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it's a lot watching your children grow up in miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of this is just it doesn't get easier. than is paying his 1st visit to italy since 2015 to meet with the country's leaders and also with the pope. germany's in the grip of a heat wave and it's also sparked so many crime wave too with violence being reported in swimming pools and around warns the u.s. not to start a fire if you can't handle the consequences after trying to warn the islamic republic not to play with fire by increasing its uranium enrichment. you know what to do when they go with the airplane when i think they're playing with fire this thing for the u.s. to do correct it's mistake pushing to is afraid of the word for if you start on. russia's defense minister reveals that the fire on a deep sea submersible which claimed the lives of 14 scientists broke out in the
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vessels battery compartment and gave assurances that the subs nuclear energy installation is secure. but i welcome its may day here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now russia's president vladimir putin is expected to land in rome in a couple of hours time way and meet with his italian counterpart and also pop into the vatican city for a chat with the pope while talking to journalists ahead of the trip he stressed the special time tested relations between italy and russia so let's get some more on this now by crossing live to rome and our correspondent there in leaper trying to get afternoon. we know it's been a little while has hasn't it since putin has been initially but he's due to arrive in a couple of hours time what can we expect from this visit. andrew
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hi again well technically this is going to be a visit. to states within just a couple of hours but in terms of political intrigues here's what's the most important thing last time our putin was here was in 2015 and ever since then the euro skeptics took over the government in rome known for their criticism of the european economic policies including anti russian sanctions and it is known that trade between italy and russia 2 was booming just before the sanctions kicked in well mr putin is saying that sanctions can only be left it if the will comes from both ways and at the moment we're not seeing any of that from the european union. as for the removal of sanctions i have spoken on the subject time and time again the one behind the sanctions is the one to take the 1st step i'm talking about the european union after that russia will be able to repeal its
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countermeasures it is our hope that common sense will eventually prevail and europe will prioritize suits own interests rather than follow instructions given by somebody else. now on the other hand the italian prime minister mr coleman today said that no matter how much rome at this point was willing to lift the sanctions with the general policy still go in that same direction it is very unlikely at this point. unilateral actions within the framework of the current european mechanism would not produce any result even for russia that is why we are working to involve all parties in a constructive dialogue. however mr putin is still reminded that italy remains russia's 5th largest trading partner and he
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believes that the economic ties between the 2 countries will be on the rise he also pointed out that within the last year russia its only investments both ways were worth billions of dollars so during this visit we are expecting a number of agreements or contracts possibly to be signed now going back to that interview the journalists couldn't help asking once again about the alleged attempts by russia to meddle in elections everywhere including europe now here's what the russian leader responded to that. let me emphasize we have never interfered in the internal affairs of the european union member states or any other states and we are not going to this is what makes us markedly different from the u.s. and some of its allies which for instance supported the coup d'etat in ukraine in february 2014. but once again as you've mentioned andrew just
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before meeting the most senior italian officials vladimir putin will get to be welcomed by pope francis at the vatican we don't know what exactly they're going to talk about but just a little earlier the russian president's advisor said that on many views and approaches when it comes to how russia and the vatican sees that or approaches are either close or identical and we remember that there was definitely a friendship between the russian leader and the head of the catholic church last time they met each other they even exchanged gifts pope francis got a painting from lot of mark and in response to that the russian leader received the angel of peace medallion so. let's have a lot give there will be more gifts later on thursday. great ok thanks illicitly busy day then vladimir putin he's due to arrive in rome where at the moment or in
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a couple of hours' time. germany is in the grip of a heat wave at the moment and it does seem to be driving people crazy leading to everything from public nudity to mass violence at swimming pools. as this report. the heat wave that's being roasting parts of europe has seen some here in germany fall foul of the law take the smoke paid rider brandenburg for example he received a caution from the police after his attempts to feel the breeze saw him decide to write a ski to it with no clothes on but the behavior of some in germany's public swimming pools has been far more concerning at outdoor pool in distilled or so hundreds involved in a must brawl last weekend it started when a group of young men became embroiled in an argument with a family police to be cold and deployed at the spring a witness described the scene there was
