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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 19, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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elected leader of middle east oil superpower iran before the coup labors clement attlee covertly undermined the government of iran's prime minister mohammad mosaddegh then came winston churchill and his men desperate to effectively steal iranian oil the british sent some of their officials their agents to washington. to. put across this idea of carrying out a coup. they did meet with some sympathy from the incoming eisenhower people but i don't believe that i somehow record his associates needed any convincing i think. first of all did not want to cede that kind of issue to the british i think they believe that they they knew perfectly well how the world worked and what the united states needed to advance its interests they did not need london to tell them that today venezuelan back t.v. sees the u.k. u.s. coup is more relevant than a on august 19th a mystery more paid for in american dollars took down the democratically elected
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government of iran and event which changed the course of iran's history and that's the 1st ever democratically elected prime minister to be confined to house arrest. on august 11th this year donald trump announced. a military option we have many options for that as well well one act play the dictator backed by the u.s. and u.k. steven berkoff after saddam of iraq enough played the disgraced film executive a new model of harvey he joins me now stephen welcome to going underground tell me about harvey it's about power and results well i think it is i think you absolutely something up correctly it is about power and here's a man who has been accused of the left side of the attack by the whole family but the thing is he's very famous he's very successful he's made extraordinary inventive and powerful movie that makes a mother a bit more of a time. because he's so celebrated so here's
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a man who so celebrate his accuse of being a kind of. sexual predator and i think his fame has inflated the crime enormously of course what is it there's always a criticism made about men who make films or plays or productions about this subject david mamet famously with all the honor in the ninety's yes they were allowed i think there's been a few i think there's been a few films linking that subject but of course not so many but i think it's been to somehow corrupted by hollywood hollywood has made some much of the movie industry. determined by sex and by the way exposure of scenes which years ago when they had the these sensors would be allowed
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and now they feel they can't make a movie unless you've got a very raw scene and you've got a has called your artistic license you know that and so it's already become a kind of sexually exploitive industry where women actresses who are very serious actresses feel that they have got to be sexy desirable law shows because you're waving as you make the point you know. that's always been the case there are 11 or a keeps popping up in your movie has no it's been the case for the thing it started maybe with marilyn monroe because i mean she was so desirable and she did what she was told to do and but she studied hard and became a very talented comic actress but before anyone thinks it's just about women male relationships obviously about male male relationships in the hollywood industry as well but in how we. close rather than identity makes entrance that these
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some of these moguls are not from the kind of upper class backgrounds or the actors would that element and. well they're they're from oh very different backgrounds talking about their origins they come from far eastern europe when they were escape from those russian dictatorships and fled to america which was the night of the mill kanani and they started off with a shrug to business and that's what they all did and then along came those little you know 210 cent arcades where you could see movies and they thought this is good we never get into this because there are virtually banned from every other respectable industry even under the university trained people so they couldn't be in architecture teaching banking bit medicine so they could go into trades that had not been yet monopolise so after the penny arcades which were in new york they went to hollywood made the silent movies and then became the great moguls and their
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background is a rough. background fraught with all sorts of stresses and strains and kind of endeavored to make it and they became the great moguls of hollywood but and they behaved in russia the and people escaping style and so on why is it that it's hollywood that is renowned for this. not so much i don't know berlin or. the most go of eisenstein and beaches but was it los angeles i think one of the main reasons is that they want to circulate the films around the world and they want to have something that is a big seller and sex is the big seller i think in european countries and france and germany they still have a high culture and still do and therefore they're looking for films i have a meaning and have something that says something that is expressive and unusual and dynamic her. raw and historic and that moves you and they made films you know
