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tv   News  RT  July 9, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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to the united states. the president's administration as dysfunctional. to saudi arabia. because they could be.
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the british government looking into the possibility that a hostile state. sent back to. the united states embarrassing revelations expose what he really thought about the american president ministration donald trump just couldn't resist hitting back. the what he ambassador that the u.k. for we stood upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy he should speak to his country and prime minister may about their failed break that negotiation and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was donald trump friends speak frankly so i will these comments are disrespectful and wrong to our prime minister and my country you said the u.k. u.s. alliance was the greatest in history and i agree but need to treat each other with respect and three's
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a maze always done with it all started on sunday when these leaked diplomatic e-mails between sikkim darrick who's the u.k. ambassador in washington and the foreign office. came to light were revealed in a sunday paper and it's pretty standard practice for ambassadors to send a very frank assessment of what's going on in the countries that they're in they were never meant for public consumption and yet thanks to this leak here they are. we don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less and predictable less faction ribbon less diplomatically clumsy and you know to reason may has said that she's got full confidence in her ambassador in washington and of course donald trump isn't famous for having a thick skin when it comes to things like this she's not big into forgiving and
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forgetting either that hence that tweet about calling him directly. and saying that he's not going to be dealing with him anymore and all this leaves the foreign office in quite a pickle darrick is one of the most is deemed diplomats he's had quite a career behind him he was due to step down from his post in washington in a few months time but if he is called back to london early. the foreign office have risks looking like it was trump's refusal to deal with him that may have influenced that decision which they don't want to talk but only on one hand they might be left with a lame duck of an ambassador one of the most important ambassadorial posts in the service a lame duck on bass death in washington. it's already been disinvited from an event at the white house that's taking place this evening so he might have to choose to resign a lot of speculation about what he does next but all because of these diplomatic
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leaks where really he was simply doing his job in the meantime the cabinet office here is in charge of leading the full inquiry into who was behind all this. music festival in the u.s. city of detroit has been forced to change its ticketing policy after a backlash over charging white people double the price the organizers said quoted reflected the white communities wealth and privilege which disadvantages black people despite the afro future 1st slogan stating equality means treating everyone the same which would become a focal point for criticism online. first of all charging different prices because don't race well done intersectional radicals you've become the very racist you claim to stand against so walk so very walk for a future 1st equality means treating everyone the same also for
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a future 1st we're going to charge people different prices based on their race i wonder how our future music festival will charge asians do it be $15.00 because we're non white but privileged. the festival has now canceled that pricing policy following widespread complaints and even threats against the organizers and their families there's now a suggested donation option for quote non people of color said half the proceeds will go to a program that supports young black people in detroit but the organizers continue to defend their initial ticketing terms are to structure was built to ensure that the most marginalized communities people of color are provided with an equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community black detroit affording joint pleasure is unfortunately still a privilege in our society for people of color and we believe everyone should have access to receiving such but i was only comes to go as i go by all this one of the artists on the bill pulled out in protest. i was
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immediately enraged just because i am bi racial i have family members that would have under those circumstances been subject to something that i would not ever want them to be in it's non-progressive and it's not solution focused in my eyes. we heard from attorney and author we said this and he supports the organizers while conservative social commentator anthony brian logan says by any metric it's racism . well came early to what's going on here it seems like a one hand they don't want white people to come but on the other hand they want to tax them they want to charge do more money they let people for disease so you don't want to be here but you want to money i don't really understand you have are people who are local to the detroit community who may have been under server economic minorities and they're seeing an influx of money and wealth into their community that they're not necessarily always able to participate in and so when you have this organizer seeking to put together and
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a vent to benefit these under-served communities what she's saying is this is for the native people of this community what if it were in hispanic event let's say it was an hispanic music festival and they say hey anybody to c.-span that you're able to pay x. amount of dollars if you are not hispanic including black folks you got to pay more so to make you use a black person pay more to go to their view with the races yes or no so if they say that you can't come ratings are going to ability to sell exclude people if they say it is say it is you can't come at all because you blake would be racist is that he is i mean i'm trying to figure out yes you know i would iraqis definition. so you say yes ok that would be raised. now if a black person did it to a white person how would it be would it be races well if it were white people and the shoe was on the other foot then it doesn't really make sense because we know in our day how about if you spend your energy been receding when black people actually have that type of control again it's discriminatory it's a it's
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a practice where you are setting a bear a boundary a barrier but is it preventing someone from receiving an economic benefit no but if it were the other way around if it were a why only eventually it was a coach music festival in a.z. anyway it is not why you go to pay double to brace what would the reaction be your aces you neo nazi you k.k.k. are is a name what we're looking at right now is a young lady looking through the lens of history and deciding that it's important for us as a people to began to fix the issue from the lens of equity versus equality. u.s. state department has given an initial green light to a major weapons deal with taiwan but china says the potential trade agreement could undermine its sovereignty the pentagon and taiwanese officials have defended the move. this proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security of the u.s. by helping to improve the security and defensive capability of the recipient an
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important force for political stability move to rebalance an economic progress in the region try one will speed up investment on defense and continued to deepen security ties with the united states and countries with similar ideas american lawmakers now have 30 days to make a final decision on the deal that if it's agreed on taiwan will receive over $100.00 modernised tanks and $250.00 air defense missiles that along with other weapons takes the total bill to $2200000000.00 the island of taiwan has a complicated history and it's been ruled with varying degrees of autonomy since the end of the chinese civil war in 1949 it's been a state officially recognized by only 18 countries not any major global powers but china claims sovereignty over that territory and therefore beijing sees international interference as a domestic threat. the sale of weapons by the united states to taiwan seriously violates the one china principle grossly interferes in china's internal affairs and undermines china's sovereignty and security interests china urges the u.s.
