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that. bottom of putin is meeting with pope francis and vatican city later in the day the russian president will be sitting down with his italian counterpart. also this hour russia's defense minister says the fire which claimed the lives of 14 sailors on the deep sea submersible broke out in the vessels battery compartment he also gave assurances that the subs nuclear energy installation is secure. and iran warned the u.s. not to start a fire if it can't handle the consequences after trump warned that the islamic republic play with fire its uranium enrichment. they know what to do and they go with the airplane when i think they're playing with fire this thing for the u.s. to correct its mistake bush is afraid of the word fine you can stop war. and
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germany is in the grip of a heat wave which has also triggered a crime wave including a large brawl at extending full. international bring you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. bottom of puttin is meeting with the pope in vatican city this is the 3rd time russia's president has met pope francis with previous meetings being in 20132015. in rome for the for us with the latest. vladimir putin is visiting to stay in a row within the timeframe of just a couple of hours and he's already inside the ancient walls of the batek and we've just seen the pictures of his arrival but in terms of political intrigue something
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that perhaps is much more important is his visit to rome the 1st one since the so-called euro skeptics took over the government in italy known for their criticism of the economic policies busy including. russian sanctions we remember that before the sanctions were put in place several years ago trade between russia and italy was booming however at this point putin believes that the only way for the sanctions. the only way for it to get rid of sanctions is there and there needs to be some kind of willing from both sides samuel taney it's the however we looks like it looks like at this point it's coming from brussels. as for the removal of sanctions i have spoken on this subject time and time again the one behind the sanctions is the one to take the 1st step i'm talking about the european
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union after that russia will be able to repeal its countermeasures it is our hope that common sense will eventually prevail and europe will prioritize suits own interests rather than follow instructions given by somebody else. now on the other hand we also heard from the talian prime minister mr cohen who said that no matter how much at this point rome was willing to get rid of the sanctions against russia perhaps with the common vision of this in brussels still at this point it's very unlikely. unilateral actions within the framework of the current european mechanism would not produce any results even for russia that is why we are working to involve all parties in a constructive dialogue. the part when vladimir putin spoke was actually a section of the interview he gave to the italian media just before arriving here
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and in that interview the russian leader reminded that still at this point despite of the sanctions it only remains russia's this largest trade partner and he's hoping that these kind of economic ties will be on the rise something else that mr putin pointed out was that russia italy investment both ways and the past year was worth billions of you was dollars so potentially we are expecting some kind of economic agreements to be signed during the talks when it comes to that interview i can tell you that once again the journalists just couldn't help asking about russia's meddling so this is something that europe is still worried about and here's what the russian leader responded to that. interest we have never interfered in the internal affairs of the european union member states or any other states and
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we are not going to this is what makes us markedly different from the u.s. and some of its allies which for instance supported the coup d'etat in ukraine in february 2014. so as i've said just a little earlier the 1st part of this. is welcomed by pope francis has already begun we don't know exactly what they'll be talking about but a little are earlier we heard from the russian president's advisors that least according to the kremlin the views and approaches for the vatican and the kremlin are either close or absolutely identical and another bit of an intrigue here is whether the 2 these are going to exchange some. presidents last time they met the pope got a painting for a lot of our putin and in return what. sieved was
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a medallion called the angel of peace. germany is in the grip of a heat wave at the moment and it seems to be driving people a bit crazy leading to everything from public nudity to mass violence at swimming pools there are reports. the heat wave that's been roasting parts of europe has seen some here in germany fall foul of the law take the smoke paid brandenburg for example he received a caution from the police after his attempts to feel the breeze saw him decide to write his security with no clothes on but the behavior of some in germany's public swimming pools has been far more concerning at outdoor pool in distilled or so hundreds involved in a must brawl last weekend it started when a group of young men became embroiled in an argument with a family police to be called deployed at this spring a witness described the scene there was a huge crowd of teenagers who were causing trouble around here they made those men
