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this is arts international in the headlines this morning as the world recalls in horror those fires engulfing vast tracts of the amazon rain forest the brazilian government's business practices and ta is under increased scrutiny. led loans to the drug maker johnson and johnson's phone guilty feeling the u.s. state of oklahoma is opioid prices but critics say that fine of $572000000.00 that it was given doesn't reflect the extent of the damage that's been done we talked to the mother of an opioid young opioid addiction victim. diction whereas
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almost immediately when i found out later. exposure make she more susceptible to addiction. and police in the west of germany say they will now reveal the nationality of all crime suspects regardless of whether or not their identity is believed to be relevant to the investigation. good morning i hope all is well with you it's not i am here in moscow now live from our world news h.q. here it's kevin i'm with you this 30 minutes news round 1st that has a record number of fires continue to ravage the amazon and with weeks to go still to the rainy season brazil's government is facing a growing international backlash day by day meantime scrutiny is now also falling on those supporting the bulls in our administration and its aggressive push to exploit the rainforest resources caleb maupin has got the latest on it today. the
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amazon rain forest is on fire on an unprecedented scale and it's everybody's business we've seen this fire markets group about 200 yards in the past 5 minutes alone for the thousands of miles of scorched forests hundreds of burnt trees and they broke all records this year they were twice as many as they were in 2080 the war to save the amazon rain forest this is one of the last battlefields celebrities are speaking up saying that the lungs of the earth are at stake the lungs of the earth in flames the emmys the needs more than a prove yours so what can you do the amazon rain forest produces more than 20 percent of the world's oxygen and it's been burning for the past 3 weeks it's our responsibility to help to save our planet so who's to blame some say that it is those who eat meat others say that it is all of humanity or is it president balsa naro after all he's not known as captain chainsaw for nothing is drive to promote deforestation and roll back environmental laws has angered environmentalist's and
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he's opened the door for american businesses to swoop in a member of both of our us government has made sure that washington lobbyists are in on amazon business opportunities governor wilson lima is very closely tied to all kinds of american business interests for example documents released under the foreign agents registration act reveal that wilson lima is tied to the inner america group a very powerful washington d.c. lobbying they've created a packet for u.s. companies showing the amazon's potential for mining agribusiness and the gas industry back in 28 teen the head of the lobby group even praised trump for electing balsa naro. donald trump paved the way for a bowl so narrow victory under president trump brazil's position as a world leader in industries such as agribusiness mining banking and aviation will be respected prior to the governorship of wilson the louima the previous
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administration of amazonas signed a contract with giuliani safety and security that's giuliani as in rudy giuliani former new york city mayor and a lawyer for donald trump as recently as april the brazilian american chamber of commerce has hosted events touting the vast american business opportunities presented by the forest and soil of the south american nation you know you're alluding to. these are there are. those who see the homos money used. for get business there's a pretty clear opportunity here that's for the democrats to promote saving the amazon rain forest and to rub it in the face of the g o p however the democrats recently canceled a proposed debate around climate change from their list of debates for 2020 presidential candidates so apparently saving the amazon is everybody's business until it's nobody's business and that who has more connections united states
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companies and he's now just thought it was a u.s. market and i think that these relations that the new government of brazil with the u.s. government and companies are not very good for. companies that are interested in this next natural resource so i think that the national corporations are disputing this natural resources the m.s.n. yet the forests their green forest and dissident government is taking part in dispute. nor has been arguing that the attention being paid to the devastation. and right now is unwarranted that's despite the fact that this year an estimated $950000.00 hectares of rain forest has been destroyed much of it for cattle ranching and soybean called a vacation with the explicit support a visit when the station and it's not just brazil that suffer any the now fires
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raging to in a number of neighboring countries. lead . to it but on the fact there's there could be
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a number of causes usually when scattered sparks from the fires point of origin prompting the growth of the area on fire even a cigarette thrown out of a window could cause a fire which can spread for a kilometer. but little of that was the moment we are going to suspend the election campaign for at least one week even president the morality of his running mate will suspend all electrolyte to teach us that we will dictate ourselves to taking care of the entire region. to the wildfires the entire believe in them as a hobby. develops the johnson and johnson shows jumped by as much as 5.4 percent off the oklahoma court found the pharmaceutical firm law of all fueling the state's opioid crisis
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a judge ruled monday that the drug maker had run a folse and dangerous sales company which downplayed the risk of addiction to its products that led directly to a surge in deaths including among young people sort of but here in a minute he ordered the company to pay $572000000.00 in damages a decision that johnson and johnson we did he said he would appeal but the fight was much smaller than the investors had expected as prosecutors had been seeking as much as $17000000000.00 we talked 1st off to campaign emily walden about the case in fact she lost her 22 year old son to addiction and i've been following the legal fight very closely against johnson and johnson of course. he was offered it with a group of friends and. became addicted very very quickly at that time . these prescription drugs were everywhere very easy to obtain.
