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join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the french and russian president's meet for talks with the french leaders a summer residence with ukraine syria and iran all expected to be high on the agenda. and evil propaganda machine launches a blistering attack on the new york times this leak gaudio suggests that it's editors are seeking new ways of covering the presidency after 2 years of fixating on the rush to get. the british social media network aimed at young british muslims is revealed to be part of
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a government plan to tackle radicalization. worldwide this is r.c. international my name calling bray we will use this hour it's monday evening at 8 pm here in moscow 7 pm in france that's where we're starting this hour where french president emanuel mccrone is meeting with russia's vladimir putin at his summer residence on the mediterranean coast ahead of this weekend's a g. 7 summit pretty soon as the 2 spoke to reporters a little bit earlier we brought it to you live here on speed on that now. in the french riviera there earlier and adel excess in the not entirely holiday mood 100 percent anyway what was said. call and this is a very special one because we heard the president speak for a very long time before the talks began that was longer than 40 minutes they were
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sitting and wide chairs and the castle that's called for to break down song the one that you can see behind my shoulder busy and the most important reasons perhaps. for their meeting was to discuss a revival of the so-called normandy format that is when the presidents of russia and ukraine meet together with the leaders of germany and france that was seen as something that's crucial for the resolution of the crisis in ukraine so let's take a listen to what the 2 leaders said about that just before the talks began. and we meet for his demands can mr putin amaze america we will try to. to kinda normally do for him it in a few weeks but. there's no alternative to the normandy format and we'll obviously support it. kallen you
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mentioned the as you put it i didn't like that thing to it and what we can see is crystal waters of the called as they were this is the french riviera there are holiday makers all over the place and i guess it is very special because nobody was told to leave usually when these kind of events happen everything gets closed down cordoned off but everyone keeps go on with their routines yes indeed we saw a lot of police vehicles here the arms are walking around but clearly they are enjoying the sun as well of this is much easier than dealing with the yellow vest protests perhaps now speaking of the warmth i guess you really don't invite leaders even if they're the president of one of the most important countries on the planet to this kind of place unless they're their friends and it is true definitely
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that these 2 leaders have developed a very close relationship we saw a lot of our approach giving flowers to the wife of emmanuel macron just when he arrived here and we also heard mr macron calling a lot of our putin dear vladimir so i just want to show you some of the other parts of their conversations that we were able to see where all of this could be felt. in the commission of the president was very kind and let us sit in the shade while he and his delegation are sitting right under the sun so i'll try to be brief. well. i can also tell you that the leaders were taken questions again originally this wasn't supposed to be a press conference however it still happened and also we have to bear in mind that here in france in a bit of a different location be at ritz the. the g 20 the g.
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7 summit is going to happen in a few days and mark ron said many times that for him it's very important to hear from lot of our putin before he meets other world leaders and vladimir putin was asked whether russia was keen to return to that group which used to be called the g 8 and here is what the russian president responded to that. g. 8 doesn't exist anymore how can i return to an organization which doesn't exist today it's the g 7 regarding a potential format with 8 member states we never reject any proposals some time ago it was russia's turn to hold a g. 8 meeting but our partners didn't. want to do that the other issues that the 2 presidents were bringing up war iran climate change and also disarmament and here we definitely have to look at what's
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going on in the u.s. and the things that are being said by donald trump it seems that one of his tweets and one of his tweets he was angry about emanuel trying to somehow make it seem that the u.s. take on these issues is different but we do know that washington is doing what it's doing however emanuel macron believes at least that and these 3 issues russia and france are on the same page and there are clearly some disagreements between europe and the u.s. and between russia and the u.s. when it comes to these issues as well. ok a lot for them to mull over then let's have some of that front ambience can rub off into results if it does we'll be right back with you for now though we are trying to in the south of france thank you. donald trump has launched another scathing attack on the new york times accusing the publication of producing some of the worst of journalism in history they are both came after leaked audio of most of
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the paper's executive editor discussing how to cover the president and his administration in the wake of the russia gate scandal here's a quote donald. trump is the russian acid this message of the not too carefully ciphered in articles and reports has been overwhelming americans and the new york times seemingly used all the power and authority of its award winning journalism to propagate the message. but then came the miller report something that was intercepted to become the fatal blow to donald trump's credibility rebound ricocheted and had the media back with
