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in the headlines this lunchtime the u.k. government orders an investigation after an embarrassing leak of diplomatic cables describing donald trump's administration as a clumsy and dysfunctional. rest in a massive backlash from authorities in the georgian capital tbilisi this is new in this hour of t.v. hosts show. russia's president putin the reactions of a correspondent. also that. the u.s. launches a new strategy to counter so-called kremlin influence provoking us reaction then very quickly from moscow which branded it and see russian propaganda and also ahead . a 6 year old
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boy in the u.s. state of texas is caught up in a bedsit custody battle right now between his divorced mother and father who can't agree on which gender the child should be identified. i consider this to be child abuse and the sexual relation of children on a partner industrial scale so it makes me feel terrible i can't believe that a mother would do this to her son. by that monday afternoon just 1 pm here in moscow thanks for joining us rev you're watching around the world for this world news update 1st in the u.k. foreign office has ordered an inquiry into the recent leak of sensitive diplomatic cables penned by britain's ambassador to washington in a series of bomb shell remarks president donald trump's white house has been described as inept and dysfunctional among many other unflattering comments by the
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diplomat a correspondent in london's got more for you. is the story of a foreign office inquiry into a series of leaks memos that came from the u.k.'s ambassador to the us a kim darrick well so kim has a 42 year career in diplomacy but some of these e-mails ended up in the mail on sunday the british newspaper and in those memos he gave a candid and damning assessment of the trumpet ministration. we don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less and predictable less faction ridden less diplomatically clumsy and inept. well so came also called into question donald trump's publicly stated reason for calling off an ass strike on terror on or following the downing of a us drone by iran trump said that he was 10 minutes away from making that command but called it off because there would be 150 casualties but secant says it was actually a question of policy and trying harking back to his campaign promise of not allowing
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more u.s. troops to go into foreign wars it's more likely that he was never fully onboard and that he was worried about how this apparent reversal of his 2016 campaign promises would look come 2020 at the next presidential election well in response to these emails and the revelations trump was clearly unimpressed but restrained in his comments. without. knowing. what the response from the u.k. has been rather mixed the trade secretary liam fox focused on the leak itself said it was unethical unpatriotic unprofessional and the person behind them was maliciously trying to undermine the relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. whereas other politicians concentrated on the content of the e-mails and the author
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itself. this was a personal view it's not the view of the british government it's not my view we continue to think under president trump the us administration is not just highly effective but the best possible friend of the united kingdom on the international stage i think it is very important that ambassadors give honest unvarnished advice to their country and it is disgraceful that it has been leaked from the moment trump was elected this man was the wrong person to be the british ambassador the globalist an outlook totally opposed to the time doctrine the sooner his gun the better. well the leak comes at a key time for the u.k. is it looks to boost its trade with the us following brecht said it remains to be seen if this blush in diplomacy will have an effect on the special relationship and the post breaks that economy part is part of a team in london there we spoke to joe white a political commentator and journalist who told us the link is simply too
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embarrassing to be overlooked by the next british prime minister. it is very embarrassing i think for the diplomatic service it's embarrassing for trees and these government but i don't think trump would be overly concerned he knows that a new government is on the way probably led by boris johnson to this committee to our breaks if it needs the so-called special relationship will not be damaged by this will be an opportunity to someone else in washington he meets the preferences which regards to donald trump your 2nd delicate little received was unable to get much contact with the white house saw as personal relations with the trumpet ministration were not the best so as i see this will be a great opportunity to do someone in there to do a more effective job. countering malign kremlin influence that's how the u.s. agency for international development has called a new strategy now to help european countries avoid outside meddling reduce the dependence on russian energy but moscow is quickly branded that anti russian
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propaganda are seeing of course what america stands across it. usaid has unveiled a new plan a strategy officially aimed at boosting the resilience of part the nation's unofficial it appears to mean giving lots and lots of money to anyone that vocally and demonstrably doesn't like russia politicians businessmen media i mean it's in the name countering my line kremlin influence plan. these efforts will include creating tools for reform minded leaders and civil society voices to tackle corrupt government practices that kremlin agents often selectively exploit for moscow strategic benefit 1st off and the us apparently wants to cut out russia's voice i mean the aims aren't exactly veg what could they mean preventing russia others from meddling in elections ok preventing russia from
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lobbying for its interests negotiating not ok it works both ways i mean we know what some of the reform minded leaders and civil society voices in the us are like. us eats funding will build the capacity of indigenous media to provide trusted independent news and information sources should be fine and all of america's own independent news and media weren't viewed as biased by its own people yeah our trust in the media is still a business americans believe it's biased it's even worse for online media by the way we remember when facebook hired that fact checker linked to the us government poynter institute for media studies to filter out unreliable sources and they ended
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up filtering out opposing political views before they were caught at my point why don't they spend that cash on making america's own media but leave a ball. to reduce your opinion regis dependency on russia u.s. sees assistance will include working with individual states to create effective legal and regulatory frameworks and assisting them to join will function in local and regional energy markets. there it is the crux of it hiding in plain sight american shale over russian gas more expensive more cumbersome more political yet it's full of freedom freedom gas they said that i have no idea how they do it with a straight face. increasing export capacity from the freeport l.n.g. project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving
