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tv   News  RT  August 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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rons can voice their statements but no one shoots. they shouldn't lead into a situation where there would be clashes and in case anyone's in charge of the violations then they have to be brought to justice under russian law. but that's russia's not the only exception a guest but i'm forced to mention that since you're asking that what about the yellow vests. according to our estimates 11 people died during the protests about 2000 people and 200 policemen were injured we don't want such events. to take place in the russian capital and we will take whatever we can to make sure that our political developments take place within the law.
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the president is right. i can whine about this situation but we should really is he'll look differently to what this happening in our country is because both our countries witnessing certain protests and demonstrations and rally is but an important thing when you read it fine it's heard an agreement you need to fulfill its demands its clauses. and russia has ratified a number of be international agreements and conventions. and one of them on there which the concrete to give its citizens certainly bertie's freedom of speech freedom of rallies and so on and so forth and. that's why a lot of people were concerned we had the wide. was going on in moscow with
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rates that were made with old. logs that were made by the. lawyers if you mr president said that there were products in france as well that's true and citizens were injured and police officers were injured and i'm really concerned about these 2 but france has always. feel would not just. don what was written constitution but also all the rides and that it must fulfill console cura demand so all the people who. went to a big european accord of course they will be heard they will believe sent to the poor as we. make it happen so that each citizen had a chance to express he has written her opinion but you know that all those people who wanted to be that you. to become candidates during the
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european election they didn't manage to do it they could do it freely they could do it with any borders with any limitation with any obstacles. and so of korea save people they just dropped a civil order and we really can't make it happen because the are getting in the way your father is citizens so of course we can't accept that we can't accept that situation when certain citizens. up in the. sea there in the riots violated by the police and that's why we can't accept that's what we're talking about that's what we're talking about all together because it's important that it's a necessary thing for its citizens following the rules following the rose to be a part of the protests that's exactly what we're doing we did that twice both in
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july and in august. we had a mass demonstrations. held by those people who were well wheeling to voice the protests and the way they filed an application they were. authorized by the authorities they were peaceful and that the knowing there were no incidents and i hope that it's would happen the same way fronts. in other countries we don't want any incidents and no violations of the existing legislation . so that said thank you very much now we are going to start our work thank you. so it's just rupp's all clear for the past 15 minutes or so french president of. his russian counterpart vladimir putin have been speaking to the press taking part in a q.
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and a there as well. many evil seaside residents there in the south of france and name for debris goal song going on there at the go in for a meeting between the 2 and then a dinner after that the 2 men giving us a taste of what is going to be spoken by syria iran ukraine going to be to the fore as well as climate change the environment and front stroke e.u. russia relations ok we are going to take a quick break are you watching r t international 5 minutes past 7 pm here in moscow actually let's just try and get a check in with our correspondent before we go the train is on the side coast for us if you've got a line we will go to him yes we've got you there and you may have been listening in as well i suspect you where. lots to be spoken about a quite
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a friendly meeting those 3 meeting briefs as well but we know there's going to be some tough talks ahead there. well you know this visit is quite unusual in many ways one of the reasons as you've seen usually this doesn't really happen the leaders don't talk to the journalist for such a long time before they meet even if it does happen that usually takes place after the talks but this time about 45 minutes ago there were sat in their white chairs. at ford to brian's song that is the castle that you can see behind my shoulder and they spoke for such a long time again it was an apple a sphere that was warm just to say the least we solve lot of more potent giving flowers to the wife of president makr on the said thing the location is special as well because a lot of our putin was invited to emmanuel mack ron's summer residence and it
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doesn't happen that much often we know that once to resume a got an invitation but that's about it and it feels like you're on vacation here because everyone's on the beach and. it really felt like the 2 presidents were supposed to appear in some summer clothes laid back but they did stick to the dress code still there was room for some humor and just for you to get an idea of what kind of mood the 2 presidents were and have a listen to this part of the conversation when mr putin said the following. in the commission of the president was very kind and let us sit in the shade while he and his delegation are sitting right under the sun so i'll try to be brief. while you also have to pay attention to the kind of tone that we heard from the french president emmanuel macron he kept calling vladimir putin dear vladimir are clearly there are also very strong cultural ties between russia and france and the
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president want to show as much respect to that as possible we heard mr macron citing russian authors and you can really feel that he is a big fan of the russian culture and this is not the 1st time we're seeing this however as you said you know there is some tough talking head and as well that could be felt from the questions that the 2 presidents were getting there is a crisis in ukraine that is still unresolved and people are still dying in the south east of the country where the 2 breakaway republics of donetsk and lugansk are situated but there is a new reality in ukraine under the newly elected president full of dimmers a lens who party has just won a majority in parliament and everyone is expecting
