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tv   News  RT  July 5, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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this sacred shell mound. a trove of classified documents is found in a rubbish bin and london in an embarrassing blow to the u.k.'s top secret chemical lab facility porton down. president donald trump is accused of militarizing us independent state celebrations on july the 4th after a plane fly overs and tanks were put on display. also this hour a child impersonator of america's youngest ever a congresswoman delete her social media accounts after receiving death threats from supporters of the congresswoman alexandra a cosmic cortex. and
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outgoing e.u. commission president. slams the lack of transparency as he put it in his likely successor was agreed on by block leaders as questions regarding longer lines of job competence mouth. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q and moscow thanks for joining us this hour. now there's been plenty of controversy over the u.s. independence day celebrations which saw trump claiming that the u.s. army took over airports in the 19th century let's have a look at some of the events highlights. we will never forget that we are americans and the future belongs to us
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thank you. thank you thank you for. this guys belong to the united states of america. i was. here. and the rampart they took over the airport did everything good that it do and of course they can drink under the rockets' red glare that had nothing but victory lol tom just said the army took over they have for so many battle belly foolish more than 120 years before the 1st act like. i'm glad president from finally pointed out that our control of the airplane was key to success during
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their mission historians have been ignoring to send. to the to the. to the to. the democrats in parts of the media have slammed the parents of military hardware in the capitol accusing militarize in the event and using it for political gain ahead of next year's election. we're going to have planes going over it the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too and we could have some tanks stationed outside i. feel. to make it into what seems to be a kind of foot combination trump railway. storrow
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a military parade of hardware and of course but it's just obscene. c.n.n. has learned that some military chiefs have expressed reservations about politicizing the july 4th celebration concerned about the tanks and armored vehicles on displaying. the. sites he will. want to. that's a force that makes sense. this
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is the marine major battle cry of combat they're told i can. while people were upset about the tank prayed on independence day if you are concerned about the share scale of american military power the us has been involved in 7 conflicts since 2001 and has army base. in over 30 countries last year u.s. military spending swelled to $649000000000.00 meanwhile it seems that feelings of patriotism are in the decline in the u.s. and according to gallup polls they have been since 2003 this year the number of people proud to be american has dropped to 70 percent sara flounders head of the international action center says the theme of this year's parade reflects washington's policies everyone know this and why. and it's also. more than $800.00 u.s.
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military bases around the world outside that's right country is one you have to you and me an alarmist cost more than 65 percent of all of all u.s. senators less expenditures the federal government low keyed the military machine i don't very time went into structure health care education is on the klein and when the gap between the rich or just fire that any time in u.s. history. another thing the u.s. military has been showing off is a special phone to alert the head of the us air force when there's going to be a nuclear war he assured americans that the country is ready for that eventuality referencing russia to make its point should meet with a nuclear power and i'm going to primarily use russia as my example today as the most dangerous nuclear threat we face in a fully expects 3 lights to lights up on my red switch phone in the office the 1st
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step in the nightmare scenario would be to team up with nato which he called 1st and foremost a nuclear alliance to have them send bombers next would be to order the north american aerospace defense command to intercept incoming missiles and finally the deployment of nuclear submarines for a massive 2nd strike journalist martin summers says it's a pentagon ploy. you've got to remember the military industrial complex in the west is is a money making machine primarily. as they know the russian was upgraded its nuclear arsenal because it had a really because of basically the. you know short range nuclear weapon straight in their face if you imagine if the russians would pull it would support a similar weapons into cuba we know what happened in london $6263.00 when that happened. so the they are basically wanting to spend more money or more nuclear weapons so they're basically this is a basically a sales pitch the real threat of nuclear war is definitely there but talking about
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it like this is more for public consumption than anything else it's supposed to reassure people but if you read between the lines it's not very reassuring it's all it's going to suggesting that it's come before these wars can be fought and won a lot would realize years ago that's that's impossible. the british ministry of defense has launched an investigation into why and how a trove of top secret documents and probably ended up in a trash bin in london it comes as an embarrassment for the u.k.'s top secret chemical weapons facility porton down from where the thousands of files originated go live now to london and are probably break up polly this is all a bit awkward isn't it. it is one man's trash another journalist's treasure in this case it is quite an extraordinary story the daily star newspaper is called big splash on it today they say they were alerted to this trove of documents found in a bin by a member of the public last week and this secret files were dumped in
