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tv   News  RT  August 25, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. a surprise stop over at the g. 7 summit iran's top diplomat becomes france's unexpected plus one of the talks as u.s. president donald trump persists with his hardline approach to tear up. the news that shaped the week that he may put in calls for a semantical response to a new u.s. missile testing as tensions grow following the collapse of the i.n.f. arms control treaty. a dizzying display our correspondent takes to the skies with
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russia's elite aerobatics team ahead of the max asho. valuable thing they get right. down. the back. then. there are some they are saying that means we're bringing you some of the biggest stories has covered right here over the past 7 days plus the weekend's developments today we're going to start at the g. 7 summit in france where iranian foreign minister javad zarif has held talks with his french counterpart and has met president mccrone on the sidelines iran of course being one of the main focus points for world leaders during their meetings this weekend our senior correspondent i guess they have been across all this for asylum or at not many so all this visit coming on a new development this hour new very very few and those that did know most of them
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found out only yesterday it was discussed and agreed to yesterday angle merkel depending. on your microphones decision to host this meeting to invite the iranians this spied the u.s. president being there and he was none too happy that because he was asked by journalists what he thought of the iranians coming along in. the say was called the no comment that nevertheless the. peons are giving up their determined it seems to save salvage what they can of the rainy and nuclear deal which was torpedoed by the united states when they pulled out unilaterally unilaterally last year nevertheless the fridge believe that they can fix this that they have a stopgap measure that they can convince the iranians to abide by their nuclear commitments if they manage to secure an easing of the sanctions from the united
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states as the europeans say nobody wants iran to have the bomb. monitor's is that no member of the g 7 once iran to develop a nuclear bomb also the g 7 deeply want stability and peace in the region and therefore do not want to take actions that could affect it in this context we discussed our various initiatives. has taken initiatives towards iran i have taken several initiatives and we have reported on them the g 7 is an informal club there is no formal mandate given within the g 7. well unfortunately donald trump doesn't think much of these initiatives the said outright that the french the japanese can go and talk to whoever they want but all that would lead the united states is sticking to its strategy and that is the strangle iran into submission because for the united states for the trumpet ministration it is no longer about
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just nukes about the reigning nuclear deal it is now about iran's behavior ballistic missile program and its involvement in regional conflicts the united states wants iran 3 to abide by american rules to live by board once and that is something that so far iran has shown no willingness to accept nevertheless the europeans are still trying to secure salvage whatever they can out of this iranian nuclear deal and judging by this surprise trick that the manual called they aren't about to give up although it's difficult to see what's going to come from this president from doesn't like being ambushed there really seems to be a thin sliver of optimism best or are going to get some reaction now for now though because they have thanks for that. well let's talk now to independent journalist who gave a welcome back to our it's a bit of sassy party planning by france then because president across any met foreign minister zarif in paris a couple of days ago is this is about appearances of positive results. well you
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know the origin of the summit was the g. 7 summit was about animating. and dome. differences between north and south and poverty within the west and while on one hand and climate on the other and mr michael was not very convincing he made incredible arrows he said for example that the sun was using 20 percent of our oxygen which is completely false the problem it's not bad light it's not he doesn't know so this is even worse and this blunder is typically for a few so when he said also not a president also not offer us a lie that was terrible oh i'm so that was before the climate issue therefore inequality has to take that up or in the world it is such a huge problem and he invited to go to a few african countries tiny countries like booking office so and all those.