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especially the french industry i was brought up in the french films the great movies in the movies like goes over the path of the with. and the sex scenes and they would gentle the subtle and they would just look so glances and they were very mainly meaningful you know that big a thing that old hollywood code of war definitely one foot on the. floor absolutely is to arrange is too much the artist is not showing how she can play shakespeare or for tennessee williams is based on how sexy she is so when i see them do is you need to marry white houses or go out and i'm not at all this is i'm more of a artist found for great art absolutely i think it's nothing to do white house i think she climbed the bandwagon though she had a point i want to see artistry and power and getting less and less of that well obviously commodification segues is one thing we're commodification a villain you've always you have played
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a lot of villains have yes. i mean i want to go through some of those people waited for dinner with. not only tony blair is never of the way of saying he doesn't regret the iraq war just remind us a little bit about that played in with the was written by a very very good writer and to me how to win those all of the men your little theater in south london and he described how in. in the record time. there was such a fear of saddam hussein terror terrifying fear but also he was on the head of the cia and they were looking for him everywhere that he would but he would do his lieutenants would go out as scout around the town and look for a house the family knock on the door and say. we have a very important person which is to stay here for the night. and they look at the
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uniform and though oh yes of course it is. you know great leaders on the move say well just say nothing you could which of course of course and then he would come in good evening and. if he's launch and then he sit down at the dinner table in the course the cia couldn't find them because they go to a different house every single night there was a very very clever play that added harder with wrote i thought it was brilliant which tempted me to go back into the theater and the critics vilified him which i thought was astonishing the idea of showing this was astonishing so when he's at the table having dinner the role terrified and then he goes and tells them why he does what he does and how he is not the villain he's been subsidized and supported by the american military industry who supplied with all those kind of horrible nerve gases and it's a very it was a very clever plays of that was
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a good role of saddam hussein enjoyed doing now to go but i den my main villain i've ever played of course was out of hitler which i did in the the eighty's and that was a amazing thing to happen and i was very happy to. say that so you're mainly in theater you know doing or you would particularly at the will tell me about doctor and what you've done with doctor because it may be a stretch but i don't know with edward snowden and his. revelations about mess of a let's come into your 2. dr levy as he was my treatment it was a treatment a by a very very. articulate very clear german writer called philip. how mo. and he had this idea of making a modern version of just i think he called of the 2nd book of follows
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i didn't even know the 1st one really because a complicated had to read but the main thing is you it it is of how you sell your soul to achieve something which before was totally a dream i've achieved or bow desirable. that your life is less without this things who you saw as we all do we sell our souls yourself yet i don't buy that as one thing i've never done i've never sold my soul never why i don't work that much i reject easy shaadi a simple idiot. kind of expressions of the movies the 1st obviously makes the pact with the devil too good his words are low which version. you have this is good his version. so that he would have eternal life every kind of wonderful exotic food or drink
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and then he's grieved to this and of course eventually but the devil does mephistopheles is that he makes a practical have it for nothing if there is a least a time limit and you can have this wonderful life for limb it may be i think it was 10 or 20 years but then the time comes up and he's just knocking on the door so. you only have a few moments left because this version it's been updated yes and what is it a pact with. i found a little bit confusing. it was a from the original confusing but it's very daring and very very exciting because it is a very skilled painter and sculptor and visually very toxic and very seductive and very. very very highly imaginative and i
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hope it's coming out. even broke off after this break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only closely and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful it's very critical time to sit down and talk.
