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tv   News  RT  July 3, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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a u.s. naval sea and accused of multiple war crimes including a brutal murder in a combat zone is acquitted by a miniature board as a key witness claims responsibility for the. protest is in 10 of the phone calls and throat. of china's radio ethiopian teenager is shot dead by an off duty police officer. the tale of 2 sacrifice it's revealed the 14 sailors who died in a deep sea vessel far and whole quest russia gave up that life space colony. and supporters of judea in the song should react with anger to
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a british foreign office motional to care about a free speech conference calling to defend the freedom of the press. that's just gone 4 am here and the russian cop time stuffed it in with the latest international news room welcome. a miniature court has cleared a navy seal accused of multiple war crimes of key charges as well as the controversial nature of his acquittal edward gallegos once again raises questions over pentagon conduct overseas caleb maupin has the details. the military court in san diego has acquitted gallagher on 6 out of the 7 charges that he faced involving the killing of civilians he was convicted on a charge of posing for a photograph with a corpse which is a violation of the rules however of the maximum sentence for such
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a violation is only 4 months in prison and he's served 9 months in pretrial detention so at this point he is indeed a free man now it appears that his acquittal was essentially hinged on the testimony of a of a navy seal medic who testified that he himself was responsible for the killing of the the ice still fighter who was captured the teenager that he himself was responsible for this this fighters death and that it wasn't any gallagher now it's interesting to note that this navy seal key had been given immunity so he cannot be charged for this killing now when the verdict came in the family and legal team of eddie gallagher was triumphant huge victory huge we call to gallagher's huge victory for justice with stealing liquor finally been defeated after being terrorized by the government that my husband bought for for 2 decades the war on terror he's brought every major enemy of the united states here they write this and
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noble individual and his name has been smeared in flanders interact with the mud now it's important to note that it was any gallagher's own platoon members in the navy seals who turned him in saying that he had shot civilians and that he had posted a photo on social media of the corpse with himself holding the head of the still fighter and holding up his knife saying got him with my knife however he has been acquitted and at this point we've seen donald trump tweeting out in support of any gallagher saying his wonderful wife andre and his family entire family you have been through much together glad. i could help but that's us president donald trump however there have been many voices on social media that have seemingly accused eddie gallagher of being guilty of these crimes and said he is a war criminal saying that his acquittal is a bit of a disgrace and hurts the image of the united states around the world so quite a bit of
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a mixed reaction on social media to the acquittal well as we just heard from kate gallagher was found guilty of posing for a photo with a corpse on a wednesday she was sentenced to 4 months of confinement he's already doubled the time though in the form of pretrial detention the navy seal will also have both his rank and reduced veteran i'm all for who we heard from today piece that ad we've got a good design operation. i think it a gallery hero not just to the united states and united states military but to the world because he's over there fighting isis which is an enemy that very few countries are willing to put forth troops and resources to can to fight themselves so he basically is being charged with premeditated murder for an isis fighter in my mind and i'm just a simple man here but that sounds like an oxymoron that you would send a navy seal to go fight isis which is a cancer upon humanity yes or humans but they've made themselves to be monsters and
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so they should be treated as such and so when you say that you're going to charge someone with premeditated murder of isis in a combat zone little own a navy seal i just think that's completely contradictory it doesn't make any sense . violence has flared up in tennessee during the body and on up here is raging teenager who was shot dead by an often to police officer. you. know. that's like it was it. was. thousands took to the streets in what appears to be
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a spontaneous demonstration some touched with riot police now to set calls on the officer who shot the teenager said he felt his life was in danger after you started throwing rocks at him the teenage son has demanded in egypt investigation. community and his how often describes his treatment at the hands of kill for it he's a spokesperson for israel's police describe what happened. there were a number of such. specs that were involved in a fight in a local park a police officer who was in plain clothes he approached those individuals and requested to see their id what happened was is the situation developed and they started throwing stones at him he was hit and struck by stones him he felt that he was in a life threatening situation he responded by drawing his weapon firing to the floor busy and what we know is that the bullet struck the floor busy and then unfortunately struck one of the men who was taken to hospital in serious condition and then later in the evening passed away since the burial of the individual that
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was unfortunately killed number one there's an investigation taking place as to what happened and number 2 the israeli national police are dealing and focusing with what has developed since the funeral which is unfortunately being in large scale riots in and around almost all of the major junctions across israel protesters attacked civilians police offices throwing petrol bombs as well as burning vehicles well just over 3 years ago there was a similar incident and it took months almost 2 years in order to rebuild the trust and this is why in 14 of them was recent incident has taken both ethiopian community as well as the israeli police to a level in an area which we didn't want to reach it's obviously going to take time but we're focusing on the period that we're in at the moment which is dealing with the protests calming the situation down. heroic naval officer sacrifice the life saving colleagues and disappeared an expert on board when that deep sea