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invited to them but it doesn't sound very serious i mean these people are not members of the g. 7 thou there to talk as well about a few things so it's as if mr mr my home i send braced much too much for his side to you know. eat doesn't seem very serious all being taken very seriously by deals so what is interesting at this summit is the old meetings the fact that johnson met for the 1st time boris johnson met. personally for the 1st time and so they discussed and that was a breakthrough footsies so that's an important one that there were all the meetings individual meetings and of course the tests prize the cherry on the cake this is all the issue of the beginning i thought like most journalists that it was another p.r. stunt public relations effort. to make a summit to success but the fact that. the foreign affairs minister of iran is there is in the audience
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a few meters away from. not until the trial is astonishing is astounding and it seems that is more to it if germany and france have discussed with the arabians over the last few days and are discussing now with all of the on of those own in be on its own there is some hope in the sense that the americans left them to doubt aware of it because of course michael wouldn't have dared organise it without telling the americans vote so so the americans on a peace probably but then do it there are they work to try to find a solution through which will be allowed to sell so oil for some time in exchange of which they would accept to renegotiate the whole deal not only the nuclear bomb issue but also the rockets that they're preparing to miss us to get into bob to israel and there are other enemies so this could be
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a surprise result of this g. 7 summit which although wise would be a real failure from michael. to me he looks like a lightweight in the national iranian side some of the reaction we've been hearing if president across wanted his g 7 so stop and they all want to show stopper at the summits that they host mr zarif appearance was going to be it but there's any very very cautious optimism from the iranian delegation despite spending hours with the foreign minister and speaking with president across do you think anything important will of genuinely be achieved this. i don't know probably it won't be decided by tomorrow end of the afternoon when the summit stops so it's something i mean most people are hopeful in europe and in the delegations that the rain is good at least except to go further in this discussion about resuming oil exports for some time the markets mean except of course that's another issue but that this proposal could
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be made by mcchrystal and the europeans to america being a go between between iran and do you west that they would be allowed to do something in exchange for renegotiating everything which is what truck wants he doesn't want them to have the bomb and he doesn't want them to have them as science to carry the bombs ok but for now just seems like there's been a fair bit of shoulder shrugging or in the u.s. delegation this concert if you notice put out a joint or i will wait to see what happens then look at their list and brussels thanks for time thank you. well anti-capitalist protesters have been holding a 2nd day of protest in southwest france triggered by that g. 7 summit in the resort of barrett hundreds of social climate change activists took to the streets of nearby biome on sunday they could be seen carrying upside down and wrapped up portraits of the manual mccrum the demonstrators are demanding that the g 7 take out urgent action to tackle poverty inequality and environmental concerns at least 1000 demonstrators turned out yesterday saturday if issue 1st day
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of the summit. on the international aid organization oxfam also accusing the g 87 nations of failing to address growing inequality in its new report it says that in the united states alone the poorest 50 percent of the population only one percent of the country's wealth germany and france are that far behind either jacqueline booga spoke to oxfam's head of government relations about his charity's findings. why do you think the g 7 don't work properly what are the main problems more widespread as well. so we think one of the kind of major barriers is how wealth is distributed between people across the world and in g 7 countries so that the 7 biggest economies in the g 7 hold nearly half the world's wealth and actually if g 7 leaders implemented a new tax a new wealth tax where they to tax the top one percent of richest people in g 7 countries an additional not point 5 percent on their wealth then it could raise
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over $200000000000.00 pounds a year now that's a huge sum of money that's enough to educate the $262000000.00 children across the world who are currently not in school and also you to have enough money left over to put money into health care into fund. enough health care to save the lives of 2000000 people. so we saw the headline news now in the russian president has ordered the military to prepare a symmetrical response to the united states testing of a previously banned missile last weekend leave it putin stress though that moscow will not be drawn into a destructive new arms race with washington following the collapse of the i.m.f. arms control treaty. i ordered the ministry of defense the ministry of foreign affairs and other corps officers to analyze the threat level created by the activities of the united states and to undertake comprehensive measures to prepare a symmetrical response besides russia is still open to an equal and constructive dialogue with the united states to recover trust and to reinforce international
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security the pentagon's test of a modified tomahawk cruise missile came just 2 weeks after the u.s. decided to kill off the longstanding intermediate range nuclear forces agreement the projectile test would have violated that accord which banned the production of certain land based short and mid range missiles. america's development of new weapons appears to be part of a broader attempt to counter a rising china just this month the u.s. defense chief said he wants to see missiles deployed in the asia pacific region drawing the ire of both beijing and moscow with a look at the growing tensions here. that was quick only last month this ground law inched smoking toy was illegal. it's already wiping out makeshift targets off the coast of california just like that and the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty is now part of history so
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soon be ready to see those in different parts of the world the pentagon boss was even quick to say they want to start with the asian pacific but russia is already worried about a different part of the world to eastern europe right near the russian borders as you can see american officials have said they're launching systems in romania and poland are different from the m.k. 41 used in california well the russian government's not buying it i mean you can see it too but the american still believe rejected this plane into the ground based m.k. fools who will know inching system was allegedly unable to launch tomahawk cruise missiles now the fact of the violation is evident it is impossible to disputed they themselves spoke about it and of course the question arises how can we now understand what will be located in remaining poland with the missile defense systems or missile strike systems sufficiently long range so why was the i.n.f. treaty signed by the u.s.