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a breakthrough and possibly the revival of the so-called normandy format these are the kind of talks when the presidents of ukraine russia france and germany get together the leaders hinted at that and definitely this kind of format will be discussed today when mr putin talks to emanuel plus something else that's very important is the g. 7 summit that's also all got to take place here in france and a different location though and emmanuel macron specified that he really wants his talks with his russian counterpart to. happen before he goes there and talks to the other important western leaders mostly and that's why they are going to talk about the many differences that are happening not only between russia and friends but also other important international players that has to do with syria iran climate change as well and also the disarmament and the recent collapse of the intermediate
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range nuclear forces treaty between russia and the u.s. so again many things to be talked about and hopefully we will get to hear something possibly from the presidents after the talks happen or at least from their press secretaries definitely we will try to get and possibly squeeze out as much information as possible. maybe setting the tone by saying we should work together even if we don't agree on everything thanks very much for talking us through what was being talked about over the past 15 minutes or so between the 2 presidents. in the south of france. all right 10 minutes past 7 pm here in moscow time for a check and other global news we're closely following today donald trump has launched another scathing attack on the new york times accusing the publication of producing some of the worst journalism in history the i burst came after a leaked audio emerged of the paper's executive editor of the school saying how to
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cover the president. is administration in the wake of the russia gate scandal bringing more years of the. trump is the russian acid this message of to not to carefully ciphered in articles and reports has been overwhelming americans and the new york times seemingly used all the power and authority of its award winning journalism to propagate the message. but then came the miller report something that was intercepted to become the fatal blow to donald trump's credibility rebound ricocheted and had the media back with the momentum of
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a boomerang for the new york times it meant this we built our newsroom to cover one story and we did it truly well now we have to regroup and shift resources in emphasis to take on a different story this is part of a league transcript from dean baquet the new york times executive editor giving a speech in front of the paper's authors this shift he's talking about is far from good news for trump because apparently now the newspaper is going to degrade him from a russian puppet to something arguably much worse a racist. race in the next year is going to be a huge part of the american story and i mean race in terms of not only african-americans and their relationship with donald trump but latino asian immigration work to the near times for 15 years i think that the new york times has immensely damaged its credibility by trumpeting this narrative that trump was
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a russian agent certainly within the last few decades one of the most egregious journalistic failures a terrible terrible failing and. i find it disturbing that dean baquet the executive editor of the new york times what will even acknowledge that mr k. also likes to put the new york times on a pedestal for being one of the few remaining independent journalism sources out there except to believe that you'd have to deliberately ignore the distinctive scent of partisanship reeking from the paper's supposed new racism narrative donald trump publicly and unapologetically embraced a political strategy may hate racism in division he's a man who cosies out to the white supremacists has been about trying to divide us in a way that it's been about trying to sell hate and division among us we have a president of the united states is a racist this is a guy who is worse than
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a racist he is actually using racist tropes and racial language to for political gain the newspaper might have begun to retroactively implement the changes since it recently changed the headline of one of its articles from this to this under the pressure from well the democrats so one thing is for sure race will be a huge part of the american story next year the presidential one what happened. the moeller report did not deliver as the new york times and much of the other mainstream media promised that it would and from that transcript you see that they are going to pivot to another kind of campaign against trump which will be focusing on is racism but none of this is is journalism and some is a kind of switching of one moral crusade or self defined moral crusade with another
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their coverage of the russia gate of the russian collusion story was a huge flop and during that story critics accuse them of ignoring other things that trump was doing so now after russia after the russia collusion story has for up to the times has decided to cover other issues like trump and racism but believe me and they'll do a very bad job. they'll get a lot of basic things wrong and and probably benefits rob more than they will hurt you. in the new york times has not reacted to the release of the audio recording or responded to a request for comment from r.t. . a british to how he's being stripped of his citizenship announced god canada furious with the u.k. it's our next story and it comes after the break.
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what holds its institutions a little. bit put themselves on the on the big deal except the reject. so when you want to present injury. or some want to be rushed. into the right to be cross that's what the 43 in the morning can't be good i'm interested always in the waters of color. there should. be one else so small seemed wrong when all were all just all. the old yet to say proud disdain you can't get educated and in gains from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the.
