic who testified that he himself was responsible for the killing of the the ice still fighter who was captured the teenager that he himself was responsible for this this fighters death and that it wasn't any gallagher now it's interesting to note that this navy seal who said that he was the one who ultimately took the life of this captured i still fighter he had been given immunity so he cannot be charged for this killing now when the verdict came in the family and legal team of eddie gallagher was triumphant this is what they said. huge
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victory huge we call to gallagher's huge victory for justice at least scaling like we're finally been defeated after being terrorized by the government my husband bought for for 2 decades in the war on terror he's brought every major enemy of the united states here writes this and noble individual and his name has been smeared in flanders in track through the mud. now it's important to note that it was any gallagher's own platoon members in the navy seals who turned him in and that eddie gallagher had posted a photo on social media of the corpse with himself holding the head of the still fighter and holding up his knife saying got him with my knife however he has been acquitted and at this point we've seen donald trump tweeting out in support of eddie gallagher saying his wonderful wife andre and his family entire family you have been through much together glad i could help that's us president donald trump
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however there have been many voices on social media that have seemingly accused eddie gallagher of being guilty of these crimes and said he is a war criminal saying that his acquittal is a bit of a disc race and hurts the image of the united states around the world so quite a bit of a mixed reaction to the acquittal of many supporting eddie gallagher saying that he killed and i still terrorist this is acceptable behavior others saying that this is lawless behavior killing of a captured fighter is not acceptable so mixed response internationally and domestically on social media to the acquittal and of thanks for those details not speaking to us live from new york well as they mentioned got to get casey's polarizing us opinion with some in the military community especially supportive all of the navy seal and earlier we heard from a veteran and to launch a hill he was also at the center of a pentagon probe off the claims of questionable treatment towards enemy combatants
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. i think it a gallery hero not just to the united states and united states military but to the world because he's over there fighting isis which is an enemy that very few countries are willing to put forth troops and resources to can to fight themselves so he basically is being charged with premeditated murder for an isis fighter in my mind and i'm just a simple man here but that sounds like an oxymoron that you would send a navy seal to go fight isis which is a cancer upon humanity yes or humans but they've made themselves to be monsters and so they should be treated as such and so when you say that you're going to charge someone with premeditated murder of isis in a combat zone little own a navy seal i just think that's completely contradictory doesn't make any sense. violence has flared up in tel aviv during a rally in honor of an ethiopian israeli teenager who was shot dead by an off duty
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police officer. that. was. thousands took to the streets in what appears to have been a spontaneous demonstration some clashed with riot police cars and rubbish bins on fire the officer who shot the teenager said he felt his life was in danger after a youth starting for a walk to the teenager's family has demanded an immediate investigation be the european community in israel how often describes mistreatment at the hands of all forcings spokes person for israel's police described what happened. there were
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a number of suspects that were involved in a fight in a local park a police officer who was in plain clothes he approached those individuals and requested to see their id what happened was is the situation developed and they started throwing stones at him he was hit and struck by stones and he felt that he was in a life threatening situation he responded by drawing his weapon firing to the floor and what we know is that the bullet struck the floor and then unfortunately struck one of the men who was taken to hospital in serious condition and later passed away since the burial of the individual that was unfortunately killed number one there's an investigation taking place as to what happened and number 2 the israeli national police are dealing in focusing with what is the fact that since the funeral which is unfortunate going on now it's jail riots in and around almost all of them a drunk friends across israel protesters attacked civilians police officers
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throwing petrol bombs as well as burning vehicles well just over 3 years ago there was a similar incident and it took months almost years in order to rebuild the trust and this is one for today and this recent incident has taken both you and your unity as well as the israeli police to a level in an area which we didn't want to reach it's obviously going to take time but we're focusing on the period that we're in at the moment which is dealing with the protests calming the situation down. ironic navy officers sacrificed their lives saving colleagues on a civilian experts on board when their deep sea submersible caught fire on monday now joined live by coast on off in the studio as more details a go thanks for coming in so what do we know about what actually happened on this that massive well basically what we're getting right now we're getting new details about who 14 heroes because now we can call them that were who fought the fire on the 1st of july as it broke out on a submersible while it was on
