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i. in the headlines this saturday google's accused of interfering in last year's referendum on abortion in ireland triggering anger among the country's religious conservatives protests are expected in dublin later this saturday. else with tensions rising still between london and to iran over the seizure of the rain all tanker off the coast that's a court there now rules the ship can be impounded for 2 more weeks. story german motorists rejecting the climate activism of sweden's gretz display marking stickers on the vehicles. nearly 90000 people signed a petition calling on the french president to intervene in the case of
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a man whose life support systems are being turned off after 11 years in a vegetative state. hello good afternoon live from r.t. international's main news studios here in moscow which is to midday this saturday kevin i am with you for this live 30 minute news update stay with me we started with this google has been accused of interfering in last year's landmark abortion referendum in ireland by blacklisting certain pro-life search terms on you tube in the run up to the vote the allegation that the high tech giant may have attempted to influence the outcome of the country's religious conservatives are expected in dublin later on saturday with more on the story his police. when you type are searched into you expect to see the most relevant results but how do you know that that search result hasn't been manipulated well according to recent
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revelations you don't in fact it's alleged that google which owns you tube with its you tube search results on the eve of the irish abortion referendum according to the project veritas investigative website google is alleged to have manipulated its algorithms and employed so-called black lists on you tube a leaked document shows terms such as save the $8000.00 pro-life were among those thought to be bolted to google isn't denying that it tweaks results of politically sensitive content on you tube by pushing what it deems to be the most credible videos above the ones with the most views we've been very public that for a wide range of news and information queries we have algorithms that are designed to surface authoritative content of all political viewpoints this helps prevent spam and conspiracy theories from surfacing prominently on our site in the midst of
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the irish referendum on abortion our systems abroad authoritative content to the top of our search results for abortion related queries this happened for both pro-choice and pro-life queries there was no distinction pro-life groups aren't convinced by that statement it's that word or thora to to vin google statement that's causing concern catholic groups in particular say they want to know why it's enormous google employees who get to decide what is and isn't or thora to save content google interference in the referendum unarmed i think is that it should send a warning shot across every chair everybody was interested in democracy so what we saw here was a. google blacklisted videos and they deliberately and intentionally manipulation the kind of things that people would find when you push in search terms and here's the very obvious question i think from if this was all above board and if this was
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not serious then why did they hide this why we only learning about this because of projects very tight because somebody in google decided that this was wrong and just to project their interest that's the only reason we know to the pro-life camp only gone it 33 percent when the vote was held in may and abortion was then legalized denial and that issue has now been put to rest but the dispute over the way google cure rate say its search results isn't going away this is horrific what google has been doing and they really need to be held accountable i mean it's at the point now where they're now interfering with elections in other countries to hear that something like this is happening in ireland in a foreign country where a company in southern california the united states is dictating what gets what search results are seeing ireland to the people of ireland regarding their loss pacifically on things like abortion which is already
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a very contentious issue in the u.s. throughout the globe is horrific google has absolutely no place to take part in political decisions or social decisions and to make sure that they all alone can tell which is the scene and which is not. a call to gibraltar has extended the detention of an iranian oil tanker by 2 weeks so if it was seized by british marines on the vessels believes have been attempting to smuggle oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions to the instant of most a maritime piracy show the edwards dusty is the latest. if you're brought to court has extended the detention of a tanker carrying a rainy an oil for 2 weeks it comes as the british royal marine seized the ship off the coast of japan alter on thursday for allegedly trying to take oil to syria in violation of the sanctions now the crew of the sea ship grace one are being interviewed by officials and the ship is likely to remain impounded for several weeks now in retaliation for an immediate release of the vessel and what it sees as
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an illegal detention tantamount to maritime piracy an iranian foreign ministry official described the u.k. moves on acceptable and called for the immediate release of the oil tanker given that has been seized at the request of the u.s. the u.k. navy's measure is tantamount to maritime piracy britain has no right to impose its own unilateral sanctions all those of the european union. against the other countries this is the very bullying policy of the us britain's foreign office said it would not respond to every single comment about the incident that emerged from iran but it reiterated its position that the action came at the request of gibraltar to halt a best of believed to be bound to syria which indeed violates sanctions this action the rose from information giving the gibraltar government reasonable grounds to believe that the vessel the grace one was acting in breach of european union sanctions against syria now the e.u.
