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under. this hour's headlines stories the u.k. government orders an investigation. ministration. functional. unrest. in the georgian. t.v. show host makes deeply insulting remarks. the u.s. launches a new strategy to. kremlin influence provoking harsh reaction from moscow which is . russian also ahead. a 6 year old boy in the u.s. state of texas. between his divorced mother.
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i consider this to be child abuse the sexual relation of children on an industrial scale so it makes me feel terrible i can't believe that a mother would do this. coming from moscow every hour of the day this is the line welcome to the program top story the u.k. foreign office ordered inquiry into the leak of sensitive to diplomatic cables penned by britain's ambassador to washington in a series of bomb shell remarks president donald trump's white house is the scribe. dysfunctional among many other old comments made by the department.
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this is the story of a foreign office inquiry into a series of leaks memos that came from the u.k.'s ambassador to the us so kim darrick well so kim has a 42 year career in diplomacy but some of these e-mails ended up in the mail on sunday the british newspaper and in those memos he gave a candid and damning assessment of the trumpet ministration. we don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less and predictable less faction ribbon less diplomatically clumsy and inept also came also called into question donald trump's publicly stated reason for calling often asked right on terror on or following the downing of a u.s. drone by iran trump said that he was 10 minutes away from making that command but called it off because there would be 150 casualties but secant says it was actually a question of policy and trying harking back to his campaign promise i'm not allowing more u.s. troops to go into foreign wars it's more likely that he was never fully onboard and
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that he was worried about how this apparent reversal of his 2016 campaign promises would look come 2020 at the next presidential election well in response to these emails and the revelations trump was clearly unimpressed but restrained in his comments. without. knowing. what the response from the u.k. has been rather makes the trade secretary liam fox focused on the leak itself said it was unethical unpatriotic unprofessional and the person behind them was maliciously trying to undermine the relationship between the u.k. and the us whereas other politicians concentrated on the content of the e-mails and the author itself this was a personal view it's not the view of the british government it's not my view we continue to think under president trump the us administration is not just highly
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effective but the best possible friend of the united kingdom on the international stage i think it is very important that ambassadors give honest unvarnished advice to their country and it is disgraceful that it has been leaked from the moment trump was elected this man was their own person to be the british ambassador the globalist an hour. totally opposed to the tom dick 3 the sooner his gone the better well the leak comes at a key sign for the u.k. is it looks to boost its trade with the us following ranks it remains to be seen if this blush in diplomacy will have an effect on the special relationship and the post breaks it economy. all over miles is a former u.k. ambassador a department head for the british foreign and commonwealth office and joins us live on the program now i welcome to the program not soon diplomatic words flying iraq as a former diplomat yourself are you surprised by the content of these messages despite
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him thinking it was a private situation i'm sure it's in a room full of people the words are quite inflammatory. no not at all surprised by the content i think. most probably if you could read the telegrams that the russian or french or chinese or german ambassadors are being sent into their capitals are probably saying exactly the same thing. does this have the potential to damage that pseudonym special population of europe between the u.s. and the u.k. do you think. yes of course the leak is another matter the leak is very embarrassing because it's going to make the ambassador's life for all the difficult part of his job only part of his job or part of his job is dealing with the president of the media with the white house team and so on and clearly there's going to be a degree of embarrassment perhaps not very serious but there will be a degree of embarrassment and so of the bad news from our point of view it doesn't
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divide the fundamentals of the relationship. it's negative when the next british prime minister is finally chosen later this month are there any damage limitation measures they can take do you think this ambassador will still be in that position . very difficult to answer that i was thinking if i were if i were the ambassador myself i would be thinking can i continue to do my job effectively or should i recommend to my government that they withdraw me and i think on the whole i would recommend that they withdraw me but it's. just i heard one american view this morning on the b.b.c. i think it was the new scaramucci who was in the white house who said of course not there will be ridiculous for britain to withdraw the ambassador would show that the special relationship is just a relationship i think that's going a bit too far no i think if i were the ambassador i would say to london maybe you'd