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america's allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy with the u.s. in another year of record setting natural gas production i'm pleased that the department of energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u.s. freedom to be exported to the world it's a whole package money to the media which cries russian wolf money to politicians who get the american way money to lobbyists and get a nice little kick back from selling american gas and moscow of course isn't happy the term countering is a clumsy attempt to conceal the aggressive offensive approach this conception is blatantly aimed at propagating risa phobia in the world especially in neighboring countries to russia on our side we have proven multiple times that we are open to a stop wishing constructive cooperation with the us on a basis of equality of rights and the consideration of mutual interests however malicious and the russian propaganda by washington which strikes but lobel
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domination cancels out these efforts it's a great pity by the way saving best the last you know why usa was expelled from russia 7 years ago why for an election meddling fiasco that for that became a big thing now isn't that ironic unfortunately a mentality took took hold of the establishment in washington early after the demise of the soviet union that there could only be one global superpower in the united the united states had to have had germany over the entire world and not just russia russia specifically but not just russia china iran venezuela any country that doesn't come crawling to on hands and knees in front of washington and to kiss the ring is regarded as a quote threat. and since russia is the foremost military power that is not under the control of the united states and that's why we've seen things like the
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expansion of nato and something like this which is kind of a and information analogue to nato expansion which is to try to ensure domination of europe and to isolate russia as much as possible lemon is post one of the mosco timex protests erupted overnight in the georgian capital tbilisi the anchor of an opposition t.v. channel the voice to stream of insults against the russian president vladimir putin has caused real stir in our studio in the cross this one today well always centered in russia was high that russia quick to react obviously but this spots been going on for a bit in light of some plane suspensions coming today tell us all well 1st of all that video for obvious reasons we're not going to show it on the air but it was all over the internet both in georgia and here in russia actually my friend sent it to me last night and i was just having tea and i played it the volume was up and the language there was so what fence it that people started looking at me asking me
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what are you watching so it was a georgian t.v. anchor it was a primetime show a weekly t.v. show where he used some of the most offensive words that there are in the russian language against vladimir putin specifically against his spare his parents as well and this is what pointed out even though they're no longer alive so definitely it was an anti russian anti putin rant that was bound to get some aggressive reaction both in georgia and russia and so it came to people don't really want this to escalate and this is perhaps what angered the protesters and soon after and in fact happened this morning we also got reaction from the russian diplomats to it so let's have a look at what the reaction was. we strongly condemn g.m. president a nefarious behavior involving an unacceptable attack in obscene language against
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a russian leadership hosted by georgian t.v. channel were savvy to we see this as another clear provocation by radical forces in georgia and at undermining of russia georgia relations the current laden incident is a vivid example of where frantic brosseau fabia can lead. now given the fact that russia and georgia are currently in the midst of a real crisis in their relations which i'm going to tell you about a bit later you'd expect georgian officials ready not really somehow study of away from this and sure they didn't we had we heard condemnation from the georgian president who called it hate speech saying that these kind of insults have nothing to do with patriotism the prime minister of georgia a cold. cold a probation and we also heard condemnation from the georgian foreign ministry so would scenes that at least on this particular matter they are on the
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same page once again this friend was in russia and we understand that this is a time not withstanding anyway what do you think about the politics of it all the personal side of it kids going to be watching this you know what 2 cameramen they resigned right after it happened because they said they don't want to be a part of this again this channel is very popular and it went off air for a few hours ready now it's back on the air and again we have to understand what the context of this is in this is a deep political crisis between russia and georgia just to remind you it's russia's neighbor to the south it's a post soviet republic and about 3 weeks ago there was an incident that sparked massive protests in georgia that was. russian m.p. who was taking part in of an event he was officially invited for that event it was
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happening in the georgian parliament but he took the speaker's seat and that's what sparked the outrage so have a look at what these protests look like a few weeks ago. was. was was was . was. right. yes nasty scenes there again of late so we're going to go briefly briefly think well kevin you have to understand that for the past several years things
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there's been no trouble in relations between georgia and russia everything's been relatively calm the tourists were pouring into georgia now all of this has been put on hold and it's really under threat we know that in response to this and how russian hysteria that's how the russian government put said moscow suspended flights direct flights between georgia and russia and we've heard something that you may call it's definitely not as bad as what this anchor did been definitely some aggressive statements from politicians on both sides so let's hope that this doesn't deteriorate and spiral out of control let's continue to track it or in of trying to thanks a producer speed i was i mean the pre-shared it. now next story for america story about a 6 year old boy in the u.s. state of texas has been caught up in a really bitter custody battle between his divorced mother and father and the fact that his parents further can't agree on which gender their child should be identified as is making the case even more complicated. your boy right now.