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sanctions in place prevent syrian regime from importing oil and gibraltar said it believed that grace one and its barrels of rain in oil were bound for syria however it's understood that iran has provided these documents to the u.k. proving that the vessel was transiting to a primitive destination although it didn't exactly specify where since then. and spain have become embroiled in a row about the seizure with madrid saying that grace one was intercepted because of a request from the u.s. to the u.k. i was greedy and we have been aware of the operation civil guard. have been watching the area but we are investigating the circumstances under which the us said its petition to the u.k. well as well as spain a senior iranian foreign ministry official said that the united states had asked the u.k. to intercept the ship however just bolters government said in a statement that they acted independently on their own accord the decisions of her majesty's government of gibraltar were taken to do independently waste some
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breaches of existing law and not at all based on extraneous political considerations meanwhile the seizure was hailed enthusiastically by a key member of the trumpet ministration excell news yuki has the team this supertanker greece one laden with the reigning oil ban for syria in violation of you sanctions american our allies will continue to prevent regimes into ran in damascus from profiting off this illicit trade so this latest round comes at a time of escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran and of course it follows the trumpet ministration previously pulling out of the 25th the nuclear program a plus has reinforced punishing sanctions against iran iran now says it's no longer bound by the agreement and will breach impose limits on you graham stockpiles and that although it allies its european allies including the u.k. have not followed suit in terms of pulling out to her own argues that others think it treats including france and germany and even the u.k.
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haven't done enough to keep the deal alive meanwhile other countries including russia have weighed in on the diplomatic row with russia's foreign ministry saying that the seizure is an attempt to aggravate the situation around iran and syria and that the reaction from london and washington shows that the incident had been planned in advance. the teenager very mentallo to this group of. course a wave of student climate protests is drawing the ire of motorists in germany story because across the country sporting bumper stickers ridiculing her. cause they will stop the 16 year old she's already nomination for a nobel peace prize. appeared on the cover of time magazine.
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but we do. know i generally. do. everything is to experience. peaceful. protests against. young people working out. and we promise we will not let you get away with 6 anymore. so about the german sort of this according to statistics german people get a call about climate change over 70 percent are even said to support the opposition in shorts all flights for instance the majority would also be willing to pay more
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for meat products but not apparently for fuel is the catch color of the german car industry accounts for 20 percent of the country's industrial output and provides jobs for over $800000.00 people political commentator eric hammer told r.t. efforts to target that particular sector will not prove popular in the country because of it. so in germany the people already the or there's something going on against them and especially if it's regarding their cars germs are concerned. the climate change is special because it really kind of a start so all of the most of the people who just follow the party off the ground are. telling us that they propose and now they realize that there are these and there are discussions on climate change. where
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the charu go with the aim of restricting jobs in general and the car industry and restricting people using their car and the nurse where the germans are the 1st one who said well we are out of the door ajar and our cars then too little climate change. this month rwanda has been marking the end of one of the most harrowing chapters in modern history the $9094.00 genocide over the course of $100.00 days in the summer of $9094.00 roughly 800000 people were slaughtered by hooting extremists who to extremists rather as the international community simply looked away in the 25 years since the atrocity the country's made significant steps forwards and strong economic growth and development but there are still many challenges to face. a solemn anniversary for the troubled african nation of rwanda it's 25 years since one of the worst genocides of recent times this
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history. where not repeat. that is our want me to. ever had there we forgive. but we do not want kogan also known as the genocide against the ethnic tutsi in 1994 almost a 1000000 people were killed the assassination of the ethnic hutu president triggered the slaughter of some 70 percent of the tutsi population. quarter of a century on the more the deep scars remain something of a surprising trends formation amazingly rwanda's 29th in the world for ease of doing business ahead of spain france japan and china in terms of corruption similar remarkable progress in the top 50 head of italy or malta the country was even ranked 5th safest in the world for walking at night with singapore topping the list
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no surprise or wonders called the single poor of africa and also now one of the cleanest places on earth when the countries is increasing it's a little less nice in a. row under still far from being a paradise it remains of relatively poor country and democracy is not entrenched the e.u. knows serious violations of civil and political rights in fact the west is locked in conflict with the white house slapping steep tariffs on the nation and a major realm with europe's powerhouse germany but it's failed to stop rwanda's growth perhaps due in part to backing from another superpower china beijing's military even accompanied rwandan troops at this week's anniversary celebrations their performance today has gone beyond our expectations reaching the level of we train we are satisfied with their performance with the west apparently blocking its