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better. take me out a few months before i'm due to go anyway because he is actually i think due to retire or some time in 2020 stories like this do crop up from time to time there never does seem to be a definitive answer as to how the information. for someone in your position high possible is it for a leak like this to happen who has access for instance to these types of diplomatic cables from your experience. quite a lot of people as they always do that they range from cabinet ministers to quite judy official secretaries and soem and there's always a possibility that the leak has come from the top all that it's come from from the bottom so to speak by mistake or of some kind of personal malice against the some somebody might be trying to do his boss darren in some way or stone in some way although in most cases i've been involved in leak investigations myself. the leak
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tends to come from the top and i would guess that if this is a political role of the. post-war or i'm just incompetence and i was to that's very interesting as to what way do you think this is political because i've seen it weighed up both sides perhaps somebody with a more of a proof. trying perhaps to embarrass the get him out of the opposition but also the other way the way it can just damage a relationship between the u.k. the us which is going to be of vital importance post brags that the e.u. position really is going to be taken over by america for the most part it's hard to know which side this is most political in isn't it. yes one can speculate of course but the story so far has got nothing directly to do with brics it but it is linked with because the there's
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a view in britain. has expressed this already the whitehall the officials british officials with diplomatic service are in brussels and so on are all in corrigible against that all remaining those are not all trying to sabotage it now that i think is grossly unfair to the civil service but of course it's perfectly true that most people who have experience of international are against brics or. just finally this. you see it's always been somebody from the civil service who has taken these positions for the u.k. you know that's different to other countries including america do you think that this might propel a sea change to the next prime minister wanting to get you know his or her in what is one of the most prominent positions in the diplomatic corps i've seen. his name being put out there as well do you think he could be the next. to the us for
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instance he's got a good relationship with. the only person who's actually proposed that is trump himself who said he thought forest will be the best producer amongst i don't think many people who grew that he were you can be quite sure one thing you can require. will not be the. british ambassador to washington. but taking your question. regarding the question whether there might be a political traitors that's perfectly possible and well within our tradition because many times in the polls probably more often than not. very seem. to like powers like new york the united nations sometimes like moscow these various media have in the polls for you given. what we call political point such as to say putting in somebody who is in some other way qualified for the job not from the professional diplomatic sobers that wouldn't be unusual but wouldn't be surprising
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ok very interesting thank you very much for your time and thoughts this hour always good to have you in the program all of our miles former british ambassador. thank you. all right moving on now i protest erupted overnights in the georgian capital tbilisi after the anchor of an opposition t.v. channel there live on their voice a stream of insults against the russian president vladimir putin and his the ceased the mother we're joined on the shooter by our t. correspondent for more on this if you could to see you. pretty extraordinary words being used here quite a reaction in tbilisi you don't you know the reaction and the actual language that we heard from the anchor something that you don't hear on t.v. at all just one swear word after another and some of the nastiest words that there are in the russian language is i have to point out that rand was in russia and against vladimir who himself against his parents that are not even alive so this
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video quickly spread online and i can tell you that yesterday i was just having a quiet evening with my friends one someone said to me and then i played it and it was just so bad that everyone around me was shocked and they said turn it off and i can tell you that in the georgian capital tbilisi protesters gathered outside. the h.q. of that t.v. channel very quickly reportedly the even a good there were also reports that some of the staff resigned because they said they didn't want to be a part of this very popular channel and ga but the bosses say because of security reasons it had to go off air for a few hours now it is back on air yeah a lot of knock on effect what's to police he said what's the georgian government had to say we had all kinds of reactions from the most senior officials the president the prime minister the foreign ministry as well and they are very critical they are saying that these kind of things these kinds of insults have