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the momentum of a boomerang for the new york times it meant this we built our newsroom to cover one story and we did it truly well now we have to regroup and shift resources in emphasis to take on a different story this is part of a league transcript from dean baquet the new york times executive editor giving a speech in front of the paper's authors this shift he's talking about is far from good news for trump because apparently now the newspaper is going to degrade him from a russian puppet to something arguably much worse a racist. race in the next year is going to be a huge part of the american story and i mean race in terms of not only african-americans and their relationship with donald trump but latino asian immigration work to the near times for 15 years i think that the new york times has immensely damaged its credibility by trumpeting this narrative trump was
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a russian agent certainly within the last few decades one of the most egregious journalistic failures a terrible terrible failing and. i find it disturbing that dean baquet the executive editor of the new york times what will even acknowledge it mr k. also likes to put the new york times on a pedestal for being one of the few remaining independent journalism sources out there except to believe that you'd have to deliberately ignore the distinctive scent of partisanship reeking from the paper's supposed new racism narrative donald trump publicly and unapologetically embraced a political strategy may hate racism and division he's a man who cosies out to the white supremacist has been about trying to divide us in a way that it's been about trying to sell hate and division among us we have a president of the united states is a racist this is a guy who is worse than
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a racist he is actually using races tropes and racial language for political gain the newspaper might have begun to retroactively implement the changes since it recently changed the headline of one of its articles from this to this under the pressure from well the democrats so one thing is for sure race will be a huge part of the american story next year the presidential one what happened. the moeller report did not deliver as the new york times and much of the other mainstream media promised that it would and from that transcript you see that they are going to pivot to another kind of campaign against trump which will be focusing on is racism but none of this is journalism and some is a kind of switching of one moral crusade or self defined moral crusade with another
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their coverage of the russia gate of the russian clues and story was a huge plot and during that story critics accuse them of ignoring other things that trump was doing so now after russia after the russia collusion story as for up to the times has decided to cover other issues like trump and racism but believe me and they'll do a very bad job. they'll get a lot of basic things wrong and and probably benefits rob more than they will hurt it out of this stage the new york times hasn't reacted to the release of the audiobook coding and it hasn't responded to a request for comment from team but if we have anything you'll be the 1st to know about it. next canada has condemned a decision by the british government to strip a former islamic state fighter of his citizenship accusing its ally have shirking its responsibilities as a middle east correspondent bonus lier. well the u.k.
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has stripped form of fighter jet lifts who has been dubbed by the media as jihadi jack of his british citizenship but not canada has criticized this they say that they're disappointed in the decision don't forget that this jack let's also has canadian citizenship and a statement has been released by the canadian ministry of public safety terrorism knows no borders so countries need to work together to keep each other safe. disappointed that the united kingdom has taken this unilateral action to offload their responsibilities let's trucked out of university after converting to islam and moving to syria back in 2014 he participated in a number of battles before being taken hostage by could forces in june 2016 he gave an interview in which he said that his move to the middle east was part of the search for the truth and he denied having ever been involved in islamic state it's
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a controversial move by the united kingdom that whenever it finds that its citizens are accused of being involved in some kind of terrorism it needs to strip them off they citizenship it was another case recently of begum who also went to live in syria under islamic state now according to international law no country can strip of posts and of their nationality if it leaves them homeless as it does in the case of begum lawyers representing her family have actually written to the home secretary and accused british authorities are failing to protect the teenager from being sucked in and being groomed by islamic state the u.k. has a long tradition of stripping its nationals of citizenship as a means of preventing them from returning to britain after they become accused of being involved in terrorist activities european human rights judges have also ruled that this is illegal and the. we see at the moment is hundreds are foreign
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nationals who joined islamic state new to cross to syria and iraq to fight in their ranks who are now being stripped of their nationality and being prevented from returning home. an american mother living in saudi arabia has lost custody of her 4 year old daughter after being told by a court that her lifestyle is too western it's after her ex-husband who is a saudi national presented evidence showing how to you hadn't embraced islamic values and therefore wouldn't be able to raise their child properly bethany of europe who's $32.00 moved to saudi arabia in 2011 to teach at a university she later married a saudi businessman with him she had a daughter the couple divorced last year and things started getting more complicated with the air accusing him of verbal abuse and drug use a claim he denies the saudi court ruled against her the deadline for appeal expired on sunday the mother is new to islam is a foreigner in this country and continues to definitively embrace the customs and