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path the small african nation may have found a different roadmap to success. african affairs analyst lawrence freeman told us today that china's extensive investment in rwanda has been the real driver of its development over the last few years. unfortunately i think the west is now really helping out from country by country or be under modesty when the west has done nothing nothing to actually control this restructuring economical and it's a shameful at both the united states and other european countries it's only been the last 10 or so years that and china that you ship or president xi jinping and they actually begun to go where words tell pollutes imports. where the previous 50 years nothing was done by western nations and that to me crews that are not that serious about mark received and that they use democracy as
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a hammer to beat upon and being up and sometimes regime change in african nations. cannot commit a 60 moscow time and come up after the break next the us state of kentucky is being terrorized by an invasion of black vultures but the followers of powerless to fight about will tell you why plus much more to this week you're watching our international. we have the expectation that when we lifted people out of poverty we'll be became richer then we'd become. and i think barry's what a lot of people are struggling with now the expected that once they reached a certain level of income then they would be happy. and yet we create new size we
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create new things we want and i think sometimes we run out of explanations for why we few want. to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this spear in dramatic development only and going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. again nearly 900000 people have signed an open letter to the french president a manual mccrone urging him to intervene in the controversial case of vincent he's
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a former psychiatric nurse whose life support systems are being switched off almost 11 years after a car crash left him in an irreversible vegetative state the call comes after france's highest court ended a long running legal battle last friday ruling that doctors could disconnect the 42 year old's feeding tubes that would leave him to die slowly of the duration in a sedated state while euthanasia is illegal in the country medics are allowed to put terminally ill patients into a deep state of sedation until the death but while some of us believe he should indeed be allowed to die his catholic parents a strongly opposed to that decision they say that as he only requires basic care and can breathe on his own in fact he's being murdered they say. i beg you to intervene to remind france of his obligation to respect the precautionary measures prescribed by the committee and not to kill my son the young my son is the life of one soul than 700 people who share this condition and that are threatened
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please help us. with more on the case which has proved to be polarizing both. as a whole is more of an ocean. this could be the end of a complicated contradictory and absolutely heartbreaking case which has lost more than a decade in 2008 a traffic accident left vincent lumbered a french nurse in a vegetative state his brain was unresponsive his body was paralyzed he could only be fed and hydrated artificially after a 5 year battle for his life the battle for his death has started where numerous medical exams stated vinson's semiconscious condition was irreversible the question arose for the 1st time should we incent continue receiving life support assistance or not it's not a question that is easy or simple to answer and it has divided instance family his
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wife and 6 of his siblings wanted to let him die peacefully as they put it this is not the life vincent himself would want to leave opposing them were his parents arguing that vincent is simply a person who does not fall under france's and of life legislation and that he should leave when the 2 sides failed to reach an agreement to dish a marathon started that resulted in vincent been off and back on life support 5 times after the ruling to stop artificial attrition was confirmed by 5 different legal bodies including the european court for human rights we do rely on doctors of course and as a see vincent has been in this state for 10 years so his chances of recovery let's be perfectly honest with you a route how much does he understand what quality of life does he have would you wish this sort of life on your worst enemy never mind loved one when says mother
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was never ready to give up at one point she even released video clips of vincent's crying in attempt to show that he does feel and he is aware. but brain specialists say that this is not necessarily the case as far as it's known with logical. not realizing what he's living. normally should storm is mostly. they have nothing to do with emotions several more times the mother has tried to persuade the public and legislators that vincent should leave however every time she appealed him being taken off life support the plug was pulled anyway you know it's a crime that's all i am ashamed of france this monday been since mother made her very last plea she appeared at the u.n. human rights council in geneva emotionally appealing for her son's life. schism
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rooms i'm sorry for being too emotional i'm crying knowledge of the top of my voice that this is the murder offense and that's the right word while we're not being listened to vincent is a human being he is not an object he's had has been held under water i agree to come here in the hope that we might be able to defend him but despite all the efforts vincent was taken off of life support yet again the very next day. that's the end of this dispute there is no longer any plea that can be made it can suspend the discontinuation of care there is no longer any legal obstacle to the discontinuation of care and so that's the end of this legal case minsan stories truly heartbreaking and controversial in many ways the battle of 2 sides of one family both wishing the best for their loved one the mother says she was fighting against a system that she believes fails to protect its citizens at some point out there
