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helen participation at the st petersburg international you know me or him has also been very unwelcome when we were in the room and while you act and we hope that italy will participate in the proem 2020 exhibition that will take place in russia but got the what the why didn't we have a long experience in a quarter of corporation in your energy. teen years ago and the 1st contract for export teen export your actual gas to italy has been signed but what i will put it to them is that they are but in the last year. it tally. consumers have received over 3823000000000 in the music meters of natural gas the italian. tell an industry isn't the talent knowledge is when used in mentally russian projects is the unit on the war. plan. and they have your unit used to in shoe areas immediately 1000000 at all and the
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gas for. a mission to get there and then actually to our planet and to bro i would like to also to note the construction of over a year in. the imodium plant that has also been created thanks stuart operational. should it and they have a plant in the lab and secure it has also been reaching its full operational capacity which is also another joint project runway that you to lay in. that were there when you had an opinion was that you know it may have been expanding our collaboration. technologies or that we have a program for cooperation up until the $22.00 inch of 3 according to which the russian italian. high tech institutes will cooperate in genetics they will share the pharmaceuticals in your medicine. production. and there are concluding
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there are preparations for a racist and italian astronaut to the sas. also have a lot of ties in humanitarian area and. we have the reconstruction of the arc of the city actually really devastating earthquake in 2009. the ideas. are going gathered ballasts and the danger jorja. but have also been restored to the health of the russian a. because of that. there have really need a lot of contacts between the her knowledge and the awareness a national museum. and i would like to use this opportunity to. busy say that. if i'm happy that. italy will host the winter olympic games in 20 or 26 i'd like to congratulate italy
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on that. and propose our. experience we've received during portugal our generation is called they will enjoy in big games. over a 1000000 ways the russian citizens have been to. russia citizens have been to italy is to receive in the last year. today we also exchanged opinions about the worth of up its cooperation and relations were true in russia italy and the e.u. we believe that that relations should be based on mutual interests not over europe as usual respect we have also talked about. where unfortunately the situation is deteriorating and more and more people are suffering. it will lead to leave us that. we can hold very dear that it is old in libya needs the leadership needs. achieve
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a cease fire and. after wallace steps a. preventing at dissolution of the country they need to. maintain their governmental institutions still and create new ones we've also discussed a number of other regional issues in the ukraine if i'd like to know to number of other areas like to the players today. at noon i. know no matter what you pope francis and you can see it's a variation between russia and the vatican we emphasized the areas of culture at all health care and education in the us and we discuss the issues of protecting a christian population in the middle east and syria. that's the vatican's and russia's position are similar in. or to concerns that in protecting christian culture and a christian people. and today we will have
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a meeting i will give you a for myself only to mr conte. presented to the forum of civil society has already been restarted up to 6 years so this forum is aimed at expanding contacts between the populous and david is innocent and the members of the civil society of civil society very much it a lot of them and a lot of well known. and interpreters from russia and from italy will take place and as far as they approach is important for this forum to continue to ration every year and on a regular basis in conclusion i would like to thank my italian friend for this warm warm welcome and thank you thank you. for a demand there. are more. or less than. will now move to the q. and a elodea lumbar. i
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would like charlie ask your question i suppose mr manager must not only bring the guardian and look at his last trade agreements that have been assigned. and with china. present at the moment because the land of the u.s. on the number of european partners have criticized there's agreements. as for my question to president putin how would u.s. says ok the point a minute of him is on the line and then. that's the position of chairman of the european commission. we know she was against russia spall is saying also are you disappointed so we're disappointed. that after visiting the us and meeting. vinny has.
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needs to step forward to make their own decisions regarding ukraine well it's it's it's smaller career port and less of a question i couldn't hear the translation until the very end unfortunately. for somebody with a little known. group meets your question please. see below on up into the service of my 1st question was. would you like to talk about the trade agreements. that were signed with china. against the background of the criticism against china that we've heard and also what you do think about the appointment of them is upon the liar but on the position in. the european commission chairman mike bell were disappointed that
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matteo civilian after the. going to washington and. meeting. sadly that's right it is russia that needs to make the 1st steps towards easing sanctions which we have grown accustomed to hearing that russia needs to make is the 1st step we understand in place when we we of course were really thankful to italy for its position that. it was in late fall of one month that we need to restore our relations with the european union. in its favor. and show it and in that we understand that there are several there are some commitments that italy has a new number of international organizations in europe and in nato and so when they need we understand our thailand colleagues but we hope that it. italy will continue to be consistent in its position. towards easiness sanctions on russia and will
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fight for a wrist aeration of full fledged relations between russia and europe on the hold. for. a while i don't think i should give any assessments here it's up to the people of europe that. they have to do this because she has been defense minister of. not mistaking i don't know how she's going to act what she's going to do. with the fact that. europe is interested in restoring its relations with russia. is certainly important. and it will be discussed within the european leadership. last year we had the train turnover of $400.00. $50000000000.00 we had that before the sanctions now would
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$200.00 now it's. $270000000000.00 trade turnover with europe where are those. over $150000000000.00 these are in the money that these are that's this is the end of the european countries could not receive because of the sanctions so they sacrificed all of that so they lost jobs they lost products people did not receive. their income their salaries. the government did not receive more taxes this was. painful for all of us and i hope that the european union will take this into consideration and build further relations based on this experience but on our part we are ready to make our own stripes towards europe like i've said like i've said that you would do for during my meeting there with my italian friends. you shouldn't. always.