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traditions of her upbringing we must avoid exposing zarina to these customs and traditions especially at this early age we spoke to catherine check them who's a senior analyst at the public policy think tank she believes bethany had no chance to win the case because of her gender. women to begin away at in the kingdom do not have many rights just because and always when it comes to custody cases it is very often the the husband has priority and is given everything whereas the woman is giving nothing and i think that in this case they are just using her nationality and the flag she was raised in the west against her alleging that she has pools an ethic and that she doesn't fit within the islamic school good at least the version that saudi arabia holds obviously. saudi arabia has been repeatedly criticized average record on women's rights although there's some improvement in recent years
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. but. it's very difficult to say you know whether the prince is actually really genuine in his desire for which was because they'll coming so clearly. or whether he's just some kind of a coarse met a claim to try to you know it's richard riley around public opinion you know in his favor as it was to truly trying to change what is going on in his society and we have to admit that this is not even an opinion it's
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a fact that saudi arabia is running centuries behind everybody else when he called . formulating what society is and how people relate to one another and the dynamics that goes on in the kingdom women. because to get about 50 percent of society you cannot function as this state. if you do not i relation to whites would be to believe or even to choose for themselves. you know without the next the social media network for young british muslims which is really a government anti radicalization monitoring projects we're live with our correspondent after the break. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or some want to be. too great to be close this is what the 3 of them all can be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the. city. from.
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headline news now on a social media network called the work aimed at young british muslims for critical discussion turned out to be part of a u.k. government counterterrorism program to go live to london now correspondent. how did this come out and what's been the reaction. well so basically what is a social news platform the what being a popular time he's to describe someone who's acutely aware of social justice issues especially racism and to use his bright colors it's got a multan bold design. and it's basically a space for politically engaged young people to come together and discuss the bunny issues of the day. you were created for us to eat and you don't go. what is for me just lies really which is you put out a toy. a new topic is off limits. gender
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issues climate change we can have some cats that's something for everyone and across all it sites has around 73000 followers on one of its most successful videos has hit a 1700000 view mark so it does enjoy considerable popularity but if you scroll through its pages you can see that its content is primarily centered around discussions on british muslims identity and politics so alongside islamic holiday said it well wishes you also have debates about varying perspectives on terrorism for example now no one has had an issue with the content of that with its sponsor because the report has just revealed that the platform is the covert arm of a u.k. government counter-terrorism strategy now the home office has not been particularly forthcoming about with details of its involvement with it has admitted that it has
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material from the project but refused to answer any further questions about the motives behind establishing at all or indeed what methods it uses allegedly on the grounds of national security and its statement on the issue didn't really help clarify anything further. we're committed to using all of the tools available to counter the threat from terrorism in the u.k. the home office works in partnership with a range of organizations to reduce vulnerabilities to organized criminal extremist interests throats in the. now it's not just the wider public or users who want told about the government's role the report also reveals that people who are invited on to woken actually featured in discussions one in form that it was a part of a home office an initiative this is an initiative called prevent that has caused great controversy since its implementation back in 2003 and that's been accused of
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a sentient being a state sanctioned spying and targeting muslim minorities so the revelation that won't is a part of that very project probably unsurprisingly was met with quite the backlash . this complete absence of transparency is just one of many reasons why there is such little trust between muslim communities and government so angry about home office this is what. i can't articulate myself how can the government expect muslims not to have trust issues with our government. the betrayal of trust that we face at every level of every institution include in online spaces media platforms arts and culture events civic life and everything else is honestly something i think everyone concerned with racism and all needs to be screaming about this is urgent. a recent segment on won't discuss tackling fake news i'm sure the
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irony is not lost on many now that when they look at the platform and see it as a manufactured brand filled with content that's pushing secretly an agenda on behalf of the british government so there are serious questions being raised especially in a country that was of course voted 1000 most transparent in the world. ok for now. thanks for that. the world facebook is sending its army of fact checkers rules to another network owned by the company instagram according to facebook a new program being tested for the public to become their own fact checkers if authorized when it posts then marked as fake or false it will then be automatically deleted for instagram's explore and it's hash tag pages removed for example if an image is posted with a simple mathematics calculation of this one under the math expert the fact checker than marks it is false and that post will never appear again under that trend.
