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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 16, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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man well the law was whisked away from his residence in a brazen military raid supported by the united states is a lie as removal cleared the path for the interests of big business across the country he was whisked away in a military coup and we stopped the phrase whisked away was reserved for like romance novels. my dear friends the way you wish me a way to get me to a picture as bed and breakfast. play was magnificent. whatever point. protesters are literally burning the u.s. embassy because we instead of to rule over them how is that not news. dorrance our fury there like you. had to deal liberal austerity measures supported by our government and the i.m.f. the measures have caused massive layoffs increased cost of basic goods essentially
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made their lives suck down there you've got to take out a loan to get a can of soup but as long as their government is pillaging the people of on doors appropriately our government is cool with it. let's move on to the tiny country of brazil which. happens to be the 5th largest come country in the world which makes it the largest of the countries americans don't care about that recently a nationwide strike called by brazil's trade unions disrupted public transport and triggered roadblocks ahead of protests against far right president balls and pension reform an estimated 45000000 workers had taken part in the strike 45000000 people shut down brazil can you imagine getting 45000000 americans to agree on and he said thank. you good to get that many do agree that sneezing and farting at the same time is unacceptable during a p. no recital. but this is not
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a story your corporate media will cover because it's not good for the fascist president we support down there and be it might make american workers think what if we had a general strike. you c know. you suppose we actually have power over the means of production do you know you know you know suppose we're the ones who make the whole thing go all the fat guy in the big office lashes. you at all you know suppose the material productive forces of society have come into conflict with the property relations in the framework of what they have operated under hitler to thereby facilitating an air of social revolution no you. can't have americans think if we have more in common with the workers of brazil then we have in common with the billionaire
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titans of. 6 russia the long day protests have been ongoing for weeks at a recent demonstration the posters said things like we are here to tell donald trump we are going to accept this from his administration come and get your thief president morsi yes. go to haiti and whisk away your corrupt president. now the u.s. doesn't whisk away the presidents we like we only do that to the ones we don't like such as former president of haiti john bircher on air to see that in 2005 areas feed said the u.s. did indeed kidnap him a year earlier as they will overthrew his government so they whisked away or a steed they helped to whisk away the law and for 2 days in 2002 they whisked away the venezuelan president hugo chavez but he came back apparently that time they didn't whisk cart enough all right you've got to really get to this. back in july
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you know i got a really weird card and then just a pinch of salt this. military assault for taste moving on the yellow vests protests in france have had decreased but they have not ended it has gotten a little mainstream coverage very little recently because it's not good for the oligarchy propaganda i mean think about it the french have the good teams ready to go and here we are in america where the greek gods 3 guys have the same amount of wealth as the bottom 50 percent of the country and those 3 guys really do look like they can take a punch and you know good luck with the rubber band on the day and you could use a really good show like the robert gallery i don't know that we can thank you. for the rockers. i'm going to start selling
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those t. shirts. there was also a massive antis from rally in venezuela just a few days ago thousands upon thousands marched to demand it and to the u.s. economic war on that country and let's not forget the palestinian great march of return continues for the 70th week to this day a who says they should have been the center because right document if you're wondering 8 killings by the israeli military since the outbreak of the protest in march 2800 including 44 children for paramedics to journalist and there have been 13391 wounded so apparently 13391 wounded if not enough to warrant anderson cooper fox and friends to take notice but let's not be too judgment all of army maybe they're waiting for $13392.00. maybe that's the magic number. or maybe they've been overwhelmed with footage of
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our rat carrying a piece of pizza or something that just the right chris cuomo was gone for 8 or the other day i mean. you know another protest movement that got very little coverage until the mainstream media sheepishly downplayed it it was occupy wall street so any time you see intense corporate media coverage of a group of people rising up against their government it's not that you shouldn't support the people but you should ask what our government propaganda arm gains by adding fuel to those protests and why they aren't covering so many other mass movements how many why should you see a. 6 raft
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of think i'm really candelas take the news from behind there was a joyous scene on the boston streets last week as police helped handicapped homeless people to walk again they did this by destroying their wheelchairs. yes the police in boston are in the business of trashing wheelchairs i know that sounds bad but this is chief multiple objectives it reminds the community that the police are not there to hurt you they are there to hurt the homeless. secondly it helps homeless people stand on their own 2 feet would show you know they couldn't do before because they were stuck in those pesky wheelchairs and 3rd this was part of what they're calling operation clean sweep. because our streets have just i have the advantages god cluttered with wheelchair. i mean there are over