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nothing to do with patriotism prater it is i'm sorry so let's hear what exactly the georgian president had to say on this. georgia's president and the condemns hate speech verbal aggression insults and provoked her statements made today a new study to t.v. they go games old georgian traditions serve only to divide and raise tensions in the country with russia and in the region. what is moscow had to say the russian officials are clearly disappointed in what they are hearing there saying it's nothing but. a let me just play some segments of what the russian foreign ministry had to say and also the spokes person of the president took office it's a country it's not as for the insults against both our country and our president we of course consider them to be totally unacceptable and we strongly condemn them and we know that the entire leadership of georgia president prime minister problem in
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terry and the speaker of parliament has strongly condemned this soldiers we see this as another clear provocation by radical forces in georgia aimed at undermining russia georgia relations the current laden incident is a vivid example of where frantic brosseau phobia can lead. can we actually just go back to the incident itself the extremely tirade on sunday evening live on air why did a georgian t.v. host insult president putin such way is it a one off incident what's the background here we have to remember that relations between russia and georgia it is a post soviet republic russia is southern neighbor they've been in turmoil for a few weeks right now it all began with an incident at the georgian parliament there was an event for the m.p.'s of one of the dogs christian countries and one of the russian m.p.'s who was giving a speech she was actually sitting in the chair that's intended for the speaker of
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the doors in parliament and that led to massive public outrage and that country it led to ultra violent riots outside the parliament which led to blood in the streets which led to many injuries and in response to that the russian government decided to suspend flights direct flights between georgia and russia for security reasons because we understand that there was a new wave of vanguard russian slogans in the country and how russian rhetoric from politicians so definitely that tension is out there and perhaps this russian rand. which was again very bad words used in it it's another example that these tensions are high at this point here thanks for taking us through all. right country malign kremlin influence the u.s. agency for international development has called
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a new strategy to help european countries avoid quote outside meddling and reduce their dependence on russian energy moscow's brunner the russian propaganda our correspondent of take us through what we know of the. usaid has unveiled a new plan a strategy officially aimed at boosting the resilience of pardon nations an officially it appears to mean giving lots and lots of money to anyone that vocally and demonstrably doesn't like russia politicians businessmen media i mean it's in the name countering my line kremlin influence plan. these efforts will include creating tools for reform minded leaders and civil society voices to tackle corrupt government practices that kremlin agents often selectively exploit for moscow strategic benefit 1st off the us apparently wants to
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cut out russia's voice i mean the aims aren't exactly veg what could they mean preventing russia others from meddling in elections ok preventing russia from lobbying for its interests negotiating not ok it works both ways i mean we know what some of the reform minded leaders and civil society voices in the us are like. us eats funding will build the capacity of indigenous media to provide trusted independent news and information sources should be fine and all of america's own independent news and media weren't viewed as biased by its own people trust in the media is still a business americans believe it's biased it's even worse for online media by the way remember when facebook hired the fact checker linked to the us government
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poynter institute for media studies to filter out unreliable sources and they ended up filtering out opposing political views before they were caught my point why don't they spend that cash on making america's own media but leave a ball. to reduce your opinion regis dependency on russia u.s. sees assistance will include working with individual states to create effective legal and regulatory frameworks and assisting them to do and will function in local and regional energy markets. there it is the crux of it hiding in plain sight american shale over russian gas more expensive more cumbersome more political yet it's full of freedom freedom gas they said that i have
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no idea how they do it with a straight face. increasing export capacity from the freeport l.n.g. project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving america's allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy with the u.s. in another year of record setting natural gas production i'm pleased that the department of energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u.s. freedom to be exported to the world it's a whole package money to the media which cries russian wolf money to politicians who get the american way money to lobbyists and get a nice little kickback from selling american gas and moscow of course isn't happy the term countering is a clumsy attempt to conceal the aggressive offensive approach this conception is blatantly aimed at propagating risa phobia in the world especially in neighboring countries to russia on our side we have proven multiple times that we are open to
