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i. think from comes under fire from the u.s. democrats for links to billionaire jeffrey epstein multiple cases of child sexual abuse. and islamic state terrorist involved in the 2015 paris terror attacks gets 500 euros compensation for legal terms of the title should his prison cells partly under permanent surveillance we'll tell you more and. it's really sentences 24 people involved in a campaign of coordinated terror assassinations carried out by the u.s. backed by the troops in south america in the seventy's and eighty's tens of thousands of political opponents were rounded up and killed across 6 countries that .
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their good morning just in the morning here in moscow this is out international form a new center here with me kevin irwin and i 30 minute world news roundup thanks for joining starting with this than the sex trafficking chair and child abuse trial of a billionaire jeffrey epstein is spilling over into the white house president trump has had to defend his labor secretary alex acosta when acosta was a u.s. attorney in miami way back he signed off a plea agreement in an earlier case involving upstate which critics say was far too lenient. it's been a great really great the secretary of labor. the rest of it will have to look at we have to look at it very carefully but we're talking about a long time ago and again it was a decision made i think not by him but by a lot of people so we're going to look at it very carefully jeffrey epstein a registered sex offender is accused of trafficking and luring dozens of underage girls to his mansion if found guilty he may face up to 45 years in prison now the
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democratic leadership is putting pressure on the team then over a potential obstruction of justice secretary costa must step down as u.s. attorney he engaged in the conscionable agreement with jeffrey abstain kept secret from courageous young victims prevented them from seeking justice this was now by the president of the us when he appointed him to the cabinet i am calling on secretary acosta to resign instead of prosecuting a predator and serial sex trafficker of children. a constant. jeffrey epstein a billionaire caught trafficking underage girls between 20022005 has been arrested yet again this time after horrendous new evidence came to life beginning at least 2002 and continuing till 2000. and 13 is alleged to have dozens of victims
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epstein is well connected and he's evaded these charges for years thanks to a deal he made with the costa when he was the u.s. attorney in miami instead of being charged with sex trafficking and child rape he only pled guilty to a lesser charge of soliciting prostitution from a minor while serving his time epstein had up to 12 hours a day 6 days a week as work release at his downtown office he served only 13 months before then being released on probation during his probation epstein took numerous trips to both the virgin islands and new york city in his private jet and the new evidence has forced acosta to now come forward and defend his decision to give such special treatment to a sexual predator. with the evidence available more than a decade ago federal prosecutors insisted that i go to jail register as a sex offender and put the world on notice that he was a sexual predator now that you haven't seen additional testimonies available the
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new york prosecution offers an important opportunity to more fully bring him to justice so democrats just heard about this we are dealing are filled with outrage well actually know they've known about it for quite some time this is a cost his confirmation hearing back in 27 seen the lawsuit questions why trump's nominee for labor secretary former miami u.s. attorney you know xander acosta cut a non-prosecution deal with epstein a decade ago rather than pursuing a federal indictment in fact the nature of a cost as punishment if you can really call it that was never secret the department of justice has defended the actions of the office in that matter under both president bush and president obama's administrations so why the sudden outrage well according to chuck schumer timing is everything the president needs to answer for his statements he has made about his relationship with mr epstein particularly since president trump appointed mr acosta. to such
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a powerful position see the issue is that a trumpet ministration official is now caught up in the outrage around jeffrey epstein and trump indeed does have some skeletons in his closet when it comes to the epstein case epstein visited mara largo however according to the attorney who represents one of epstein's victims trump threw him out after he started making passes at underage girls on the property furthermore trump seems to be the only prominent individual actually cooperated with the investigation into epstein's crimes trump is the only person who picked up the phone and said let's just to give you as much time as you want we will need to know it was very helpful so that does not put trump in the clear he certainly was familiar with the sexual predator however so was bill clinton the former president actually took 27 different flights on jeffrey epstein's private airplanes some of them without being accompanied by secret service and there are rumors circulating that there were underage girls on
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the plane clinton had his secret service with him and many times he did not almost every time that clinton's name is on the pilot logs there are underage girls there are initials and there are names of many many girls on that. private plane but clinton is just background noise right now epstein fits in with the anti trump chorus from mainstream media the federal sex trafficking case against donald trump old friend jeffrey epstein tries to both the president and notably his labor secretary alex are cost him the man who cut that deal with him that was his job then now that labor secretary he's got supporters are part of this administration so perhaps the victims in this case should be happy that donald trump was elected after all until trump's name was brought in and attached to the case there seemed to be far less interest and outrage about epstein's atrocious crimes from certain