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well when with his mother the boy known as james lives is ago called luna since he expressed interest in wearing girl's clothes the mother began referring to him exclusively as an even enrolled a child in school under a female name and i can tell you. this speaks direct to james' father jeff young go give it to the next you watch the full version if you found see throughout the day on this channel i took it very seriously because i had to some information what i was still living with with and george wallace my my ex-wife had been putting him into timeouts and saying things like the monsters only eat boys ready and some odd things like that so when i heard this i took it very seriously he said mommy tells me i'm a girl. and i would ask him you know do you look like a girl and say no but mommy tells me i'm a girl i just wanted to verify it and i sent her a text and you know are you actually telling james that he's
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a girl and she's just replied simply yes and then refused to talk to me about it you know he's never presented himself as a girl to me ever that he factor with me he violently rejects any female identity he won't wear female clothes he won't even wear boys' brief underwear because he says it's too much like girls underwear well the father's long to find a pony for a son to be treated as a boy he's now been accused by his ex-wife of abusing the child for not offending him as transgender or else of coming is actual. the father hasn't been emotionally abusive behavior towards the child as example only haircuts and other non affirming actions although one can be of this behavior rises to the level of family violence at this time the father said russian is becoming more common and more intense but temporary orders that i'm under before you go to final trial actually do allow me to address them as james and his male pronouns but i cannot do that in front of 3rd parties who know him as a girl so basically i can't go to school i keep him away from any friends he might
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have at school that know him as a girl at my home he's known as james and i use male pronouns what i'm prohibited from doing right now is trying to convince him that he's actually a boy is a boy when he's with you and he's what forced to dress like a girl or does he dress like a girl by his own will when he's with. i believe he dresses by his own will when he's with his mother i just don't think he believes the show love him if he's a boy look i consider this to be child abuse and the sexual mutilation of children on a on an industrial scale so it makes me feel terrible i can't believe that a mother would do this to us on the big a backdrop to this of course is all coming especially as debate whether or not children should be allowed to change the gender of such a young age social just frank furedi believes parents shouldn't impose gender choices on their offspring. i think it's wrong for parents to become preoccupied by gender identity it's not something that the vast majority of children ever
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think about very much it's not something that they experiment with to begin with i think that the danger today is is that we have a very strong political and cultural pressure on the part of parents to be much more relaxed about the boundaries that used to exist between boys and girls and as the boundaries are questioned so a lot of parents get confused track in this field and sprezzatura smalling around to be careful after denounce it accelerated it you read them in richmond program and suppose that cap that was outlined back in 2015 in the nuclear agreement and you can inspect says have to further the twist to this the increase on monday after visiting sites in iran. one. of the only terrans already considered to be a breach of a landmark deal after it surpassed that 300 kilogram uranium stockpile limit also
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its increased enrichment cap as mentioned beyond the 3.6 percent a small step towards getting 2 nuclear power stations up to capacity and further officials there have also recently ruled out further dialogue with washington unless sanctions are lifted as real impasse of the moment now iran's deadline for that has passed that was a big news yesterday if you're watching with fear of only able to provide limited relief from the effects of financial penalties in iran said enough is enough as part of the agreement signed 4 years ago the united states agreed to ease sanctions on iran you may recall for that saran agreed to curb its nuclear program and not to enrich uranium over an established level one we just talked about the accord is being on the brink of collapse though since the u.s. unilaterally withdrew from it last year and reimpose those devastating penalties on turan the escalating crisis has triggered serious concern in the region and among the western signatories of the deal to. germany like her a 3 in new partners is extremely concerned by iran's announcement that it has begun
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enriching uranium beyond the concentration of 3.67 percent we have repeatedly called in iran not to take further measures that further undermine the nuclear deal while the u.k. remains fully committed to the deal iran must immediately stop and reverse all activities inconsistent with its obligations we are coordinating with other j c p o a participants regarding the next steps under the terms of the deal including a joint commission which strongly demanded that iran put an end to all the activities there do not conform with its commitments under the j c p o a france is in contact with its partners to engage in the necessary deescalation of tensions executive director of the ron paul institute del mcadams spoke to us about it he thinks all this said around is still committed to the 2015 agreement. well it's pretty amazing when you pull out of the deal when you break a deal and you accused is that the side that remains in the deal of breaking the deal it was easy was to broker a deal by unilaterally pulling out last year plan it could continue taking the
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terms of the deal for you've already broken out of the fact of the matter is if you do study the j c p a way very closely the main point foreign minister is right there is article 36 which says if the other signatories to the deal do not fulfill their obligations under the deal and they have it neither side has neither the us no the europeans then iran can't take certain measures within the deal remaining in the deal so the reporting that iran has broken the deal is just not accurate whole thing is rigged the neo calls around trump want of war they're pushing it forward to pushing it further and to push in the same propaganda they push when they wanted their war with iraq. thanks the world is rob so for turning to busy news day 2 if you want to follow it all download our up for all that you've said lot alerts as they may help in this model go straight to your mobile device and keep in touch anything at all to dot com as well units here in the coming hours and then calling after that throughout the rest of the day that's the lineup here at all to international for me kevin 0 at mosco. and have
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a great monday. there's nobody you know to move through but in your circles want to speak. to them before the when you look for the clues a little with the little more it will do. look. on. the board in good order to produce your order in the instruments but you know most interesting. to be. that bad.