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a north london we leave in a receipt killing bin to be precise the kind that sort of stands out on the street outside a residential building or a commercial one and people will waste inside it except that this wasn't wasted it was a massive hole thousands of pages reportedly detailing the past and home address of one. details of the patrol offices duties there at porton down and the newspapers quoting all sorts of unnamed security sources talking about how appalled they are at this breach of security that's taken place one referred to all this as a terrorists dream and it could have only ended that it could have ended in catastrophe they were commenting there are calls for an inquiry now and the
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ministry of defense has already responded to the story with this statement take a listen. we take the protection of personal data very seriously and we have a range of procedures in place to do so including complying with the data protection act we also expect 3rd parties who legitimately hold data to apply similar strict protections we can confirm that an investigation has been launched into the alleged incident. now the reason this is raising eyebrows is because porton down is a top secret government chemical laboratory is at the front line of the fight against biological and chemical weapons and the government conducts extensive research there into all sorts of substances it was in the news quite a bit last year because it was the. that determined what the substance which substance it was that was used in the poisoning of the gay and.
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that was a huge scandal which saw the british government accused russia of orchestrating the attack against the double former double agent and his daughter but porton down really coming to the fore then and it was pivotal in determining that this was. that was used against the 2 and of course it is just such a secret lab in charge of some pretty hazardous materials so the fact that any documents have been disposed of from a government site in this way found in a london been 70 miles away from the facility itself will be of concern to both the ministry of defense and to intelligence services. i think portadown should invest in a shredder personally. reporting live from london thank you.
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who will soon be replaced as e.u. commission president has criticized the way his likely successor was picked by block leaders addressing the media in helsinki he compared the way he. were nominated. there are transcript. booked to prove. which to my nomination in 2014 was very because we had little to do it's going knew what was up if this. would be the shortest power to do a proponent of vision to come book. unfortunately didn't become a tradition. now joined live by peter our from berlin and peter can you shed some light for us on the issues surrounding the remarks. well wherever you go be it in europe or here in berlin politicians aren't happy exactly with how it's come about
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that live on the line the current or well hopefully for her from her point of view about to step down as defense minister of germany to take over the job as european commission president nobody's very happy with her nomination it would seem. in europe in the european parliament the conservatives busy on the socialist incredibly unhappy that she's been put forward for this socialist because they thought their man fronts timmons was going to get a shot out at some point the greens have said they'll hold off on any type of opinion on it until they've spoken to mrs on the line but here in berlin the knives have been out for a minister that has been heavily criticized for her role as the defense defense minister since she's been in charge of that brief we've seen things like stories coming out once a month almost that germany doesn't have military vehicles they can drive or fly or weapons they can shoot or little things like this that you would tend to think would be quite high on the list of priorities for defense minister enough prompted
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a lot of criticism from the christian social union leader in bavaria market he's described the appointment or the nomination a big part of miss vaughan dilemmas on the line as a classic backroom deal from the left party they described her being put in this position as. a farce the free democrats said this cannot ever happen again the harshest criticism really has come from from the social democrats here in berlin know mr guppy as a former head of the social democratic party was also former foreign minister he is well known for having butted heads with angle in merkel in the past of course he's a big supporter of live on the line he had this to say about her appointment it is an unparalleled act of political trickery vanderlei and should 1st be nominated by germany before other e.u. states can induce the nomination and should also leave office 1st otherwise it turns it all into
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a theater and the elections into one big fast former european parliament president under another former head of the social democrats martin schultz said this was perhaps a smart move from angola merkel to put on the line in this position as it was an easy way to get rid of an unpopular minister coldblooded from the former head of the social democrats there but from within her own party the leader and it. has said she has the full support of the christian democratic union. if wonderingly feels to be elected as head of the commission my department your priest the possible constitutional crisis i find it a very charming idea at the feast of your female in the future as well the polls don't seem to sit here in germany with war to misc just said there see 56 percent of those polled in germany said they were against the line taking the role of european commission president also 71 percent of germans polled said that