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with children cry police to escort the family away from the scene and authorities ordered that the pool be closed and said they didn't know too much about the identities of those behind the violence. colleagues described the group as an african looking at the incident and dissolute office fall from the only one to have taken place in germany in the last month here in workouts at the entry to a public swimming pool the place to be called there over in munich 150 teenage is rioted in the bavarian capital in western germany from a french fry stand saw 20 people involved in a brawl in which chairs and trust cans were used as weapons. while. 23 year old man well he required a merge and he said you have to being stopped following a dispute that began in
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a swimming pool in stuttgart pepper spray was again deployed after another. in many of the incidents police and witnesses reported that those involved were from a migrant background leading to questions about integration that's nothing to do with else says the federal office for migration and refugees we have the wrong contact in relation to the facts below it is not the task of the federal office to comment on the situation in german outdoor swimming pools with the warm weather set to continue for a little while yet police security will be hoping that while the mercury rises tempus stay cool. iran has told the us that it shouldn't start a fire if it's not willing to deal with the consequences after dahlan warned the islamic republic not to play with fire he was responding to tehran's announcement that it will increase production of low enriched uranium the all the limits imposed
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by the 2015 nuclear deal shoes. from july 7th the level of enrichment will not be at 3.67 percent and you will know what to do if you know what they're playing with i think they're playing with fire this think with the us to do so correct it's a mistake if washington is afraid of the word fine you can start. this back began when washington withdrew from the deal and impose harsh sanctions on iran after a year of escalating tensions tehran now says it will no longer feel bound by the terms of the agreement iran adds that because other signatories including france germany and the u.k. haven't done enough to keep the deal live our guesstimated who's really playing with fire. well i really think that president to look him in the mirror and see that he fails to see this let alone defiant that he himself has ignited with is irrational confrontation our policy toward iran mr thompson is
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wrong he's at his hawkish advisors are wrong the u.s. is iran policy is we perform vice president joe biden the self-inflicted disaster iran violated the c.p.o. way on many occasions and it was only a stopping point on their ultimate desire to to enrich uranium to. develop a nuclear missile program and they continue to do it right after before and right after the signing of that agreement that agreement was never worth more than the paper was written on it's not nonsense it's absolutely true you know it and you're very skilled at the art of project obviously haven't read. or seen has been doing 1515 i am reports confirming iran's full compliance with this honoris obligations we did busy. you obviously haven't bothered to read even one single one
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of them otherwise you would not say that iran has violated any other 2016 nuclear twenty's not only that the. audit didn't want only the water for you to know that the united states purchased every water from iran prior to mr trump tearing up that really cares right you are violating your way by continuing to produce its obligations you can lie all you like on their on their i haven't even read that agreement i'm sorry sir are you are you to 1st go and read listen iran is a riot is it meant for you to show up on a t.v. show people of iran do not like the regime nobody outside iran likes the regime and you know one day it will fall that's not the stated policy of president trump but one day this regime will fall. who are the ones that were mining the oil tankers in the gulf that was the who shot down the the the drone there was in international waters that was the rainy and illegitimate vava regime and all they
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doing is is now that they're on their own a great deal of strain when they when they received $150000000000.00 in the wake of signing the g.c. p.r. way gingerly is not a full blow pledge treaty it was just an agreement with president obama and president trump every legal right to withdraw from it and we came very close to get done just 2 weeks ago unfortunately reason prevailed partly because of trump sudden discovery of iran's military and capabilities that even a limited strike could a snowball into you know all out warfare involving us is allies individual and hopefully that will serve as a wake up call to try and to step back from its confrontation our policy come back to the table that the us left unilaterally and you know resume diplomacy with iran because the users are pushed right now is untied diplomacy and provocative one war mongering. saudi arabia's latest effort to look more liberal
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appears to have backfired it top u.s. hip hop star known for her provocative style will be the key act in a major concert in the kingdom but that shocked many. oh well you know not who's going to form saudi arabia. imagine waking up from a thief and. hoping an m.t.v. musical festival in saudi arabia i don't think i woke up in some parallel universe . she's going to go and shake her and all her songs are