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a new search. mission so what i'm looking at the list right now and basically we have their names we have the ranks of their duties we know what some of them were tasked with like the tenant colonel a medic among the dead and really i'm looking at this list of names and each and every single one of them has several several medals or orders that they had been awarded with during their service so these are professionals the women and their. service has been noted and awarded multiple times and i mean and what they did on board of that submersible they just proved they proved what they were worth because the 1st person that they rescued was a civilian and we don't know much about who that civilian is we don't even know officially was it a he or is it and she but basically they shoved the civilian the evacuated that
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civilian from the compartment from from the section that caught fire and then they sealed the door they sealed the behind him staying in that section to the fire and so they did they fought for the vessel to stay afloat the food for the vessel to stay operational and they pay the highest cost the wrists and the defense rushes defense ministers are usually group who did not do well he used some very strong words when talking about what those people did. similar to put the word and. acted heroically in a critical situation. that was engulfed 1st the disability industry representatives that had to behind him to the fire from spreading throughout the. now this tragedy it has hit hard for all of russia but some have been hit hard with
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it apart from obviously. relatives and friends basically that whole northern the area of russia that. pretty much all families they share a personal connection to russia's navy at least in one way or another they have friends family who serve in russia's navy not on that particular submersible but in general it's like a big brotherhood or sisterhood depends on the way you look at it and so i mean all major russian port cities naval cities they've seen commemorations they have seen vigils like for instance it's more amongst the city of mormons can the north. far in russia's far south st petersburg this is where the submersible is alleged to have come from. the russian capital as well saul vigils russia's president vladimir putin he offered his deepest condolences himself to the families that's what. we can say about what's going on inside of russia but the voice is the words of
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support would have been poor thing in from abroad as well from pope francis to prime ministers reason may have offered their condolences to the families to russia essentially now what is going on right now there is a special commission form that has been tasked with investigating what happened on board what caused the fire basically what happened after the after that fire broke out and is led by the russians unable to leave and so the next trove of official information we should expect from the findings and maybe even the verdict of that commission in the meantime families and like you say people across russia and around the world are remembering these people these heroes who really did prove their worth and i don't have a standoff there sorry thank you for coming in. how generous our supporters have mocked britain's foreign office for posting
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a video demanding freedom of the press to cross the world ahead of a conference on free speech. with the right of this current examination which the internet. the promotional video that you've just seen has been posted on the foreign offices twitter feed and it's to promote the upcoming conference on press freedom the irony is that amongst all of that for the emphasis on freedom of speech and freedom for the press there's no mention anywhere of julian assange which was something that wasn't lost on his supporters who said plenty of things below on that twitter feed you have to believe in freedom before you write about it today as julian assange just birthday wish him a happy day in your prison this is where rufus considering you're currently doughtery one of the premier journalists about who came up with this complain take action to free his son jeff you mean it the family media freedom well as well as
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that promotional video the foreign office also had on its twitter feed videos about imprisoned journalists and also called for people to follow the hash tag defend media freedom of course which is very much a spouse by jeremy hunt the foreign secretary and the conservative leadership party candidate as well as amal clearly the human rights lawyer who in the past has represented julian a song though this is rather ironic because it's come on the $48.00 birthday of julian assange and in love in his hometown where his father lives there have been celebrations and collaboration's off the wiki leaks founder of course mixed feelings. overjoyed and in a bit distressed and overwrought. constant. and fifi. toward the ruin of. well those 9 years that jump ship summers referring to there were basically going
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back to that extradition claim by sweden for alleged sexual assault all the way back to 2012 and in those years in the meantime julian assange has been fighting to clear his name also to fight extradition there's also fighting extradition to the united states and that's that's in relation to chelsea manning and all those alleged war crimes that were exposed by her in the leaks that were provided to wiki leaks and so while the u.k. is preparing for this conference on media freedom in melbourne they're having this party but also this sort of commemorations with julian assange and also protests in the meantime the 48 year old himself is spending his birthday in belmarsh prison instead london because he is in breach of his bell conditions that's what they imprisoned him for for 50 weeks and also waiting for that for us extradition hearing that will take place in february next year. and astrakhan a migrant detention center in the libyan capital tripoli has killed 44 people and injured more than 130 according to the u.n.