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and it's community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflicts i would say are overhauls around money and most of them money is made. close one on the children's cosimo each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year off to prison complexes to get some 20 alive where. you don't care anymore no cares about your so your care might anything. interest rates are gapping and the spread is widening in what i call interest rate apartheid if you're in the wrong side of the premise of geoffrey epstein you
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bantustan of extortion ery credit card rates if you're a friend of jeffrey epstein then you get the insider rate of negative and you get paid to lend money or to borrow money excuse me from the bank. welcome back i'm still with stephen book of the american people made a pact with trump when they voted it when you see him in as a villain. because he's made of a little v.c. by liberal elites in this country and the latest dates i think. the big donald of course is one of the great villains of the 21st century and they can't be nobody more vividness please don't do this this is the thing why he kept his the crowd he's not deliberately villainous he's just fake they can't be nobody more stupid
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than don't probably anybody in the u.s. ambassador on to refute that. stupid because when we have all these killings in america he said well he has to do with a guy you know they troubled their mental. 90 percent of the population is mental because that's the human being is imperfect so you don't put in front of them things that are going to kind of cause them to do create havoc why something could go in 2 of my local shop and get an assault rifle i might one day get frustrated why this didn't give me work i didn't get that it's too easy it is the gun of course which is the single most provocative. thing weapon to have and instead say let's stop this you can't have guns no assault rifles no military rifles but he card why because he's simple
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minded is he's stupid i don't know and stupid people get together either there's a sense of superiority safe from britain in criticizing trump in that way britain is involved in a lot of us was just. what do you make of that because obviously the gun topic is relatively easy to answer in most countries reality right i mean we've been supplying arms to saudi arabia for years and we we were up to elbows and blood even if he tried to be politically aware we don't know what goes on in the gun manufacturers and the weapons industry is not put in the newspaper is hardly on the internet we don't know how many tanks planes even very highly sophisticated weapons are shipped over to the middle east's so that we can keep our what we talked about petitions on this program about for instance the saudi arabian arms contract and politicians on this program say but the saudis are threatening no security
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corporation that we bombs on british streets that we don't sell the weapons to there's a kind of like you know quid pro quo you know we we can do some evil as long as the other one kind of visit fast facts has very interesting and yes very very false and well that's terrible but the. pen's industry has always been there will always be there and the only reason it is there is because some kind of vom you know hypocrite will say well if we don't do it the belgians will and the scandinavians with a huge amen history i was so particular the russians and so special that we are there and someone else will get something else will do it by getting back to trump. he is a kind of villain that he associates with other villains so people have all humanists to call in light and caring he regards him as cheap. you know you have been in this country long enough for your hand yet he will adore
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murderers like putin who is guilty of some need this blowing up planes invading countries invading leaving likes personal and obviously the russian government denies those allegations why do you think they cause he's powerful and he is also a belligerent. kamin. navigator into the weakness of societies and he sees in tribe a very weak man he looks weak he's soft he's so great and therefore he is malleable and. whatever and even the country russia now is no longer nearly as powerful putin is he has a power that trump kind of only envy he's been in power for 20 years but it is being blamed also as you say you're saying roger isn't that powerful but
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he has been blamed also of stirring up things you have a brics that some people even saying he was part of the brics that yes. what do you think i mean obviously people there are other peoples who say it's the stuff of hollywood fiction goody that you apologize just the other day to one of these journals about this fake news you know on this channel on russia i mean. do you think bricks it. you think bricks it will be of interest to putin i think he would be number one on his list if he could through his various means and through of course through people in propaganda in the internet can sow seeds of doubt about a united europe which is a far bigger thing and a mighty entity and a fantastic family of powerful nations if we can engineer some way to break that up over that feather in his cap that he doesn't have to deal with them because europe
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if it's over 101 for all that doesn't like you want to play putin in the near future where maybe maybe. but no absolutely putin would be in line for that and it's a pity because at the podium got rid of all these tiny little states because that started then with him saying we've got a $100.00 states and germany let's have one of the state. and that time the people of the 18th century they said oh god no no we will lose out though she will lose our powers will lose our independence so we lose our individuality but germany that was germany became one state and had been one state for as 100 years so that is a powerful thing you come together you unite the things that don't work there are things about europe of course which are offensive to upset as all actors in the main although we have interviewed a few all the good ones are a against breck's it in this kind of way i'm going to ask i mean to be the 1st to
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say soviet union or britain side against fascism against them i understand you're working on. something about fascism in this very says here it's not only a little bit about it but to try to do a bit of writing there was i live in these sort of london and of course i'm fascinated by these the history of all the things that i've read about which i never mentioned televisions or no dramatizes films and they basically ignore one of the greatest events in eastern history was the march through the east end in 1934 by oswald mosley and 3000 neo-fascist nazi thugs and they were unable to do this by a government said well we ought to have free speech you can march and get demonstrate and a 2 or $3000.00 police a company of mostly as they attempted to march to the east end and they thought well one of them was impoverished communities 0 $1.00 of the most on trial which
