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tv   News  RT  August 23, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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make 6000000000 dollars in prison complexes you get some when you live where. you don't care and. so you know. sort of the symmetrical response to the latest u.s. missile test as russia warms the un security council of a new arms race action is not taken. one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russian. conservative activists in the us celebrate for a quarter greece to reconsider a case accusing global text like google and facebook of the conservative. couple whose child is most severely malnourished after being placed out of. jail but a 100 community service instead put the issue up for debate. very young children and
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let the children just sign when they're old enough maybe after the great spirit is finished with eventually let me. address climate change issue. from oscar news h.q. what's your team to national diner holkins with you tonight welcome to the program . vladimir putin has ordered an analysis of the threat posed by a new u.s. missile the weapon was recently tested just off the washington post out of a key arms control treaty with moscow the russian president also ordered a symmetrical response to the weapon. has the story. there you have it all the latest developments and statements are in essence the new reality of the world without the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty how murder by washington in
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moscow decades ago and eventually torn apart after an announcement by the u.s. president at the end of last year earlier this week the. u.s. state department announced that the u.s. successfully tested a new cruise missile that was previously outlawed by the terms of the i.n.f. treaty plus even before that the u.s. secretary of defense revealed that america was working on the deployment of new missiles to the asia pacific and the head of the pentagon made it clear that he wants that to happen asap now this friday the russian president as a result of that got together with the most senior russian officials that are in charge of security in this country and now he's saying that the american tests are nothing but a clear indication that washington pulled out of the treaty now because moscow was violating something russia believes that this was a well calculated plan to get their hands on tied the americans have orchestrated
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a propaganda campaign alleging violations by russia as it's now clear this was just a smokescreen to hide washington's own breaches of the treaty and its intention to leave it this all leaves 0 doubt about america's real intentions having got rid of the existing limits it's now free to deploy previously forbid missiles anywhere in the world top american politicians say that you systems could be deployed 1st in the asia pacific region but this affects our interests as well because it is situated near our borders over the last few months we kept hearing warnings from the russian capital that if here they realize that washington is rushing to develop or deploying new missiles now that they don't have to abide by the terms of the agreement moscow will do exactly the same and on friday mr putin made it clear that the russian take on this won't change and that moscow was ready to take all the necessary steps there's
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a new book and i mean. as you know we've never wanted to and still don't want to get into an arms race which is expensive and destructive for a country's economy all the latest weapons that we've been developing we're risk. once to america's unilateral pull out from the 2003 antiballistic missile treaty we were forced to maintain the security of our people and our country we are doing the same now and no doubt will keep on doing this in the future so once again the message from the russian government is they don't want to be dragged into this game but they are being forced to do it and the response from them will come quickly the situation surrounding the collapse of the on f. treaty was addressed at the u.n. security council where tensions flared russia and china called for global action to prevent a new arms race rival powers blame each other for the ongoing escalation. do you realize that because of the u.s. ambitions we are one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled or regulated in any way the united states will not remain a party to
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a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia with as if this depended only on us we would not reach this dangerous situation the united states is taking the necessary steps to address the threat posed by intermediate range missile forces being deployed in ever larger numbers by russia and china would you but what about you are you going to avoid responsibility for what is happening to future generations forgive you for this russia's present actions are in line with a pattern of aggression that represents a clear threat to international peace and security the russian federation because the sole responsibility for the reason do most of the really really big images and we do not understand by your responses to the americans you are returning to historical situation when missiles will target european cities from different sites . let's go live now to the director of the nuclear studies issues american university peter curson nick thanks for joining us so good to have you on today
