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tv   News  RT  August 23, 2019 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a lot of mir putin has ordered asymmetrical response to the latest u.s. missile test that as russia warned the un security council of a new arms race that action is not taken. one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled regulated in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia. also this hour conservative activist in the us celebrate after a court agrees to reconsider a case accusing global tech giants like google and facebook of anti-conservative bias. and britain's prime minister boris johnson is accused of disrespect after a viral video shows him putting his foot on furniture on meeting french president
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emanuel but probably. you're watching r t international bring you your life news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program that amir britain has ordered an analysis of the threat posed by a new u.s. missile weapon was recently tested just after washington pulled out of a key arms arms control treaty with moscow the russian president also ordered a symmetrical response to the weapon. has the details there you have a new all the latest developments and statements are in essence the new reality of the world without the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty how murder by washington and moscow decades ago and eventually torn apart after an announcement by the u.s. president donald trump at the end of last year earlier this week the. u.s.
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state department announced that the u.s. successfully tested a new cruise missile that was previously outlawed by the terms of the i.n.f. treaty plus even before that the u.s. secretary of defense revealed that america was working on the deployment of new missiles to the asia pacific and the head of the pentagon made it clear that he wants that to happen asap now this friday the russian president as a result of that got together with the most senior russian officials that are in charge of security in this country and now he's saying that the american tests are nothing but a clear indication that washington pulled out of the treaty now because moscow was violating something russia believes that this was a well calculated clan to get their hands on tied the americans have orchestrated a propaganda campaign alleging violations by russia but it's now clear this was just a smokescreen to hide washington's own breaches of the treaty and its intention to
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leave it this all leaves 0 doubt about america's real intentions having got rid of the existing limits it's now free to deploy previously forbid missiles anywhere in the world top american politicians say that you systems could be deployed 1st in the asia pacific region but this affects our interests as well because it is situated near our borders over the last few months we kept hearing warnings from the russian capital that if here they realize that washington is rushing to develop or deploying new missiles now that they don't have to abide by the terms of the agreement moscow will do exactly the same and on friday mr putin made it clear that the russian take on this won't change and that moscow was ready to take all the necessary steps there's a new book and i mean. as you know we've never wanted to and still don't want to get into an arms race which is expensive and destructive for a country's economy all the latest weapons that we've been developing will respond . to america's unilateral pullout from the 2003 antiballistic missile treaty we
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were forced to maintain the security of our people and our country we are doing the same man now and no doubt will keep on doing this in the future so once again the message from the russian government is they don't want to be dragged into this game but they are being forced to do it and the response from them will come quickly journalist neil clark told us the u.s. has history when it comes to pretext for pulling out of global treaty is it's fascinating is it because the united states seems to be threatening a number of the same time again well of course washington needs a pretext to walk away from a treaty it's better p.r. isn't it if you want to get out of the treaty to accuse the other side or it is really all goes back to 2002 when the bush administration walked away from the the antiballistic missile treaty it's a policy this is a policy to to break away from these invitation. to actually. to or develop
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missiles. policy is aggressive it's about threatening countries and that means lots of missiles and that means testing and frightening other countries so i think that that's a key point to make here they could just come out and say look we're going to break this treaty back to accuse the other side of breaking the situation surrounding the collapse of the i.n.f. treaty was addressed at the u.n. security council are tensions flared russia and china calm for global action to prevent a new arms race and rattle powers of blame to each other for the ongoing escalation . do you realize that because of the u.s. ambitions we are one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled or regulated in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia as if this depended only on us we would not reach this dangerous situation the united states is taking the necessary steps to address the threat posed by intermediate range missile forces being
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deployed in ever larger numbers by russia and china. what about you are you going to avoid responsibility for what is happening generations forgive you for this russia's present actions are in line with a pattern of aggression that represents a clear threat to international peace and security the russian federation is the sole responsibility for the reason demise of the treaty. do you not understand that by your responses to the americans you are returning the historical situation when missiles will target european cities from different sites. it was a heated debate at the united nations security council now the united states has recently withdrawn from the i.n.f. treaty the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement and not only has the usa withdrawn from the treaty but the usa recently tested a missile that would have been a violation of that treaty had it still been in effect many are viewing this as an escalation of
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a potential new arms race between russia and the united states now when the representative of the united states spoke to the security council they accused russia of being responsible for the agreements demise this is the us representative here today because the russian federation preferred a world in which the united states continued to fulfill its i.n.f. treaty obligations while the russian federation did not we've heard a narrative today that the united states had itself been in violation of the i.n.f. treaty because of our recent flight test which used the m k 41 launcher that is also found in our aid. the sure missile defense system this is categorically false now russia emphasize that its concerns about the m.k. 41 launcher have been proven to be indeed correct and that this launcher could easily be tested in transformed into the tomahawk missiles that were recently tested by the united states and those missiles do indeed violate the treaty now russia which had been accused of adding violated the i.n.f.
