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donald trump launches a furious attack on the british ambassador describing him as pompous and very stupid so after a leaked diplomatic memo create so rift between the 2 countries. a detroit music festival organized by the embers of the black community sparks can trump a seat by charging white people double for tickets i guess give their reaction. let's say it was a display in the music in a sea that you were able to pay x. amount of dollars to see you know the movie the ability. and the u.k. government challenge was a landmark court ruling blocking arms exports to saudi arabia.
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hello welcome to our teens and i still live from moscow and daniel hawkins review arts and i thanks for tuning in on the program but. the u.s. president has lashed out at the british ambassador in washington calling him a pompous fall so after a leaked memo in which the envoy gave a damning assessment of the trump ministration the feud has put a strain on the so-called special relationship between the 2 countries as more. this all began when this message message was leaked which showed the you can bask in the describing the trumpet ministration in really harsh terms describing them as being inept and not seeing the situation improving any time soon and perhaps in typical donald trump fashion the u.s. president took to twitter to express his feeling. they didn't pull any punches and
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he described the u.k. ambassador as being a very stupid guy the wacky ambassador that the u.k. foisted upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy he should speak to his country and prime minister may about their failed break that negotiation and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was. now here in the u.k. of course we are watching as the 2 candidates go head to head to be the next conservative leader and thus the next prime minister there of course the former foreign secretary boris johnson in the current one jeremy hunt and the 2 men responding in very different ways jeremy hunt quick to respond to mr trump's tweet and as far as he was concerned mr trump was being very disrespectful and wrong don't trump friends speak frankly so i will these comments disrespectful and wrong to our prime minister and my country you said the u.k. u.s.
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alliance was the greatest in history and i agree but i like need to treat each other with respect as threes amaze always done with you as for mr johnson well he wasn't willing to take a combative approach to mr trump and the united states and as far as he was concerned well there was a spare is a special relationship which shouldn't be disturbed by this fall out i've got a good relationship with the white house and i have no embarrassment in saying that the united states is has been will be for the foreseeable future our number one political military friend this is perhaps the biggest the most public falling out between the governments of the u.k. and the usa for many years how serious that will get and how much strain it will put on that so-called special relationship really depends on who wins that contest to be the next british prime minister as we've just seen there 2 very different responses to donald trump's approach and that will define exactly where this
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scandal goes from here. global affairs analyst patrick henningsen says the dispute could have an impact on the leadership contest for the u.k.'s ruling conservative party. certainly comes at an interesting time right in the sort of the midst of the conservative leadership contest britain is due to appoint a new prime minister very soon release the tory party. already i should say is going to appoint a new prime minister not britain there's 2 questions one is who benefits from this leak does anybody benefit from this leak certainly on the sort of the remainer side you could say that they might benefit from this those germy hunt benefit from this certainly boards johnson can because he's the favorite in the leadership contest at the moment but then the other question is who leaked it and why. and we don't know that yet. music festival in the us city of detroit has been forced to change its ticketing policy off
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a backlash over charging what people twice as much as black people organizers said the policy reflected the white communities wealth and privilege which disadvantages black people draw quite a bit of controversy on light. festival charging different prices bees don't race well done intersectional radicals you've become the very racist you claim to stand against so walk so very walk for a future fest equality means treating everyone the same author for a future fest we're going to charge people different prices based on their race i wonder how opera future music festival will charge asians do it pay $15.00 because we're non white but privileged. the festival has now canceled that pricing policy following of widespread complaints and threats against the organizers and their families there is now a suggested donation option for people of color half the proceeds will go to
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a program that supports young black people in detroit the organizers though continue to defend their initial ticketing terms. are to structure was built to ensure that the most marginalized communities people of color are provided with an equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community black detroit affording joint pleasure is unfortunately still a privilege in our society for people of color and we believe everyone should have access to receiving such was that only concert goers are angered by all this one of the artists on the bill pulled out in protest. i was immediately enraged just because i am bi racial i have family members that would have under those circumstances been subjected to something that i would not ever want them to be in it's non-progressive and it's not solution focused in my eyes and we heard from attorney and author resurfacing who supports the organizers while
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conservative social commentator brought logan says by any metric it's racism. well i can't really tell was going on here it seems like a one hand they don't want white people to come but on the other hand they want to text him they want to charge do more money they let people for this is a so you don't want to be here but you want to money i don't really understand you have are people who are local to the detroit community who may have been under server economic minorities and they're seeing an influx of money and wealth into their community that they're not necessarily always able to participate in and so when you have this organizer seeking to put together and a vent to benefit these under-served communities what she's saying is this is for the native people of this community what if it were an hispanic event let's say it was it has been a music festival and they say hey anybody to c.-span and you're able to pay x. amount of dollars if you're not hispanic including black folks you got to pay more so to make you use a black person pay more to go to their viewing with the races yes or no so if they
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say that you can't come ratings are going to ability to exclude people if they say it is a it is you can't come at all because you blake would be racist is that he is i mean i'm trying to figure out yes or no i would iraqis definition. so you say yes ok that would be raised that way. now if a black person did it to a white person how would it be would it be races well if it were white people and the shoe was on the other foot then it doesn't really make sense because we know in our day how about if you spend your energy been receding when black people actually have that type of control again it's discriminatory it's a it's a practice where you are setting a bear a boundary a barrier but is it preventing someone from receiving an economic benefit no but if it were the other way around if it were a why only say it was a coach music festival in a.z. anyway it is not why you go to pay double to brace what would the reaction be your a c s u neo nazi you k.k.k.