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before the impact of all this could be now we can bring in social media privacy advocate bill me. on the face of it i suppose trying to police billions of users is going to be a task for an army of human fact checkers but this does sound like it's allowing poachers to be going keep us here. well i think what we're seeing is the fact that we need to increase the level of supervision on all of the social media platforms and we simply extending from one platform which the another platform and using many of the same techniques and the tools that have previously been used on facebook one of the ways in which they've been particularly successful is in understanding text and therefore they can very quickly get a picture from the text messages that we send them post on facebook of exactly who we are what our interests are and they can use that advertiser to sell things fairly accurately towards their less good a voice and
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a voice can be obviously recognized and converted into text but obviously their actions and the accuracy of drops at that point it's when you get into pictures and primarily with video where things start to get really really difficult and at this moment in time the automated tools that they're using cannot tell the difference between a cat a dog and a terrorist and they have an enormous amount of work to try and improve the technology here therefore at this moment in time they're having certainly with video on facebook platform to use an enormous number of an army of people who sit and do nothing but look through these videos to moderate them and try and recognize them they're now taking this sort of technique to instagram which is largely a picture based medium and obviously the same challenges are going to face them and if they haven't got the resources to absolutely get on top of things on facebook you have to question whether they've also got resources to police insist on as well
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though that is the ultimate mission that we would all like to for them to achieve but even if it's far from perfect at this stage the social media behavior of got to do something because their names crop up when significant incidents of hate speech and extremism occur they have to do something don't they so well this in any way make any impact. on tackling those 2 things. oh it's definitely moving the right direction we have to absolutely police the sort of traffic and the questions and it was a great example of the sort of thing that we need to be taken down in that particular instance they removed over a 1000000 copies of the video but still others were managed to be posted because people made slight alterations to it and you can slightly alter the frame rate and use other techniques and very quickly you can create another version of a video which the court of mediately recognized as being the original version and when you have multiple versions of something it makes the policing difficult task that much more difficult what about in terms of potential saboteurs then somebody
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smocking something is false and fake but just because they don't like it that it's actually true. i think encouraging communities to actually participate isn't a bad thing and i think overall it it will even out but you still need a level of checking you need a level of accuracy to in order to back that up it's one thing to have a button where you can identify things for greater scrutiny. scrutiny is one thing but allowing people to leave the judge jury and executioner i think would be a mistake and i don't think that's what's been proposed is one of the things that we need to be absolutely sure of is the accuracy in the authenticity of much of this material and obviously accuracy is the main thing they're focusing in on fake news but the authenticity is important you need to understand who's funding certain different forms of media who is the people behind it and that is why the your earlier example of that the home office a mosque in their identity in bringing forward what was into exceedingly worthy
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content in the prevent. example. was a very worthy contant but done in the wrong way by mosque in their identity and not being authentic they're now facing up so i think what we need to see is accuracy and authenticity are they physically capable of actually getting on top of that though with the likes of facebook are really and selling companies are they they're not social workers they're not welfare department. they are actually outsourcing this moment in time a this sort of task to contractors and who run massive operations in order to support and to sift through all this medium but the technology needs to improve and as i said at this moment in time the technology is very good in terms of understanding text it is pretty good at understanding voice which has been converted into text but we have a long way to go in pictures and certainly in video it's i mean the need for regulation and. i don't think what i'm not sure what regulation would achieve you
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can force them to spend more but as long as there is a challenge out there as long as people are providing content that is either questionable in terms of accuracy or then to city then we need this sort of service and at this moment in time a large amount of that needs to be done manually and there's no way we're getting around this ok for our bold new social media privacy africa good to talk to again thanks for joining us on our take pleasure. that's how it looks from moscow so far this monday the 19th of august the next arctic updated in just over half an hour. welcome to. the oscar winning drama green book cast about racism in america
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back in the spotlight is this problem with think of the past or is it still an issue very much alive i ask calvin alexander ramsey an award winning author and playwright who traveled across the united states collecting memories of the jim crow about. a century after the victories of the civil rights movement. controversial president will civil rights groups. racial hatred in america. racism truly. from the united states. calway now xander ramsey award winning writer and playwright welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us today mr ramsey know you have been digging into the green book for a long time the travel guide for african-americans during the james crow laws that
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help them avoid painful discrimination.


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