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quite so good so you know it's almost worth. a try of classified documents is found in a rubbish bin in london has deeply embarrassing blow to the u.k.'s top secret chemical and facility porton down an investigation has been launched. outgoing e.u. commission president john told young coastlines that lack of transparency were his likely successor was agreed on by a block leaders about his questions regarding us live on the lions dog competence months. iran says its oil supertanker was illegally seized by the u.k. and demands its release what insists the vessel was bound for syria in violation of e.u. sanctions. and the charge impersonator of america's youngest ever congresswoman delete her social media accounts after reportedly receiving death threats from supporters of alexandria because you know cool to it. like. it is just
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yet again this time from washington d.c. it's a look at the socialism because socialism is still an easy place so she actually saw it 1st or. a very warm welcome to you you're watching r c international with me nicky erin. now person of defense ministry have launched an investigation into why and how we're trove of top secret documents apparently ended up in a rubbish bin in london it comes as a huge embarrassment for the u.k.'s top secret chemical weapons facility porton down from where the thousands of files originated playboy her report. one man's trash another journalist's treasure in this case it is quite an extraordinary story the daily star newspaper got big splash on it today they say they were alerted to
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this trove of documents found in a bin by a member of the public last week and this secret files were dumped in a north london we leave in a receipt killing bin to be precise the kind that sort of stands out on the street outside a residential building or a commercial one and people will waste inside it except that this wasn't wasted it was a massive hole thousands of pages reportedly detailing the past and home address of one. details of the patrol offices. there at portadown and the newspapers quoting all sorts of unnamed security sources talking about how appalled they are at this breach of security that's taken place one referred to all this as a terrorists dream and it could have only ended that it could have ended in
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kentucky they were commenting there are calls for an inquiry now and the ministry of defense has already responded to the story with this statement take a listen we take the protection of personal data very seriously and we have a range of procedures in place to do so including complying with the data protection act we also expect 3rd parties who legitimately hold data to apply similar strict protections we can confirm that an investigation has been launched into the alleged incident and the reason this is raising eyebrows is because porton down is a top secret government chemical laboratory is at the front line of the fight against biological and chemical weapons and the government conducts extensive research that. into all sorts of substances it was in the news quite a bit last year because it was the thora tea that determined what the
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substance which substance it was that was used in the poisoning of the gay and. that was a huge scandal which saw the british government accused russia of orchestrating the attack against the double former double agent and his daughter but porton down really coming to the fore then and it was pivotal in determining that this nerve agent was charged that was used against the 2 and of course it is just such a secret but it's in charge of some pretty hazardous materials so the fact that any documents have been disposed of from a government site in this way found in a london been 70 miles away from the facility itself will be of concern to both the ministry of defense and to intelligence services. i think portadown should invest in a shredder personally. from
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a british diplomat craig murray thinks the porton down incident raises fresh questions about the script. we were told at the time of the alleged attack on the script of that security is extremely tight at portadown and it's impossible that the chemical could have come from. we have now to quickly that i think charlie goalie one of the people affected in the 2nd so-called novacek incident whose girlfriend don't stir just died he has confirmed for certain that the per fume bottle he found in a charity bin was sealed he has also stated that he used. to go to bid to take things and that the bin was empty so the whole story falls apart event 2nd bottom of the chalk was not there there by whoever attacked the script piled
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plainly perforce of the so-called novacek is not the to russian who came over. in march and the source must be somewhere else and the obvious source of novacek solves but it is porton down where they have manufactured it for testing purposes. outgoing e.u. commission president jiang told youngcare has criticised the way his likely successor has been picked by block leaders addressing the media in the finnish capital helsinki he compared the way he and ursula valda lion were nominated. very transcript. but the process. which led to my nomination in 2014 was very transparent because we had looked at the dates everyone knew what was up if. the would be the shortest power to dupe in parliament it's
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a vision to come back to what unfortunately didn't become a tradition ursula on the line is behind these comments and how she's been nominated for the position of european commission president to take over from going steps down at the end of october she's really split opinion with this nomination it you see from the european council at the heads of government of the $28.00 member states of the e.u. domestically her record as defense minister has been raked over quite extensively with many people pointing out the state of germany's military at the moment is well at its lowest ebb that it's been for a long time the bull does bear quite often being the the butt of many jokes about planes that don't fly that don't fire boats that don't sail and submarines that can't submerge all the european level though it's been a big criticism of the way in which she was nominated for the position because who doesn't have the right to ignore all the candidates that have been voted for by