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demand russia. to implement the minsk agreement in those areas where it's not up to us for example. if the agreement calls for a war. of economic ties between. crane but it was mr poroshenko decision that prevented. restoring these relations it's not up to us it's not up to russia to restore what's broken in ukraine. we cannot interfere with that it's not up to us but now it won't bring it but it's the amnesty law italian been agree it has been discussed in the parliament but it hasn't been it has been approved but it hasn't been signed by the president so let's not. try to push responsibility on russia and the new ukrainian president. it is
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a very serious mandate here has always been talking about being readied suit talk to anyone and now recently he said he's not going to talk with the separatists but it is rick which is required to. have. the situation in donbass and to privatize it. let's wait until we have parliamentary elections in ukraine and then we'll see what happens. and sorry regarding. talks between china and the us on trade issues we only would like for them to reach an agreement that would be beneficial to both of you do not participate in this process but we can say for sure that there is no ordinary mint and it's not just my opinion it's
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their opinion of. experts economic ascaris all of the global economy will suffer. if it goes the same way. because today a whirl trade will decrease by 17 percent and the world g.d.p. will decrease by 2 percent this would be painful to all of us so i believe everything needs to be done for disagreements to be reached and. there shouldn't be any sanctions or politically motivated restrictions or one sided tariffs this kind of policy needs to be stopped. you know i have to be able to agree with people on on things and i have talked to chinese leadership i know that they're very flexible but let's see what happens.
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simply. stated this. as for the. memorandum of understanding that italy has signed with china we haven't discussed that thing today. and you may remember that. myself and mr. participated. in this. forum in beijing we've discussed the new infrastructure in the possibility of us or of italy participating in the. project now for the sanctions. from russia a simple card like to say one thing my government has always been.
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very linear and very straight forward from day one and we will continue to remain in. this position i have been very straightforward with this we don't think that sanctions. should be a goal in itself. we believe that the sanctions regime is just a temporary period. for a new environment to form. a new relations between italy russia and the e.u. to form. and. because what's happening now is not to the grand if it of russia or italy of all the. trash and the e.u. to improve its economic ration its economic relations to achieve this goal we need
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to have the conditions for that. they need to be ready. and we will be working towards that goal. and that is why we are involved in the normandy 54 guy at the beach we are always ready to participate in any efforts to create the conditions for a more effective dialogue moral for example. russia council will take. us we will like the conditions the preconditions for these new dialogues and forums to be established. now will give the floor to the russian journalists. receive as you would near news agency the floor. i had to put in you get out and then again with my name
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is when i was a cobra you might have had a little question is that you have got both that it is i'd like you to use that. relations between russia and me of the e.u. . and you can relations union that would be improved you need to be changed and the only countries are told when you go there are some decisions. about the base and the changing situations and neurobiology and. taking into account that there are now new leaders of many european institutions and the european council do believe there are prospects for change and my question is my question to mr. how big a broken it's a little a in this process maybe it can play a more important or more driving role in this process thank you. well it's not exactly up to us it's not all of it is up to us up to russia like i said we are ready to walk the walk on our paths but unless we have some artificial
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obstacles. before us but there are always prospects for the future we are natural darkness. with europe in many ways we are graphically close we have a similar we have a single civilization code we are a single civilization so to speak so there are no. unsurmountable or obstacles on this way but it will depend largely on our european partners. let me just say that. my friend of the. says that it's not that not all depends on russia it's not all up to russia well it's modest speaking. in order to overcome the situation.
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this would require a large contribution from russia as well a climate of mutual. respect and trust needs to be created what kind of role can italy play and then well i've already told you about that italy is directly involved in the normandy for the normandy form and. for its and. like i have. already had. italy. is always aimed at inclusive dialogue with all the european countries including russia that is why italy can play a productive role in improving the situation and. we. approach the time when sanctions could be lifted or extended i'm always
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sad it is so much could be achieved and situation could be so much better. the situation changed but. just 2 months ago the centuries have been extended to now we have another period to talk. believe me answer news agency. good evening my question is about libya today tripoli. and they're going to close down a refugee camp and moscow. said that could there could be a civil war in. libya right now mr putin. taking this scenario into consideration. russia continued to support our and my question to mr cantor is.