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to immediately canceled a planned arms seo and stop military relations with taipei to avoid damaging sino u.s. relations and harming peace and stability in the taiwan strait a little earlier we spoke to china expert andrew young who says the move is part of a wider u.s. strategy to contain beijing. from the all of the all the united states well it's not just that it was all a chess board all asia pacific security the other states in which the you know this this seeing as being at the moment is being challenge but i was in china but as far as the laws. there is the relations act which are the most as legal as. the ideas that create. unsingable area. as a kind of. a fortress. to contain china so i think that there are those
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this in that context as far as united states. leading us democratic presidential candidate joe biden has defended himself after coming under a barrage of friendly fire from his own party they claim he's been too sympathetic towards racial segregation in the past the issue was raised late last month during the 1st democratic party debate ahead of next year's presidential election biden hailed the days gone by saying back then he was able to reach a compromise even with his biggest rivals like preussag ation congressman during the debate party diehards criticized him for even having dialogue with such people on after apologizing for his remarks biden said the words were taken out of context . did you see the questions about your past positions from the perspective of race being as relevant as they are no no i think the role of taking out of context and so easy to go back and go back 304050 years and take a context and take it completely out of context nonetheless throughout american
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history the democrats haven't always been pro integration those kind of open explained. joe biden the current front runner in the democratic presidential race has come forward to apologize about statements he made about working with advocates of racial segregation i regret it. and i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused him but. i don't think you have to be touting personal relations with people who will very brutal all the segregationist it was hurtful. to hear you talk about the reputations of 2 united states senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country now joe biden is still in the lead despite the scandal however it seems to have unearthed a strange reality in american politics the democratic party the party that brought
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us the 1st african-american president has a rather strange record when it comes to the issue of racism when senator robert byrd of west virginia died barack obama gave him a stirring eulogy he was sent an icon he was a party leader he was an elder statesman and he was my friend. that's all remember him prior to becoming a u.s. senator robert byrd had been a high ranking member of the ku klux klan afterwards he reputed the views of the hate group but prior to that he had some strong views when it came to the issue of race of a fight in the armed forces with a negro bomb i saw i'd rather i should die a 1000 times and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than to see this beloved london vase become degraded by race mongrels and through parts of the lucky specimen from the wilds bill clinton who was wildly popular among african-americans gave a eulogy when he was president for j.