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european citizens the future of europe can no longer be decided behind closed doors bonder lane is our weakest minister that's apparently enough to become commission president it is an unparalleled act of political trickery vanderlei and should 1st be nominated by germany before other the e.u. states can induce the nomination and should also leave office 1st otherwise it turns it all into a theater and the elections into one big fast well they're also that all supporting . the line they're praising the fact that a woman has been nominated for the 1st time for they said well what some would regard as the top job in european politics is commission president. there's also been support from world leaders from european leaders who said it praised her you wrote credentials it was enough on the names of wonder lane has many of the european level know her and then appreciate her experience her as a defense minister and therefore am convinced that there will be
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a clear support from the european peoples party and hopefully this is well if in the if wonderingly in fails to be elected as head of the commission by the parliament europe risks a possible constitutional crisis so i find it a very charming idea to face of europe it will be female in the future as well the polling here in germany doesn't really tally with what i think it is just saying there 56 percent of people here don't think that sort of on the line is the right person for the job of european commission president in fact 71 percent of those polled in germany said the way in which she was nominated was and rightly that they would rather see paul and pick who would be the the commission president as it is parliament gets to vote on the nomination put forward by the european council as we're seeing at the moment in the vote will take place on the 16th of july the european parliament voting on whether the line will be the next year
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a peon commission presidential needs an absolute majority in the europol of it if that's to be so we discussed the unpopular choice the on fonda lie and with expert . what i think we have 2 problems one problem is that our last democracy must lead in how do. you see her becoming the was the most votes come the president was the european commission and now subsequent completely different kmart's. second thing is. all about follow my disquiet. and the more once there is that investigation comment you log. or on who are caught. or external. people from outside the ministry in the summer of 200000000 euro political decisions can be regarded as. democratic if one of 2 conditions are
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is met the population has to be involved in the actual decision making in some meaningful way or 2nd. political decisions must reflect popular preferences now funded lines nomination doesn't lead either cried tyria so yes it's undemocratic by both standards. maritime piracy that's how iran describes the seizure of its oil supertanker by british marines it happened on thursday off the southern tip of the iberian peninsula near gibraltar a british territory disputed by spain to our condemns what it sees as an illegal detention and demands the immediate release of the vessel. iranian foreign ministry official described the u.k. moves on acceptable and called for the immediate release of the oil tanker given
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that has been seized at the request of the u.s. the u.k. navy's measure is tantamount to maritime piracy britain has no right to impose its own unilateral sanctions all those of the european union in an extra territorial manner against the other countries this is the very bullying policy of the us a general to a court has extended the detention of the tanker for 2 weeks so walters chief minister says the tanker may have been carrying oil to syria and violation of e.u. sanctions however iran has provided documents to the u.k. proving that the vessel was transiting to a permitted destination without specifying where spain notes that it was detained by britain after a u.s. request washington applauded the seizure. axle news u.k. has the team this supertanker greece one laden with the reigning oil ban for syria in violation of you sanctions american our allies will continue to prevent regimes in turan in damascus from profiting off this illicit trade the white house
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unilaterally withdrew from the 25th day nuclear deal and slapped harsh sanctions on tehran iran now says it is no longer bound by the agreement and will breach it imposed limits on iranian stockpiles to run and that is because other signatories including france germany and the u.k. haven't done enough to keep the deal alive. russia's foreign ministry notes that the seizure is an attempt to aggravate the situation around iran and syria and that the reaction from london to washington shows that the incident had been planned in advance well let's go live now to our guest to have the start a professor of political science at the university of to run welcome to the program it's great to have you with us now denies that it acted on a u.s. request do you believe the u.k. on that. well i mean the spanish foreign ministry has been very specific that it was actually an american request to seize the ship and as soon as they get seized a ship we saw the john bolton applauded the movement said it was excellent news and
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we have to see this incident as part of the larger campaign to pressure iran every few weeks we are seeing major provocations by the americans whether sending drones or warship towards iran and now this incident where the british are actually acting on behalf of the americans so it is very provocative and hostile is this time because these are part of the u.s. pledge to cut iranian oil exports. i mean it can definitely be analyzed as part of that campaign because they have been trying to reduce iranian oil experts for several months now and a very little oil that iran is actually exporting right now we are seeing incidents like this where this ship is being seized and we have to remember why this has been in a legal move by the british they accuse iran of trying to send oil to the syrian government and even if this allegation is true we have to remember that this is e.u.