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a huge crowd of teenagers who were causing trouble around here they made those men with children cry police the family away from the scene and authorities ordered that the pool be closed and said they didn't know too much about the identities of those behind the violence. colleagues described the group as african looking at the incident and dissolute off his fall from the only one to have taken place in germany in the last month hear him. out at the entry to a public swimming pool the place to be called there over in munich 50 teenage riot it in the bavarian capital in western germany from a french fry stand so around 20 people involved in a brawl in which chairs and trust accounts were used as weapons against sink a 23 year old man he required emergency said you have to being stopped following
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a dispute that began in a swimming pool and. pepper spray was again deployed after another bus brawl in many of the incidents police and witnesses reported that those involved were from a migrant background leading to quit. students about integration that's nothing to do with us says the federal office for migration refugees we have the wrong contact in relation to the facts below it is not the task of the federal office to comment on the situation in german outdoor swimming pools with the warm weather set to continue for a little while yet police pool security will be hoping that while the mercury rises tempers stay cool peter all of a hearty berlin. iran has told the u.s. that it shouldn't start a fire if it's not willing to deal with the consequences that's after donald trump won the islamic republic not to play with fire he was responding to terrans
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announcement that it will increase its production of low enriched uranium beyond the limits imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal. from july 7th on what's the level of enrichment will not be at 3.67 percent and you will know what to do if they go with the airplane where they think they are playing with fire the best thing for the us to do so correct is mistake if washington is afraid of the word fire you can start one the spot began when washington withdrew from the nuclear deal in imposed harsh sanctions on iran after a year of escalating tensions to iran has now said it will no longer feel bad and by the terms of the deal either iran says that's because other signatories to it including france germany and the u.k. haven't done enough to keep the deal alive well here in r.t. i guess debated who's really playing with fire. well i really think that president to look him in the mirror and see that he fails to see this let alone
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defiant that he himself has ignited with is irrational confrontation our policy toward iran mr thompson is wrong is that his hawkish advisors are wrong the u.s. says iran policy is we perform a vice president joe biden the self-inflicted disaster iran violated the c.p.o. way on many occasions and it was only a stopping point on their ultimate desire to to enrich uranium to. develop a nuclear missile program and they continue to do it right after before and right after the signing of that agreement that agreement was never worth more than the paper was written on it's not nonsense it's absolutely true you know it and you're very skilled at the art of project obviously haven't read. or seen has been doing 1515 i am reports confirming iran's full compliance with this honoris
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obligations we did. you obviously haven't bothered to read even one single one of them otherwise you would not say that iran has violated any are 2016 nuclear twenties not only at the. audit did want the water for you to know that the united states purchased heavy water from iran prior to mr trump tearing up that right wingers with you are violating your way by continuing to produce its obligations you can rely on a large order on your i haven't even read that agreement i'm sorry sir are you are you to 1st go and read listen iran is a riot is it meant for you to show up on a t.v. show people of iran do not like the regime nobody outside iran likes the regime and you know one day it will fall that's not the stated policy of president trump but one day this regime will fall. or who are the ones that were mining the wall tankers in the gulf of how is the who shut down the the the drawn there
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was in international waters that was the really mom illegitimate valve regime and all they're doing is is now that they're on their own a great deal of strain when they when they received $150000000000.00 in the wake of signing the g.c. p.r. way gingerly is not a full blown pledge treaty it was just agree with president obama and president trump every legal right to withdraw from it and we came very close to get on just 2 weeks ago unfortunately reason prevailed partly because of trams sudden discovery iran and the terror in capabilities that even a limited strike could a snowball into you know all out warfare in golfing us is allies in the region and hopefully that will serve as a wake up call to trant to step back from its confrontation our policy come back to the table that the us left unilaterally and you know resume
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diplomacy with iran because the us has approached right now is anti diplomacy and provocative on war mongering. side the arabia's latest effort to look more liberal appears to have backfired riyadh's invited a popular american hip hop singer known for her provoke of style to perform in the kingdom but that has upset some. oh well if human knowledge is going to perform in saudi arabia. imagine waking up from a 3 year comma and the 1st thing you need. to be musical festival in saudi arabia i
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don't think i woke up in some parallel universe. she's going to go and shake her all her songs are indecent about sex and shaking and then you tell me to where they are by and why the hell hypocrisy while thousands of saudi women can't even get out to get their basic needs thanks to the saudi government the saudi government is bringing him in ash to show the western world hey we are an open minded country. was. the crown prince how much insulin man has actually been trying to use kind of these stunts or these very superficial changes that are not organic to saudi arabia society at all or to what it means to be a woman in saudi arabia it is kind of
