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why would you wish. to jefferson just by the. last you know she did it i don't know what it was on earth but you have to answer now did not give up. for us still 3 digits he says his face now i'm a casual muslim isn't just the best serve themselves that's. the. one that. says. leave. very. very. little among the few of. you and those are the beautiful the seeds your bush possibile would just that's you know that's me and so was. i do you think it is very difficult. to talk with. the right of the states. what is public there. listening for during that. period but here wouldn't you
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think one should. believe it's all. kind of hero utilize a case by the admiral. not fully covered like you see you do it nor do you or something but look if they're still right mama mama. in a couple of more suggestive. you want your money. for good so if. we. did that used to school a little bit and with lasers money as we did a speedy will would be just them soon that she seemed suitably people want to she would she still says you will teach will. be additional so we must be really going to be a little. it's
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theirs too so it is when you lose. heart oxers a kind of being. able to walk a. little shift even rangers. may be hit. but should. push for some physical system climate was at the lead. up again so it just looks like in the. uk. which was. closer to 40. this way and it is. still it was mother's this is.
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if you. look at least 6. years ago most likely to survive and you. get the typical like. looking e.t.a. the result. of that he says like i'm sure it's you or he just not in d.d.'s on the do that again this was particularly true for when he doesn't stop was there always are his blood honest with some spicy baker he generally gets on your beer my thumbs
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i shook you work through a good storm from upright also was more solid like that it on park it was probably more of the ocean machine that made it look at least it was a bit. rough. now they are yes. i start my they are nice. to me about what. my job by the. show now which is getting croyle by chit chat was i don't know exactly what it was i struck you but it's up. yet i pushed up see it was the extent i. got it in your cultural pressure you are really.
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sick. my thumb stumbled into the lens is the most number loosely brooklyn. card issued by the state and delayed the nails be if someone should love those who just fear going to be just those go over budget most of those. only those who do. you should. know. that i still stick with that part of us i get to that
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which is your. mom one of no. news on the level that. low budget smote him on the job once or. some of his muslin a bunch something of a living moment of which they deal in the moment lloyd if he was going to the blimey i was in the fall yes that's one of the last of. the titles for sunday or. just go. first to the orange eyed school that. rose can't visit their courts but their. positions on various right next to their wildest dreams.
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it's almost unnoticed. to just say oh you. just have to be. wrong. one. of the things. that i'm just writing is what interviews with someone to mordor home what i want to
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do so sustainable almost. more than something just that is true about the city's announcement that it's. should open still is a label for a little some level of the going is a boy i'm a good animal i did a spot i'm going to guide them he said if i'm going to you know it doesn't look you've done was most needed you know something changeable which i had some logistical goals of by default because there's tempest only. the impulse. united side you know muscular just wouldn't. see what i did you would see it much. always do. but you see if you shoot all over you because he hasn't got glorious poles we should be beautiful to watch. they're not stupid well yes that's the only 3 of what
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they usually use these. your mother will say well that's not luke was look at all the knew full well what you know what's just. don't go that suits you that well that's pretty you'll still be me and leave. us that it was silly of you only. probably got sick of it. when you got these girls lose their love to him still when you were used to use the street because they'll be in the woods of my duty god will be enough for you it's a good one you run you with your double we see. each other and you know what you see all the celebrities sure will do we did it with his mates it got to do with you must you lit up or did. you to do it you should not leave she will for you to steal a cd go.
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in the jungle misunderstood or you. can use the post i got the person you're going to do is. just one of them so to me in this post there's a new computer. that. you read just as we would use in my system we look closely.
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eh. eh eh. eh eh. eh eh eh. oh. please. please. please.
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and very well continue watching us in such. interest rates are split gapping in the spread is widening and what i call the interest rate apartheid if you're in the wrong side of the friends of jeffrey epstein you end up in any bantustan of extortion ery credit card rights if you're a friend of jeffrey abstain then you get the insider rate of negative and you get paid to lend money or to borrow money excuse me from the bank.
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but a slow slow him. very good you were pushing your grandmother shows little children asserted you didn't regard the lower classes of course you were asleep just. got my. first lucilla.
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the families. like me one of those poems and them go well to me that he chose you to assign to the recorded system of getting east and such but not just replace them some of them getting to know so we sent some money away in 1000 sentiments and in this lies they will see. the same that we know. still i get even more kooks from using your research knowing it's.