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mission in the country a warning you may find the following images disturbing. officials at these targeted center allege the strike was ordered by opposition general khalifa haftar who launched an offensive to wrest control of the capital in early april and rival government hasn't commented on the allegation i mean while british m.p.'s are debating what to do with frozen funds and the accounts of ousted libyan leader muammar gadhafi and the boyko a small. group if you ran a business in one of these offices or shops before 2011 then your landlord would have been one colonel gaddafi he like to be known as the king of kings and his piggy bank reflected that before his downfall and death in 2011 exactly as libyan investment authority had amassed some 12000000000 pounds worth of assets in the u.k. alone among them is portland house on london's oxford street the 2011
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u.n. backed libyan intervention came with a un backed libyan assets for us to that meant that any libyan accounts in the u.k. were frozen and according to a report by a government committee the u.k. tax man could be scooping tax from those frozen assets the government said mickey did that its own $17000000.00 pounds in tax on the frozen libyan assets in the past 3 years h.m. revenue and customs that the tax man here won't reveal any more than that and now some british politicians want that tax revenue to be put to good use the deputy head of northern ireland priority has urged the prime minister to use those 17000000 pounds in taxes collected from libyan assets in the u.k. to caribbean say the victims of libyan backed ira terrorism are the prime minister
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will be aware. doesn't the divorce high school be over the longstanding campian for justice and compensation by victims of the libyan sponsored ira's terrorism in northern ireland and did throughout the u.k. u.s. citizens how being compensated by the libyan authorities but the u.k. so let's just hope not that's unlikely as say the exit the reason why this is a terrible round of the more than is much more of the mess that the 3rd begins and what's more about the relationship between britain and the conservative party. but it's also the timing and this is just it is being done because the libyan government is in the midst of a. civil war. and there are interests with that money remember that symbols of the question all this raises is when the libyan money well finally returned to the people of libya the countries in
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a state of civil war and its rival governments haven't requested the funds back in april libya's house of representatives called on the international community not to release any libyan assets abroad until a unified government is formed this u.s. news report is from 2011 the u.s. treasury department has $37000000000.00 worth of funds that were accessible to more market off he and his regime frozen in the in the united states the u.s. government is holding this money but does not control what it has to release the funds back to the newlib libyan government when the government requests it and the you want to prove that and a treasury spokeswoman says they are working with libya's transitional council and the state department to do just that that was 8 years ago they're still working on it right now it's hard to see when the situation in libya will be safe enough for the money to be returned without the risk of it being misappropriated by rival. of
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inning factions but in the meantime all those frozen assets are breathing life and liquidity into banks in the u.k. europe and the us money where its members want to be liquidated. where their own global markets are just taking that money out of a global economy that is especially when it's that especially year this leaves us there is a lot of space in difficulties because something is. the result of. liquidating with libya because. the problem is where the global markets i think the moment it's a very convenient that they get out of the earth and it's a very convenient part of the money and what the. european investment bank. the e.u. parliament has elected its new president david says soli of the socialist and
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democrat faction but i'm a pace of get to approve young successor as you were peon commission chief a latest proposed german defense minister van de lay and she will now meet the backing of a majority of the $751.00 any pace she is known as a federalist supporting the creation of a single united states of europe sovereign nation and an e.u. army should become the 1st woman to head the commission which has helped her win support but not everyone is sold on her candidacy especially as leaders suddenly scrap the established nomination system requiring her to have formal backing of a party group. on their line is our weakest minister that's apparently enough to become commission president oh sort of on the line isn't acceptable as head of the e.u. commission for social democrats we cannot simply throw the top candidate principle overboard because the results of the election did not suit some heads of government very disappointing deal of the council this is old europe at its worst
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a backdoor deal with candidates emerging to. please the national leaders from germany france and spain this is not the change that was promised to european voters. should not follow leaders have also put forward a new head of the e.u. council who will take over from donald tusk they've opted for belgian prime minister's sheilds maciek michel however the pick doesn't sit well with many of the european parliament either party any peers are particularly angry as michelle openly mocks the idea of britain quitting the bloc let's bring in a guest now maximillian crimea with the alternative for germany farsi part of the e.u. part of its identity and democracy its crowd welcome to the program great to have you with us now do you think enough or any piece will enough or any piece of proof on delay and to get her the job and does your identity and democracy group back her . the 1st question is hard to answer we have seen today the majority followed to ruling off to governments and elected