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a growing with elements that help people who need. time to clean up this mess we don't want to end up like cuba with their free health care i get down there to how do we all chairs snorkels not going to help that stroke is going to do nothing. as well they're also drowning in vaccines that make your lung cancer apparently just says right cuba has a long cancer vaccine u.s. patients are breaking the law to get it apparently they don't love this country enough to prove their patriotism by dying of preventable disease at. a. speed of patriotism former defense secretary general's mad dog mattis is rejoining weapons contractor general dynamics you'll recall this is the defense secretary who left because trump was not bombing
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syria enough so you know good guy all around. and i can't believe he went to a weapons contractor i really would have thought he would a left the pentagon to join the board of maybe my little pony. or perhaps some sort of casual yoga pants for men you know. the type of yoga pants where you are doing yoga but you just wear them out like a grocery store to make others think you might break into a happy baby pose at any moment. but instead total shock mad dog joins general john dynamics understand it so so he went straight from weapons contractor to leading the pentagon back to weapons contractor you know this is the type of thing that was considered illegal in the past until we realized we weren't deep enough in satans. nowadays for the core now to totally cause i mean they have a very tough day. for jim mad as well when he woke up cold sweat and realized trump
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wasn't killing enough people for him and then he just became overcome with guilt because he knew in his in his heart of hearts that he could be doing more harm in the private sector. you know finally jimmy madis has gotten back to his true passion making millions of dollars helping to blow up children and we should always celebrate when someone leaves the american dream and gets to pursue their passion although it looks like one american dream might not come true the dream of the d.n.c. to blame their pathetic losses on julian assange and wiki leaks judge john cole of the us dick district court of front of salt and delivered a devastating blow to the u.s. led conspiracy against wiki leaks founder julian assange a civil lawsuit filed in april 28th by the d.n.c. alleged wiki leaks was civilly liable for conspiring with the russian government to
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steal d.n.c. emails and data and leak them to the public the judge said if wiki leaks could be held liable for publishing then any media outlet could also be held liable right. now hold on doesn't this judge realize that the only way we're going to get a song is with a whack a do conspiracy theories and the criminalization of journalism i mean i mean i mean i mean i mean i mean i mean i mean i mean this judge what do you think it's easy to frame an innocent man and indict him under asked me and i strive to. change work it takes a team of people with flexible morals and a digestive track that can handle cheap chinese delivery 5 times a week. and here judge called all is. all over the law hard fought conspiracy the d.n.c. . put together. do you have any idea how much money they've spent on red thread
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alone and. they had to do a go fund me last week just to get more dry erase boards on which to write down the ferias connections between people who had never met each other. of course it doesn't help that they write on those boards in permanent marker but. that shows how certain they are all of their conspiracy raising is for the weak well of. the d.n.c. they do something wrong they cut up the dry erase board and cover it in iowa corn dog batter and eat eggs. so this judge's ruling saying the d.n.c. has laws to blatantly violates the 1st amendment right to publish information. yeah but this ruling is a real slap in the face for the d.n.c. . so i should use that word is a real big mac to the face it really is and before we go just before we go to break
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i want to squeeze in some good news in here psychedelic medicine is coming to america according scientific american psychedelic medicine is coming and the law isn't ready yet. hey let's be honest that's the best time for anything because when the law isn't ready i remember once i did something. i don't want that it's out there with a girlfriend in public without the law was already forget it we both had a blast. anyway is mars the food and drug administration approved s. ketamine a drug that produces psychedelic effects to treat depression the 1st psychedelic ever to clear that bar i've always said it's insane to not treat problems and illnesses with a certain drug simply because it causes some sort of some sort of tripping as it's known some sort of some sort of why he was the lack of some. sort of well. as the
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kids call it. we should approve anything that helps anyone if a frying pan to the back of the head were proven to cure the galton ones do it i mean if a licking a homeless man's toast gets rid of the rickets then i say doctors should hand out whole most people tell it like chewing gum. anyway psychedelic meds is great news also i've declared myself and unofficial test subjects for those that. haven't been told the f.d.a. . started it. nah. you. c know. we have to go to frank sinatra i'm going to los angeles in ventura california i'm
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not driving no or i'm gonna end jam perform live stand up comedy in september targets are every day acted toward diagram i'll be right back with something know how to marry. her. came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend he is waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people that because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us some might even proven innocent as on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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you know world of big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. good. good good i suppose to sleep while. i look for something and this is. broken to say. the business with the most historical. listening with
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a. lot of slow slow slow slow motion am. ok seems like i'm doing the deal but you also look at the money on the funnies to blow it's close to the show such as the flute solo mostly. when you're.
