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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 19, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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about that in detail we need to know what is. the position of france. i would like to remind you of on the i.m.f. treaty as i said earlier and the like to reiterate it once again here in france we will take up a commitment so you know actual commitment. if the u.s. does go ahead it. does go ahead with these plans then we will deploy them to. unless the us deploys them these missiles are in a particular region and we will not deploy lyra missiles there too so far we have not heard any response to it it seems that we are being ignored but i think the europeans are interested in having this dialogue in having that response from the u.s. . we also discussed regional conflicts. will talk about the
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ukraine crisis. the french presence on my latest contacts with the newly elected president of ukraine there are some things that we can discuss there are things which call which are inspire a cautious optimism we'll talk about syria. but before signing the agreement and saatchi and the present french president mentioned that. tries ation of some of the. 50 percent of the territory was controlled by terrorists right now are 90 percent of the territories controlled by terrorists we're seeing continuous raids and some of the militants are a real. other regions of the world and this is extremely dangerous there have been several. to attack our maimie may airbase in syria.
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from the this is where we support the efforts by the syrian army. to hold local offensives. against terrorists. and should not feel that they are in a safe haven there as we said we'll continue working against terrorists. another important issue is libya. national reconciliation that's our goal. and i would like to know what is the position of france on that so there we can better coordinate our efforts we appreciate you france's position on russia's return to the council of europe to pace and.
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we hold that this will help to appeal to our normal relations on in europe and we rely on france to support. it when dealing with the e.u. authorities with brussels this is our agenda in brief and finally we'll also talk about our humanitarian carp ration human to human contact mr mark ron mentioned that. we do have very close contacts the next year we want. to host several events in france the so-called moscow seasons $270.00 activities. in all major cities of france i hope this will be of fairy insightful
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for the french audience and for the russian performance this. will the hits another step to build single full fledged relationship between the 2 countries. thank you very much for letting me i think we will ask for a couple of questions from each part. and then was. called the instrument crawling the you have just said during this. hue may be able to agree on the conditions on having the somme and the normandy your way with the country leaders and you have mentioned a number of times to have a summit like these you need certain preconditions for a way of this meeting who have no use so do you already have this brick conditions for the field and what are at least broken dishes from your point of view. of course we're going to do this cast this as well and there is a new factor now what i mean is. there is
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a landscape as president he stands since he has been there lacked it and we also should mention that on the landscape there are a lot of. brave steps in the efforts to end this conflict that has lasted for 5 years old red and that brought. civilian population so the fact that they're living in a bowl full conditions on the way also need to remember the regional role of for russia. and mr is a lansky. too because number of short term measure if we're going through this god is with me it's always shared being and to share our analysis of the situation i hope that in the coming hours days then we're going to have a new dynamics and. that will be what. would allow us to discuss things going to move forward of course there is certain issues
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security safety issues so i expressed my condolences to mr deland skeered regarding . the death of the people would you go laws their life as the result of the incident for the fall goes to ukraine and we are going to talk about this and his son i agree with you we should have this summit we should make it happen. norman forum in normandy for him and only we could achieve real results not just to meet for the sake of meeting and we're going to discuss all the steps that we can take that each side can take. and if you did it's going to have the meeting between word and diplomatic advisors so that we could prepare for the normandy meeting. the normandy for formats. i believe as i always do i need
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a meeting that level needs to yield specific results and we also need to. off for 3 on follow up on what all we achieved and agreed last time in 2016 we made a compromise so we agreed to a change of the law or on the special status for our donbass mr poroshenko the former president of ukraine insisted that this modifications should be made to the implementation of the law and mr sharon meyer the former foreign minister of germany said ok let's have a compromise solution we agreed to that compromise. so that the law on the special status of donbass would be implemented in a temporary bases on the day of election and of the permanent basis following the of. analyses and after the election results are confirmed by.