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there was no way that the european council that's the heads of governments of the 28 member states should be making this nomination 71 percent saying it should be the job of the european parliament who of course the people elect to pick who should be the president well it does eventually come down to a vote in the european parliament not vote will be on the 16th of july and if the european parliament agree sort of on the line will be the next president of the european commission if the european parliament don't agree with that absolute majority of bets are off and it goes back to the european commission and well it could be a torrid time artist peter all right thanks for staying cross the star for us this anger over the way the news jobs are being filled led to some heated exchanges in strasburg with one box at party i mean using the debate as an occasion to justify the u.k. is divorced from the e.u. using remarks about slavery that many have found offensive. the best thing for
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britain is to leave here is soon as possible it was the way that the new selections were conducted yesterday because if that is this basis on idea of double cross c. then that is a serious b. trial of every country that is represented here to the calling of. who the old busy my diplomatic skills will just say that. we will not stay the leadership question from you fair is a pattern consistent throughout history of oppressed people turning on the oppressive slaves against their own nose the peasantry against the feudal barons koehler lays midst of a half stocktake i say i am. and that is why it is believing that what you heard from the right back corner does not represent the
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views of everyone in the united kingdom thanks for you go here that's why we're going to have that fear again where all. thanks to the calm disney is remaking the film the little mermaid but giving the lead role to a black actress has sparked debate a story and more after the break. the new foreign policy think tank will start a business challenging foreign policy orthodoxies it is called the quincy institute for responsible state craft this is not an ordinary think it is funded by charles koch and george shore ost among others talk about strange bedfellows and these establishment billionaires say come on the foreign policy.
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makers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. welcome back entertainment trying to sneak has announced that its remake of the children's classic the little mermaid will start black actress haley baylee in the
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lead role and that has sparked debate after an extensive search it was abundantly clear that halle possesses that rare combination of spirit heart youth innocence and substance plus a glorious singing voice all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role . back in 1089 disney released its adaptation of the famous fairy tale written by the danish author hans christian andersen and that version ariel was a blue eyed red haired white girl some argue that the new version should stay true to the 89 film but others say having a black lead is a win for diversity the actress cast is areal can sing act dance and is beautiful but racists yes that extreme irritation you feel is racism or like mermaids can be black wool crabs can talk so we're all stretching here shut up fat box the little mermaid lives on a tropical coral reef with a calypso signal with a strong jamaican accent when you think about it it's bizarre she was white the
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fust time around there goes my favorite princess can't believe the just 3 my favorite princess she has a beautiful voice but if she's playing ariel i'm going to be she doesn't fit the look at all could you imagine the uproar of the cast a white actress to play tiana in the live action remake i just don't understand why is this necessary here on r t we put the issue up for debate. well that what people are trying to do is trying to bring people back to a certain kind of reality that we live in a very diverse society and to try and present as if you like to try and normalize but because what happened before was that we had a society which those people were excluded or if they were presented they were presented as before they were prevented of course in the translation which was derogatory to them we bring race to the forefront and make it an issue when it really isn't an issue i think it's a very dangerous precedent and i think it is think it really is not i think it's
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really not about the inclusive idea that your other guest discussed discusses i think it's really a leftist agenda to divide us and keep us from working together and i think the people who are over concerned about his presentation are trying to as they said they want something they're used to but any challenge. challenge is if you challenge is what i think in the they think they think they should be like a princess can be black and what we want to do where it is not the line on that so every every single hollywood movie made from now on must have a gay person a jewish person a black person hispanic person and all we probably better represent all that you know population so let's say a puerto rican person a cuban person and i don't know there are people here from from our other countries too should we should we just make sure now that every single movie has every single race religion color size socio economic level where do you draw the lying if you look at the history of hollywood birth of
