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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 23, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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level brussels slamming italy and the eastern european countries for shutting their door was tom my question is very people critical where the mayor of paris is doing i don't know what went into the mind. of mine because you see of course they don't welcome you can go. from here and you can see the people sleeping in the street it's a tough. people with respect to italy because it is getting most of the minds and friends and take them into number so they blame the tenant for not opening their borders but the fans don't do that either so it's completely political the terms of the day in the media and maybe because exactly because of the so-called humanitarian probably see which gives them the illusion that they would be. and they won't be i mean they weren't all be from migrants in not happy at the way that they treated the activists not happy at the way the government to helping the local governments not being happy with the federal government and those federal governments not happy with brussels brussels it seems is not happy either it's
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one of huge circle going around and around but it's actually not getting anywhere. r.t. paris. authorities in colombia have launched a crackdown on illegal cocoa farms the farmers who are saving to grow the crops to survive if accuse the government of breaking a promise to give the maids you can watch our documentary because throughout the day here on r.t. also online in the meantime here's a quick preview. don't need to hold my differences with the muslim people any better late and our media knows evils of this bozo know. it's going to keep the money for. those companies who most people almost couldn't be i most came in nobody goes from
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believe me no actual squinty was he is pro-u. in colombia ecuador coke. be a nice time and people know you're not. you i got him on those can people be called . you know his highness to know better or for their lies it was a lost cause and if you're not a very close someone else one of those one obstacles you know what i stuck in that know those of us with a moment will you know they completely ended up a bit past. when it is time i know what else is way past they don't know as they stand you know seeking my pound my loneliness will see at least one in pm play call political many of them but they get. my. going all those who love me most but what is this when you compile these heels.
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frausto coming your way in just a few moments so i will back in 30 minutes time with the latest news updates. hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered peter lavelle politics is supposed to be about the art of the possible this means compromises and tolerance sadly this is no longer the case in force in character assassination are now the rules of engagement today if you say the wrong thing think different thought you must be silenced.
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across talking racism i'm joined by my guest in washington she's a republican strategist and consultant also in washington we have remington greg he is the counsel for civil justice and consumer rights at public citizen and in denver we crossed antonio before she is a conservative commentator or across up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it really let me go to you 1st here in washington from my far away perch when i peruse american cable from c.n.n. to m s n b c to fox it's all about racism race is the topic that is talked about all the time is that the most burning issue or is that just a lot of deflection pivoting virtue signaling because i see this conversation and it's maddening because nothing is ever resolved except 1st smearing people that's not how politics should be run but equally in a country like all countries in the world that have major problems that face them
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so tell me is it all about racism please. well i'll agree with you on the point that it is maddening it's been a really tough week in washington because it is a burning issue and. i don't know that this is a back burner issue that's now come to the forefront only because this row that nancy pelosi had with these 4 young. racial congresswomen that are all democrats i i think it's really come to a head because we have the president united states who jumped in and use that word go back to your country and so there is this sense that we are in a moment that is worse than every every other moment we've been in and i sort of want to push back on that because we've had this racist tone in our politics for a very long time this is nothing new i think what is new is that technology and sort of the influence it has on making the political sphere so accessible just like
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celebrities are so accessible we get to know everybody every moment every movement and i think the president's words on twitter were particularly impactful for a large number of americans and we're having it all play out in a very i think very disgusting manner yeah well you know the twitter doesn't reflect the world public opinion or american it's usually a bunch of a small group of people that are triggered and that's what they do for a living i'm really sick and tired of this the twitter chatter to it's not representative by a long shot remington you know someone said to me once a conservative is called a racist when he or she is winning an argument with a liberal how do you react to the well i don't agree with that what i would say is that yes race is coming to the forefront but i think the reason why it's coming to the forefront is people are basically sick and tired of people just all of us just spinning in circles and not talking about the things that we actually should be talking about i agree with very clear race is very race is our original sin and
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243 years after the founding of this country 400 years after the 1st settlers came with slaves in this country we still are you are talking like a i already mentioned dealing. but really. let me interject here real quick here i seem to remember that a black american was elected president twice if the united states ok a lot of white people voted for him ok a lot of people that recall deplorable zwei the democrats voted for him so i think we kind of put a little bit this to rest because it's not moving the needle of solving people's problems ok there's hope coulter a victim is dead and ok i know cable makes a lot of money off of it and a lot of pundits that's their job but it doesn't do anybody really any good at the end of the day let's go to denver and tonio you know your thoughts so far of that about the discussion well you're absolutely right i mean really the laughter and the democrats have used the topic of race absolutely of course that is an important
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issue but they use it because for them it's a winning issue even at the detriment of the actual country and the fact that we're talking about these quote unquote issues which for the most part they're not actually talking about racism i mean we're talking about in the last news cycle we've been talking about everything from the betsy ross flag to the flag that really just talks about the american revolution and the marines who. fight for that symbol the don't tread on me flag that chris pratt has gotten a lot of flak for that marines and the veteran community has stood up for him in order to protect because they're sick and tired of this culture that says that everything is racist but look at the end the day this is great for the democrats this is great for the last who is very very vocal about making sure that people focus on those types of issues whether it's racism or not and order to keep people from actually unifying they talk about diversity but what about actual unity and