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treaty had repeatedly requested that inspectors come to russia and see if indeed these allegations from u.s. leaders were true however the united nations and the united states ignored their requests to defend themselves against these allegations of violating the i.n.f. treaty russia asked for dialogue around the issue and this dialogue was ignored here's some of what we heard from the russian representative. in accusing russia the united states and the countries that grunt along with its are ignoring facts and common sense we proposed a closed door meeting to look at time misato of this clone us and give full information to convince them that we did not violate the treaty but they refused we cannot understand the arguments from us but we do want to save the treaty china was also subject to us allegations that the security council united states accused china of boosting its military arsenal as well china responded that it was not
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correct for the united states to withdraw from the treating and blaming china for their decision was not honest or correct either this is the chinese representative addressing the security council. the i.n.f. treaty is of great importance to not only the u.s. and russia but it's a global peace and security it is an accent to which use china as an excuse for leaving the treaty china rejects the baseless accusations from the u.s. . now the i.n.f. treaty was signed in 1087 and it was a key moment in the deescalation and ultimate end of the cold war between the united states and the soviet union and the recent decision of the united states to withdraw from that treaty as many concerned about the potential for a new nuclear arms race now many hoped that the meeting could be the opening of dialogue toward restoring some kind of treaty regarding intermediate range nuclear forces missiles and such however while a lot of accusations were exchanged no real consensus seems to have existed among
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the countries represented at the un security council the us was preparing to do this. that the fact that they launched this time to collect missile from a mark 41 launcher proves what russia had been complaining about when the us put these agents missile systems near the russian border russian western border and said oh these are to guard against iranian missiles which of course don't even exist there are no russian intermediate range missiles based around the united states and there aren't any chinese intermediate range missiles based around the united states and the danger of these missiles is that they can strike their targets within minutes so it forces countries like russia or china to put their i.c.b.m.'s on here trigger response this is very very dangerous time now and it's a going to lead to an enormous arms race. conservative activists in the u.s.
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are celebrating after a court agreed to reconsider its censorship case against facebook google twitter and apple is bringing the lawsuit accuse the tech giant of biased of suppressing content from the conservative and of the political spectrum controversal right wing activist laura limor is leading the case with a group called freedom watch has previously been banned from all kinds of online platforms from twitter and facebook to. pay pal and over a lawsuit also alleges the 4 tech giants violated the 1st amendment and us anti-monopoly laws there have been a growing number of leaks and testimonies from those who work for big tech alleging an anti conservative bias even out blacklist where is someone. right shows that there are conservative and they'll be blacklisted between different companies and different teams. that really need to change i see google executives go to congress and say that it's not going to be that it is not political and i'm just so
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sure that's not true they're telling people that oh they don't they don't have any blacklist this is all you know they don't have any political ideology they don't have any political bias but it's really clear that they do the current legal consensus is that tech giants are allowed to moderate the content which appears on their sites or through their apps they have denied any censorship. do you discriminate more on philosophy like anti conservative versus pro liberal no or policies in our rooms don't take into consideration any affiliation philosophy were viewpoint there is absolutely no directive in any of the changes that we make to have a bias in anything that we do we use a robust methodology to reflect what is being said about any given topic that any particular time and we try to do it objective leave using a set of rubrics certainly if this happened to her this is happened to a lot of people and it's high time that the big tech giants were challenge to hunt
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this there's a confusion i think because americans love free speech and we love private property so we love for example when it's a company and we say well that company has a right to do anything it wants to but there comes a point where it's almost like a public utility because they have such a monopoly on communication in general especially in terms of social media so some of these giants that really do have control. they've changed the game you can only come to one conclusion when it seems to only happen against conservatives in general and and i think that this flies in the face of of our free speech and you know that for most of us in america we could agree that our 1st amendment speech right is critical to everything that is freedom and most of us would wish that some of these tech giants would go along with that. the german captain of a margaret rescue boat in the mediterranean has snubbed bravery award from france