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by the way see ok let's do it it needs to be done. it applies to all these issues to take care of and other issues there are several issues where we need to green on. we need to discuss this agenda today. there is no alternative to the normandy for formats and we will definitely support it. friends brown say agency i have a question for. you mr president mr putin do you see france as a more solid partner than. in the previous 5 year mandate and do you think . and that you can work with the friends of mr mccraw and and the
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members she had been the great 8 club do you miss a do you want to get back to the. and these from across europe getting closer to russia mr putin's russia. while mr putin doesn't really share your hopes for a liberal democracy. while at the eastern part of ukraine the cry this is becoming deeper and deeper all the while. he's. very real humanitarian disaster that is going and they are so. what could france achieve from behavior like this now in the importance of france russia. from the story clearly has been one of the key partners in europe and around the world. who we are. were the allies in the war
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against germany in world war 2 and next year the french president will come to the celebrations. i would like to thank him for accepting the invitation but our relationship with france says far deeper roots france is also a permanent member of this human security council has a nuclear arsenal and. does play a very important role in international affairs. and the relationship between russia and the you to a large extent depend on that we know what is the decision making process there parts france to support and many issues. particularly on the return of russia to the council of europe has played a role and a major role perhaps even a critical role in that. so i don't think we need any additional evidence that we value our competition with france and again
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talk about the economy $500.00 companies from france operates in russia i like to assure you that their presence creates a lot of jobs in france because french businessmen supply a lot of goods to russia we support business. here but we could have done even more if we could if we normalize the relationship between russia and the u. . if. you. so i will answer your question 1st of all we have real results so we are moving forward and that we don't have and you point that we argue about and reminded about certain issues that i'm really concerned about and. that
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situation in syria and libya is one of the things that concern me and what happened 2 years ago. in france and we started a forum to discuss to have a dialogue so that we could to achieve more that would help us to achieve more in the humanitarian area than we could have 2 years ago asked for ukraine and the same thing there we are resolving a number of difficult issues that they are as for economists call area that mr putin reminded about our current relations and current ties we have large scale projects in different areas and we keep moving forward and france is really valued there and so there are a lot of economic and political matters that help us to move forward because we are in that sink in these bil'in world relations mean it doesn't mean that we have all
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problems solved then the 2nd example i could ask you a question what would have happened if we. did it differently if we're talking about political for example if we told ourselves we don't agree with a rush on a number of beaches so we're going to turn our back to them and we're going to look the other way so would it do it really. be good for france i am convinced that it wouldn't be and i'm really positive that even if we have certain thing that we don't agree upon we still need to do average think we can. to reality made there is such. relations between russia and europe because that's its destiny if we just kept the things as they were in the council of europe the way the number of months ago why do what happened russia would just slam the door and left and for all the russian citizens who could go to the european accord the civil liberties corridor
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they would have been refused because they wouldn't have the right to do that so the things we're talking about repeal values are talking about protecting vs your reppion rights so albert one who said that we don't need that is not giving any good. it's not doing as any good so they are not these people they are not thinking that we. need to push with these great power and there's a great country that russia is. in this new political conditions we should push it forward because otherwise it would not for responded to what our interests we are to nuclear power as we are to constant members of the security council and we should have a dog that even though we don't agree upon everything with 2 should work together so i'd like to remind you one more time what mr putin said about the liberal democracy. you know sometimes when you talk about liberal things the meaning could
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be. varying. and there is a political liberally isn't evil in and that what is bringing out to europe. or information period maybe i don't remember in my history that maybe i forgot about those special ties that were supported by catherine the great we've. lost the firs with our writers. and. our great figure is all of that period of brenda's sons. there is a political liberalism in russia there is economic a liberalism in russia is that every community average society is going through changes it's. evolving can an average society of that of the certain level of conservatism attached or at. least notion they must be discounted to be made clear
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. and i think that at the level of our societies these 2 year period is nothing you know where they scale that's why i think that to date we need to apply new efforts so that we could build the new architecture of european security together for our country and we're going to talk about climactic jan that . means that our 2 countries are big powers. to countries sort of the countries with the strong economical ties way also to have common ideals that we share and that's why. our soldiers our servicemen. a number of times throughout the history they fought together on one side that's why i think that we should continue our dialogue
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of course maybe today we will not be able to resolve or or our problems. russia has always had a special relationship with the western world that's part of the russian soul. but i think that europe. is not the western world where we are report of the western world and europe should reconsider the concept of its sort of vanity it has its allies. and in the world. what we see in this world today that's the world we're. in western hegemony is under question and europe needs to play it smart so bad why the dialogue between europe and russia is the necessary things so that your opinion
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viewing in the crude. habits way again could play a substantial a part in the world today so we all need this of course we can result average thing . in one day but we're going to work on a in the future. 7 well there is no 7. how can we go back to that doesn't exist i mean today's g 7 but we cannot go back to g 8 because g 8 doesn't exist. there's no g 8 as for g 8 well we never say no. it was russia's turn to host to its. and our partners didn't come well they're welcome any time please. while they can come even as g 7
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but there are other organisations in international institutions that ply a significant role in international affairs take g 20. and you have big economic powerhouses like china india. and many other this you know those 20 countries. they account for almost 90 percent of the global economy. so. we really value these. 4 formats. platforms and that's where we actively call parades that will also take part in the shanghai cooperation organization the brics and other multilateral fora brics
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incorporates brazil south africa china. russia. any contacts with our partners in any format are useful so we never say no. and again. i'd like to. see if you was on what the french president talked about climate change they see as something important. from the very 1st. steps we support the french president's initiative we supported the paris climate deal and our commitment is to reach the 70 percent simply 5 percent of the 1990 emissions and 75.