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unifying the country so that we can actually go into real actual problems that we have in this america well you read my thoughts to your so far away because now i'm going to go to rename my next question is written down right in front. to me why don't we have the goal of unity instead of diversity because when i look how diversity is used particularly by the political left all that does is push people away or put people in to pigeon holes ok i for 1 am not welcome in the democratic party ok because of the way i look i am pro life for the border there is no place for me in their big tent i'm considered an enemy and people with my views are treated as an enemy why did we get to this point. well i think it's really interesting that you bring up your example with bob because most people would think that i'm treated like an enemy in today's republican party and the reality is is that i've been a republican since i was 18 and i've actually never been treated by any member of the republican party badly for my raise i've never been maligned by anybody because
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of my skin color and i've never been told i'm not welcome in the republican party simply because i'm a daughter of immigrants i think probably what's happened right now and i think it's very safe to say that the probability of folks really going further to the fringes is really high right now because what we're doing is we're painting with a broad brush we're looking at people inherently and saying you know that person must be this i'm too often perceived to be a democrat because of the color of my skin and the reality is because the democrats' message to indian americans and i don't even like to call myself an indian american because i was born and raised in southern west virginia my mother happened to emigrate from india my dad actually was from uganda but the majority of indian americans as they would be called my my ethnicity if you will people who have come over from those countries are our message too by democrats better than they are by republicans because it's all about identity you must be with us because of the color of your skin and i sort of push back and reject that because where i
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grew up in the eighty's in the ninety's in southern west virginia it was about your beliefs did you believe it of just america and i'm not even christian i grew up in the bible belt and so i'm just really saddened by this moment wherein i really i. well everything is is identity politics at the end of the day a winning bet for the democrats because watching the debates here which were really pathetic i mean it was unbelievable the caliber of people that are on the stage and i'm serious i mean it's mind bogglingly stupid most of the time but you know they're they're actually going this is a blood sport among democrats and they're using identity politics against their own i mean it's it's really quite bizarre go ahead remington i'm going to push back on that i think that when you talk about big tense right now i mean let's talk about there is there are no democrats being pushed out of the democratic party there is a pretty broad tent there and yet there are many many republicans and conservatives who are no longer republicans or conservatives because they are pushed out because
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the views of the republican party have have swung have turned so rightward so let's talk about ideas i think that what we're talking about right now is not just about race and i think that to argue back. now and i want you know we're talking now we're talking about issues of discrimination but how do we read your wealth inequality in health disparities except when remington before the program you and i to have a lot of agreement about talking about issues here let me go to denver and tony and we we just heard from remington that the the political right is swinging to the right it's no it's the left going to the radical left that's what's really happening here i mean donald trump for all of his failings and there are so many of them ok i could do a month of programs about the failings of donald trump but he's basically. middle of the road consumer conservative republican i mean there's nothing particularly radical about him except or is rather silly and stupid and self defeating tweets at times go ahead in denver. a lot of pushback i would say 1st of all i think the
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president has done a lot of great stuff for this country but again you like you said it's has nothing to do with politics it's just making america like you said great again and really what it goes down to is the fact that unemployment rate for all people are down there looking at policies that really have help and impact everybody we're talking about racism here let's talk about the racist policies very far left policies of the democratic party that you know what has actually pushed out a lot of people on the left you talk about abortion where if you know we're talking about racism what about the racism of abortion the policies that focus on african-american communities that are actually declining now compared to other groups because of that policy what about the fact that gun control is a racist policy and has always been a racist policy from the slave codes back and slavery times to black codes to jim crow law it has always been a policy that has kept the people who are oppressed right now oppressed and those
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who are the oppressors able to control and have power so we're going to actually talk about racism and the policies that the law continues to push and continue to advocate for and actually hurts our community particularly the black community and doesn't keep us in a progression of actual progress ok 20 seconds before i go through that one ok go ahead because you're the odd man out on the program i'll give you 30 seconds go ahead go ahead we if we look at the. and policies across this country there are resigning and discrimination laws both at home and the c.f.p. be we are seeing it continue to push back a rollback of protections for elderly to you people for people of color this is not an administration that is trying to do more for for people of color let's be clear about that and yes unemployment is low but it's low for everyone but in fact it's still higher for people of color than white people so when we talk about things
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that we. need to do let's talk about the actual policies ok there's low unemployment but it's still very very high for people of color what are the causes of that maybe we should think about things like ok we did on that thought we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on racism state party. with no make this manufactured consent to student of public wealth. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the final merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news room.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the teams most of the conflict i would say over most rahmani and most of them tony has made. close one on each of those he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complexes you get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about you so you don't care might anything. welcome back to crossfire where are all things considered i'm peter bell to remind you we're discussing racism.