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could come totally and they thought they were marched through cable street because it was narrow and of the jews whether they have there they had quite a few 1000 people there tens of thousands lived there maybe in those at that time probably close to 100000 but they were very powerful people they were just ordinary regular workers tabor's bennett you make this about they were ready to stop mostly and so they put an overturned lorry is all they could do and it would be much against the power of $3000.00 fascists with with boots and clubs and change and then a wonderful thing happened the only time the jews have had an ally to support them they've had people who've say ignore them or not persecuted them but and nothing to do with them but suddenly from wapping calm all these hundreds and hundreds of irish dockworkers to support the cheese was amazing and why that
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was is because julia very famous talk strike all the talk is one strike because they're getting paid and they want to demonstrated and they didn't want could leave their babies at home they went with their wives and so the jews had would take the baby for the day they just stood there. watching them and they took their babies and the irish never forgot theirs so when the moses came to march the irish dock workers came up and they were tough and they waited for them and they fought and they. got it or this fascist scattered they ran away screaming you know they couldn't believe it because the jews were fighting back and causing havoc and that was the 1st time and the only time that the police actually said to moses you know i've been freed you don't get very wide if you do you think we're going to be big trouble and they start from then on marches of political nature through england
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also the wearing of provocative uniforms because they had the liberty to wear the kind of nazi black uniforms so that was pivotal moment in the struggle because i was so yes because jeremy corwin the leader of western europe's largest socialist movement at the moment has relatives who were on the cable street much you had we all had relatives you in a sense not a great friend of german cool but well i don't really care for him too much with these 2 week he doesn't make a strong enough statement about the the hands of anti-semitism in his country or the more overt gestures justified by going to because the people are pro israel and israel does not have a good reputation at the moment understandably under that guy and netanyahu who. please god will get rid of soon because i think he's done terrible things for the
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reputation is he right the israeli ambassador to go on the view that but why i mean you've been historically as as it would the left and corbin is being is clearly seen as the most left wing leader the polity has ever had with the widest membership grassroots membership in generations why would someone. you oppose a person who finally is on the cusp of power leading and what you see of the poll is something about the left and the right you believe isn't a semitic. no i believe that he lets kind of that sours stanch advantage semitism per we ate the parts he not to offend his friends in the middle east to show he's sympathetic understandably to their needs and to the situation in israel between the palestinians and the israelis and he doesn't want to look too much as if he's for you know against kind
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of that form of nasty and his magic hysteria is always fought against fascism all his life and his famous picture of him being arrested of course. we all did then but there's something about the left and right that as you creep over to the left is like circling the world your comeback and you end up facing me of the right so there's something about the extreme left which is actually very right wing and starts to dent to find itself with the most extreme positions of racist right wing states. as as years as he is you know famous for his association with hamas and the p.l.o. so i think he's gone so far left that he's stepping up his own so i think he's got a good left free man i did like the left because i was there for you know my father
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was a labor voter as i was but now i've gone away from them i find that there's has this stench of the of racism in it it's bad and then when he supports it i think the venezuelan president who has caused such havoc he's corrupt he's committed political murder and the nation is a 1000000000 percent. in inflation and he supports same it's to me this is totally i'm believable on the speakable and in followable so that man should be even in power for a minute is a sin to this nation well we'll be having live in israel for a minstrel this program great sustiva work of thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday we're going on the growing season finale with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger until then keep in touch by this weekend don't forget to subscribe to.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. cass calendar is drawing alfonzo among his darned this changing page he's dard served our. his 1st words were added i will see you're a challenging post you've got 2 years to live. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. offense concentrated market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies have
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a huge financial motivation to solve these problems there are numerous stocks showing that doctors were keen to test facts right concentrates free in fits of its own that patients want gives them doctors the wrong stoplight. current system why they would give me to secure those whose day. people is to die and i'm always question or so i write being hard to live when so many have. i. thought. this was a. good.
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guy. for headline stories this hour presidents and money all microland putin cure all for told self a french leader summer residence with you. syria are all expected to be fine all. day. all to a head on the evil propaganda machine donald trump launches a blistering attack on the new york times this leaked audio suggest it's editors are seeking new ways of covering the president after 2 years of fixating on russia gate. and the u.k. . for its move to strip citizenship from the former islamic state fighter known.


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