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vessel caught fire on monday our senior correspondent is in the city of more months close to where the tragedy. the atmosphere here in the city of moments because gloomy it's in the air it's in people's faces the expressions you'll be hard pressed to find a family here and more than once without relatives say in the navy so the strategy has struck everyone personally it has really affected people here over russia there are commemorative services being held in churches all over russia people expressing their condolences laying flowers we've had condolences pouring in internationally the pope has expressed his sincere condolences to those that died in this incident those that suffered in this unfortunate incident to raise it may the prime minister of u.k. of the u.k. expressed her condolences as well what was especially striking about this unfortunate incident was that out of the 1414 sailors who died 7 of them of
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captains 2 of them heroes of the russian federation all professionals all high ranking decorated veterans of the navy we've learned about the incident itself as well it happened aboard a military deep sea scientific research vessel it was up in the barents sea off the coast of mormons conducting scientific research in the hydras field when a fire broke out and one of the compartments the crew acted professionally story they began fighting the flames they evacuated a civilian industry representative that was on board shut the hatch behind them in order to prevent the fire from spreading and consuming the rest of the submersible perhaps killing their colleagues the other crew members that survived and unfortunately they got the fire under control but they perished juta asphyxiation because it is a. submarine that's acted heroically in a critical situation from
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a compartment that was engulfed in fire they 1st evacuated this. villain in this true representative then close the hatch behind him to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the deepwater vessel the head of russia's navy is now personally in charge of carrying out an investigation of the last 2 weeks an established what happened how it happened and who was responsible the 14 sailors who acted heroically heroically in order to save their colleagues and the vessel itself the submersible will be presented to the state on as vladimir putin is being kept up to date on the investigation itself and the state has promised to support all the support it can offer to the relatives of those who perished in this unfortunate tragedy. britain has summoned chinese ambassador as the by law to this point questions over the response to the hong kong protests has artist shot into the from london with more details. but some of the chinese
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ambassador to the foreign office comes after he said that relations between the u.k. and china had been damaged following comments by the foreign secretary jeremy hunt and others in regards to those protests and not to the phone calls let's have a look 1st of all of what jeremy hunt had to say previously about this we urge the authorities not to use what happened as a pretext for oppression but rather to understand the root causes of what happened which is a deep seated concern by people in hong kong for their basic freedoms are under attack well since then the u.k. government is also announced their export license is or by to be such a c.s. gas and riot gear when aides have been banned china as a result of those protests that china is fear are seeing that the u.k. has waded into a cell for an argument and the ambassador the johnnies ambassador to the u.k.
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said that those who would immediately occupied the hong kong parliament earlier this week should actually be condemned as more break it is that was also following beijing accusing jeremy hunt the foreign secretary of having colonial era delusions that some of this into what the spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry had to say seems that he still indulged in the post illusion of british colonists and this persisting with the bad habits of condescending in pointing fingers at other countries internal affairs. well they also went on to say it's hypocritical of the u.k. to talk about democracy in the home calling it issues with a given that when the phone call was that british call in the very long time they were in a lecture held that jeremy hunt the foreign secretary gave this response to that. message to chinese government good relations between countries
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a based on mutual respect and on ring the legally binding agreements between them that is the best way to preserve the great relationship that when the u.k. and china is talking about the reference that to the one country 2 systems agreements that was something that was signed when hong kong was handed back to the chinese and it gives the i am going to move freedoms such as economic freedoms but what we're seeing at the moment is tensions between the u.k. and china are ratcheting up over those protests former u.s. diplomat jim just told us hunt's comment on the hong kong protests could be seen as hypocritical there's an element of wounded sovereignty with the british criticism that the chinese want to make it clear this is sovereign chinese territory yes there are straighter rules they are special to hong kong but is the form of the former colonial power i can't help but notice that we're not just talking about protesting we're talking and going in and seeing zinging by force by mob violence
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or a legislative chamber you know i don't recall mr hunt talking about the yellow dress protesters in france which were as i know have never stormed the. french parliament and are being subject to great repression i don't hear him calling about addressing the root causes there. genocide supporters have mocked britain's foreign office for posting a video demanding freedom of the press across the wild ahead of a conference on free speech. john with the rest of the current examination. the promotional video that you've just seen has been posted on the foreign offices twitter feed and it's to promote the upcoming conference on press freedom the irony is that amongst all of that for the emphasis on freedom of speech and freedom for the press there's no mention anywhere of julian assange which was something that
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wasn't lost on his supporters who said plenty of things below on that twitter feed you have to believe in freedom before you write about it today julian assange just birthday wish him a happy day in prison this is where rufus considering you're currently daughtry one of the premier journalists about time who came up with this complain take action to free his son jeff you mean it the family media freedom well as well as that promotional video the foreign office also had on its twitter feed videos about imprisoned journalists and also called for people to follow the hash tag defend media freedom of course which is very much a spouse by jeremy hunt the foreign secretary and the conservative leadership party candidate as well as amal clearly the human rights lawyer who in the past has represented julian a song though this is rather ironic because it's come on the 48th birthday of julian assange and in the in his home town where his father lives there have been celebrations and commemorations off the wiki leaks founder of course mixed feeling