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ok let's go back to go back to renay in washington d.c. i said i sat i wrote up some questions of my producers sent to you and some of you replied to them it seems i mean there's a phenomenon bill it's a voluntary authoritarianism where this amazing amount of conformity that is being demanded particularly on the left ok and it when i say voluntary it's there's so very little pushback you know when i look at the quote unquote squad and i'm just using that term it's because it's a media term now i mean if you don't agree with them it seems to me when i watch these very aggressive savvy young politicians for a fresh fresh women in congress it seems to me that there are dictating the pace and the tempo of the democratic party and watching that with like when the green new deal was introduced which is absolute folly i mean to
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a degree that is hard to comprehend but you have the entire leadership of the democratic party behind a o c and they're all nodding their head is if it was like the red guard i mean that's what i mean by voluntary authoritarianism and i'll go to remington next you know we're a policy guys but that's not policy that's just virtue signaling go ahead. well i think this moment that she has created for the democratic party and i say she's created it because she sort of became this overnight sensation in the media that she had made her joe crowley medium made her ok that's a look at that's what it's all about i mean and i want. it's not any fox news's you doing it as well ok not just c.n.n. and embassies not just doing it as well keep going i interrupted right there is there is an element to that there isn't there is an element to that but she is different she looks different she sounds different than a lot of the people that have been elected in recent years and the other women who
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are younger around her who have been elected rashida. omar and i mean even women like lauren underwood who's little bit more moderate these women are sort of coalescing around her because they believe in this moment of the girl power right because the me too movement was really powerful there was a lot of energy from that and it sort of pushed into this feeling that women need to be everywhere and so there's sort of capitalizing on that and that energy i think really propelled her to a little bit of the celebrity status but frankly what she did for her own congressional district when it came to amazon was disappoint and she has a chief of staff who is very radical and i think she's ill served by him she would be better off not having him because she needs to understand that now that she's there she needs to govern and yes she has dictated the democratic party's agenda to some degree but it's like what trump said yesterday about iran when he was meeting with the pakistani prime minister he said iran doesn't know what it's doing it's wishy washy it's either here or there it doesn't know and i think that's what today is democratic party is someone who didn't vote for president i feel like i was
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counting on the democrats to do athol it to put up somebody that could really show trump this is what america's about this is why you don't deserve a 2nd term and they've failed plotly because of all their infighting so whatever happened with the republicans the best thing is that the republicans tend to coalesce and they've all sort of fallen in line behind president trump who is not even a real republican he was a lifelong liberal. some of his policies frankly are left leaning and i think we're at a crisis moment in this country where we're not where we're painting with a broad brush over and over here we call somebody this we call somebody that people are to the fringes and there are a vast majority of americans who are sick of all this ok i mean we just heard from reno you know girl power and women need to be everywhere what does that have to do with solving problems for women for example ok again i just there's all this virtuous signaling it just for me it's just like white noise ok i don't hear anybody trying to solve problems ok and i do appreciate would and only want to say
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and in denver i mean she did she go through the check boxes of facts verifiable facts ok instead of feeling good about something you know what i don't feel good about politics was i don't learn anything it's not making me sharper it's making me dumber go ahead remington. well i think one thing that really does point out that i agree with is that there is a new watershed moment that there are people who who look like people in america who are being a representing who are in positions of power that never work and that is a good thing why we talked earlier about unity versus diversity. we all agree i think that that's a pretty good motto because out of our diversity we gain strength when we have a diverse judiciary there are laws our laws are our adjudicated much more fairly because we have people of different experiences when we have. you have been ramming means to you that it's better the democrats talk about that let me go hang on hang on here hang on here but you know recently the democrats have been talking about
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packing the supreme court see that completely negates what you're trying to say ok because look at the colleges that work for the democrats let's get rid of it which pact the court because i didn't work for the democrats. you know what your position doesn't make any sense to me let's get back to values in core ideas to hold people and it going again you're going to have. a congressman and presley saying that black voices are but i want to think congressman presley saying things like that she only wants those who are diverse really to think the same way that they think so it's not about diversity when it comes to race really it really should be diversity as well when it comes to different ideas about the left isn't interested in those who think like me or look like me but also think like i do they have to think the way that they want to think to have black voices be the. black faces like she has said that and that's the problem with that they're not interested in
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a diversity idea ideas if you're candace owens or if you're someone simply who's not a radical leftist then you are anti-black or you're anti-woman or you're anti elvis you might see even for those who are gay conservatives so that's the problem here and that people. are seeing straight through that that people those people like don't really care about the fact that they're hispanic or that are black or they're or muslim or what have you what they care about is that are you a radical leftists are you or modern 3rd wave feminism then you are pro woman but if you're not if you're not for abortion if you're not for gun control or not for all these leftists ideologies then you're not really a feminist you're not really empowered you're not really pro woman and that's wrong ok remmington you want to reply to that go ahead and we're going to yeah yeah we're lumping all these people together and saying that these are the democrats which just isn't true as i said that no no democrat to modern knowledge has been pushed out of the democratic party because their views were not in line with the party