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this missile test obviously came right after the u.s. pulled out of the treaty given that the preparations needed for such a test the likely to have taken quite a bit of time do you think how can doubt it washington can explain its actions in this case. i think the united states made out its intentions pretty clearly and it's february 28th in nuclear posture review so i don't think this should have come as a big surprise you know that the advisors that donald trump relies on people like john bolton might come peo. to marson these people are all nuclear hawks and they don't believe in any arms control treaties and they're eager to place these weapons mark aspart the u.s. secretary of defense has said that it wants a place these intermediate range missiles in asia and if this
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even the nature of these m.k. $41.00 launchers that were used in this test very similar to the ones that are already in romania and being installed them poland and so these could actually is missile could actually be both in asia and europe so its. intent to find danger and nuclear arms race. speaking of asia the u.s. defense secretary said on thursday that the test specifically was a much as to china do you think the asia pacific reason you will see these developments as a law me. i think everybody already sees these developments of the law right now about 95 percent of china's missiles fall into the category that were banned under the i.n.f. treaty and also you look north korea has got these missiles south korea has these missiles other countries in the region have these missiles so. the last thing the world needs is another insane 1980 style nuclear arms race is really going
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on from the 1950 s. through the next you know eighty's but if we get rid of the there's only one piece left of the arms control architecture that's the new start treaty that expires in february 2020 want alton has already said that it's worthless and he wants to get rid of it trump is indicated the same if we get rid of that that limits the noun number of deployable warheads 251550 back in the 1980 s. we almost had 70000 nuclear weapons in the world i don't see us getting back to those kinds of insane numbers and the kind of increase that we're likely to see if the new start treaty is not renewed will be very very frightening we already have about 14000 nuclear weapons in the world that's enough to end life on the planet many times over and so people have got to take this very very seriously and begin to try to control the crazies people. who are willing to gamble
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with the end of life on our planet how long please that to happen no arms race what was the key was the key message given at the latest u.n. security council summit president putin wants to see a symmetrical response the u.s. is likely to implement its own measure them so on isn't you all marie almost always already here and how likely is a new treaty for example to be signed. well there are new arms race is already here letter putin has indicated that he very much would like to sign a treaty. and donald trump is a. temporary phenomenon those of us in the united states and around the world who still have a modicum of sanity are hoping that to get donald trump out of office before he can do more damage or damage the environment more damage to in terms of the military and the arms race especially nuclear weapons so people have got to maintain some
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patients and some sense of perspective that almost all of the democratic candidates who are likely to run and very likely to defeat donald trump at this point are in favor of arms control some like tulsi gabbert ernie sanders elizabeth warren want to see a no 1st use treaty they want to see other measures to actually cut back on the nuclear arsenals so yes we've got to protect our planet in the short run in the long run i'm much more optimistic just going back to the u.s. missile a promise on to the message to china do you think that countries in the asia pacific region are going to allow the u.s. to deploy its missiles there no i think that. abo who might like the u.s. to do so will be under tremendous pressure not to do so south korea munge in is not
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going to want to allow the united states to do that what would be more of a provocation to north korea and to china and the us placing of a south korea so i don't see that happening when i do see happening is the possibility of them being placed in. will not be able to resist the people who might resist but overall will not be able to so that i think is the best that mark as the secretary of defense has called them placing them back in asia i have but there are going to be a lot of pressure on the united states if that isis tries to do so critical in the direction of the nuclear studies institute at the american university thanks for joining us a great to get your expert insight today on the program and. conservative activists in the united states are celebrating after a court agreed to reconsider a censorship case against facebook google twitter and apple those bringing the lawsuit accuse the tech giants of bias and of suppressing content from the