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you know because it was prescribed by doctor these kids really didn't think much out and they thought it was you know it's given by a doctor how accurate and then he became addicted to numerous surgeries and west described it through august childhood and when i found out later early exposure makes you more susceptible to addiction so that when he took that with a group of friends his addiction was almost immediate probably 66 months or something and. to his addiction that he was trying to get away from it and to stop and he passed away he was probably. for his addiction on and off for 3 years according to one study carried out by the american academy of pediatrics a large number of children receive prescriptions for opioid medications for over the goals of 15 years almost 200000 were told to tell you such
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drugs that means 14 youngsters out of every 100000 are on average exposed to opioids in the u.s. and other recent study to found that between 199-2016 almost 90000 children died as a result of opioid poisoning 600 were under 4 years old only woman again told us that the government simply isn't doing enough to tackle the crisis and how many just can't come in and do harm to people and if they're whining about their drugs and their her mommy not enter her way so that there is more her scrying brashear will go you cannot harm people and for profit tell f.b.i. changes policy and they correct the mistakes that have been made in the past and congress stops can turn into these pharmaceutical companies i don't see an end to the other legal weight but i would like somebody to bring the charges against them and that going to court so far through the last at least 1015 years the federal
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government has done very little for this problem. this state of kentucky we were hit where one of the hardest hit states and the entire country west virginia ohio you know there's been a top 5 top 10 states that haven't marketed the drugs here is exactly going to should be criminally charged for what they have done and allowed to do. a criminal defense attorney david katz told us that he expects of the pharmaceutical firms and i will seek settlements to fully was out of the jones and johnson case. this judge only assessed one year 570000000 dollars was considered by the judge to be one years of the mediation that oklahoma would need to deal with this problem the reason the stock market wasn't hit that hard in terms of johnson and johnson and some of the other opioid manufacturers and defendants in these cases is because the market was kind of expecting
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a higher judgment something in the billions just in oklahoma so this will spur negotiations between the plaintiffs and the big companies you know the oxycontin and makers the other ones as well as johnson and johnson to settle these cases which are pending all over the nation. this morning at a push for greater transparency police the west germany now said they're going to begin disclosing the nationalities of criminal suspects we'll take a look at the implications of that white your correspondent peter all of. police in the west of germany will reveal the nationality of everyone suspected of a crime even if it's not relevant to the case the interior minister of the state of north rhine-westphalia which includes the major cities of cologne and sold off has said they've taken the decision to improve transparency we will name the nationalities of all shot specs that we know for sure i'm convinced that this transparency is the best cure against political deception it may seem like
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a small thing and the policy of naming the nationality of a suspect varies from state to state but this has become sensitive subject following the migrant influx into germany there are all those that have accused the german media under thorough thiis in the past of a mixing the nationality of those involved in the case so as to not draw attention to crimes that have involved the migrants. so far we still don't have any suspects so we don't know who the culprits are. making this an issue by oversimplifications and connecting it to the refugee issue is nothing but a misuse of the discussion now it is about clearing the facts and drawing the necessary conclusions i would like to add that it is completely improper for us and
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for the people who judge objectively to link a group that appeared to come from north africa with the refugees this is improper and i want to prevent this massively there is no sign that it concerns people who came to cologne as refugee. since. the so. it's rather a measure oriented toward the population so that they can have better information and better image of that reality on the ground in the city