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truth. 17 minutes into the program welcome buck condemned the solution by the british government to strip a former islamic state fighter of his own ship accusing it of shirking responsibilities ortiz poilus leader told me more earlier. while the u.k. has stripped former fighter jet lifts who has been dubbed by the media as jihadi jack of his british citizenship but not canada has criticized this they say that they're disappointed in the decision don't forget that this jack let's also has canadian citizenship and
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a statement has been released by the canadian ministry of public safety terrorism knows no borders so countries need to work together to keep each other safe. is disappointed that the united kingdom has taken this unilateral action to offload their responsibilities let struct out of university after converting to islam and moving to syria back in 2014 he participated in a number of battles before being taken hostage by could forces in june 2016 he gave an interview in which he said that his move to the middle east was part of the search for the truth and he denied having ever been involved in islamic state it's a controversial move by the united kingdom that whenever it finds that its citizens are accused of being involved in some kind of terrorism it needs to strip them off the citizenship it was another case recently of begum who also went to live in syria under islamic state now according to international law no country can strip
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a post some of their nationality if it leaves them homeless as it does in the case of begum lawyers representing her family have actually written to the home secretary and accused british authorities are failing to protect the teenager from being. sucked in and being groomed by islamic state the u.k. has a long tradition of stripping its nationals are citizenship as a means of preventing them from returning to question after they become accused of being involved in terror activities european human rights judges have also bulled that this is illegal and what we see at the moment is hundreds of foreign nationals who joined islamic state moved across to syria and iraq to fight in their ranks who are now being stripped of their nationality and being prevented from returning home . austria has suspended a long running investigation into alleged spying by the german secret service on
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austrian soil the end as domestic intelligence chief said the decision was made because berlin was all unwilling to cooperate the spying claims date back to the turn of the century were targets ranging from politicians to companies and international organizations to the probes not being completely abandoned and austria says it could be restarted if new leads emerge but for now germany still playing ball this by the appeal last year from austria is no a former chancellor. we are expecting proper cooperation from our german counterpart we have already conceded to them regarding this issue and have the impression that there is an interest in solving it on the part of germany we hope that will happen and it's not only i hope it is also an expectation. well 2 austrian newspapers broke the story in june last year claiming germany hans spied on a range of targets in austria over
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a 7 year period among the looser austrian ministries embassies international organizations headquartered in the capital germany's intelligence service reportedly eavesdrop on some to thaw is in line and mobile telephone numbers faxes and e-mails if any allegedly share that information with america's national security agency i'm happy to say we can go live now to dr heinz gardner lecture after. political science history in the lecture all political science at the university of vienna germany and austria are both e.u. member states they've got long relations with each other why would berlin spy on vienna what's to gain from that. information gathering. information exchange. among friends
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everybody should know what each of those 2 are obviously. well obviously there's more than that because it was necessary that there are some. legal activities going on by the chairman. service this is almost a smaller case and basically austria it's dog it's not treated austrian i mean it is but more international organizations but if you look at the and they say how they spied on europe beam union officials and get america that's a much more heavy case and what is usually done it's down lay if it. happens between allies among so coy finance you can downplay it
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investigations not follow it up yeah just oh yes sir germany has a partly not being cooperating with the investigation highwood that impact on relations between the 2 countries do you think. that's. not not unusual that the county which. is to blame does not really cooperated and reasons given but almost to an official is it would not photo ops but the investigation because germany doesn't cooperate is lady killers. especially if the other state doesn't cooperate you have to continue investigations anything but any. investigations among friends i don't plate and if it happens with an address already. the. russian paid in the us so for 3 years. was accused of hacking them
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a copycat quotas and other institutions in india as for domestic what he did reasons and it's also in contrast it's. hypocritical because after this kind of a fair austere deep not photo they put the ships on to do experiments. people made its way and then also have a sentiment that if we do not it will be cut off of information from friendly states like us. germany so there is adopted stand out here just briefly to get your thoughts on on the aspect that german intelligence reportedly exchange the data with the n.s.a. your thoughts on not. maybe you know there's a close cooperation between germany and german intelligence service and
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u.s. and germany helped out in many cases so it was not found that poverty carry germany oyster. war and other military conflict well vive it intelligence for the us so that's not unusual i'm usually use that i think that most not then spends the most in officials half not being informed of what was going on usually you you ask for and if you need some information you could share it or obviously if you can text in the larrys or write a time wish we could talk more dr heinz gardner lecture at the department of political science at the university of vienna. ok we're crossing no 2 more great program starting in let's call it will be here after that with all the stories are putting together right now i stay close this is r.t. international.
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join me every for. simon chill and i'll be speaking to the world. i'm show business. and his community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids. and as a pair. are given there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say.
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is maybe. close one. is good because the state of california makes $6000000000.00 in prison complexes. where. you don't care. anything. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome to everyone to this special. friend. troubles here for the burial. we same say only time we may chop. community. is just happens all the time and we always sigh we must stop meeting like this most . of them.
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take the position you'll raise taxes should be shopped to me i swear by almighty god i swear by almighty god that the evidence i should get that there were times i should give to see the truth shall be the truth whole tree the whole truth and nothing about nothing but the truth if you stay gone for. john work. spent a lot of time in hospital the doctors. there. i was getting. all of my. richard has a form of hemophilia a rare and severe inherited disorder that impairs the bloods ability to clot the slightest injury agrees an internal bleed or even just a bruise could cause irreparable damage. if we were going to.
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every day richard inject himself with the blood clotting agent factor 8 these days it's sterile and safe but in the mid seventy's and early eighty's a treatment like this infected about 5000 people in the u.k. with either. or even both richard was among them and he had to undergo a series of treatments and. cross. side effects. and sweating. to take. drugs. in the 1900.


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