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a stop wishing constructive cooperation with the us on a basis of equality of rights and the consideration of mutual interests however malicious and the russian propaganda by washington which strikes but global domination cancels out these efforts it's a great pity other way saving best lost you know why usa was expelled from russia 7 years ago why for an election meddling fiasco that for that became a big thing now isn't that ironic unfortunately a mentality took took hold of the establishment in washington early after the demise of the soviet union that there could only be one global superpower in the united the united states had to have had germany over the entire world and not just russia russia specifically but not just russia china iran venezuela or any country that doesn't come crawling to on hands and knees in front of washington and to kiss
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the ring is regarded as a quote threat. and since russia is the foremost military power that is not under the control of the united states and that's why we've seen things like the expansion of nato and something like this which is kind of a and information analogue to nato expansion which is to try to ensure domination of europe and to isolate russia as much as possible. a 6 year old boy in the u.s. state of texas has been caught up in a bitter custody battle between his divorced mother father and the fact that his parents count agree on which gender the child should be identified as makes the case even more complicated if you're a boy right now. when with his mother the boy you know and as james lives as a girl named luna the mother refers to james exclusively as her and say as it was the child to express that interest in wearing girls' clothes and even enrolled
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james in school under the female e r t who was sophie shevardnadze spoke to his father jeff younger you can watch the full version throughout the day here in r.t. . i took it very seriously because i had to some information what i was still living with with and george wallace my my ex-wife had been putting him into ready timeouts and saying things like the monsters only eat boys ready and some things like that he said mommy tells me i'm a girl. and i would ask him you know do you look like a girl and say no but mommy tells me i'm a girl i just wanted to verify and i sent her a text and you know are you actually telling james that he's a girl and she's just replied simply yes and then refused to talk to me about it you know he's never presented himself as a girl to me ever that he factor with me he violently rejects any female identity he won't wear female clothes he won't even wear boy's brief underwear because he says it's too much like girls underwear i believe he dresses by his own will when he's with his mother i just don't think he believes that she'll love him if he's
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a boy the father has long been fighting for his psalm to be treated as a boy the 6 he was born and jeff younger has now been accused by his ex wife of abusing their child for not affirming him miss transgender and for cutting his hair short. the father has an emotionally abusive behavior towards the checkout as example only haircuts and other non affirming actions all the wrong clee of these behavior rises to the level of family violence at this time the father said ration is becoming more common and more intense the temporary orders that i'm under before you go to final trial actually do allow me to address them as james and his male pronouns but i cannot do that in front of 3rd parties who know him as a girl so basically i can't go to school i keep them away from any friends he might have at school that know him as a girl and in my home he's known as james and i use male pronouns what i'm prohibited from doing right now is trying to convince him that he's actually a boy one of the big problems that i'm going to face eventually is in the state of
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taxes right now the courts position is that all of this is medical child support. so i have to pay for him to go to you know a therapist who's teaching him that he's a girl i have to pay for the hormone suppression of puberty which actually chemically castrate boys and prevents the growth of their sexual organs and if he goes on to a surgical transition would be medical child support as well that have to pay for that i consider this to be child abuse and the sexual mutilation of children on a on an industrial scale so i'm not paying for any of this i'm not going to participate in abuse my son in any way well this of course comes especially this debate whether children should be allowed to change their gender at such a young age sociologist and author frank furedi the least parents shouldn't impose gender choices on their offspring. i think it's wrong for parents to become preoccupied by gender identity it's not something that the vast majority of
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children ever think about very much it's not something that they experiment with to begin with i think that the danger today is is that we have a very strong political and cultural pressure on the part of parents to be much more relaxed about the boundaries that used to exist between boys and girls and as the boundaries are questioned so a lot of parents get confused that is just some of the stories where across this hour we get more in-depth analysis on r.t. dot com always worth some of your scoring time see in 30.
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