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law it's not international law so what gives the british the right to seize iranian ship be stored in european laws iran is not a member of the e.u. . a former leader of iran's revolutionary guard say to run should seize a british oil tank in response 7 is that the right response do you think. well i mean i hope the tensions are diffused but we have to remember that since the government decided to leave the nuclear accord the americans have been pressuring iran putting significant pressure on iran and iran has actually been acting in a very relatively cautious manner up to now they have been part of the nuclear accord the your only going to start withdrawing from some parts of it in the next few days and we have to understand that iran cannot shore restrained forever i mean
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movies such as this where iranian ships are being seized illegally they cannot it actually. want you want to do nothing in return if you want does nothing in return then they will put more pressure and more pressure who are driven iranian official mean when he called for active assistance active resistance in the wake of trump abandoning diplomacy and there's an active resistance a dangerous tactic. what yes i mean it can be dangerous but we have to remember who started all of these tensions i mean the nuclear deal was working perfectly it was the result of several years of diplomacy and iran has been upholding its side of the greenman for over a year after the trumpet ministration decided to leave it now as a result of that they cannot actually acts expect iran to do nothing in return iran's economy has suffered greatly in the past year and when you rein in officials
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say active resistance we have to remember that within iran the government of hasan rowhani is under tremendous pressure to do more to stand up to the europeans to stand up the americans. otherwise as i mentioned they will be around to increase their pressure even more so if you are wrong does not do anything in return i don't think we are going to seal the nuclear deal in place that you have a mess of a professor of political science at the end of us to have to run thank you for your time. well concerns are mounting over nato as a military exercise at sea breeze in the black sea this is an excerpt from this promotional video.
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the drill started on july the 1st and will end on the 12th they've been taking place every year since $99719.00 nato states are taking part in the drills this year 24 aircraft 32 vessels and some 3000 troops have been sent to the region for the event the drills have already provoked tensions with moscow intercepting a u.s. surveillance plane heading for the russian border russia has since launched its own drills and is monitoring nato activities in the area the foreign ministry says that the exercises are dangerous idea political analyst chris bambery believes this strategy of nato expansion will have dire consequences. this is part of a constant drive to expand nato true they have these exercises regularly but you have to put in the context of the introduction of nato forces the baltic states the
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missile defense system the buildup of american bases around russian russian borders russia as we know it since the collapse of the soviet union has been called contracting particularly given the promises were made to gorbachev at that time the need to would not be expanded into the former soviet satellites former soviet republics a promise that has been broken also your treasured on russia's old by your arguments about all the crimea of very important military bases the naval bases for russia tradition. so this is been a quiet since the area where russia had well the united states has not had a presence of britain before that did not have a presence and it's going to lead to an escalation is called war which we've seen developing between washington and more school. the parents of an 8 year old girl who became an internet hit with her parodies of america's youngest of a congresswoman have deleted all of her social media accounts out after she and her
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family reportedly received death threats from supporters of democrat alexandria cacio cortez. right. again this time from washington d.c. i asked him to talk about socialism because socialism is so anything like socialism it actually saw it 1st oh shut me do you know that i think i do social media yes i'm a socialist think 3 of the most successful countries in the works. then israel are stuck into it eva will not be doing any more many a o.c. content the left's harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family we have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers for our safety and for our child's safety we deleted all many a o.c. accounts the young impersonator started making her videos with the help of her step father and uncle she became famous after doing her impression on fox news her
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twitter account had 87000 followers before it was deleted some of her followers are outraged by what's happened. when you claim to be an advocate for children but you threaten the life of a child makes hilarious videos of the dumbest person in congress who just might be any leftist stay safe you'll always be our meanie aoe see what a world with no problem making fun of harassing threatening our president but if you make fun of you see you get death threats this isn't even american anymore i love this little girl to death it is sick that people have been dogging her and threatening her life journalist and commentator chadwick moore say some people just like affairs of humor. the videos were so sweet and harmless and so cute there wasn't possibly anything you could find offensive about it one of the big rules about the left is that you're not allowed to mock them that is one of the biggest no nos you cannot laugh at them you cannot make fun of them they are moral
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and intellectual superiors and the people who are most effective at mocking them are the ones who get attacked the most of this this child was just so sweet having a bit of fun at one of the most laughable characters in american politics it's unfortunate we live in this world where the elect works so hard to silence people and joined him and ate them and this is all about to mediation the left has controlled the culture for 405060 years they've dominated and they cannot handle it that the right is beginning to wade in culture they can handle it the right is being funnier than they are you. suppose of u.k. right wing activist tommy robinson has clashed with police officer he was found in contempt of court.