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indecent about sex. and then you tell me to where they are by and why how people perceive thousands of saudi women who can't even get out to get their basic needs thanks to the saudi government the saudi government is bringing him in ash to show the rest of the world hey we are an open minded country. was. the crown prince how much insulin man has actually been trying to use kind of these stunts or these very superficial changes that are not organic to saudi arabian society at all or to what it means to be a woman in saudi arabia it is kind of a silly image to imagine that the women attending the nicki minaj concert are actually fully sales and wearing full length ropes society doesn't really they're
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not buying into this so-called attempt to modernize sort of society in this way i think that this basically includes relates the problem with the rule of the crown prince of example the decision mission of hypotheses somebody who has made absolutely. no real changes during the entire time that he has been ruling as a factual or saudi arabia at the same time we all know about the scandal with last year the war in yemen oaklands of human rights abuses these are all continuing that is attempting to do these very basic ridiculous gestures to kind of feed them a few of them to their the local audience. we're going to show you some live pictures now from the vatican where president vladimir putin is meeting with pope francis this is now their 3rd meeting they have met also in 20132015 they've been sitting down for just over half an hour already now and it's believed
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that they were going to touch on the international topics and relations between the catholic and russian orthodox churches. as you can see they're sitting standing here for photos in front of the press and it looks like they may be exchanging some sort of gifts last time they matched they also exchanged gifts about time worse later on we'll be finding out the details of exactly what they discussed hopefully and what they may have exchanged. after this meeting with pope francis lott amir putin will also go on to meet with his a telling counterpart to meet with the italian president and the prime minister this is a one day visit to italy for a lot of their putin who only be there for roughly 10 hours so a very quick visit. both sides have of course stressed the special relations between italy and russia head of this trip. to the russian delegation includes ministers and business representatives and it's also been said that
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a number of trade related documents are likely to be signed of wild lot of is in italy meeting with the italian president. vladimir putin landed in rome just a few hours ago and went straight to the out of kansas city where he sat down with pope francis. will be. the. most you can. sort of you know live pictures that we're looking at from the vatican for the word bottom or putin has arrived and is needing with pope francis later on in the day the russian leader will have. italy's president and prime minister in rome. right now we see it taking photos for the press you can also see sergei lavrov russian foreign minister as well at this meeting between bottom there and pope francis. the 2
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sat down for talks behind closed doors for about. 3045 minutes i believe. and now it looks like we may have exchanged gifts. as is customary in these sort of situations the 2 have met twice before in 2013 and in 2015 there's also been speculation that during his meeting at the vatican that putin may invite the pontiff to visit russia of course that's nothing firm and. you can see pope francis handing out some sort of small gifts to the russian delegation. it's likely that they also presented the pope with a gift of their own. listing across this one day visit by a lot of here put into italy throughout the day here on r t. as this visit with pope francis wraps up will then go on to meet with the italian president and the
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italian prime minister. and it's also believe he's going to attend a conference on italian and russian dialogue. when he meets with his italian counterpart it's believed that a number of trade related documents are going to be signed. this is a one day visit by vladimir putin to italy. a very quick one about it believe that he's only going to be in the country for about 10 hours and in that time he's meeting with the pope as you can see the meeting is wrapping up now. and then he's headed to meet with the italian president and the italian prime minister. at that point they're expected discuss key issues russian the time cooperation and political trade economic and cultural. issues also touching on of course pressing international and regional issues at that time.
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so clinton is now leaving that meeting with pope francis and will be heading to his meeting with the italian leadership. will be bringing you updates throughout the day. on that meeting and it is expected that later in the day there will also be a press conference. we have more global news after this short break.
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georgian public especially younger generation got fed up with that well sort of just because. they failed to win the democratic reforms they are failing. economic reforms as well and when so russian cohen is sitting in the chair of the parliamentary german parliament of georgia it's made people simply mad to know because everyone realizes this government has failed with everything and now they allowed some russian comb this to take seat of the chair of the board and i would call them into where they're going to independence was actually declared.