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william fulbright another democrat we come to celebrated. for the remarkable life of j. william fulbright. a life that changed our country. and our world for ever and for the better well the glowing words left out the fact that fulbright was a big advocate of keeping black and white children in separate schools back in the 1960 s. when john f. kennedy and the northern democratic party organizations located in urban areas were pushing for racial integration the biggest pushback didn't come from republicans it came from the dix occur. as a splinter group within their own party in 1968 george wallace the democratic governor of alabama was so outraged to see anti racism become the dominant view within his own party that he ran as a 3rd party candidate then you ought to come on down to alabama we did teach you some low down the no no no. but now it would seem that
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a democrat having such an agenda would be almost unbelievable in fact m s n b c mislabeled george wallace as a republican check it out governor george wallace stood outside the university of alabama personally blocking 2 black students from unrolling their. sure joe biden has come forward and apologized for his statements on racial matters but it seems like the country has forgotten that not so long ago his entire party had the same issue after the civil war was the democratic party that was the races it was the republican party that was different then republicans were at the slavery . lincoln was republican and had the slavery it shane's the dixiecrat after segregation after the civil war they were there races everything
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was a mess we've had presidents supreme court justices who were members of that class and some of them had to do that to join the ku klux klan for political reasons i don't understand why this now with biden this is an inside baseball inside the bubble issue. british government's challenging a landmark legal ruling suspending new arms sales to saudi arabia court found last month that ministers had failed to assess whether the weapons might be used to commit war crimes in yemen despite having promised to review the licensing process following that judgment london now seems eager to get its exports flowing again the u.k. is licensed almost 5000000000 pounds worth of arms sales to the saudis since they don't want to the devastating intervention in yemen civil war in 2015 that figure makes britain the 2nd largest weapons export of the gulf monarchy after the united states with more on the story here's kate partridge. the u.k.'s government is fighting the court of appeal ruling that arms sales to saudi arabia are norful in
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the latest challenge in the long running legal battle over weapons used in the yemen war ministers are trying to stay the judgment which means they could carry on licensing arms sales to the saudis until the outcome of its appeal last month the court said the u.k. export licensing process was wrong in law in one significant respect the government made no concluded assessments of whether the saudi led coalition had committed violations of international community area law in the past during the yemen conflict and may not tempt to do so trade secretary liam fox was forced to hold an immediate review of almost $5000000000.00 pounds worth of weapons deals while this latest appeal seems to contradict fox's assurances to m.p.'s that saudi arms sales would be halted pending a review as i said earlier we disagree with the judgment and will seek permission to appeal alongside this we are carefully considering the implications of the judgment for decision making while we do this we will not grant any new licenses
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for export to saudi arabia and its coalition partners which might be used in the conflict in yemen opposition leader jeremy corbyn says the latest efforts to halt the ruling ridicule the government's position that human rights take priority over profit despite clear legal warnings that the sale of arms to saudi arabia has contributed to the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world the conservatives are determined to allow sales to carry on regardless this makes a mockery of their own commitment to hold all new sales while the review takes place into civilian casualties human rights watch has documented the use of u.k. made weapons in apparently are lawful airstrikes foreign secretary jeremy hunt says suspending british exports would diminish the u.k.'s influence over the course of the conflict but the campaign against arms trade argues the sales have meant british bombs have been used to kill civilian. what the government has applied for is s.t.
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which would mean that if it is granted that the arms exports can continue under the present under the present process this is the same process which the court of appeal has phoned was illegal and if that happens then that means that there will be more arms sales and that means for all the what atrocities committed because for 4 years no you can read fatal jets u.k. made bombs and you can with missiles have pleaded devastating role in creating the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and yemen is no surprise the government is appealing this verdict because it will do everything it can to maximize arm sales to the saudi regime because for decades and decades to stage a dictatorship has been the largest buyer in the world of u.k. weapons the saudi led coalition says it wasn't deliberately targeting civilians but thousands have been killed the united nations says 3300000 yemenis are displaced and at least 2 thirds of the population need help in the long running lethal battle
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is no end in sight kate partridge r.t. london. with relations between kiev and moscow under enormous strain ukraine's new president a lot of years olinsky has said he wants to hold a face to face meeting with the team of putin but in an indication of just how fraught the situation is ukrainian authorities are accusing the country's channel one news one channel of treason over a proposed link up show with a russian state broadcaster which is banned in ukraine the program which news one dropped after saying its journalist had received a barrage of threats was called we need to talk the channel says the intention was to provide a platform for ordinary people from ukraine and russia to discuss the challenges facing their countries on the war in eastern ukraine it also pointed to a recent survey indicating that 75 percent of ukrainians support such talks but the plans for the show still outraged many including the president. another saw only really missed the teleconference is just a cheap but dangerous p.r. move before the elections the goal of which is to divide us again into 2 camps the
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show's announcement is also triggered protests outside news ones h.q. with demonstrators setting off flares and chanting anti russian slogans russian t.v. presenter who was supposed to be helping host the linkup says the aim was to improve bilateral relations. get back to the all that was say when i agreed to work on this teleconference i wanted to show what we had been reading or listening watching wearing on this ng during the 5 years when we didn't communicate with each other on modern macauley has an historian and russian expert suspects that the authorities in kiev are anxious about ukraine's upcoming parliamentary elections. it sounds very strange because treason is betraying your country and giving away secrets. from involving your country to another country which your country feels is to his disadvantage so it's very difficult under standard word extreme word to use because this journalist was in fact trying to put forward trying to work on between moscow