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a silly image to imagine that the women attending the human r. ce concert are actually fully sailed and wearing full length ropes society doesn't really buy it they're not buying into this so-called attempt to modernize sort of society in this way i think that this basically includes relates the problem with the rule of the crown prince of example a decision mission of hypotheses somebody who has made absolutely. no real changes during the entire time that he has been rudely as exactly ruler of saudi arabia at the same time we all know about the scandal with questions you've asked your war in yemen kinds of human rights abuses these are all continuing how bizarre is attempting to do these very b.c. we need to this gestures to kind of feed them a few of them to their the local audience still ahead for you don't you are trump tweets that migrants should simply stop coming if they don't like the conditions of u.s. detention centers that as
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a new polo finds that most americans think think the situation at the southern border constitutes a crisis that story in full to stop a break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic probably the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. for years now the press is meddles markets is undeniably manipulated by the same people who are printing all the money because they don't want gold to rise up and
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attract the capital while they're trying to pump the fake money called the u.s. dollar now why big point is important is unlike gold the big point community can call their base layer of collateral out during what trace mayor would call. back more information has come to light the underwater tragedy in northwestern russia 14 crew members died when this of most of. this week russia's defense minister has now revealed where the but i stopped. to a solution the main cause of the incident has been established it was
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a fire in the battery compartment which then spread religion. comes in what condition is the nuclear reactor the reactor on the vessel is completely isolated and the area has been cleared of people the crew carried out all the necessary measures to protect the installation it is fully operational this gives us hope that we will be able to repair the vessel in a fairly short time. the atmosphere here in the city of moments because gloomy it's in the air it's in people's faces the expressions you'll be hard pressed to find a family here and more months without relatives or a sailor in the navy so the strategy has struck everyone personally it has really affected people here over russia there are commemorative services being held in churches all over russia people expressing their condolences laying flowers we've had condolences pouring in internationally the pope has expressed his sincere
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condolences to those that died in this incident those that suffered in this unfortunate incident to raise it may the prime minister of u.k. of the u.k. expressed her condolences as well what was especially striking about this unfortunate incident was that out of the 1414 sailors who died 7 of them of captains 2 of them heroes of the russian federation all professionals all high ranking decorated veterans of the navy we've learned about the incident itself as well it happened aboard a military deep sea scientific research vessel it was out in the barents sea off the coast of mormons conducting scientific research on the earth's hydras freo when a fire broke out and one of the compartments the crew acted professionally story they began fighting the flame. they evacuated a civilian industry representative that was on board shut the hatch behind them in
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order to prevent the fire from spreading in consuming the rest of the submersible perhaps killing their colleagues the other crew members that survived and unfortunately they got the fire under control but they perished juta asphyxiation. mariners acted heroically in a critical situation from a compartment that was engulfed in fire they 1st evacuated a civilian industry representative then close the hatch behind him to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the deepwater vessel the head of russia's navy is now personally in charge of carrying out an investigation of the last 2 weeks and establish what happened how it happened and who was responsible for jean sailors who acted heroically heroically in order to save their colleagues and the vessel itself the submersible will all be presented to the state all as vladimir putin is being kept up to date on the investigation itself and the state has promised to
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support all the support it can offer to the relatives of those who perished in this unfortunate tragedy. then i with my current crisis at the border between the u.s. and mexico intensifying donald trump has tweeted a simple solution. if you legal immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detention centers just tell them not to come all problem solved democrats though say trump is part of the problem not the solution they hold him responsible for the di conditions that border to tension centers and for migrant deaths to trump has responded though saying the democrats aren't doing enough to deter people from coming meanwhile a new poll has fanned the line share of americans do you believe the situation the southern border constitutes a crisis are popping as more. the border crisis in the united states is taking
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a turn with the volume getting significantly louder at this point we've got amnesty international accusing both the u.s. department of justice and the department of homeland security of targeting immigration activists amnesty international has found since 20 scene that the united states government has executed and unlawful and politically motivated complain of intimidation threats harassment and criminal investigations against people who defend the human rights of migrants refugees and asylum seekers or myron human rights offenders on the us mexico border international organizations have already spoken up about the treatment of migrants but now we've got american politicians jumping in rockstar freshman congresswoman alexandria cows you know cortez has gone to the border and created a firestorm with her words about the conditions in the facilities in that last bit so routine i was not sure from the officers that what we started a was unconscionable. no child should ever be separated