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and russian leaders more than 30 years ago so crucial to make sure that europe where nowadays america's nato allies and russia actually share a border doesn't turn into a vulnerable danger zone dotted with launch pads one following the test in california the u.n. security council convened this week the russian representative threw a question in european diplomats are you actually ready to find yourself in between 2 rivaling cruise missile arsenals. are you going to avoid responsibility for what is happening to future generations forgive you for this. russia's present actions are in line with a pattern of aggression that represents a clear threat to international peace and security of the russian federation because the sole responsibility for the reason demise of the treaty was it would have been humans do you not understand that by your responses to the americans you are returning to historical situation when missiles will target european cities from different sites well so far most european states have
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a grade with the us line d.c. kept blaming russia for violating the i n f deal and that was exactly how they explained their own pull out there's nothing that russia can say osho to change the fact that russia has already tested the 979 cruise missile to ranges beyond 500 kilometers in violation of the i.m.f. treaty moscow's message has remained the same all claims that they were breaking the rules are a lawyer and on friday vladimir putin had a real go at the us government for what's seen in russia as completely twisting their reality in favor of uncle sam's ambitions. is pretty weak instead of fixing in an except to situation and returning back to compliance with the treaty the americans have orchestrated a propaganda campaign alleging violations by russia but as is now clear this was just a smokescreen to hide washington's own breach of the treaty and its intention to
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leave it but this will leave 0 doubt about america's real intentions having got rid of the existing limits is now free to deploy previously forbidden missiles anywhere in the world as i said earlier though in the 1st place washington's thinking over a bold chess move in the asia pacific not that process far from that area either but it's clear want countries on the mind of strategists and the scene in the 1st place people in the trump administration. yell that. they need to push back on beijing and the hard way they feel that there are running out of time i feeling that china is getting stronger and they need to act fast to provoke china into some kind of military conflict all the things that involve china right now is really just a bigger is just a piece of the bigger picture of political tensions between us and china whether it's a trade war whether it's taiwan whether it's hong kong protests. there without
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say violence is not a mother we kind of protests in hong kong going to read this is a period of calm among all stories that i had for you when we come back. i would hope to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be rich. but you going to be the person this is what was before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the water using.
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the one else seemed wrong why don't we just don't hold. me. yet to see. this day become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back state of the art aircraft groundbreaking aviation technology and lead and ship excitement building in the russian capital ahead of the max 2900 air show which gets going on tuesday while correspondent double quarter won the office we've got to take to the skies.
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the russian team is preparing for an international aviation and space this is a major air show that's going to take place at the end of august and there's going to be there ted and pilots from countries all over the globe the pilots are going to be showing up their bets and that's a bad and we were lucky enough to get invited to a plane to join one of those pilots so i hope you're not afraid of.