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a nation it started off really badly with the original 1st feature film been a racist film which used skin color in a negative way of course they should be a good story line but also a film can do multi faceted things and i think we have to move beyond being obsessed by the fact that we live in a society that is proud to support diversity we do live in a society that does have problems around racism in american society has that and i think that the people who are denying. that people are not willing to begin to really talk about challenging it we had some be called dylan roof the walked into a blood shot of the body i'm sorry there's been a number of shootings in on the basis these a tragic tragic things we had black president black billionaires all over the place all sorts of hispanic people and in positions of power i would hope that no one would not like this character based on that they might not like the idea of it being imposed they might feel that it's a little bit racist to say oh well we have to have a princess be
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a certain color i don't think that makes them a racist i think that makes them somebody that just wants the best person for the job to be chosen whether it's a movie or a corporate venture i think the best person should always be chosen regardless of their skin color or anything else. the parents of an 8 year old girl who became an internet hit with her parodies of america's youngest ever congresswoman have deleted all of her social media accounts that are sure she and her family received death threats from supporters of democrat alexander are causing a cortez. right. again this time from washington d.c. you're right i ask you to talk about socialism because socialism is so uneasy think socialism actually shoot 1st oh shut media. thank. you b.s. on the socialist think 3 of the most successful countries in the world are socialist too they israel are they stuck into it a vote will not be doing any more mini content the left's harassment and death
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threats have gone too far for our family we have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers for our safety and for our child's safety we deleted all many a o.c. accounts. the young impersonator started making her videos with the help of her stepfather and uncle she became famous after doing her impression on fox news her twitter account had 87000 followers before it was deleted and some of her followers are outraged by what's happened when you claim to be an advocate for children that you strengthen the life of a child makes he larry as you do so the dumbest person in congress who just might be any doa tick leftist stay safe you'll always be our many see what do well do we leave no problem making fun of harassing threatening our president but if you make fun of him you see he get death threats this isn't even american anymore i love this little girl's death it is sick that people have been docs in her and
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threatening her life journalist and commentator chadwick moore say some people just lack a sense of humor but videos were so sweet and harmless and so cute there wasn't possibly anything you could buy the parents were about it this child was just so sweet having a good applause at one of the most laughable characters in american politics it's unfortunate we live in this world where the left works so hard to silence people and to intimidate them and this is all about imitation the left has controlled the culture for 405060 years they dominated and they cannot handle it that the right is beginning to wade in culture they can't handle it the right is being funnier than they are and no one in america has ever gotten assaulted or attacked or kicked out of the cell this meant for being liberal it's never happened and it happened or for wearing something pro level it only happens in one direction only one direction and that's against conservatives and the right
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. that's a global news wrap up for now but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest thanks for tuning it. is this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. a new phones at a special projects funded me. on i knew that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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there's nobody you come with not a movement through it in your circles modesty. and you can do for the one you much for the goodness of a little mitt romney tonight on the i'm. not. quite in good part of the new you're already in the eastern sea but now that you know mayor seems to treat. cities. that stand.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle a new foreign policy think tank will start a business challenging foreign policy orthodoxies it's called the quincy institute for responsible state this is not an ordinary think tank it is funded by charles koch and george soros among others talk about strange bedfellows can these establishment billionaires take on the foreign policy blog. talking strange bedfellows i'm joined by my guest on the bar in new york he's host of the c.p.r. news a daily radio newscast in london we have been he is
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a professor of international politics at city university of london with research interest in american foreign policy and its thing thanks as well as author of several books including think tanks and power in foreign policy and foundations of the american century and in oxford we crossed to ted c. he is a senior policy consultant and british american security information council retired u.s. diplomat and an expert on strategic intelligence and conflict resolution all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to london and we were talking before this recording about the novelty of this quincy institute coming into being the media has commented on i was obviously because of the who is going to be funding it someone very much to the left and somebody very much to the right before we talk about the principles involved in it what do you think of the idea itself i mean it is coming out against endless war wars that do not.


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