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from their parents no woman should ever be locked up in a pan now conservative outlets have a very different version of events they say she had a meltdown at the guards and refused to actually take a tour representative alexandra screamed at federal law enforcement agents in a threatening manner during a visit to a u.s. border patrol facility in el paso texas monday afternoon and refused to tour the facility according to 2 people who admits to a o. c. says that migrants are not being provided with proper water and being told to drink out of toilets if they are thirsty they put them in the room with no running water and these women were being told by c.b.p. officers to drink out of the toilet they were drinking water out of the toilet and that was them no one with a compression. visit was coming that was this is the b.p. on their best behavior telling people that slink out of the toilet now border
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patrol agents say this is simply not the case we don't treat people that we provide fresh water we provide food we provide sanitary and in sanitary busy items as well as. items for bathing and personal hygiene and that's are you saying that she's lying i'm telling you what we do so the question now is do these facilities get more money republicans are saying that if the department of homeland security had more money the conditions inside the facilities detaining migrants would actually improve democrats are saying however that they do not want to spend another dime on inhumane facilities detaining migrants after i forced myself into a cell with women and began speaking to them one of them described their treatment at the hands of officers as 2nd logical warfare waking them at odd hours for no reason calling them etc tell me what about that is due to
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a lack of funding as has been standard in american social wars as of late both sides accuse the other of being un-american treasonous and totalitarian furthermore to contrary narratives of what actually happened when they oversee visit the facility have been put through word and believed by their respective constituencies . the law is not easy laving all the ladies come passion. and. now everyone agrees that there is a humanitarian crisis on the u.s. border with people fleeing drug gangs in extreme poverty and corpses being discovered on an almost daily basis however the problem is not being solved while politicians trade insults. r.t. new york thanks for. watching us today that's how the news is looking we're back again in 35.
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you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. exists is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea
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was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all of this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as the seeds to cook absolutely. demand that seems cool sets for their classes chris makes a close ally and i need to stay on your hands at a special projects funding me tell the difference and follow up on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. because you're this is the guy's report we are going to maintain their san francisco great event put on by a big guy magazine
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a lot of great speakers lot of great talk about that going as it's fully embracing a new leg of its bull market very exciting action susie yes well you know we're in our whole summer solutions' beginning of that happening we're in summer we're into la it's all like happening and we have this remarkable tweet here and it's from another big player because you know this big move that we've seen a big client and it's still very volatile and you know you do your own research of course when whenever buying restacking sat's as they call it and never invest more than you can afford to lose but here is the latest movement in big. what is quite apparent and has been discussed at this point conference is that it's mostly institutional money this time around and 2017 it was all retail money it was the ordinary person out there like with a 100 bucks or a $1000.00 in their name this is like the big institutions coming in and you can see that through the google trends you can see that there's very very few searches happening on how to buy that point nor anything to do with big plan so it's really
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an institutional money and here we have a tweet from d.c. which provides a little link to a segment with invesco chief global market strategist christina hooper is the ultimate safe haven trade she says that might not be too far fetched well certainly there are a lot of safe haven trades and i've heard some strategists argue in fact that bitcoin is a safe haven trade or perhaps an indicator that we're very close. i think that might be a sign of fears about recession but but certainly it makes sense in this environment that we see investors looking for safe havens but i do think it's a mistake. with the fed signaling its willingness to be a lot more dovish right well the main idea of becoming a safe haven 1st talked about on this show a few years ago as being the ultimate safe haven better than gold to be a safe haven and that a lot of money moving into because it was the result of safe haven funds risk off
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money when the risk in stocks and bonds gets too high there's a risk off feeling in the markets and institutional money starts looking for a safe havens it becomes a safe haven this is this idea makes gold bugs puke they can't believe it they're disgusted that they never saw this coming every single gold bug if they followed cause a report closely they would all be retired by now on their $1000000000.00 private islands and wouldn't hear from them at all but they were failed to take the intellectual leap into understanding what's going on here it's open source money big coin is. what linux was to unix ok that's all you need to now if you don't understand i just said then get out of money business stop managing money stop talking about money because you don't know what you talking about and the fact is it is a safe haven play and as.


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