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protesters tried to pull back the police fencing separating them from journalists outside the court building robinson co-founder of the english defense league social movement now faces prison after being found to have breached reporting restrictions on a grooming trial he says the trial is politically motivated. disney has announced that its remake of the children's classic the little mermaid will stop black actress holly bailey in the lead role although that has sparked debate. after an extensive search it was abundantly clear that halle possesses that rare combination of spirit heart youth innocence and substance plus a glorious singing voice all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role like a 989 disney released into adaptation of the famous fairy tale written by the danish author hans christian andersen and not version ariel was a blue eyed redhead white girl from lucky that the new version should stay true to
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the 89 film but others say having a bluntly it is a will for diversity. the actress cast is areal can sing act dance and is beautiful but racists yes that extreme irritation you feel is racism or like mermaids can be black wool crabs can talk so we're all stretching here shut up fat box little mermaid lives on a tropical coral reef with a calypso signal with a strong jamaican accent when you think about it it's bizarre she was white the 1st time around there goes my favorite princess can't believe the just 3 my favorite princess she has a beautiful voice but if she's playing aereo i'm going to be she doesn't fit the look at all could you imagine the uproar of the cast a white actress to play tiana in the live action remake i just don't understand why is this necessary where would i say we put the issue up for debate. what people are trying to do is trying to bring people back to
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a certain kind of reality that we live in a very diverse society and to try and present as if you like to try and normalize birth because what happened before was that we had a society which those people were excluded or if they were presented they were presented as before they were prevented of course in the translation which was derogatory to them we bring race to the forefront and make it an issue when it really isn't an issue i think it's a very dangerous precedent and i think it is think it really is not i think it's really not about the inclusive idea that your other guest discussed discusses i think it's really a leftist agenda to divide us and keep us from working together and i think the people are overly concerned about his presentation are trying to as they said they want something they're used to but any challenge. challenge is if you challenge is what they think in that they think they think they should be like a princess can be black and what we want to do weird is rather line out that so
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every every single hollywood movie made from now on must have a gay person a jewish person a black person hispanic person and all we probably better represent all the population so let's say a puerto rican person a human person and i don't know there are people here from from our other countries too should we should we just make sure now that every single movie has every single race religion color size socio economic level where do you draw the lying if you look at the history of hollywood birth of a nation it started off really badly with the original 1st feature film been a racist film which used skin color in a negative way of course they should be a good story line but also a film can do multi faceted things and i think we have to move beyond being obsessed by the fact that we live in a society that is proud to support diversity we do live in a society that does have problems around racism in american society has that and i think that the people who are denying it. people are not willing to begin to really
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talk about challenging it we had some be called building roof to walk into a black church and short of the body i'm sorry there's been a number of shootings in. these a tragic tragic things we had black president black billionaires all over the place all sorts of hispanic people and in positions of power i would hope that no one would not like this character based on that they might not like the idea of it being imposed they might feel that it's a little bit racist to say oh well we have to have a princess be a certain color i don't think that makes them a racist i think that makes them somebody that just wants the best person for the job to be chosen whether it's a movie or a corporate venture i think the best person should always be chosen regardless of their skin color or anything else where you can have your say on all of our stories by following us on social media and even your comments that we're back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines for you that.
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the new foreign policy think tank will start business challenging foreign policy orthodoxies it's called the quincy institute for responsible state crowd this is not an ordinary think it's funded by charles koch and george shore also among others talk about strange bedfellows and these establishment billionaires the foreign policy.
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i judge by this summer's of love music and flower power psychedelics don't exactly have a great reputation but is that all about to change well my guest today says drugs could prove revolutionary for treating mental illness i'm joined by dr robert harris head of center for psychedelic research at imperial college london. companion secrets on the ground. psychedelic drugs might be a. few curiosity. some doctors convinced their. put to use. really become actual medicinal drugs instead of just a party drug. on psychedelics managed to stay scientific through and what. kind of. doctor robin gird harris had of center for
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a psychedelic research at imperial college london welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us. robin we know that in the days of early experiments with cocaine researchers like they were quite happy to test substances on themselves have you tested psychedelics on yourself i mean have you arrange some sort of bicycle day for yourself and how would you describe your experience. i mean there are all places where people can have psychedelic experiences legally at the moment being worn and there's a long history of psychedelic he said. sadly i've missed out maybe. i need to do something about.


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