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welcome back more information has come to light about the underwater tragedy in northwestern russia 14 crew members died when their vessel caught fire earlier this week our system has now detailed where the blaze started. mr a solution to the main cause of the incident has been established it was a fire in the battery compartment which then spread a little. and the reactor on the vessel is completely isolated from the area has been cleared of people the crew carried out all the necessary measures to protect the installation it is fully operational this gives us hope that we will be able to repair the vessel in a fairly short time. the atmosphere here in the city of moments because gloomy it's in the air it's in people's faces the expressions you'll be hard pressed to find a family here and more than once without relatives say in the navy so the strategy
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has struck everyone personally it has really affected people here over russia there are commemorative services being held in churches all over russia people expressing their condolences laying flowers we've had condolences pouring in internationally the pope has expressed his sincere condolences to those that died in this incident those that suffered in this unfortunate incident to raise it may the prime minister of u.k. of the u.k. expressed her condolences as well what was especially striking about this unfortunate incident was that out of the 1414 sailors who died 7 of them of captains 2 of them heroes of the russian federation all professionals all high ranking decorated veterans of the navy we've learned about the incident itself as well it happened aboard a military deep sea scientific research vessel it was out in the barents sea off the coast of mormons conducting scientific research on the earth's hydras fear when
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a fire broke out and one of the compartments the crew acted professionally story they began fighting the flames they evacuated a civilian into. representative that was onboard shut the hatch behind him in order to prevent the fire from spreading and consuming the rest of the submersible perhaps killing their colleagues the other crew members that survived and unfortunately they got the fire under control but they perished jus to asphyxiation it is in order to put the word into. mariners acted heroically in a critical situation from a compartment that was engulfed on fire and they 1st evacuated the civilian industry representative then close the hatch behind him to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the vessel the head of russia's navy is now personally in charge of carrying out an investigation of the last 2 weeks and establish what happened how it happened and who was responsible for jean sailors who acted
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heroically who rode clean order to save their colleagues and the vessel itself the submersible will be presented to the state on as vladimir putin is being kept up to date on the investigation itself and the state has promised to support all the support it can offer to the relatives of those who perished in this unfortunate tragedy. it's been 4 years now since saudi arabia started a war on yemeni who the rebels who riad claims on tuesday launched a drone attack on a saudi airport injuring 9 they allege cross border strike comes amid a worsening humanitarian crisis in yemen with starvation becoming ever more widespread in the region to warn you there are some disturbing images i had according to the u.n. sponsored world food program 20000000 yemenis are food insecure and half of them are on the brink of famine but despite the appalling situation last month it partially suspended sending food to areas controlled by the host these. the
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decision was taken as a last resort after a lengthy negotiation stalled on an agreement to introduce controls to prevent the diversion of food away from some of the most vulnerable people in yemen the un's decision sparked outrage in yemen and accusations of corruption they have these allege the food program is being used to achieve political ends the world food program is no longer carrying out a humanitarian operation in yemen but it's sixty's have rather become purely political it is advance in the agendas of the u.a.e. saudi arabia and the us. a key who they concern is that main donor said the food program or state fighting them or supplying the anti who think whole mission with weapons they also worry about the whole collection of biometric data on yemeni citizens which is a condition of the aid supposedly to prevent theft there are these war and this information can be exploited by the saudi led coalition we spoke to enter war campaigner talking shafi about the allegations there's
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a great problem here which is that the war in yemen just like war through history is making money for a small number of people those who run the arms companies and so on when it comes to the question of yemen when it comes the question of how we bring a bit peace the 1st thing that we have to do is to stop the sale of weapons is to open up the channels to deliver food and other aid to the starved people of davy's state to g.m. and and to bring about a peaceful solution and so of course there is a need a dire need for food aid to get through and it seems to me that what's happening is that the request for by magick and for mission on 15000000 individuals yemenis including military officers soldiers and so on that the fear is that handing that information over to the world food program let me end up in the hands of the soda coalition the funding that goes to the world food program because of it coming from
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7 of the sody coalition and because of the deeply complex picture that that they in pain us about we should pass no information may end up and about how that information may be used in a military fashion. that's a global news update for this hour but don't forget it can always had to our website are to dot com for the details on all those stories and many more. on the welcome to worlds apart it took almost a decade for russia and georgia to start normalizing their relations after the 2008
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war in south a set yet when the case of unfortunate seating arrangements through much of the progress out of the window with the georgians taking to the streets to decry i suppose it's russian aggression and the russians turning off the top on the economic called duration is there still are rational way out well to discuss that i'm now joined by a thorny question i should need said pat of the school of international relations at the georgian institute of public affairs and previously a foreign policy assistant to the prime minister of georgia mr sharon means it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you now despite the difficult to recent history between russia and georgia many russians still entertain the idea of this unique georgian hospitality that a guest is a ghast who should be treated with respect regardless of where he or she comes from how could this case of a visiting russian be on the seat he 2 can the parliament provoke such
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a crisis in the bilateral relationship. and that's a very good question but it was not the only roads a visit to some obscure russian m.p. who more actually i never. had heard of him before and actually many of my russian colleagues never heard of him before that georgian public especially younger generation got fed up with the well thought of test because i will forward this they failed to ways of the democratic reforms they failed us economic reforms as well and finally is this a visit of the mr governor who actually don't blame him personally for anything he was told to take seato the chair of the parliament and that's what he didn't know about thinking that to people simply were shocked when they saw a russian communist and let me tell you one think during the soviet to know we georgians in the 1st in the 1st place we had who was coney's as such and no.


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