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is italy going to address this kind of situation this kind of threat when we are talking about 8000 refugees. well we've discussed this question today actually and we've talked about that in the vatican as well and i have. touched on this topic or with mr president and the council of ministers to. this has been discussed many occasions really. but the thing i would like to say 1st is. that as for what russia needs to do or what it will do or won't do and to discuss that but it's also important to recall how it all started or do you remember. destroyed libya as a state as far as i remember it was a nato decision but it was european aircraft that bombed libya this is
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what you see right now is the result of that there is no longer a cohesive and stable state in libya what we see you scales and. fights between different militarized groups and i don't think that russia needs to be the main contributor to the resolution of this conflict let's ask those who created the problem we want to tackle this problem but we don't want to be the only one who does that we have. relations with the government of qatar or after with the government of iran. we believe was it's important to talk to everyone but. we also think that it is necessary to start to stop the. bloodshed as soon as possible it is necessary to start
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a dialogue as soon as possible and find ways to restore libya. as a state to restore its government. and another thing that. really worries me is that more and more. militants and terrorists are moving from syria into libya. this is very threatening we need to remember that this is happening and we need to work with our friends with the european friends to maintain dialogue with our from. with all the parties in libya in order to help the libyan people to restore the functioning of its institutes. where they leave. speaking of libya as you know this is a strategic country it's a list of fortunately we are monitoring the situation all the time just recently
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during the g 20 meeting in. i was able to discuss this issue. with many leaders of the world. and i tried to convince. my colleagues this is something i also discussed with president putin today we were greed we agree that a military solution is would just go nowhere we would only. make the situation less stable and lead to a humanitarian crisis potentially. which would all just escalate. get out of control. italians are very close to libya and we know libya very well we know the libyan issue very well this is why we can make this assessment of what would
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what could happen in libya. and we unfortunately we were very good profits but what we saw. was that a military solution would never leave the unification of libya and this is exactly what happened. so what we see today is that. a dramatic situation is unfolding in libya there are. terrorists and extremism extremists that are getting radicalized and going into libya from syria too and i completely agree with mr putin's assessment. this is a civil war that's raging in libya. there are skirmishes there are battles currently. in libya. this is a civil war and. and what awaits us in the future in
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libya is a humanitarian crisis so many people have died so many refugees have hand to leave their homes and what i can say is that. i will continue to work. constantly with my friends with my colleagues with everyone who's ready to listen on the international level. so that the international community. can. unite and. all the involved parties in libya to come to the negotiating table and and. reach a cease fire as for saraj down there is. i . would like. to ask him to take
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this responsibility on him and make all of the african. you know order to prevent a humanitarian crisis in libya from unfolding now the final question from russian media. a minute. it's not today. i'm in a crisis situations around the world but there is also venezuela have you discussed that country today do you believe that the crisis has been averted overcome there also mr putin about your meetings in vatican could you speak in detail about what you've agreed on in the vatican. well i have already said that we've discussed this issue on. many platforms i mean the minister of course
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discussed that. with the european countries in the vatican but my friends in italy we are all very much worried about the situation in venezuela. the fuck people are suffering there and that's the fact that many refugees are now leaving the country many people are leaving the country and there is a reason for that what we worry is. just as much is that that many some countries are trying to interfere into this is in the situation in venezuela from the outside this is completely and admissible. this should never happen of course we have good relations with the president maduro we have longstanding relations with venezuela we have exported our or. a lot of. weapons there we have good relations between our economies and it is
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important for us what happens there and we want. the party is there to reach a compromise to. reach an agreement but i can say the same thing that i've been saying for all this time so mr of why dog came to the streets looked into the sky and said now i am president he basically talked to god but we haven't received any response from god saying that he agrees with mr y. does assessments of his presidency potential presidency so i think that we are taken into the into account we need to. consider our. laws and procedures and use elections to decide who's going to become president and the same goes of course for various wella. we conversations and
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talks that are taking place in norway between the opposition and the government of venezuela. we know that and president maduro has said on many occasions that he is ready for these talks. and i hope their decisions will be made to normalize the situation in venezuela. yes also would like to say a few words about venezuela like. you just heard we've discussed this issue at length it is a crisis that. has attracted the attention of the entire world. and i reminded mr putin that it's there are italian communes as well in venezuela that's why we are very sensitive. to what's happening at any swell.


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