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conservative end of the political spectrum a controversial right wing activist laura luma is leading the case with a group called freedom watch has previously been banned from all kinds of online platforms from twitter and facebook to paper. but also it also alleges the 4 tech giants violated the 1st amendment and u.s. anti monopoly laws have been a growing number of leaks and testimonies from those who work for big tech alleging an anti conservative bias. even a blacklist where if someone is right it does show that there are conservative they'll be blacklisted between different companies and different teams. that really need to change i see google executives go to congress and say that it's going to be late it is political and i'm just so sure that's not true they're telling people that oh they don't they don't have any blacklist this is all you know they don't have any political ideology they don't have any political bias but it's really clear that they do the current legal consensus is that tech giants are allowed to
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moderate the content which appears on their sites or through their ups though they've denied any censorship. do you discriminate more on philosophy like anti conservative verses pro liberal. or polls susan are rhythms don't take in a consideration any affiliation philosophy were viewpoint there is absolutely no directive in any of the changes that we make to have a bias in anything that we do we use a robust methodology to reflect what is being said about any given topic at any particular time and we try to do it objective lee using a set of rubrics certainly if this happened to her this is happened. to a lot of people and it's high time that the big tech giants were challenge to hunt this there's a confusion i think because americans love free speech and we love private property so we love for example when it's a company and we say well that company has
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a right to do anything it wants to but there comes a point where it's almost like a public utility because they have such a monopoly on communication in general especially in terms of social media so some of these giants that really do have control. they've changed the game you can only come to one conclusion when it seems to only happen against conservatives in general and and i think that this flies in the face of of our free speech and you know that for most of us in america we could agree that our 1st amendment speech right is critical to everything that is freedom and most of us would wish that some of these tech giants would go along with that. in australia a former defense lawyer faces jail over the leak of controversial afghan files appeared in the supreme court on thursday for preliminary hearings over mcbride release classified material in 2017 alleging australian troops committed war crimes in afghanistan he was charged with breaching the country's the fence act and is
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expected to face trial next year he claims it was his duty to the australian people to make the documents public. i've got a few tricks up my sleeve it's worth having a go i might fail but i'll be happy in jail if i've tried. the incidents reported in the so-called afghan files where the killing of a civilian man and his son during the raid where it was alleged they were shot by mistake in another case the afghan the attorney was shot dead while he was alone with an australian soldier if mcbride claimed that before leaking information to the media he tried to bring it to the attention of officials but his efforts were in vain we discussed the issue with former cia officer turned whistle blower john kiriakou. it's so typical it's so common in places like the united states the u.k. australia really the 5 eyes countries to attack the whistleblower rather than to address the crime and to punish those who committed the crime there ought to be
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hard and fast whistleblower protection laws there are in many countries there is not in in australia but there really need to be legal protections so people can can go confidently to their supervisors or to their legislature or even to the media to report crimes in this case i think that that the australian soldiers involved were probably i'm not even sure how to say it but sucked into the same kind of of we're time situation that so many americans have been sucked into you think that you can get away with things you think that they are crimes and eventually there's going to be a whistleblower you know there's there's an old saying that the truth always comes out and i think that that is the case it was the case here it's been the case in the united states whether it's cia or n.s.a. or f.b.i. the truth always comes out and so if you don't want trouble or just do the right thing. tensions between the u.s.
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and china end up to be on the way up again a new round of the unraveling trade war between economic superpowers beijing's announced more tariffs on u.s. goods from the series a fierce tweets from donald trump in one the president ordered american businesses to start looking for alternatives to china. we don't need china and frankly would be far better off without them the vast amounts of money made and stolen by china from the united states to give for decades will and must stop the great american companies they have i ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china including bringing your companies how them and making your products in the usa. beijing's latest retaliatory tariffs affect $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods the move came in response to the u.s. government's plan for additional tariffs on chinese goods a tit for tat policy between the countries can be traced back to march when donald trump accused china of unfair trade practices over the years u.s.
