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the french. president. moved. from the former.
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miss monday. to warm welcome to the program my name's you know neal this is r.t. international. ok french president money will crawl on is set to welcome russia's vladimir putin to his summer residence all named mediterranean coast as we can just see here the plane just coming in to. say. port just to give you a sense of what's going on it's really the 1st meeting of its kind in 27 dean was the last time this occurred out the. policies a month of calm as we say is hosting talks on a dinner afterwards the 4th day break go in seoul nuts on the french riviera we have our correspondent there will be close to him shortly as well but we'll just
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stay with these pictures a little bit later to see. the runway there for his talks lots to be discussed here at the 2 leaders expect to discuss bilateral relations sensitive issues as well as ukraine and syria in the meantime just as we're waiting for the president to depart let's cross to our correspondent. frank would give us a bit more on what will be spoken the bite of the plane has just arrived what kind of talks are we going to see today. well 1st of all just want to. go on around here i can tell you that perhaps it will take a bit less than an hour for a lot of our putin to get to this picturesque area on the southern coast of france what you can see behind my shoulder right there is a small island with a castle that is called fort bragg and that is the summer residence of the french
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president and it's been like that for about 50 years so micron's previous testers were enjoying the seaside and the sunshine right there and now vladimir putin will get to do it too but you know i. i can tell you when i arrived here i was expecting plenty of security measures and of course there are these on the police i could see quite a few police vans that are blue here and friends but everything else is just staying the way it is you can see people's women bathing in the sea people sunbathing people at the restaurants some of them every once in a while come out with their phones to see what's going on because of course they heard rumors perhaps while they're on vacation that the presidents are coming here but everyone is just sticking to their routines so perhaps it's a bit tough for me right here because i have to wear a tie and
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a shirt but you do really want to go and try out some of the water near the seaside we don't know whether the presidents are going to do that but given that it's about 30 degrees here perhaps if there will be wearing suits that's going to be a bit tough for them but what if at some point it becomes somewhat informal what if they tried something else we know that lot of our putin is going to be treated to a dinner here so you might want to wonder and ask why this warm reception for the russian president well it has been rumored that this could be a sign of warmth or something that emanuel macron one is to do ahead of the g. 7 summit that's happening in france as well in just a couple of days we understand that ukraine has a new president and perhaps the french government wants to encourage moscow to make
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steps towards it to finally try and resolve the conflict in east ukraine we don't know if that's the case for now the presidents have not spoken to the journalists just yet but definitely ukraine will be the main thing that they'll be talking about as you. they will talk about syria and iran is well ahead of the g. 7 we remember that russia was a part of this group before the crisis in ukraine when it was called the g 8 but then as a result of the crisis it was kicked out but definitely this is something important and this is. we'll be watching now for we know that the presidents are going to talk to the media that will be a quick one before they meet but hopefully we'll get to hear from the russian president as well when the talks are over so we're all in standby mode for that here on the southern coast of france thanks very much for the very idyllic there
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where you are speaking. correspondent are waiting for the 2 presidents make their way from this pictures here this is the marse a port just waiting for putin to go on the tarmac meets his french counterparts who on the way to break all solemn the mediæval a seaside fortress just between marsay where we're looking at all so nice on the southern coast of spain some of the countries just trying to make out who's there as they're walking towards the plane as well i was saying just to reiterate a little bit the last time these 2 leaders spoke face to face that was at the g. 20 summit that was back in june in osaka japan at the mets or the will have met twice this year last year as well
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a big moment for the french president was coming to russia for the world cup final russia versus croatia be also held talks right after that final as well july 28th just been talking about a loan up by logic. issues on the table ukraine syria. are going to be a hummer died we heard not clarified but we heard about the french president saying that his talks with vladimir putin whatever is gleaned from the lot will be taken into next weekend's g. 7 summit that's in barrettes france obviously hosting. he will be talking to other leaders about what he and vollmer putin spoke a byte. over the course of today maybe just as we're waiting i might just delve a little further into what will be spoken about when it comes to ukraine for instance moscow one ski have to honor the 2015 min scream in france
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and germany you may remember were involved in brokering a deal but clashes have been continuing in ukraine but perhaps iran will be the biggest issue the most time will be spent on the 2015 nuclear aku or and we know that america left the cord around soon after that was forced to do so as well whether or not some kind of breakthrough might be tween the leaders of france and russia we will wait and see and of course syria which seems to be a common theme that over the last number of years between these 2 leaders when they get together for talks we know for instance that france has been pushing for a more flu of refugees art of certain areas as well. by the way just all nice particular talks russia house stressed for quite some time
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that it's open for dialogue with the e.u. these 2 presidents have been speaking for quite a lot of time over the years but whether or not it will open the door for more talks between moscow and other. states we will see. and there we go they russian president just a parting the plane with the chief and he makes his way down the steps onto the tarmac to be greeted by a number of french taking trees if you're just tuning in this is more say problem sir reports where that russian leader is departing the plane for talks about an hour done in the coast there french riviera coast to be quite a nice drive for him as he makes his way to the forts to break in which he saw a few moments ago very idyllic the summer palace of the french president on the southern coast of france and you have plenty talks between these 2 during the years