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sees in the hot spots of the country and to allow them to better chuch the situation they are looking at and also to better judge the overall immigration it might ration policies the idea behind not revealing the nationality of someone when it isn't pertinent to the crime is to avoid discrimination against minorities by linking nationality to. this new initiative to set some alarm bells ringing for though you seem to feel it may have an impact upon suspects rights the defaults disclosure of nationalities in police press work is not consistent stating where someone is from even if it is irrelevant to the circumstances of the crime doesn't lead to greater transparency this measure is unconstitutional and it is certain that it's immoral i think that it can lead to wrong suspicions that your neighbor
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might be a trim and all of just based on his nationality and that can lead to further racism and it can need to excuse enough people that we want to include in the society we don't think that. sas facts nationality anything to the case the german media guidelines for publishing the nationality of a suspect say to do so it must be grounded in public interest involving serious crimes like murder or terrorism but that ultimately the decision suppose the nationality of a suspect lies with the editorial staff of an outlet so ultimately whatever decision is made someone is going to be for all of our. international 16 now from his past not among the stories ahead in the program this wednesday morning focus on latest developments in the long running stories we're going on amid africa reports now from cameroon say thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as violence grows there in the english speaking regions
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will tell you more what it's about the a comeback. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. get it right to the press this is what i'm up for the 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters and how. they sit. with lawmakers manufacture consensus public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news. good morning this is out international next the story mention from africa reports from cameroon say that thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in the country separatist english speaking areas after outbreak of violence clashes between secessionists insurgence and the country's military left 40 dead over the weekend the latest flare up comes after a military tribunal in the french majority country sentenced 10 english speaking separatists to life in prison if convicted of charges including terrorism and
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secession in a trial that critics dismissed as a sham human rights groups have repeatedly expressed their concern over the instability there that is ongoing. unlawful killing sin the use of excessive force by government forces during security operations have been rife since the crisis started security. forces seem to have little fear of what will happen as they commit brazen crimes against civilians. the amber heard that there are you know now along with the literally. that's right where you know. i mean i don't even know.
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right. now. a bit of the demographic here english speakers make of about a 5th of cameron's population on a predominately concentrated in the west of the country and the current divisions could be traced back to as close it was a german colony until the end of the 1st world war and then divided between british and french mandates in the 1960 s. the french and british gave the territories their independence but linguistic divisions and historical economic disparities per se we spoke to local english speaking journalist who was kidnapped indeed by separatists back in february last year but was later released. there were 2 separate systems of education you realize that you started with teach us telling you how from before for being brought to teach in these lessons we're asked to dig couldn't. put those issues all
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right spelling everything was getting by that explains what and why we are where we are today we are people who are bent on. separation we have people hope that if they really should. accord it things will get better and we have the last set of people who think that everything is ok and that most think there is no problem or that we can still believe and hold tight to effective decentralization it there is no sign of compromise this is just on me even good was resist being bad as the days go by people are dying it's a pretty sad situation. there it ends very very tense especially to some of us who are living beyond before part of what i become to any point busy in time you get sounds of gunshots this also makes it difficult for us to also leave because when we get any sound. our hearts beats faster than usual.