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voices. r.t. new york. islamic state terrorists. who took part of the 2015 paris terror attacks has received 500 euros compensation for a legal terms of detention he was in a prison cell under permanent surveillance something that contradicts european human rights laws. because got the latest on it this morning for you so look this infamous name and the last remaining member of a group behind the worst terror attack in. us. just months later $32.00 people were killed in cool would need to filming on brussels transport tops is now serving
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a 20 year prison sentence yet it's now emerged this self confessed to harvest has found himself on the right side of the legal system of the french state was forced to pay him 500 euro why do you bring. still slams incarceration here france he was subjected to stop surveillance back in 2016 then justice minister explained why that decision was taken i made a ministerial order authorizing video surveillance 24 hours a day and on the basis of this decree which i took after consultation with the national commission on informatics and liberty i took an individual decision on mr disallowed to be put into video surveillance even the unions supported the government's position why is that scope of surveillance was justified. in this case video surveillance was an effective means of ensuring that the individual did no harm himself and if needed to stand trial for what he did but does lambs who is
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continued to challenge it and they won in 2017 is minister to court agree that his detention conditions were illegal but this information has only just come to light and it's causing outrage. the french judiciary has condemned the state to pay 500 euros to a terrorist who caused the deaths of more than 130 people and left 400 injured on the 13th of november 25th seen this is a disgrace i'm appalled by the court order to pay $500.00 euros to so obviously this legal outrage must be reviewed urgently this french stay owes nothing to islamist barbarians so what do people here in paris make of this case. honestly i don't think that 500 euros is a lot and i also agree with the human rights side of it but he didn't respect the human rights of the people either i believe that when you are. creating crime that
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is so horrific that perhaps you should just lose all of your entailments and privileges non-pros it was about absolutely not that's not normal he committed a crime and now we have to pay him it's not. normal see really amazing that the french government had to p.d.f. if she found ridge fine but if we are looking to do side of the justice we've got some rules we've got some and we need to respect general. is no good at all because he's still a terrorist and should be the other way he should be charging condemned some very diverse opinions on a subject that many people were simply shocked by it seems though that has no intention of taking the money so far he's refused it charlotte even ski ati paris we are so i guess about the rights of the wrongs of this case and it
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turns out it's not so clear cut. the issue around how we was treated by the french authorities is an important issue regardless of one's background regardless of one's you know situation in terms of what they've been accused of the rule of law applies equally to same case in belgium actually where they receive compensation because they are in m.r. a restricted area within prison and they get one euro per day i mean this is ridiculous it's not the fact that they're received one euro it's the fact that the court goes as far as the same time on this issue i mean in middle eastern countries there is none of that well the reality is somewhat different the people who carried out those a terrorist attacks in paris and in brussels and some of them have got very serious sentences they've been given life sentences of 20 plus years you know we look here in the u.k. there's been many terror plots that have been foiled and the people involved have been given long custodial sentences well i think that the sentences should be the
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real sentences that the judge pronounces if it is 2030 years life it is life it is 30 years or 20 years people in the street. should not get emotional about this but they don't understand the system they have the impression that the victims are penalized while the justice system defense criminals but you've got to take your own emotion out of it and said that the law applies equally to every single citizen and if the authorities the police are not above the law in western societies and if they've done any particular action which is brought their authority into disrepute then they should be consequences and that's what the judge awarded damages to this individual. court in italy is handed down life sentences to 24 people including high profile officials involved in operation condor or that was a campaign of political repression by us back to take the ships in the 1970 s. and eighty's in 6 south american countries 23 of the 24 were sentenced in absentia
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the case was initially opened 2 decades ago by families of the victims. kidnappings torture of tens of thousands killed including through being thrown out of flying planes the death flights with a cruel dose of irony the operation was also given the ariel name conduct for over a decade the dictatorships of 6 latin american states were cleansing their left leaning opposition through repression and state terror now their victims have some
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closure but only some the executers of operation condor couldn't have excelled the way they did without help we have followed events in argentina closely we wish the new government will wish it will succeed we will do what we can to help it succeed where were you on a difficult period it is a curious to win political criminal and terrorist activities tend to merge without any clear separation when the standard must establish with or ity in hindsight as stablish authority they did oh by all means quite literally all the 6 nations became staunch allies of the us for which the political purges in latin america became a convenient way to scorch communist idea from its backyard outpost of pinochet now a household name almost synonymous with tyranny enjoyed financial support from washington at least through his chief of intelligence some declassified documents referred to operation condo as