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stocks reacted immediately to the president's twitted to raid you can see the dow jones plunging more than 700 points sparked further worries of a possible recession we're joined live now by asia pacific strategic and economic policy specialist at the institute for china american studies in washington thanks for joining us so good to have you on today more blows you can see exchange between us and china is this really that much of a surprise how do you see things developing. no this is not a surprise that every iteration of tariffs by the united states government has been retaliated against by china so considering that the new tranche of tariffs by the us was due to kick in on september 1st i am not at all surprised that these confirmations have been taken the was fairly predictable. how hard do you think these new tariffs could prove for the economies not only them but also on the
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political establishment i mean everyone says there's no winners in a trade war is that a dodge true do you think. oh that's absolutely true there there are no winners it's just the degree to which both sides lose this comes at a difficult time for donald trump not so much for china china's economy has been in a downturn since the last quarter of 2018 at that it was mainly for domestic cyclical reasons then of course the trade war and the tariff skim along but the chinese did manage to stabilize the economy by providing growth stable automatic stabilisers and have kept it in the 6 percent range the u.s. at that point of time was booming economically but that boom is beginning to wear out and in fact it is the economy is softening and people are saying that it might head towards a recession next year so this comes at a bad moment for donald crumb going into his reelection campaign that there's
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greater uncertainty and aggravation on this front which is going to hurt investor and investment sentiment in this economy rand corporation expert save us fell into the classic trap of escalation without an end game trump obviously an expert on bluffing and double bluffing beijing 2 do you agree with that do you think this is a war of words without a seeming end or resolution. ah i'm not so sure i think ron did have a strategy the point the problem with him is he is just too indisciplined to know when he needs to walk away from the table to make a deal at the table and walk away from it there was a lot placed on the table by china yes it took back a little bit and the trump side overreacted but there's a lot placed on the table and crump i think had the outlines of a great deal. could be done using the leverage that he had bought on but by going
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back so many times against the chinese and particularly by breaking his own commitments which he had given to president xi i think trust has evaporated in the process and there's no real grand deal to be had any more there's still the possibility of a small deal but because the level of trust is so low i think whatever comes out of this will be fairly mediocre and at least that's that's the that's lopsided the downside could be really real aggravation in financial markets and in the u.s. and chinese economy just look at the broader political picture here the tensions are obviously developing amid the protests in hong kong they're getting worse the u.s. has been supporting the protesters have been quite vocal about that do you think that something that perhaps has some sort of impact on the conflict you know adding some sort of fuel to this war of tariffs. no i wouldn't bring home come into the mix i my i would rather bring taiwan into the mix simply because in
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this within the last month we have heard that the trumpet ministration as agreed to sell i think it was 70 f. 16 aircrafts to taiwan which is the largest arms sales since 1992 that is a real shift in some ways in the status quo yes hong kong is boiling and trump could perhaps do more but the grievances in hong kong are very local and china has been sucked into it so as to provide energy to those protests but the grievances are local taiwan is a real issue is an issue it strikes a chord chinese interest in arming taiwan i think and has also has a link to the 2 to the breakdown in trust which the touch chinese side see particularly in terms of their trade negotiations. asia pacific strategic and economic policy specialist that institute for china american studies in washington thanks for your time here with us on the program today. of reagan
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a couple from australia whose child was found to be severely malnourished after being placed on a reagan diet of escaped jail after a judge handed them 300 hours community service instead according to police the baby was severely underweight after being placed on a vegan diet from birth using only goats and sparser birds she weighed less than 5 kilograms suffering from major problems with her bones and was hardly able to move doctors said she'd only developed as much as a 3 month old that had no teeth because of a lack of necessary vitamins her parents face huge criticism for not thinking of the consequences of their actions. the family are apparently discharged is not a parental responsibility to take charge by providing the necessities of my causing a danger of serious injury is undoubtedly very serious conduct particularly where the child is very young and he's unable to independently cue for himself or herself
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and all one could in fact that have you been there is no greater responsibility and then by a parent to his or her chart to care for the child to nurture the child in to protect the child from any harm or injury caring for the go was caring for a very young baby she couldn't sit out she couldn't speak any words she couldn't feed herself hold a bottle she couldn't play with 2 or spend the day in her court running back and forth she couldn't roll over all the way. this case raise the question of whether it's appropriate to use vegan diets for small children to spot the protests some experts including those in the american academy of pediatrics think it is acceptable and can be good for kids of a not all agree with them on the point we discuss this rigidity more a registered dietitian a nutritionist and pop for colon the founding director of the sustainable food trust. the contact between healthy as it is now with our health service is quite