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us state of idaho has been told by a federal court that it must pay for gender reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate unless there is a successful appeal in the supreme court in the next $90.00 days it will be the 1st time that a state has been instructed to pay for such procedure since the medically necessary treatment for prisoners gender dysphoria is gender confirmation surgery and responsible prison officials deny such treatment with full awareness of the prisoner's suffering those officials violate the 8th amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. this inmate who identifies as a woman but has to go in the surgery is. he's serving a 10 year prison sentence right now for sexually abusing a 15 year old jewel for release in 2021 is no eligible for parole but if the gender reassignment surgery is successful paid for by the state will be transferred to a women's prison wheels to commentators in the u.s.
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for their thoughts on the case i absolutely don't think that taxpayers should be funding people's preferences there is absolutely 0 evidence in the medical community that gender dysphoria is in any way solved or even helped for people you know who are confused about their gender there's nothing that says that that changing their gender will actually help them psychologically physically or in any other way and when you think about the fact that that taxpayer money could be going toward helping other victims like the 15 year old that this perpetrator violated that's where i start to get really angry well she is in prison the state is responsible for her that person's health and welfare so yes it should be covered just like cancer treatments are covered just as any other treatments or medical conditions are covered in american prison systems the constitution is quite
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clear that and several cases have proven it in terms of. transgender inmates are to be taken care of failure to do so is a violation of the 8th the memo to the constitution and it's clear that stat this is an incredibly sad testimony to the dangers and the damage of politically correct thinking and frankly indoctrination that is happening in media really globally not just in the united states so i really. i hope that people can get their sense about them and look at the data because as i said there is no medical consensus whatsoever that this will even be any help to this prison or to this offender even if they go through with a sex change their suicide rates are higher their self harm rates are higher their depression rates are higher their need for medication is higher there are there are a big. likelihood of recommitting crimes is higher there is only one cure
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for gender dysphoria that is surgery the bottom line is ok let's get off of this narrative where you're trying to push you're trying to demonize trans folks here because there are non transgender folks who are also abusive to minors as well so let's let's get away from that period because far too often transgender people are demonized not only in discount tree but elsewhere around the planet this is more about it political opinion and any political preference that has become sort of popular at this moment but it's doing a great deal of destruction to the l.g.b. t.q. community certainly to our prison systems certainly to our courts and certainly to our victims. and so many more of the stories that get talked on our website on
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facebook on you choose well check aside if you get a minutes a day from now here are more sco it's kind of annoying saying thank you for watching the program if you're watching the clock this morning it's going to 26 minutes this wednesday.
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dares things. to. see officer. joe had to get up off the ground serve begins a. game face on the sounds of an mit grown man mislead essentially the officer. john. pushed it away from the officer. they obviously did a kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on 3 swung. as i didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they
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were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on 3. let me give them a. little but i think you might. get one that will go when there's a real body or at. the end of the month or any case it's certainly unusual in the united yeah.
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you can get any kind of. a good many of them are of the one that you know enough of the book why don't. you. greetings and salutations by august 13th of this year the fires many manmade still burning in the amazon rain forest have covered the skies of over 1000000 square miles with a layer of smoke blocking out the sun and moon alike the fires have done more to make people realize how tenuous our relationship with this planet truly is than any climate accord or earth day celebration could the fires partly due to the normal dry season in the amazon basin were exacerbated by agricultural developers illegally burning forest land so it can be used for livestock developers that some
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say have been emboldened by the rhetoric of brazilian president wilson r.-o. but the fires were just a normal brazilian tradition he said i used to be called. captain chainsaw now i am nero setting the amazon aflame but it is the season of the burn however as the fires blazed on in the world community took notice both changed its tune making this statement on friday august 23rd after finally committing to use the brazilian military to fight the fires. it was necessary to call when dealing with the matter of the fires on the amazon to spread that intended message. of brazil do it doesn't help solve the problem and it is usually little glutinous in this economy. now as world leaders and movie stars jockey for position as the savior of amazonia there is once again a very large group of people being forgotten for the sake of politicized headlines the people who call the rain forest home the.


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