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are is a name what we're looking at right now is a young lady looking through the lens of history and deciding that it's important for us as a people to began to fix the issue from the lens of equity versus equality. the u.s. state department has given the green light to a major weapons deal with taiwan despite criticism from china the pentagon and taiwanese officials have defended the move. this proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security of the us by helping to improve the security and defensive capability of the recipient an important force for political stability move to rebalance an economic progress in the region try one will speed up investment on defense and continued to deepen security ties with the united states and countries with similar ideas american lawmakers now have 30 days to make a final decision on the deal if approved taiwan it will receive over $100.00 modernized tanks and $250.00 air defense missiles that along with other weapons
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takes the total bill to $2200000000.00 the oil over taiwan has been ruled independently since the chinese civil war ended in 1949 however it's only recognized as a state by 18 countries none of the major global powers china claim sovereignty over the territory and therefore beijing seasons a national interference as a domestic threat. the sale of weapons by the united states to taiwan seriously violates the one china principle grossly interferes in china's internal affairs and undermines china's sovereignty and security interests china urges the u.s. to immediately cancel the planned arms seo and stop military relations with taipei to avoid damaging sino u.s. relations and harming peace and stability in the taiwan strait. and try to alessandra long says the move is part of a wider u.s. strategy to contain beijing. the whole of the all the united states while it's not
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just that it was all a chess board all. the security other states you know seeing as being at the moment and being challenge but i was in china but as far as the laws busy. there is the relations act which are the most legalized. the idea is to create. a kind of unsinkable area. as a kind of. a fortress. to contain china so i think that was the scene in that context as far as united states. leading us democratic presidential candidate joe biden has defended himself after coming under a barrage of friendly fire from his own party they claim he's been too sympathetic towards racial segregation in the past and the issue was raised late last month
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during the 1st democratic party debate ahead of next year's presidential election biden hailed the days gone by saying back then he was able to reach a compromise even with his biggest rivals like congressman and here in the debate party diehards criticized him for even having dollar would such people after apologizing for his remarks biden said the words were taken out of context. did you see the questions about your past positions from the perspective of race being as relevant as they are no no i think the role of taking out of context and so easy to go back and go back 304050 years and take a context and take it completely out of context unless throughout american history the democrats haven't always been pro integration. explains. joe biden the current front runner in the democratic presidential race has come forward to apologize about statements he made about working with advocates of racial
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segregation i regret it. i'm sorry freddy the pater misconception i may have caused him but. i don't think you have to be holding a personal relationship with people who will very brutal oh a segregationist it was hurtful. to hear you talk about the reputations of 2 united states senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country now joe biden is still in the lead despite the scandal however it seems to have unearthed a strange reality in american politics the democratic party the party that brought us the 1st african-american president has a rather strange record when it comes to the issue of racism when senator robert byrd of west virginia died barack obama gave him a stirring eulogy he was sent an icon he was a party leader he was an elder statesman and he was my friend. that's all remember
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him prior to becoming a u.s. senator robert byrd had been a high ranking member of the ku klux klan afterwards he reputed the views of the hate group but prior to that he had some strong views when it came to the issue of race of a fight in the armed forces with a negro bomb i saw i'd rather i should die a 1000 times and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than to see this beloved london vase become degraded by race mongrels a throwback to the blocky specimen from the wilds bill clinton who was wildly popular among african-americans gave a eulogy when he was president for j. william fulbright another democrat we come to celebrated. for the remarkable life of j. william fulbright. a life that changed our country. and our world for ever and for the better well the glowing words left out the fact that fulbright was
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a big advocate. keeping black and white children in separate schools back in the 1960 s. when john f. kennedy and the northern democratic party organizations located in urban areas were pushing for racial integration the biggest pushback didn't come from republicans it came from the dixiecrats a splinter group within their own party in 1968 george wallace the democratic governor of alabama was so outraged to see anti racism become the dominant view within his own party that he ran as a 3rd party candidate then you oughta come on down to alabama we did you some low down there. right now it would seem that a democrat having such an agenda would be almost unbelievable in fact m s n b c mislabeled george wallace as a republican check it out. governor george wallace stood outside the university of alabama personally blocking 2 black students from drilling there.