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whereas. max max boot bill kristol george conway are no longer part of this party as we know it but i would say is that messy pelosi said very clearly in the midterm election run in your district run the values in your district and a lot of people won because they've they represented the values of their district there are people across this country who ran and who won in arizona and ohio and elsewhere because they represented their constituents so i don't i don't buy this that there's that everyone looks like the squad in the democratic party ok but let's go back go back to one something i just want to bring and jump in go ahead go ahead yeah. well one point remington made is you know people have been pushed out right max boot and george will for people who know them chose to leave the party and they're now independents people like bill kristol george conway who is married to cali and conway who is a white house adviser and myself people like us we spoke out against president
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trump when he was a candidate and we have not formally left the party we remain in the party and we remain republicans and some will say in name only but frankly this president gets maybe another 4 years right and that's it i mean he can't he can't. run again given our constitution so after that we're going to have to talk about what we are as a party how do we talk about opportunity for everyone regardless of what zip code you were born in and i think there's a moment right now well we'll get i mean remington to you to your point some of us were sort of pushed out because there have been actively told we're not republicans because we don't support the president but i still remain a republican because i care about the core values of party was founded upon my family was pushed out to uganda there was a genocide there is the i mean was a dictator who told us to go back to india and my family went to the u.k. my dad was in medical school and came to the us he always loved america is the concept of an idea he came with $80.00 and he died at 74
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a very successful man having come up on his own as a polio survivor that's what's great about america because we have these stories every day where people have opportunity come here and build things with their own hands democrats want to share that wealth they want to share it on equally and i reject that i think people if they have the ability they should work for it and there is a government to make up for people who are not able to provide for themselves the poor the sick the hungry the young and the old and that's what it's all about so i'm a republican because i care about the core values of the party we have a very very divisive figure in the oval office i've given him the credit i can and i i applaud him when he does something good and i get mad when i think you and i are in the same boat our democracy we're the same boat though i've never been a member of the republican party and never will be let me go back to denver here one of the things that i hope all of us here would agree and again i'm kind of pushing back against this idea a false idea of diversity why do we focus on merit you know let the best come to
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the top you know irrespective of where you come from it is renewable i mean what it amazing story you just told our viewers here you know but that was based on marrying you not on the color of someone's someone's skin it was about their character and their abilities and they wanted to move forward that's the kind of environment we have to create ok go ahead and denver until now. yeah you know what i have never become a republican i said that a few years ago when i used to be a democrat voted for a for president obama in 20082012 but it was my own story my own parents who who are one jerry an immigrant and their story of the same thing of coming to america because they saw they want to be part of the american dream coming here based on merit you know becoming my mom my mentors a nurse becoming a nurse because that was what was needed in the ninety's and in the eighty's and climbing up from where she was in africa to where she is today in america because
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of american values and because of marriage that says that regardless of the color of your skin or where you come from that you can succeed and america all 4 of her children i'm the oldest of her 4 children i am you know currently doing things with you know commentating and my own business but my brothers as chemical engineer who works for lockheed martin american who my sister is a medical doctor so there are a lot of great things that we can do here in america and i want to sound so you know i want you to you both i mean again i'm going to jump in i had an individual and you have the equal i'm going to stay with you and when i run out of time brown out of time god bless you the amazing stories here many thanks to my guests in washington and in denver and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember.
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cash cow and during our farms are among 3 start their situation peach gardeners. his 1st words were how long or so you're a troll if you post you go to used to. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. defense concentrate market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies have a huge financial motivation to sow these products there are numerous stocks showing that doctors were keen to chest x. ray concentrates for infectivity on the patients won't give them doctors the wrong to play golf our current system why they would keep me sick each of those years day after day and people still die i don't know which question michel i find being hard
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to live when so many have. got to put in a sort of a symmetrical response to the latest u.s. missile tests that doesn't russia warms the u.n. security council of a new palms writes if action is not taken. this all leaves 0 time to bounce america's bridge intentions haven't got rid of the existing limits it's now free to deploy previously forbid missiles anywhere in the world. conservative activists in the us celebrate to offer a call to grease the reconsider a case accusing global tech giants like google and facebook of anti conservative bias. and australian vegan couple whose child was severely malnourished after being priced out of even dogs escape.


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