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not only we go now to a special segment about my favorite company and yours monsanto. they are by far the best corporation in the world they do wonderful things and help our plants grow and they give to our society for free. ok answer they give us can trust out of the goodness of their hearts for a little more on this issue we go now to redact a correspondent and that would tell tale. i've been told i have an issue with taking constructive criticism. little or they can hear me just fine ok 1st but if anything needs to learn how to take criticism it's a corporation if you're a corporation not everyone is going to like what you do especially when you're agro
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chemical giant monsanto and what you do is give people cancer that kind of tends to be frowned upon. unless the person receiving that cancer created the adventures of pluto nash that is 90 minutes of my life that i will never get back in 5 seconds that would make the current president's blood boil or treaties really really appreciate you know if there's one mega pharma company bayer bought monsanto for 63000000000 dollars last year it also went to heritage monsanto's baggage americans who developed cancer after using monsanto's toxic roundup weed killer continue to win multimillion and $1000000000.00 lawsuits for damages leaving bear with the same thought about monsanto that joy behar has whenever meghan mccain speaks on the view you are not worth the amount of money it took to get you. all this bad publicity it seems i want someone to finally working on a way to atone for over
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a century of business decisions that came up across the americas public health. of just get it they created an elaborate psyops mission to discredit and silence their critics. a linked in page for someone who said he was a manager of global intelligence that investigations for monsanto said he established an internal intelligence fusion center and managed to be responsible for the collection and analysis of criminal activists extremist political and terrorist activities affecting company operations across 160 countries but their noble only one who has created an intelligence fusion center. come with me. welcome to my intelligence fusion center compound also known as. are you know. what nonstop what i'm doing something here all right. ok this is
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technically my parents' basement so unfortunately only one kind of goes on down here. but the idea of a fusion center has been around for years according to the a.c.l.u. fusion centers are state local and regional institutions that were originally created to improve the sharing of anti-terrorism intelligence among different state local and federal law enforcement agencies in the case of. i can detail case files on real life terrorist such as people who walk too slowly on the sidewalk people who drive below the speed limit but speed through a red light and leave me stranded and people who say goodbye but walk in the same direction as you. had a great time to go through this again oh it makes you. feel you're.
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sorry sorry to hear look i'll just i'll just go their way. ok we're going to die here. but in the case of months antos reputation there was no bigger terror threat than folk singer and activist neil young after younger least a 2015 album called the monsanto years in which he called out the company for its harmful products on sato's fusion center tracks neal social media activity and developed a memo to create counter responses to neil's views on topics like citizen rights farm worker health and undue political influence while an e-mail from a monsanto official about an upcoming concert said we reached out to the legal team that are keeping them informed of neil's activities in case any legal action is appropriate bansal to new neil young's mass indoctrination was a minute given the high probability his songs will play on stations as
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incapacitated americans get their teeth cleaned in dentist offices nationwide. but there was already evidence that americans are easily manipulated by the. power of neil young when hundreds of iowa residents thought they got a $20.00 ticket to see young headline a tribute concert in reality and i all would profit unknowingly book young through a scam representative who said she was with motown records with a capital t. and whose e-mail contact was listed as neil young tours dot org dot com which doesn't exist also the actual motown records doesn't use a capital t. and has never represented neil young. the only thing with more red flags is the jeffrey epstein death investigation plus the real deal the town records didn't need neil young to create protest songs that's what $970.00 s. marvin gaye was for gullibility levels so high on science i was even more concerned
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about former reuters reporter carey gillam who now works for the nonprofit u.s. right to know and publish the book whitewash the story of a weed killer cancer and the corruption of science gillum exposed the multitude of monsanto's wrongdoings that endanger the health and safety of americans who work in agriculture and consume g.m.o. products but before its release monsanto had a kerry gillum book spread sheet more than 20 actions dedicated to opposing her book before its publication including working to engage pro-science 3rd parties and criticisms and partnering with search engine optimization or seo experts to spread its attacks if a company has complaints of the company wants to make a statement about something they should do it in a truthful way so that people know it's coming from months santo and not engage in the secretive strategies ok has anyone told monsanto's manager of global
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intelligence and investigations that keeping detailed spreadsheets about how to attack a woman during the era is down. not really a good thing to have on your resume. and even scarier of people can't endorse you for that on linked in and. won't sell to will continue to maintain that its products are safe and grounded in science but a that's not what the world health organization says in fact months on to created a war room to shut down their critics shows they will stop at nothing to conceal their danger to human and environmental health and since it's not farfetched to assume that other corporations have used similar tactics i think i should set an example and shut down my fusion center. no more.
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all right that's it. reporting from my own fusion center that let me kill for. mine from the future of this wednesday you'll learn presidential candidate michael bennett clearly disguising voice claiming to be a volunteer while answering phones at iowa field office. and in november big news lone wolf gunman fails to convince the nation he actually has loads of racist friends. and in 2 days you'll read a. breaking before hanging cell jeffrey abstain bit off only or carve the rat into own just. that store fellow like you might.
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think you live by if you don't even care i thought rather thought it was a video that's all there is. a paradise with some around turned into a round the experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the
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battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental racist going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with that it's because the people have less political power. systems to slave. myself for sunday and this is their. role is going to say the choice of business with them must be so it. isn't with. help us out of.
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this is that i'm going. to look at them what are you funniest or flaw with most of it's a small but just the fluid souls that. i . i. i.
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i. would not be mad at him. putting pressure on congress the u.s. intelligence chief calls for the n.s.a. surveillance powers to be 2020 program set to expire at the end of this year. the u.s. department of justice issues of iranian oil. just a day after it was released by authorities in. india pledging to not use nuclear weapons but that may change as hostilities escalate with hard to stomach over the disputed kashmir region.


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