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sure joe biden has come forward and apologized for his statements on racial matters but it seems like the country has forgotten that not so long ago his entire party had the same issue after the civil war was the democratic party that was the races it was the republican party that was different the republicans ran the slavery lincoln was republican the slavery it she changed the dixiecrat after segregation after the civil war they were there races everything was a mess we've had presidents supreme court justices who were members of the klan some of them had to do that to join the ku klux klan for political reasons i don't understand why this now with biden this is an inside baseball inside the
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bubble issue. the president of ukraine says he's ready for dollar with russia but people in his own ministration seem to disagree we'll have more on that after this short break. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. nor middle of the room.
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you know world of big partisan life and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. come back to the program with relations between kiev and moscow under enormous strain ukraine's new president a lot of me as a lenski has said he wants to hold a face to face meeting with vladimir putin in an indication of just how fraught the situation is creating authorities are accusing the country's news one child of
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treason over a proposed link up show with a russian state water cost which is banned in ukraine and the program which news one dropped after saying its journalists had received their barrels of threats was called we need to talk the channel says the intention was to provide a platform for ordinary people from ukraine and russia to discuss the challenges facing their countries and the war in eastern ukraine it also pointed to a recent survey indicating that 75 percent of ukrainians would support such talks but the plans for the show still outraged many including the president. unfortunately bill in east the teleconference is just a cheap but dangerous p.r. move before the elections the global which is to divide us again into 2 camps. shows announcement also triggered protests outside news ones h.q. with demonstrators setting off flares and chanting russian slogans a russian t.v. presenter who was supposed to be helping host the link up says the aim was to improve bilateral relations. that was say when i agreed to work on this
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teleconference i wanted to show what we had been reading listening watching wearing on the scene during the 5 years when we didn't communicate with each other most of macaulay who's an historian and a russia expert suspect he's in kiev are anxious about ukraine's upcoming parliamentary elections. it sounds very strange because treason is betraying your country and giving away secrets. from involving your country to another country which your country feels is to his disadvantage very difficult understand that word extreme word to use because this journalist was in fact trying to put forward and try to work on an exchange between moscow and kiev i think it has to do with the upcoming iraqi elections and all of that we are still insecure the president is very nervous because you want to majority in parliament and he may not get it
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therefore he wants to get as many votes as possible and he doesn't want an exchange if you have an exchange between moscow and kiev. in russian they may in fact influence the election because various questions will come up how do you see the situation in the donbass how do you see the situation in crimea as. the british government is challenging a landmark legal ruling suspending new arms sales to saudi arabia the court found last month that ministers had failed to assess whether the weapons might be used to commit war crimes in yemen despite having promised to review the lawsuits and process following the judgment london now seems eager to get its exports flowing again the u.k.'s largest almost 5000000000 pounds worth of arms sales to the saudis since they launched their devastating intervention in gammon's civil war in 2015 that figure makes britain the 2nd largest weapons exporter to the gulf monarchy
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after the us with more on the story here's kate partridge. the u.k.'s government is fighting the court of appeal ruling that arms sales to saudi arabia are norful in the latest challenge in the long running legal battle over weapons used in the yemen war ministers are trying to stay the judgment which means they could carry on licensing arms sales to the saudis until the outcome of its appeal last month the court said the u.k. export licensing process was wrong in law in one significant respect the government made no concluded assessments of whether the saudi led coalition had committed violations of international community area law in the past during the yemen conflict and may not tempt to do so trade secretary liam fox was forced to hold an immediate review of almost $5000000000.00 pounds worth of weapons deals while this latest appeal seems to contradict fox's assurances to m.p.'s that sadly arms sales would be halted pending a review as i said earlier we disagree with the judgment and the secret mission to
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appeal alongside this we are carefully considering the implications of the judgment for decision making while we do this we will not grant any new licenses for export to saudi arabia and its coalition partners which might be used in the conflict in yemen opposition leader jeremy corbyn says the latest efforts to halt the ruling ridicule the government's position that human rights take priority over profit despite clear legal warnings that the sale of arms to saudi arabia has contributed to the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world the conservatives are determined to allow sales to carry on regardless this makes a mockery of their own commitment to hold all new sales while the review takes place into civilian casualties human rights watch has documented the use of u.k. made weapons in apparently are lawful airstrikes foreign secretary jeremy hunt says suspending british exports would diminish the u.k.'s influence over the course of the conflict but the campaign against arms trade argues the sales have meant