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we will see what comes out of the waiting for talks to the press as our correspondent was saying before they go in for talks we'll hear a little bit and then of course the and all of the meeting as well this summit we'll be hearing more on that but for now let's leave these pictures are putin just makes his way i'm sure to his entourage of cars to make his way for those tall it's. ok you're watching 10 minutes into the program let's move on with more world news there donald trump has launched another scathing attack on the new york times accusing the publication of producing some of the worst journalism in history came after a leaked audio emerged of the paper's executive editor discussing how to cover the president and his administration in the wake of the russia gate scandal. the story . trump is the russian acid this message of the not too carefully ciphered in
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articles and reports has been overwhelming americans and the new york times seemingly used all the power and authority of its award winning journalism to propagate the message. but then came the miller report something that was and to support had to become the fatal blow to donald trump's credibility rebound ricocheted and had the media back with the momentum of a boomerang for the new york times it meant this we built our newsroom to cover one story and we did it truly well now we have to regroup and shift resources and
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emphasis to take on a different story this is part of a league transcript from dean baquet the new york times executive editor giving a speech in front of the paper's authors this shift he's talking about is far from good news for trump because apparently now the newspaper is going to degrade him from a russian puppet to something arguably much worse a racist. race in the next year is going to be a huge part of the american story and i mean race in terms of not only african-americans and their relationship with donald trump but latino asian immigration work to the near times for 15 years i think that the new york times has immensely damaged its credibility by trumpeting this narrative trump was a russian agent certainly within the last few decades one of the most egregious journalistic failures a terrible terrible failing and. i find it disturbing that dean baquet the
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executive editor of the new york times what will even acknowledge it mr k. also likes to put the new york times on a pedestal for being one of the few remaining independent journalism sources out there except to believe that you'd have to deliberately ignore the distinctive scent of partisanship reeking from the paper's supposed new racism narrative donald trump publicly and unapologetically embraced a political strategy may hate racism in division he's a man who cosies out to the white supremacist has been about trying to divide us in a way that it's been about trying to sell hate and division among us we have a president of the united states is a racist this is a guy who is worse than a racist he is actually using racist tropes and racial language to for political
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gain the newspaper might have begun to retroactively implement the changes since it recently changed the headline of one of its articles from this to this under the pressure from well the democrats so one thing is for sure race will be a huge part of the american story next year the presidential one what happened. the mohler report did not deliver as the new york times and much of the other mainstream media promised that it would and from that transcript you see that they are going to pivot to another kind of campaign against trump which will be focusing on is racism but none of this is is journalism and some is a kind of switching of one moral crusade or self defined moral crusade with another their coverage of the russia gate of the russian collusion story was a huge flop and during that story critics accuse them of ignoring other things that
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trump was doing so now after russia after the russia collusion story has for off to the times has decided to cover other issues like trump and racism but believe me they'll do a very bad job. they'll get a lot of basic things wrong and and probably benefits dropped more than they will hurt it. well the new york times has not reacted to the release of the audio recording or responded to a request for comment from r.t. . let's delve a little further into the issue of racial division in the u.s. alleged f.b.i. documents have emerged detailing the agency intends to tackle rising levels of hate crime with more than. there are many different threats that are being faced by america's men and women of the f.b.i. this point its mass shootings and terrorist attacks that tend to grab the headlines
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but they are facing another top priority that would be racial violent crime racially motivated violent extremism in compass says threats involving the use or threat of force or violence in violation of federal law in furtherance of political or social agendas which are deemed to derive from bias often related to race held by the actor against others including a given population group now let's be clear this is not some kind of political statement by the f.b.i. it's actually based on the data that they have collected what they refer to as white identity extremists and black identity extremists are committing crimes in a rising numbers here's what they said about some racially motivated violent extremists are driven by a belief in the superiority of the white race and a perception that the u.s. government is conspiring with jews and other minority populations to bring about the races demise although racially motivated violent extremists use force or violence in violation of criminal law in response to perceived racism and injustice
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in american society or in an effort to establish a separate black homeland or autonomous black social institutions communities or governing organizations within the us it's true that racially motivated violent crimes have been increasing across the united states since 2015 this trend has continued in 2019 even though the overall crime rate in this is. he surveyed has declined.
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to give. the attack in el paso texas underscores the continued threat posed by domestic violent extremists and perpetrators of hate crimes we're talking about a wide spectrum of racially motivated incidents and yes white nationalism has no place in this country i can tell you the majority of people in this country from all walks of life all ethnicities and religions condemn white nationalism so the f.b.i.
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see somewhat of a spike if you will a growth if you will and people being radicalized through white nationalism but it is being addressed rather vigorously by the f.b.i. and other intelligence agencies but we have to be careful in this country to make sure that the f.b.i. and other intelligence agencies do not become politicized unfortunately because of the political atmosphere we now see in the united states there has been the politicization of the f.b.i. . lots more news coming your way this monday international right after the break 90 seconds and counting. you know world is a big part of a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the
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stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous. one percent. we can all middle of the room.