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she accuses paris of hypocrisy given its treatment of refugees we do not need authorities deciding about who is a hero and who is illegal at the same time your police is stealing blankets from people that you're forced to live in the streets while you read protests and criminal ice people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers . back in 2017 pia claims boat was seized by italian authorities in the port of lampedusa with rescued migrants on board she was charged with assisting illegal immigration and could face up to 20 years in jail the paris mayor's office has reacted to her criticisms of the french authorities and fighting her to see the city and how migrants are actually treated there we are waiting for you in paris to show you the different ways we are ensuring a dignified reception for migrants despite the tensions that exist on the subject with the state you'll find is ours and all the french capital is often at odds with the federal government over migrants france is also wrangling over the issue with
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fellow you members relative unscathed delved deeper. parish has consistently lobbied for better or worse and consent is for migrants while the city was actually the 1st to open a temporary reception center which some 13000 migrants said to have passed through and it's invested 40000 viewers in a restaurant to feed my kids if the paris match says they would have done more but for the french government i do not understand why the government is allowing indignity and kiryas on the capital's doorstep between 700 and the 1200 migrants are sleeping rough in the streets in makeshift camps under bridges on roadsides where they're forced to leave in human conditions and does she have a point that the french state has repeatedly cleared migrant camps in paris but when one is dismantled sure enough another soon replaces it michael's government
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has also been criticized for a controversial asylum and immigration bill in a bid to limit new arrivals that law double to 90 days the time in which illegal immigrants could be detained it shortened deadlines for asylum applications and made illegal crossing of borders as an offense with a jail time of up to a year but these funds are really in a position to sort out the problem itself it's been trying with germany to find consensus across the entire 8 you for a solution to the crisis on that level brussels is slamming italy and eastern european countries for shutting their doors to my quote. very people critical with me or paris is doing i don't know what went into the mind. of mine because you see of course they don't we're going to go. from here and you can see the people sleeping in just. to go with respect to eat today because he did these good. most
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of the mines and fans and take them in in such large numbers so they blame the tenant for another opening their bulldozer to the fans don't do that either so it's completely political the thousands of those in the media and maybe because exactly because of the so-called humanitarian probably see which gives them the illusion that they would be. and they won't be i mean they won't all be from migrants in not happy at the way that they treated the activists not happy at the way the government to helping the local governments not being happy with the federal governments and those federal governments not happy with brussels brussels it seems is not happy either it's one of huge circle going around and around but it's actually not getting anywhere. r.t. paris more headline news after this short break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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welcome back the picture behind me a british prime minister boris johnson putting his foot on a table during breaks at talks and paris has drawn much criticism online but many users didn't see the whole video which suggests the french president seemed to joke the table could also be used as a footstool with the pair then sharing a laugh over it. rude and embarrassing imagine if micron put his food on the table and back in palace would a not a slope take your food at the table man arrogance uncivilized the updated version
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of donald trump don't love this pseudo boorish antics fool or distract you he doesn't act like this because he has no class but because he is off and for the class that can afford to act as if they had none some have even suggested moran had tricked johnson to make him look like a 4 or that it's a display of alpha male body language the french newspaper la pretty easy and ran the story explaining it's not insulting incident but rather a joke. we go live now to john gans british radio host and calmness now what do you think this incident caused such a strong public reaction. because they didn't have donald trump to criticize today they've just decided to pick on boris johnson because boris johnson is trying to deliver what we the british public voted for which was to leave the undemocratic e.u. it will be me explain doesn't it mark ron it was a joke mccrone says yes you can put your 4 on it and then this idea that he's some
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kind of oath i really don't want to be rude to the french but boris johnson conducted the whole of that meeting in french without an interpreter so he's not on oath he's a very very intelligent man he has got doubts about whether he's actually going to give us the break we want but it's the closest thing we've ever had and it's certainly a lot better than the so random monkey tourism early so this is a non-story if you don't mind me saying. so even if it is just a cheap shot just looking for an excuse to criticize him could you really imagine any other prime minister say theresa may or david cameron finding themselves in this situation though. they moan much more not got themselves in an embarrassing situation but david cameron promises a referendum and he said this is a once in a lifetime choice and whatever you the british public decide we will deliver then when we did live deliver what we wanted walsh was to get out 3 miserable long years ago he ran away theresa may she put forward a deal that was