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a legitimate counterterrorism action moreover and rick kissinger then secretary of state was briefed on the murder operations of. operation condor in august 1976 the operation would last until 1989 and for all those years the cia chose not to step in to prevent the brutal violence in fact the u.s. kept its finger on the pulse of operation condor or aiding at times with strategic planning. brazil argentina chile bolivia paraguayan year ago i make up the nets they keep in touch with one another through a u.s. communication installation in the panama canal zone which covers all of latin america obviously this is the condo network which all of us have heard about over the last few years this cia did such a great job ensuring control of latin america through operation corndog that in 1977 just 2 years into its official phase europe took notes representatives of
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west german french and british intelligence services had visited the condo organization secretary it's important gerry's during the month of september $977.00 in order to discuss methods for establishment of an anti subversion organization similar to condo due to their view that the terrorists averse of threats had reached such dangerous levels in europe as kissinger was well aware the cia knew all about this state department knew all about this and in fact the united states helped facilitate communications between the 6 countries that were involved in this people are getting some small measure of justice and it's much too late many of the perpetrators have already died you have to realize this was a vast operation thousands and thousands of people involved 7 governments involved at least you have to also remember that you have the intelligence services of britain france and west germany also collaborating with these governments in south
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america so this was that global operation has silence critics silence reformers this is our read this period in history 17 minutes past 9 in the morning moscow time this wednesday hi there thanks for being with us this is r.t. international ahead american diabetic said the calendar for affordable medication will explain their predicament why they're having to do that when we come back. you know world's big partners. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. countries that's part of it's a country a sum of all that you've got. stock markets that are owned by that's called 10 percent of the population most of us. and they're what else is for and it's a condition that for americans don't want to cop to it's hard for but the fact is now you've got 150000000 more people america.
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again people with diabetes in america say they're forced to go to canada these days in order to get affordable insulin a group spent $150.00 is no less on a bus trip to try to buy the medication that turns out to be 12 times less expensive over the border than is in the u.s. we spoke with a bus organizer so this is when i just went to c.v.s. in minneapolis minnesota and the retail price of that bile is $340.00 when i went to london ontario to pick it out at the wal-mart pharmacy there. in u.s. dollars the retail price was $26.00 so there is a huge price discrepancy and so for so many americans they just simply can't afford it i have never had to personally ration insulin but from the high cost of insulin i have had to go into debt because of it i've had to put it on credit cards i've had to reach out to family members to help me pay for it because it has gotten too
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expensive that i can't cover it. because that astronomical cause but i also realize there are people that are not as fortunate as me and they don't have family members they can reach out to that can help bail them out according to the u.s. to his associations $30000000.00 americans suffer from the condition well more than $7000000.00 rely on insulin and this comes amid a significant rise in the cost to treatment from 2012 to 2016 plus is almost doubled nicole smith told from the international charity one international told us about the tragic consequences of having to rush an insulin. the price is raised to over 1200 percent the past 20 years and there's just no reason why it's banned increasing to the point where people just they're dying because they can't afford their insulin my family has paid the ultimate price of the pharmaceutical companies price gouging their patients. in 2017 my 26 year old son
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passed away. from diabetic ketoacidosis from rationing his insulin and he was rationing it because he couldn't afford it. the monthly price for his insulin and diabetic supplies was $1300.00 is going to such an extreme that people are resorting to some really drastic measures to be able to get affordable insulin and people are traveling outside of the united states and going to other countries to purchase it where it's actually affordable. well john dombrowski from a pain management center spoke to us about he thinks that increased competition would drive down the price of insulin in the united states. sometimes it happens the united states the f.d.a. requires pharmaceutical industry to have a certain standard of care and standards are great but sometimes small businesses cannot enter that market because it's such a barrier by making
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a 1000 dollars or $3000.00 a year in a product when i as a company want to get into that maybe we need 6 companies that we need a company and the way that you do that is again make sure there's a less of a barrier to make this product if you use competition then me as a patient i'm empowered to understand how much is this medication cost is this product equally as good why would maybe you know take a lesser expensive medication than the other. gone from sort of twitter crusade again this time vent his anger at britain's ambassador to the united states in a series of tweets he calls or came to iraq among other things a pompous fall the president also lashed out at outgoing prime minister tourism a calling her deal a disaster british foreign secretary and potentially the next prime minister jeremy hunt fired back donald trump friends speak frankly so i will these comments are disrespectful and wrong to our prime minister and my country you said the u.k. u.s. alliance was the greatest in history and i agree but i always need to treat each