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that but. after we returned in one piece our pilot constantine told us all about the international aviation and space so long. i have been training for more than 10 years and i've been in the pilot for 4 years the air show include the mock featuring aerobatics performance and the standard maneuvers championships rolls and loops etc the international tournament features competitors from. many european
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countries and known european countries including the us the year show is not a contest the contest happens at the championship with the aerobatics in other events so when the air show each group shows its skills and this book to decide for themselves what they like of course we will show what we do best and what's new. back down to earth and clashes have erupted again in hong kong this sunday as the city's protest campaign continues riot police resorted to using water cannon for the 1st time since the movement began in an attempt to disperse crowds and hold the violence some activists were saying throwing bricks and other projectiles while taking cover under their umbrella and the authorities in hong kong appeared to be taking a no nonsense approach as they marched in the demonstrations in a huge numbers it comes after the semi autonomous chinese territory was rocked by a bottom's on saturday night which resulted in 29 arrests people in the city are protesting what they see as the erosion of the one country 2 systems policy and beijing's influence over the city's affairs. britain's prince andrew is broken
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his silence on his friendship with jeffrey epstein insisting he knew nothing of the convicted paedophiles and legal behavior that is great american financer killed himself in jail this month while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges but despite the jokes attempt to put an end to the speculation about their relationship he didn't explain why he continued to see epstein after the multimillionaire had served a sentence for soliciting prostitution from a minor. and no stage during the limited time i spend with him did i see witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction i met mr epstein in 1909 during the time i knew him i saw him infrequently and probably no more than once or twice a year i stayed in a number of his residences i've said previously that it was a mistake and an error to see him after his release in 2010 epstein's death has raised a lot of questions and prompted a huge amount of speculation so much so that his lawyers say they're not satisfied with the coroner's findings and plan to carry out their own investigation one major
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question is why epstein was taken off suicide watch despite previously having attempted to take his own life. why. why. right. when. when.
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and in more fallout a u.s. attorney general william barr has sacked the director of u.s. prisons following epstein's suicide for money manager abstain was being held at a facility reserved for the most dangerous criminals alongside the likes of the notorious mexican drug baron known as el chapo we spoke to mark furnish a lawyer for the disgraced financier. the conditions to which he was subjected would go even the needs of the strongest among us it's this is one of the toughest federal pretrial detention facilities in the country and the conditions are inhumane epstein was subjected to conditions that were similar to those of guzman but not remotely justified by his character or what he was accused of because he was not. a violent individual like chapo was alleged to have been he's not
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a guy who has escaped from prior facilities like guzman was alleged to have done. the real miracle is that we don't hear about these sort of things more about murdered pretrial detainees or suicidal pretrial detainees because the facility. is barbaric and it's a whole it's a it's it's like i don't use the word lightly lightly but it's sort of like an american go log for people who have not yet been convicted of anything. one doesn't want to treat the symptom while ignoring the disease and the disease is how people are routinely denied bail with a shocking ease given the laws that congress passed allowing prosecutors and judge to do that and that is all for this edition of the weight label from us in the
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moscow newsroom. i i i. i i i. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful
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very critical time to sit down and talk. give me my best. is not know but i'm also the most companies he knows who says he's not emotional when i meet with. those companies he must be almost home piano screaming nobody goes from didn't you know just to see his pro you can hold your breath. with someone dumbly enough to let you see him in the room you have like come on this. little kid is. always
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stay in this house. ok you and those 2. men because he. would. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or something i want to. have to be right to be cross was like before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. there should be. a lot that's my life that you know i started on wall street 40 years ago and i've been living the empty the log cheeriest life of ever cheaper money ever since and
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literally not having to work a day in my life because the assets bought it 40 years ago have gone straight up. on the welcome to the party decades after hugo chavez won his 1st election his boley very and revolution is screeching to a halt with runaway inflation and unemployment higher than ever millions are believed to have left in his and wild world powers are now lost over what their president might do or should go to the bigger question is where should the country
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move from here to discuss that i'm now joined by. rafael ramirez close ally of president chavez and a harsh critic of both president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader. mr ramirez it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you. in many western media you're referred to as either former oil czar or hugo chavez's right hand man i wonder how do you personally see yourself now. hearing europe. or. the most important post. now i know that you had a major falling out with president maduro in 2017 you accused him of incompetence
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and there's supreme power here.


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