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for. the overjoyed. with the stress. of constant. court. to win over. all those 9 years of jump ship some are so far into there were basically going back to that extradition claim by sweden for alleged sexual assault all the way back to. 12 in those years in the meantime julian assange has been fighting to clear his name also to fight extradition he's also fighting extradition to the united states and that's that's in relation to chelsea manning and all those alleged war crimes that were very exposed by her in the leaks that were provided to wiki leaks and so while the u.k. is preparing for this conference on media freedom in melbourne they're having this party but also this sort of commemorations with julian assange and also protests in the meantime the 48 year old himself is spending his birthday in belmarsh prison in
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stasis london because he is in breach of his belt editions that's what they imprisoned him for 50 weeks and also waiting for that full u.s. extradition hearing that will take place in february next year. the e.u. parliament has elected its new president it is david saucily of the socialist and democrat function but any please have yet to approve john called york a successor as european commission chief evaders proposed judgment of france minister us to delay or shall now need the backing of a majority of the $751.00 m e p's she's known as a federalist supporting the creation of a single united states of europe sovereign nation and an e.u. army she would become the 1st woman to head the commission which has helped to win support but not everyone is sold on her candidacy especially as leaders suddenly scrap the established nomination system requiring her to have formal backing of a party group. from their line is our weakest minister that's apparently enough to
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become commission president o'sullivan's alone is unacceptable as head of the e.u. commission for social democrats we cannot simply throw the top candidate principle overboard because the results of the election did not suit some heads of government leaders have also put forward a new head of the e.u. council who will take over from donald tusk they've opted for belgian prime minister charles michel however this also didn't sit well with many in the european parliament for accept. r t m e p's are particularly angry as michelle and me marks britain's departure from knock commenting on fundamental nomination as european commission chief german m.e.p. maximillian crocker told us his country woman has a track record of failure. all established parties promised only send qualified pretty politicians. and what they are now doing is
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a big if. the most important position in the 2 minister who failed in germany and who needs just a position to get her out of fire in domestic politics in every position she hold in germany she failed and i do believe that she will succeed when they get when she gets an even tougher and even more important and more difficult position she got her offices in germany because she is very connected into the party establishment of a good americans 1st from democrat union she's just a typical politician out of the system without having any record of successes. the u.s. government is now threatening to impose new types not only on the chinese rivals but on their friends to europe paying good totaling $4000000000.00 are facing additional levies from across the ocean the authors of the u.s. trade representative is issued a public comment supplemental list of products that could potentially be subject to
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additional deity's. the new proposed tires come amid an ongoing trade dispute initially triggered by a conflict between the american company boeing and its european rival in 2004 the 2 aviation giants have accused each other of receiving illegal government subsidies the u.s. is proposing to add over 80 products to a list that could be hit with tarps that includes european cheeses pasta meat olives coffee fruit and whiskey they originally list of e.u. goods valued at 20 $1000000000.00 was proposed in april the european commission has announced it will retaliate if the tariffs go through us has condemned washington over the intended move this is not creating a healthy environment for working toward a negotiated solution and would routes of industries on both sides of the atlantic to arrive in a lose lose situation meanwhile the announcement is not being universally welcomed in the us either the distilled spirits council has criticised the trumpet
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ministrations latest terror threat was strong group whose the inclusion of distilled products in the brewster's deletion least use companies from farmers to suppliers to retailers had been negatively impacted by the imposition or tariffs additional dairies who only inflict harm before implementing the tariffs that the united states is awaiting approval from the world trade organization we talked to about a dumper as their chief executive of. global he says that a new trade war would harm everyone. this stance from from the us administration has been going on for more than the one year and you trade war that it's actually going to go to our everybody we already saw a big impact on the level of global demand which has been dropping very hard and it was the major engine of the synchronized overgrowth that we have to experience so
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far so this new round also using pows on some kind of products that really can be almost destroyed from from from a trade war because we're talking about scotch whisky about cheese produced in immediately or metal bands that we have not really linked to to the production which is something completely different it's a industrial heavy industrial product. donald trump jr has criticized nike for scrapping special edition sneakers commemorating u.s. independence day the sports giant reportedly responded to complaints that the flag printed on the shoes comes from the era of slavery artie's explains. a quick disclaimer before i begin i'm sorry of my local or my store you offend someone these days you never know thank god i'm not a fashion designer whoever buys their stuff or even just comes across their designs