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the president they wished which is remarkable because they showed to the governments that they were not of willing to stand up for the rights of parliament . but what i can say clearly to you is that he of course of the not voted for madam funder lion not just because she was proposed by the council but especially because she is really a catastrophe in all positions she had hold in the past in germany so she ruined german army and we don't want to see her ruining the european commission. she learns to want a united states of europe are some parliamentarians fervently against that particularly in eastern and central europe. of course there are about one 3rd of to paloma and that is opposing our becoming a kind of
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a super state. but of course she is part of the mainstream of the liberal left and a majority of the people's party which are a centrist group so that should not be the problem i guess if she gets problem with in the parliament or not because of their ideological views this is just a reason for about one 3rd not to pick her which is a good problems because of her catastrophe her record as a minister in germany and of the way she was proposed to us so it's not clear that she will pass through does this process here but we will see a whole powerful and get america still is it's a test even for to see better she is already a lame duck or whether we will have to wait until issue resigns in 2 years what do you make of the. i am established to you nomination system being suddenly abandoned like this. all established
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parties promised to despoil them and is really important and it is more than just sonali be. what they do know the exact opposite and the 2nd promise to made was that the only send really tough people qualified put politicians. who are. and what they are now doing is a big if. the most important position in the 2 minister who failed in germany and who needs just a position to get her out of fire in domestic politics so what they are doing is showing everyone that the e.u. is the really important and that they don't care about derivatives are to promise to the people and before to put their direction so it is clear that they lie it and i hope that many people all of all over europe see it the same way and i'm sure that there is
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a huge number of politicians here and apollo meant to see it that way but i can't tell you whether it's a majority or just a strong minority it will be very interesting in 2 weeks. well let's say that servant elaine is approved you think she has the ability to heal the deep east west divide. if she can't anything in every position she hold in germany she failed and i don't believe that she will succeed when they get benjamin she gets an even tougher and even more important and more difficult position. she's justly unable to to have an important political office. she she got her offices in germany because her father used to be a governor and she is very connected into the party establishment of a good americans for a strong democratic union but she never reached any position because she's capable or or even clever or smart she's just
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a typical politician out of the system without having any record of successes so definitely she will fail us president of the commission on the debt is clear and i don't know any politician here to parliament who believes stood did she did she would succeed. in her office it's just. the question of whether we follow the division is mrs merkel and mr mccraw over the palm and sons of ford's old ride and will we see in 2 weeks x. 1000000 cry of the n.e.p. from the identity and democracy group thank you for your time. person has summoned the chinese ambassador as the bilateral dispute grows over the response to the hong kong protests has artie's from london with more details now so shallow what do we know so far. well yes that summons follows comments by the chinese ambassador
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the relations between the u.k. and china had been damaged by comments made by the foreign secretary jeremy hunt and others who would seemingly offered their support to the protesters in hong kong take a listen to what jeremy hunter originally had to say. earch feel for choose not to use what happened as a pretext for oppression but rather to understand the root causes of what happened which is a deep seated concern by people in on calling for basic freedoms of under attack well since then the u.k. government has taken further action banning export licenses of certain items that could be used against those protesters that things like c.s. gas roy here and also grenades now a china is furious about what it sees as being the u.k. interfering in solve or an issue on the ambassador here to the u.k.
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said that those who had illegally occupied the hong kong parliament in the last few days actually should be seen as being law breakers are not supported now beijing also went on to accuse jeremy hunt the foreign secretary of having colluded here a year or delusions this is what the spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry had to say. it seems that he still indulged in the polls british colonists and this persisting with the bad habits of condescending and pointing fingers at other countries internal affairs. well also jeremy hunt in the u.k. we accused of hypocrisy when it talks about. prosy in hong kong with it being pointed out that under british colonial rule no elections took place on the island this is what the hunt the foreign secretary have to say response to that. message to china's government. between countries so based on mutual respect and on ring the
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legally binding agreements between them that is the best way to preserve the great relationship between the u.k. and china. but germany helped their referencing one country 2 system agreement that was thrashed out between the u.k. and china when hong kong was handed back this essentially gives the island some economic and also freedoms that are not seen elsewhere on the mainland particularly in terms of the economy but for the moment it seems that the tensions over hong kong and those protests are now ratcheting up between the u.k. and china. thanks to the state house. speaking to us live from london. thanks for joining us on our c international we're back at the top of the hour with all the latest headlines john is that if you can.


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