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21 minutes into the hour welcome back color that has condemned a decision by the british government to strip a former islamic state fighter of his citizenship accusing it of shirking responsibilities artie's polis leader told me more or. well the u.k. has stripped form of fighter jet lifts who has been dubbed by the media as jihadi jack of his british citizenship but not canada has criticized this they say that they're disappointed in the decision don't forget that this jack let's also has canadian citizenship and a statement has been released by the canadian ministry of public safety terrorism knows no borders so countries need to work together to keep each other safe. disappointed that the united kingdom has taken this unilateral action to offload
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their responsibilities let's trucked out of university after converting to islam and moving to syria back in 2014 he participated in a number of battles before being taken hostage by could forces in june 2016 he gave an interview in which he said that his move to the middle east was part of the search for the truth and he denied having ever been involved in islamic state it's a controversial move by the united kingdom that whenever it finds that its citizens are accused of being involved in some kind of terrorism it needs to strip them off they citizenship it was another case recently of begum who also went to live in syria under islamic state now according to international law no country can strip a poston of their nationality if it leaves them homeless as it does in the case of begum lawyers representing her family have actually written to the home secretary and accused british authorities are failing to protect the teenager from being
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sucked in and being groomed by islamic state the u.k. has a long tradition of stripping its nationals of citizenship as a means of preventing them from returning to britain after they become accused of being involved in terror activities european human rights judges have also ruled that this is illegal and by. we see at the moment is hundreds of foreign nationals who joined islamic state moved across to syria and iraq to fight in their ranks who are now being stripped of their nationality and being prevented from returning home . to another story generating a lot of interest an american mother living in saudi arabia has lost custody of her 4 year old daughter after being told by a court her lifestyle is too western it comes after ex-husband a saudi national presented evidence showing how she had an embrace this law make
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values there for a would not be able to raise the child zena properly bethany who is $32.00 moved to saudi arabia in 2011 to teach at a university she later married a saudi businessman with whom she had her daughter the couple divorced last year things got more complicated after that with vera accusing him of verbal abuse and drug use a claim he denies the saudi court ruled against her the deadline for appeal expired on sunday. the mother is new to islam is a foreigner in this country and continues to definitively embrace the customs and traditions of her upbringing we must avoid exposing zarina to these customs and traditions especially at this early age we got the thoughts of catherine shot down katherine's a senior analyst at the al bio and think she believes bethany had no chance to win the case in riyadh because of her sex. women to begin with in the kingdom do not have many rights to speak of and of course when it comes to custody cases it is
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very often that the husband has priority and is given everything whereas the woman is giving nothing and i think that in this case they are just using her nationality and the 5 she was raised in the west against her alleging that she has pulls an ethic and that she doesn't fit within the islamic school at least the version that saudi arabia holds obviously. saudi arabia has been repeatedly criticized over its record on women's rights although there is arguably been some improvement in recent years.
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it's very difficult to say you know whether the prince is actually really genuine in his desire for wee flaws because they all coming so clearly. or whether he's just some kind of a coarse met a claim to tried to you know it's richard riley or rollins public opinion you know in his favor as it was to truly trying to change what is going on in his society and we have to admit and this is not even an opinion it's a fact that saudi arabia is running centuries behind everybody else when he calls to clue relating what society is and how people relate to one another and the dynamics that goes on in the kingdom women. because to get about 50 percent of society you cannot function as a state if you do not have to keep the creation the right to be to believe or even
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to choose for themselves all right we are crossing to some more great programs in moments that i would block after that's with all the stories are busy newsroom are putting together states most mrs arty international. cass calendar is drawing alfonzo among his darned this changing page he's dard servant or. his 1st words were added i will see you're a challenging post you've got 2 years to live. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. let's concentrate market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies have a huge financial motivation to sow these products there are numerous stocks showing
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that doctors were keen to test facts right concentrate straight insights of its own that patients want gives them says the wrong stoplight gault curve in the stomach why that would keep me from secure those years day. and people still die and i'm always question or so i write being far too late when so many have. i. thought. this was a. good.
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effort if. afshin rattansi going underground is the u.n. security council meets to discuss syria ahead of wednesday's 6 year anniversary of the still disputed so called chemical attack and after which the british government failed to get the approval of parliament to bomb the country coming out of the show for breakfast at a u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia we discussed the relevance of good says impact with legendary actor steven berkoff although some more coming up in today's going underground but 1st as boris johnson's war ships near iran's coast it is 66 years to the day that britain overthrew the democratically elected leader of middle east
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oil superpower iran before the coup labors clement attlee covertly undermined the government of iran's prime minister mohammad mosaddegh then came winston churchill and his men desperate to effectively steal iranian oil the british sent some of their their officials their agents to washington and made 152 to. put across this idea of carrying out a coup. they did meet with some sympathy from the incoming eisenhower people but i don't believe that i somehow record his associates needed any convincing i think they 1st of all did not want to cede that kind of issue to the british and i think they believe that they they knew perfectly well how the world worked and what the united states needed to advance its interests they did not need london to tell them that today venezuelan back t.v. sees the u.k. u.s. coup is more relevant than ever on august 19th.


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