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may get mad at something and a few creative ideas being ruined the whole business nike came up with a special sneaker series for the 4th of july featuring what's known as the betsy ross flag it's just an early design of the u.s. flag and probably the holiday is a great occasion to remember a bit of national history but in the universe of national football league i can call him capper nick nike can't sell footwear that features a symbol that was used in the times of slavery he got in touch with the brand bosses and forced them to scrap it some thought he did a great job others were like what good luck making i have certainly purchased my last pair. mikey is an absolute disgrace i didn't know colin copernic was the barometer of offense thanks for sharing over all my tweets by him from here on out pernik is now in charge of nike's production it's
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a shoe company for god's sake just a little earlier nike had to get rid of another collection intended for china this time the problem was that the designer brand behind the shoe look had shown support for hong kong protesters online hell yeah these political subtleties do matter better not play with fire nike bosses thought you'd think this lady though wouldn't really look back and what problems so one far away had with her ideas think it is me. not see you need one. ok even kim carr dashi and i had to tweak the name of her lingerie line up she originally called comodo kim oh get it but the japanese got furious with this wordplay mrs cardassian west even got an official letter from the mayor of a city in japan asking her to mind her branding language back to sports where the
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giants did as to had to pull one of their designs from a shoe collection to honor black history month the problem was it was all white who makes no wise shoes so the brain bloody history month i did a thing esswein enemy city for your information try consulting with actual black people friends i hear they are all over the country this is just the tip of the iceberg gucci ones got in trouble because of black sweaters with big lips prada offended someone with key chains that look like black people cathy perry process the law in with shoes resembling a black face i mean. really your product may end up blowing anyone which is for instance i'm not messing with you for a drop there starter which kid parveen barks after being scolded by a witch community all cases requires some damage control again our respect
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everyone's feelings but aren't the offended going a bit too far a bit too often. students at a u.k. secondary school have started a petition after they were banned from wearing scarves in a bid to promote gender neutrality under the new role all pupils at appleton academy in more than england will have to wear trousers from september. both female and male students parents in some teachers believe that the fed the school has decided to make wearing transit and lay shoes compulsory for gender neutrality is a complete farce and the rule should be overturned hundreds have signed the petition however the school and says most parents and students have responded positively. there are a number of reasons for this change it is gender neutral in line with the policy in the majority of secondary schools it simplifies the uniform and it removes the issue of pupils wearing skirts that are inappropriate the majority of parents have
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responded with positive feedback and are supportive of the change and understand the reasons for its school uniforms they signify when the ship of a body a group of people and usually you know there's a decision about what color what what what you know the symbols are included head teacher often decides what clothes should be worn i hope that what's being chosen has no or is not about dogma it's about consistency or think it's probably true to say that it's well intentioned i mean this the mess is toward children in school it's to treat other children as they want to be treated as the golden rule so it's is to help they all g.b.t. community but actually i think it's going to be counterproductive because many girls will see your skirt is part of the family law dentity so if you take away the scourge so you can wear a skirt you ban the skirts what you're doing is robbing them of their identities
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form of identity theft and it's going to make life probably more difficult for the algae p.t. community rather than helping them so i would really go as the school to do what most schools do and not banned this this uniform article for girls i think is going to be counterproductive i know that the the person speaking opposite me refers to l. g.b.t. but i'm a lesbian i'm a feminist i mean i'm a poet possibly a bit more neutral about it because i'm also a mother of a grandmother and i don't think that we should have these kinds of arguments which are which are. you know one group against another ok it's right to think it is right to think about what young. people want to listen i don't know to what extent i mean lots of girls do object to the way that to the way that boys. finish ice them or i would say that there's a danger here that quite
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a lot of children who are who are not part of the algae community they will be subject into this they're going to have their view soured by this and i don't think it's going to help harmony we need to bring people together when you stop banning skirts you're going to alienate quite a lot of people and it's going to focus attention on those people who are banning it is going to focus attention on the l.g.b. to community they need support that don't need to have to ban things to help the r.g.b. to community and i'm sure many people on the other side of this debate would agree with me you know we help the algae bt community by promoting tolerance of inclusion tolerance of the girls of the community so we've got to be fair to both sides one over the other give freedom to the girls too. and finally 2 men one woman has died after an accident during an annual independence thing fireworks in the better russian capital. a
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couple of rockets reportedly exploded on the ground breaking the windows of cars and nearby buildings there is no information about why the rockets malfunctioned local media says a 64 year old woman was struck in the head and died after doctors were unable to stop the bleeding there is so far no official reports about other casualties from it and. that's how the news is looking this hour i'll be back in 30 minutes the latest but don't go anywhere because up next it's going underground. afshin rattansi we're going underground now is after israel did what u.k. pm contenders boris johnson and jeremy hunt have advocated before it bomb syria coming up on the show why is the british government destroying in hiding documents essential to the judy of the sonship.


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