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the problem of the financial system cost from wall street throughout the rest of the world was so big that not just one central bank could make money cheap enough could create enough artificial money by itself and so the fed did collude did work together with the european central bank with the bank of england with the people's bank of china later that was kind of separate story with the bank of japan and so forth to create enough money to put into the financial system to keep it safe for itself and ultimately what that did is a transferred all of that money into the banks into financial assets into burgeoning stock markets like like a ton of sort of cool. up in up and never took it away. that someone else was going to play on the other side. people appeared on the other side as everyone else in.
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the welcome to going on the ground were only a strategies nor firm in central london coming up on the show we asked award winning human rights lawyer cherie blair q.c. about bringing together donald trump and so gay lover of to free a russian citizen detained in kuwait but says the climate crisis is our 3rd world war we are down to british environmentalist johnson porridge y.-e. was name checked by one of britain's greatest doctors mark rowlands when he cut ties with the world shakespeare company over privatized fossil fuel company b. all this is all going up and today's show i'm going to busy law firm go on the a strategy with me is the q c cherie blair thanks for inviting us in to the law firm let's begin with why you are defending a convicted alleged. russian embezzler martial law as a river as
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a 10 years hard labor and for and some to $2000000.00 well in the 1st place she's not convicted conviction was actually overturned in may and why was it overturned because it was based on flawed and indeed forged evidence and she had not been given the opportunity to put her side of the case so the trial actually was a travesty did not comply with fair trial procedures and finally the court of appeal in kuwait did overturn that decision so she isn't currently on bail awaiting trial so she worked she's a russian national she works for a company called k g l understand and you. referring the documents are proving to be forgeries the accusation that there was a half a $1000000000.00 in a dubai account that wasn't sure now where it was true in the sense that marsha headed an investment firm and she made some investments including from the the kuwaiti port authority as part of that fund and those investments were indeed
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successful particularly one that she did in the philippines as a result of which the money was to distribute investors is was transferred into an account and dubai when extraordinary the attorney general kuwait asked the dubai court to freeze that money so that's why the money wasn't paid out it was because the kuwait prosecution authorities froze it eventually thanks to the efforts of our american colleagues it was unfrozen and the kuwaiti port authorities received at least 4 times their investment back from that fund so that was just a nonsense in relation to the forged documents extraordinary thing about that is this claim 1st started because a disgruntled employee who marcia just sacked went to the authorities complaining about her subsequently an auditor audited the books of the
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port authority and produced 2 documents which he said showed that they had been claiming for services rendered to the port authority which were not actually jews at all subsequently that very person was convicted of forging those documents and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment he in fact absconded so isn't in prison and very recently in the last month came back to kuwait where the kuwaiti court even though he did condon being convicted have allowed him out on bail while his appeal against that is that the contrast to what happened to marsha couldn't be more stark somebody convicted and absconded. marcia who's been under investigation this has been hanging over her head and since 2012 she's been actively pursued by the authorities since 2015 so much so that she's been on bail when she was on bail and her american green card expired she wasn't able to go and go to the states because
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she on and the bail conditions unlike there are accuser and yet she was then detained for 472 days since november 27th 17 until just this june while he has been treated completely different is very arbitrary it's basically a personal problem with spiraled out of control why would they want to pick on her the greater judicial system or is it the kuwaiti authorities we believe that there is. in a sense this is bizarre why is this happening i haven't even told you that the same time this you you mentioned about these this hour idea that she didn't besought she actually bought a company brought civil proceedings in the kuwaiti court saying this money is due in owing and the quaids the civil courts both at 1st instance and on appeal actually agreed and said yes this money is due in owing and should be paid that's
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part of the allegations against us and the right out if it doesn't know what the lead.


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