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this is a serious commitment the entire russian economy will have to transform we have adopted many state programs. serious funding for that this is something critical for us that is of paramount importance for president mark ron mentioned the fires wildfires in siberia we raised that issue when we were in. we are seeing record to temperature hikes the arctic unprecedented temperature changes and we need to coordinate our efforts with outscored nation we all know that we won't be able to achieve a sufficiently defective result and we're ready to work together. on the bus talking about europe. but i think you would agree that the relations between russia and europe in unit point now is how do you ever wade
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huge for a change of the year the european commission where the member of a small change so will it help to change the situation will it help to bring russia . pays and to improve the situation and relations between russia and european union so and as for just going to discount to bringing it back to g 8 this dialogue that you're going to have today. now. on. your question on lease burn. from lisbon to thought of our stock it's not our idea general the gold mentioned that was the 1st to raise that he says we need to have a. single space from the sponsor to the urals but we need to extend it to the year pacific ocean this is one culture of this is one space united by one
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culture that now seems impossible what seems impossible today could be quite possible tomorrow we need to set goals like that. and these are strategic goals. they are critically important including for europe if it wants to remain the center of civilization our own for russia and if we work together then sooner or later we will finally achieve that goal in one way or another it's important to to focus on something choose a path and make the right steps along that path given the realities of the past 4 g. 7 or 8 that's not a goal in itself we just don't see you know 20 contacts. as for europe question regarding the relations and. this by the
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sanctions and that means for a woman has done it about. because there is cooperation in different areas and we managed to strengthen our economical and cultural ties. to day the relations between russia and european union as an tear and in a way and the main irritant in this relations that is the situation in ukraine resolving this conflict is a religious and. magical the one that is going to open the door for russia to go back to the great 7 club to make it great again and i think is going to be good for all the parties to find a resolution for this situation as for lateral dialogue it shows that even if we can really hold all the things that will create on we still can build
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something new it's pretty obvious that bringing back coming back to the normal relations to the g. 8 forum and through the normal relations with the european e.q. it in to make it all happen and we need to resolve the crisis in ukraine. but as i feel ready it's sad that we need to make all the players act to work on the issue we need to go out of this. problem is that the parties have to develop the new architecture and that's what we are working upon now so these g 8 question depends on the ukrainian crisis but on the other hand i would like to. to make a. new agenda to make as work together right one to make it happen to work on the architecture of security and of mutual trust so while one really had to make it happen to this all the lack of understanding misunderstanding with each other is
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so we need to work in it we need to develop the aforementioned you plan firms. we don't have to worry if we had the same form of sand speak with the same language that we used decades ago because the world is changing constantly that time is moving on and we should reconsider things and we should rebuild things talking about the relations between russia and the european union i would like to see this relations not as something normal not just normalized them i want them to be reconsidered then the last question please. the question to both presidents recently. during the peaceful demonstrations in moscow a lot of people have asked said mr putin how would you explain and mr monk what do you think about it and recently. their nuclear incident has happened and they are
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talking about the high level of radiation in the air. so while it was have been tested recently in what you would use calgary's by scientists were made. well let's have a jogger to last and there were no incidents in siberia we did have an incident in the. and you know there's been not an in there's not been an increase in radioactivity we send independent inspectors there that control the situation right now on the monitor the situation i'm receiving those reports are. getting reports from civilian and military experts so we are not seeing any serious changes but we are taking preventive measures so that
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there are no surprises. unfortunately there have been casualties. and there were people who were injured and they will receive for awards they. were doing a very important job house for the. nets for of. st try. september we'll see. regional elections. to local legislatures particularly in moscow 111 people were not. were denied registration due to certain violations there was last time this year only 57 people were denied registration for our obvious violations some of the signatures were falsified were faked. according to the experts
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of the central election committee. we do have legal ways to resolve these issues these accords and we had unresisted candidates who. had the court on their side to the court our pell their right. to be registered there was a decision made in favor of one person pleased one person to get their personal interested. pass for the. mass protests i don't think that i'm going to say anything new anything that you don't know and our people have the right to. voice their protest and the authorities need to make sure that the citizens can voice their. can
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voice their statements but no one shoots. they shouldn't lead into a situation where there would be clashes and in case anyone's in charge of the violations or then they have to be brought to justice under russian law. but that's russia's not the only exception i am a guest but i am forced to mention that since you're asking that what about the yellow vests. according to our estimates that 11 people died during protests about 2000 people and 200 policemen were injured we don't want such events. to take place in the russian capital and we will take whatever we can to make sure that our political developments take place within the law.


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