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your job on the people so there must 3 of you are going to give that one to the 1st all the other wish to play as a. woman almost most. of them and. their spirits to be this. slow so. slow. rushes sure.
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go with the worst physics swishy i'm a lawyer there's a strong no use of. no loosely sure that you do is the only oh sure. everybody and. we shouldn't. ask the bad guys that dish yet they're going to remind. us of this. was that she was able to go to work but you mustn't. deal with the photos like if deep it was above all i think it. might be that. you. would do exactly what you. did it was that
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like. look you but you would feel it. looks. like. he just does not affect the struggle. this. guy receives. well that's what was going on. in years ago. we strip are there because there is. the. group. that might. be. a bit of the other. but. there was
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a little of that in the bills for the just in the. you were the. ones. it is not the sons of the plates you know what was good good luck good little but it will still give more difficult simone's of what the its. motion is than was the ship was was just the fossil record it was the. at the will of something that will get some place in some states in the whole of the season. but at the moment it is sure that's what's this is this because it's not focus. of the fugitive it should teach it just yet it looks like they're. not. going and i think it. was. something that
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any of those is the fact that. we are going to. hear that and. you know any notion. that you know used or that of his own money or her yeah. you know there was a mere distortion but there are answers that we because you know you're going to think if you have. no one to join us with you here and show me an injury and others don't like up which i'm going to turn his. heel on the wife and then in the case of the effect. that things like i wish that
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they do. not see each other the same just wish you could but you turn to the pledge of them. course gets on for some period mysterious mature serious 1910. 0 and we're going to see a 1000000 new members for. the those sort of. began some of those about people who are girls. like me or the miami other videos showing video game and you. don't see you know her surplus or do wish to.
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the future of the state. especially listen to the sad thing he was putting him in the sad sack you should know is that based on what the dumbass if you sleep like a boy oh please some spots are you man above and you need to look at it only if the way you see it is so here you might say it was just hopeful some. slim to none to. the same chick but i dig a pretty good job which will probably do that for you over. the
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. as you. look at the play and you can push past them and you're going to be. secure she always was right i got that. let's do it right the ship. was. going to tell. just what it was rude to do do. try. to be someone you don't want the simple savages of the. role of the sons of
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a mortal to cause you to swell. with. the rush. which is going to sit with us national when i should. like to sit down with the newest of the list of social studies you know i'm still on the come on that i would . probably. miss this because this is the north almost so deal with. this i suppose i enjoyed it but we've. moved to this to. mean you think you. think that if you look at the clock. like healthy. thanks me things.
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like. that not go money. yet still want you you don't know i do it yes yes. sure. like the gospel it's not enough that you just signed the cube almost a month. or so before the one ship that you heard about when you see just no call for my instrument to mitigate nearly a full but you see if it goes a collective. or point is just. words you go there are going to start up a horde of is just a man thought of nothing yet so the foremost is a new. venue reserved. some of my mature age though these days and you mention above shows a little of that although i know it's not there's no i do it's. the. whole the assumption.
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that the i'll do. it gets. no part of the feeling of pleasure that it does love you and you. know to something. if you need it i'm like you i want to. resist. this assault of my suspicion of me i don't want to be on the roads is this. new to the course because the some of this is about.
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9. percent is still the. 1 place. to. look yeah right. yes.
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but not. enough to. google. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the
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hawks. paradise with some around turned into a round the experimentation field thank you all chemicals we know the. these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in vain you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental racism going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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cash cow and. alfonzo among. those changing to a change guard service or. whose 1st words were at a low a c. or a challenging post you've got 2 years to live. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. defense calls and trade market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies how does huge financial motivations to solve these problems there are numerous stocks showing that doctors were keen to test facts right concentrates right insights of its own that patients won't give them doctors the wrong stoplight. our current system why they would keep me consecutive doses day to day and people still die i don't always question or so
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i've tried being hard to live by so many have. a my. this story's been shaped the week miracle man 2 russian pilots pull off an expert emergency landing to save their crew passengers lives for their plane suffers double engine failure during takeoff. medical examiner rules that the death of the disgraced financier and geoffrey epstein was a result of suicide but tycoons lawyers though say they're not satisfied with the conclusion and intend to carry out their own investigation. mixtape terrorist groups say it is behind a suicide by wedding ceremony in the afghan capital which left 63 people dead and close to.


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