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and here i think it has to do with the are probably right elections. zelinsky the president is very nervous because he was the majority in parliament. he may not get it therefore he wants to get as many votes as possible and it doesn't want an exchange you had an exchange between most. of. in russian they may in fact influence the election because various questions will come up how do you see the situation. how do you see the situation. on the privacy warpath an austrian activist is taking on facebook in ireland so europe's top justice call this tuesday it's a case that could have huge implications for global business max frames our gives the social media giant is insufficiently protecting the data reveal you citizens
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when it's transferred to the united states the landmark case puts at stake the legality of so-called standards contractual cause is a complex legal mechanisms that allow companies to move data freely from europe all over the world firms use them to transfer digital information between their various hubs worldwide trends archy's said runs against the e.u. privacy rules as it allows a u.s. national security agency's extensive access to the digital data of european citizens. law student from center previous data sharing deal worth billions of dollars called safe harbor crashing down he challenge that back in 2013 and 2 years later it was declared invalid on a quarter has been following the story. a legal struggle over what's known as the e.u. u.s. privacy shield is being considered in europe's top justice court it's looking into complaints that data transfers may not be compatible with e.u. law due to mass surveillance programs in the united states it was an issue picked up by whistleblower edward snowden and now austrian data activist max trams
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continues to battle the links between the n.s.a. and social media there is fundamentally a clash between surveillance laws in the us and privacy rules in europe we're in the debates about who governs the internet europe governs privacy but the u.s. government surveillance in the case was initially rejected in ireland back in 2013 then it was passed over to the e.u. court of justice and now the data agreement known as safe harbor has been ruled invalid. they could no longer lawfully be transferred from the e.u. to the u.s. pursuant to the safe harbor decision but other elements are complicating the matter turns out facebook never even relied on the agreement instead using so-called standard contractual clauses. didn't have follow its logical duty of exchanging the documents in the 2 party for seizure and told us that we were not allowed to know anything about it i was in the in the situation of suing the irish d.p.c. for
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a couple of 100000 euros at the high court and trying some kind of you know lawyer to do all that just to get the files in my case now it's up to the courts to decide if these data transfers are still legal one case that reportedly showed the scope of the n.s.a.'s abilities was the german chancellor when alongside german intelligence angle merkel's phone was monitored the fog of the us i think the question as to whether france should or should inspire each other is still important one and the guest of the answer should be that this shouldn't happen 2nd i want to say that we the office of the federal chancellor will justify ourselves to the responsible parliamentary committees. we asked europeans what they thought about u.s. surveillance into their private lives letting my son and that's to miss those people just tap tap tap and don't care what the apps will do with their days or later and for those who use facebook it's too late to worry about privacy i think security. more important because. you know you can control
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your privacy without social media if it's going to extreme that. do it. i believe those laws are the wrong way uses themselves to develop awareness however people post anything on facebook instagram and twitter not knowing what will happen to their personal data afterwards any american company wants to date our date belongs to e.u. citizens such as facebook or google or amazon they have to comply with certain requirements and the condition is that the way they will handle the data will be similar to the way the data would be handled in the e.u. the difference is that in the us there are different laws that allow the us government to actually look into the data and process that data in a way to be allowed to be done in the e.u.
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so even those contracts are found to be. unlawful it would mean they companies such as facebook and google and amazon that regularly process date that it belongs to either citizens will find themselves breaching e.u. law ok that's how it looks from moscow so far as to say thanks for checking in with r.t. your next global update for us follows watching the hawks. yes not pretty you would not a moon but in your circles modesty leap into. the much simpler groove with a little wooden mitt romney tonight when they're. looking. at. the white in good part of the new year already one of the it seems good to have you
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know my esteem situation. he. joined me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. greetings and salutation. this last saturday evening july 6th billionaire and already registered sex offender jeffrey edward epstein was returning from paris when starr when he stopped i was stepped off his private jet in the us and right
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into the hands of the law who took him into custody on charges of sex trafficking jeffrey berman u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york explained during a press conference monday afternoon that the 2 charges against abstain were only the beginning contemporaneous with the rest of that scene teterboro airport agents executed a search warrant on his mansion in new york city and recovered and seized and that was a search pursuant to a valid warrant. agency's evidence including nude photographs of what appear to be underage girls. and while abstain has managed to avoid serious prison time in the past this new indictment evidence found at his home on the corroborating witnesses could spell the end for every rich guy's favorite party how those friends of his on those house
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include everyone from former president of the united states bill clinton to current u.s. president donald trump left right or center those who call jeffrey epstein a friend won't all be under a microscope as his crimes and those of his rich and powerful friends across the globe are brought into the light even democratic party strategist and daughter of nancy pelosi christine pelosi tweeted it is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated so let's get ready for the falls from grace and start watching the hawks . were already knew that the. real that would. be a lot of. what they like you got. there.


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