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a surrender document to the e.u. so i'd rather have boris johnson put his foot on a table than either of those 2 clowns and also say it has been explained but no what's going on here is all parts of the mainstream media both here in great britain and indeed in the e.u. who just want to undermine the democratic will of the people but let me just explain just in case people don't understand our with porous we're going out on halloween and that will be the end of the matter as i say let's concentrate on the fact that we've got a very educated prime minister who can do these negotiations and all of this is distraction from the fact that angle of merkel looks like she's bending a little on this whole issue this focus issue of the arash backstop and even mccrone as well they're trying to get a deal and i speak as somebody who thinks abolish won't actually get is the real deal he'll get his breaks in name only so i think the whole thing will collapse but
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to attack boris at the moment for having his fur on a table when the president of france has actually explained it was an insult to me just seems ridiculous i think the media need to grow up. yes so if it is just that case of just attacking him to attack him he must know that they are looking for any excuse to criticize him so even if he didn't put his leg on the table out of disrespect or in here improper why did he do it if he knows he's going to be watched so closely. do you know war is a bit like president trim it's just a normal bloke so isn't thinking about being really polish he has holes in his shoes he hardly ever charged them up he's only just got a decent haircut that's what he is to know well though the british public loving him liberal issue his approval ratings are through the roof just like donald trump who they want to constantly but rate his approval ratings at the moment or exactly the same if not slightly higher than barak obama in his 1st term you see what
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happens here is certain people in the media and in the political establishment elite don't really like democracy unless le pledge people like me actually deliver the result they want this is just part of this and this shit is literally complete and utter nonsense boris johnson is trying to deliver what the british people want and the british people at the moment are with boorish junction we don't necessarily want another slick politician like cameron or snake oil salesman no thank you we're very happy with the leader warts and all john gone british radio host and columnist thank you for your time. a 2nd belgian region will introduce a ban on hall and kosher slaughter next month the practice requires animals to be alive and healthy they are then killed by having their throats cut priest awning is
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not widely used which is one of the reasons why the practice is banned in several countries but the muslim and jewish communities are unhappy including and belted in from view i don't think that's what they want to achieve. i think that the bans have more to do with 2 legged animals than with 4 legged ones if there is one positive thing that comes out of this latest attempt to cut title religious freedom it's the bringing closer together of jewish and muslim communities flooding in phosphorus levels reject gave us his views on the issue i don't think it is necessarily less because they see. we should never forget that there is in your all alone that the fruit of. let's call it right we think ecology but they find that cannot operate they could just take that both sides again good side and the masculine side effect that i claim but not the qatari so profess
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limits and you know where it leads if you don't become buckling fundamentalists you see them immediately into never just let defend cow class exist. explode when they think god exists in the same god 3 when pay him back that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now thanks for turning it. officer . told him to get up off the ground the officer began to pet him down. and then place on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who. drew his own.
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individual twisted away from the officer pulling the toys out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on trace one as i was just hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the 2 any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it on tree. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. kass calendar is drawing alfonzo along. their situation page.
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whose 1st words were at a lot of us here a challenging post you've got 2 years to live. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. defense concentrate market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies have a huge financial motivation to solve these problems there are numerous showing that doctors were keen to chest x. ray concentrate straight in fits of it's own that patients want gives them doctors the wrong to quite long term why that would keep me from secure those years day. on people who die and i'm always question or so i tried being hard to live where so many have.
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come to sophie and co i'm simply sharing nonsense one more turns to peace to create a work of theirs in the shadow. bringing the pieces together is often ignored and officials take the credit but not today i talk to a french businessman who takes no glory in saving lives and in conflict. here. today. with international mediation and career diplomats failed with conflicts come into play working quietly as private citizens out of the spotlight growing
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mistrust and blood feuds patiently bringing warring parties to the table why does parallel citizen diplomacy work with. other people willing to work. with the promise of nobel peace prizes or t.v. and how do they get the job done. thank you very much for being with us today we queue for everything. to be in such an interesting profession i want to know all about it so you are a noted negotiator lots of success stories in africa i know that you're now trying to get sites in libya to sit down and talk i mean in a way you're more successful than united nations at least you're getting these guys to sit down and talk. with you the issues as you would need united nations but also somewhere somehow i needed those. dishes.


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