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british bombs have been used to kill civilian. what the government has applied for is s.t. which would mean that if it is granted that the arms exports can continue under the present under the present process this is the same process which the court of appeal has phoned was illegal and if that happens means that there will be more arms sales and that means for all be trusted he's committed because for 4 years no you can read fater jets u.k. made bombs and u.k. made missiles have pleaded devastating role in creating the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and yemen is no surprise the government is appealing this verdict because it will do everything it can to maximize arm seals. because for decades and decades to stage a dictatorship has been the largest buyer in the world of u.k. weapons the saudi led coalition says it wasn't deliberately targeting civilians but thousands have been killed the united nations says 3300000 yemenis are displaced
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and at least 2 thirds of the population need help in the long running lethal battle is no end in sight kate partridge r.t. . that's all from us for this hour back at the top of the hour with more global headlines states for boom bust. we put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go on to proceed which is what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters and the . question.
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why is it when you hear the word diversity it's at the expense of unity then there is inclusion but only inclusion when you agree with a certain political thought and world view and we can forget about identity politics if you disagree when you're called a dog whistle why did we get here. the problem of the financial system cause from wall street throughout the rest of the world was so big that not just one central bank could make money cheap enough could create enough artificial money by itself and so the fed did collude did work together with the european central bank with the bank of england with the people's bank of china leader that was kind of separate story with the bank of japan and so forth to create enough money to put into the financial system to keep it safe for itself and ultimately what that did is a transferred all of that money into the banks into financial assets into burgeoning stock markets like like a ton of sort of crack into an attic up and up and i never took it away and that
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meant someone else was going to pay on the other side and the people who paid on the other side was everyone else in the world. i. was casting around the gloving covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon us i'm christiane and i'm daniel brito in washington here's a look at what's on deck today george thank continues to slash jobs as part of its restructuring could there be an eerie pattern unfolding nailer a public citizen is on hand to sort through what's in store for the banking behemoth. in the wake of the constant terror threats auto exports from mexico to
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the states have spiked lauren fix the car coach joins us today to break down the boom of cars coming across the border we have packed out i thought let's go and dive right in. a legal fight that could such major global precedence on down to sharing and privacy leads our global report today as the irish data protection commission takes a case against facebook to the european court of justice on tuesday the e.c.g. the top court of the european union began hearing a case that began with revelations that a u.s. spy agency the national security agency was compelling facebook and similar companies to turn over private data from users in the e.u. the 11 specific questions that spun out of that case are now before the court and center on the rules that govern tech companies sharing data from users around the world so-called standard contractual causes or c c's if the e.c. j. finds that as he sees fail to protect the privacy rights guaranteed by e.u. laws companies like facebook and its peers could be forced to sequester that
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lucrative trove of european consumer data and rewrite their rules for sharing what is arguably their most valuable resource a decision from the court is expected before the end of this year. catching up with africa 54 of 55 leaders attending the recent african union summit in nigeria. signed an agreement to create the african continental free trade area the proposal under discussion for 4 years advanced after regional power nigeria was convinced to support it. as one of the remaining holdouts on the continence agreement which would eliminate most tariffs has been ratified in the national parliaments of about half of the african union members the unions trade and industry commissioner predicted that the area would become operational by july of 2020 that gathered elders also advanced plans for pan african payment system to maximize efficiencies within the trading bloc and reduce trade barriers created by the region's scarcity
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of foreign exchange. and japan has launched another round in the back and forth with south korea or new restrictions on export materials used in semiconductors and smartphone displays japanese trade and industry minister here is shogi seiko said tokyo was quote not thinking at all of rolling back the restrictions on exports of 3 men their minerals says seoul after south korean president moon j in warned and warned of countermeasures if they were to affect korea's tech companies. go spoke about the situation during a news conference tuesday to kind of i think this is extremely dependent on the south koreans to sponsor naturally there is a possibility of the expansion of the export controls in a properly done situation they were last year at their new size she used to get her into treatment existed should. now i mislead or haitian ordinary i don't like other usual giuliani so i can't help but think what problems there are. there is absolutely not a financial measure and sell.


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