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poor. and children aren't seeing nearly as regularly or as often as they used to be say 10 or 15 years ago and i think that's one of the problems that house physicists just can't keep keep an eye on the on the number of children that they've got in that case larry we need to keep vigilant people who probably the best reasons are misguided late feeding their children unhealthy diets it's possible to keep the child healthy a batch they do need supplements you can't just rely on if you can diet yes we need to eat less meat but don't give up together the right kind of meat and that's good for your health even if you do all that and you help and somebody helps you plan that very well you're channeling greg to their height their genetically potential height because we believe that milk protein and meat protein also are trying to an important factor in growth probably very challenging if you have to be an expert in
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this to get it right and i would. have to it's not necessary to be quite so extreme as i have seen several reagan parents who come to me and say they want to bring up their challenge the gann and once we talk it through and i explain the implications of it and have cancer right to be in the planning of the doc most of them decide against it but i would say that most of them that i've seen race and they were led to the last 2 or 3 years and not getting the going because of their environmental concerns there's a lot of. worry a moment about what a dart that is correct for addressing climate change and all the other problems we're facing but we would argue that it is possible to eat sustainably to include a whole range of sustainably produced livestock or us in the dark without thinking or talking about it and probably your children would be better off with a void of a good diet for very young children and let the children decide when they're old enough maybe after their great specials finished with
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a film about reagan national not and in the mean time allow them to eat a full of diet full of all the and free grapes we can address climate change by easy war sustainably we can also go to records. in germany captain of a modern rescue boat in the mediterranean slab the bravery award from france she accuses paris of hypocrisy given its treatment of refugees. we do not need authorities deciding about who is a hero and who is illegal at the same time your police is stealing blankets from people that you're forced to live in the streets while you read protests and criminal ice people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers and 2017 peer kemp's boat was seized by italian authorities in the port of lampedusa with rescued migrants on board she was charged with assisting illegal immigration and could face up to 20 years in jail paris mayor's office has reacted to criticism of the french or thora he's inviting her to the city to see how
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migrants are actually treated there. we are waiting for you in paris to show you the different ways we are ensuring a dignified reception for migrants despite the tensions that exist on the subject with the state you'll fight is ours and while the french capital is at odds with the federal government over migrants france is also wrangling over the issue with other e.u. members shot at their means q delves the point of the story. parish has consistently lobbied for better or worse that consent is for migrants while the city was actually the 1st to open a temporary reception center which some 13000 migrants said to have passed through and it's invested 40000 viewers in a restaurant to feed my kids if the paris mess says they would have done more but for the french government i do not understand why the government is allowing indignity and kiryas on the capital's doorstep between 700 and the 1200
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migrants are sleeping rough in the streets in makeshift camps under bridges on roadsides where they're forced to leave inhumane conditions and does she have a point that the french state has repeatedly cleared of migrant camps in paris but when one is dismantled sure enough another soon replaces it michael's government has also been criticized for a controversial asylum and immigration bill in a bid to limit new arrivals that law double to 90 days the time in which illegal immigrants could be detained it shortened deadlines for asylum applications and made illegal crossing of borders as an offense with a jail time of up to a year but these funds really in a position to sort out the problem itself it's been trying with germany to find consensus across the entire you for a solution to the crisis on that level brussels is slamming italy and eastern
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european countries for shutting their doors to my quote. very people critical with me or paris is doing i don't know what went into the mind. of mine because you see of course they don't welcome you. here and you can see the people sleeping in just . to go with respect to interview because he did these good. most of them my hands and friends and take them in in such large numbers so they blame the tenant for not opening their bulldozer to the fans don't do that either so it's completely hypocritical the thousands of their in the mater and maybe because exactly because of the so called humanitarian probably see which gives them the illusion that they would be rescued and they won't be i mean they won't all be from migrants in not happy at the way that they treated the activists not happy at the way to government to helping the local governments not being happy with the federal governments and those federal governments.


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