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other with respect and three's i'm a is always done with you the u.s. president's enraged after leaked confidential e-mails from the u.k. pastor exposed what he thought about president trump and his administration london immediately launched a probe into the embarrassing incident but that hasn't satisfied the man in the oval office and now hunt's rival to be prime minister boris johnson is also been trying to smooth the path for good long term relations saying things shouldn't be ruffled by this currents but i've got a good relationship with the white house and i have no embarrassment in saying that the united states is has been will be for the foreseeable future our number one political military friend and the u.s. state department also trying to calm the waters saying the president's row with london won't affect their special relationship bill of course let the way how speak where the president's tweets have an incredibly special and strategic relationship with the united kingdom that has gone on for quite
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a long time and it's bigger than any individual it's bigger than in any government it's something that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so and the could be further intrigue here to tell you about the british ambassador's falling victim to a political hit job inside the u.k. foreign office that's what former white house communications director told r.t. he's going underground host afshin rattansi in fact that interview in full in a couple of hours time and showing up various times throughout the day. you know if you if the windows ok here clickety clack outside it's a horse it's not a zebra so to me that was a political hit job an ambassador darrick and there's a transition going to happen in the u.k. government and somebody wanted to embarrass him and knock him out of that post now he's leaving i guess or starr is up in january i think it would be ridiculous for them to remove him prior to being up but it's likely now because of that maybe he won't get a term extension and ironically that would be a shame for the british government because he's done
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a very very good job using incredibly well liked despite what the president is saying in those tweets and that's the president he is very well liked in washington though and he ambassador is not is foisted upon the united states not someone with thrilled with this is predictable behavior by the president this thing will blow over but it's embarrassing somebody should get in the foreign office of the u.k. government somebody should get down to the bottom of what happened and some people need to get fired ok but if you are still the white house good 11 days inside the foreign office i could figure out who's doing it and we would have to send them out . much more than to come later today but for now that's the news route with me kevin i would stay in touch was so much more of a news today because the teams across a valley come wednesday morning come it's 9 26 in the morning here in moscow have a great day would have erupted.
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just manufactured. to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final larry go around the. whole middle of the room 6. 1000000 more you knew. that when you hear the word diversity it's at the expense of unity then there is inclusion but only inclusion when you agree with a certain political thought and world view and of course we can forget about
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identity politics if you just agree then you're called a dog whistle wanted to get here. through it in your circles one of. the much for that was a. mere written word when the. white english sort of. you know made it seem strange. to be. that.
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greetings and fowl you taishan us here in the united states of america there has been one insidious enemy of hard working patriotic american adults since the early part of the 20th century a graver threat to graver threat than communism far more dangerous than terrorism i'm speaking of course about the dreaded american teenager yes the united states fear of the teenage mind as a long history in this country from the 1950 s. fear of juvenile delinquency to the 1960 s. brutal teenage uprising of growing long hair and singing songs of peace and love of course we can't forget about those dangerous morose teenage slackers from the 1990 s. and today's self-indulgent self-righteous aba kotto speeding social media obsessed generation z. and their socialist millennial brethren but thankfully thankfully the city of philadelphia may have finally found a way to keep the public safe from these dangerous teenagers roaming our streets
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and that is sonic weaponry yes you heard me correctly according to a.b.c. news the parks and recreation department in the city of philadelphia has since 2014 installed at the beis called the mosquito in parks around the city and that the device goes off from 10 pm to 6 am blaring a high pitched sound that anyone over the age of 25 should not be able to hear it's currently installed at 31 city run locations in philadelphia the devices are meant to prevent vandalism and loitering by teens and young people at these public parks naturally this is led to some pushback from the community with philadelphia city council member helen jim telling the news media quote i don't think that this project is going to going to go any further until it meets with the full scrutiny to the public and that we have some serious attention paid to whether this is the
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best use of our money. you know my friends i think it's time we to ask ourselves just what are the values of a society that decides to treat its young people like pests at a barbecue rather than well i don't know him and beings now let's start watching the hawks. looking. good looking like real that this would be the last to leave the politics if you like but they like you and i know i got. the police. to do. this. because i. welcome everybody to watch you have a telling and getting it and that is that it today is my co-host tyrant and.


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