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was an important lesson to bill learned from vincents case in an ideal world most of us or all of us should discuss death with our loved ones of course we don't especially when you're young of course you don't think you're ever going to die you think you're going to live forever but you know the organization to which i belong friends at the end we urge people to make an advanced directive but it seems that regardless whether the man's and is peaceful or not the fight is far from over he's parents and now preparing to press murder charges. rifa national party. farmers in the u.s. state of kentucky say that an increasing number of black of vultures have been terrorizing the livestock they claim they stand to lose as much as half a $1000000.00 in business as the number of predators continues to grow in video collected by locals the birds could be seen harassing a herd of cows the birds are said to be preying on the most vulnerable of the
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elements. with a vulture it's like someone came in with a skinning knife they're very efficient at what they do it's all clean cuts usually the high is completely cut off whereas with a coyote or dogs it will be torn and jagged farmers say the birds who feeding it it off newborn cars full grown use and lambs vultures can be valuable for the ecosystem disposing cleanly of animal carcasses as we heard but farmers say they can't do too much to prevent these attacks on their livestock right now because vultures which are native to kentucky a federally protected animals under the muck migratory bird treaty the birds can't be harmed with federal permission in fact the punishments are fine of up to $2000.00 or even 2 years in prison special federal annual permits are required before a person can kill voters in kentucky john cain from the kentucky farm bureau talk to us about the challenges the farmers are facing right now. the black vultures
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have been causing problems for livestock producers in kentucky for about the last 10 or 12 years and generally the lalas per year is around $300000.00 to $500000.00 for kentucky's producers u.s. fish and wildlife service and u.s.d.a. wildlife services are working with us to develop a program that allows producers the ability to protect their livestock that includes non-lethal mattia methods such as noise canons trapping and relocating birds they are working with us on measures to try and help producers protect their livestock yes what we are looking at within the u.s. government is trying to find a way to gave producers a safe harbor provision in the law all that would allow them to protect their livestock without having to take the time to get a permit or pay for a permit well it's just a snapshot of some of the very many stories across here this weekend you can find so much more on our main site of usa as well go to the comments section if you
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fancy here in moscow this saturday is kevin owen saying thanks so watching and have a great weekend. if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all the school long months and he says that you've. been all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people the stolen property and the point must pretend to let people. get rid of whites only problems will go away. within the communal as president of the flick of the little. white farmers in.
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every single day. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the wood until barfs mania somebody of my funky enough somebody has. not been the case why of course will find themselves affected by credit and offered to point to one of my means in dreams oh it's all sweats and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner today we don't have anything i'm asking for a nice meat bad feelings to civil war in south africa easy never to be. proud for a truck was the n.h.l. not be in the code of europe and to get to.
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join me every thursday on the all excitement chill and i'll be speaking to get us to the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something. i want to be pressed. into the right to be pressed as a wife of a 43 in the morning can't be good i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. from.
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they're going to do this is done in the. summer solution. it's summertime on cars the record everything is sunning. states actually you and i are going to be on vacation while everybody in the world is looking at the solutions that we offer to all the stories that we cover on kaiser report we talked to the likes of no reprints steve kean michael hudson we look for solutions to the problems of the world and in fact this 1st segment where we're introducing this notion of our summer solutions for 2019 is i want to say like i want to solution to the kaiser report the kaiser report exists only because of all of the financial economic and monetary skullduggery out there in the world and if
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that didn't exist then we wouldn't need kaiser report it's like james grant our interest rate observer said about the head of the federal reserve bank their 1st act if he was to take over would be to fire himself they don't need a central bank central bank is an impediment to everything that we cherish in our lives and kaiser report is here to tell everybody about how messed up everything is and if everything was all messed up there would be no need for us and we would be on permanent summer vacation you know we have refill compelled to keep doing the show even though it's completely basically you know on a away that i don't know how to even to finish the sentence i had an idea but i'm retracting that sentence you have no solution for that sentence well well like michael corleone we keep on being dragged into more financial skulls with doggery and i want to. look at this headline about joe biden because i think joe biden is not the solution to what ails the democratic party or america the americans.


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