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tv   News  RT  August 29, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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in the headlines at 11 am from moscow britain's brick sit in juice democratic disaster deepens as prime minister boris johnson shuts down the parliament unable it seems unwilling to deliver on the referendum result. in the democratic party presidential candidates castigate donald trump over his record in puerto rico but it's also been revealed that many of those same 2020 hopefuls have accepted the nations from hedge fund managers have been cashing in on the u.s. territories debt crisis a complicated story we'll go through with the. bottom end to this protest nestle's plans to draw over 3 and a half 1000000 liters of water each and every day from florida to santa fe river saying it's going to threaten the. kidney springs.
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in a very good morning as i just turned late morning 11 am here in moscow life in russia it's out international with me kevin i love to get through the next 30 minutes if you can stay with me we're starting with this the big news in from britain of course 3 years after a majority of brits voted to leave the e.u. and with parliament still paralyzed and suffering from a severe crisis of legitimacy boris johnson has decided to shut it down the radical move means lawmakers will not reconvene until 2 weeks now before the big breaks it deadline and will have little time therefore to pass legislation preventing a nodal departure says cattail reports. boris johnson is being well boris he's being bold as brass and he wants breakfast come what may rather. what you do when parliament won't play ball you suspend it he needed her majesty's permission to do
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that which he got we don't get a week into october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country forward we're going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it all october 14th and we've got to move ahead with a new program but why don't the lawmakers a quick refresher if you've been avoiding the news because you just can't take the b. word anymore for a number 1010 and to resume a who's currently getting away from it all hiking in the swiss alps spent 3 years trying to deliver after the referendum something we are definitely clear on bricks it means bricks it bricks it needs threats it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it but parliament had other ideas patchy shouting have doubt even when her her key points had her reaching for her water then she found that brussels wasn't very happy about how to bit to old blighty and wouldn't budge on key points
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like the irish backstop to maintain a seamless border on the emerald isle they managed to thrash out a deal though and may tried 3 times to push it through parliament no luck so she shared a tear and left i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had to the opportunity to serve the country i love. and to boris johnson ardent bricks a tear and leave come figurehead johnson promised to take the u.k. out of the european union by how do we do you know no deal and that's really riled so where are we now well just 2 months from b. day and with parliament due to be suspended before it's. got going and only have 2 weeks to try to block a new deal brant said everyone's crying foul saying it's a constitutional crisis others though have just had enough he's gone on for so long
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now we just need to get on with it because it's just causing more trouble whole process is discussed. parliament is being bypassed and. not democratic it's a catastrophe so anybody who tried to bring it in would be to. get what the people voted for i think it's a constitutional outrage he wants to see. you know when. it's self-important to blame any problems on others and he will be patted on the back for delivering bricks and when an election that's what he sees boris johnson should do everything he can. to get back to if you can't get it through he's out although where is cynics point out that what's really on democratic ah m.p.'s in westminster spending 3 years in piles of taxpayers' money by declaring over to leg breck said ok perhaps it was a little rogue ish to disrupt the queen's summer holiday in scotland and maybe
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suspending parliament was quite drastic for what's supposed to be a parliamentary democracy that's apparently taking back control but then this is boris johnson who's never been one for the convention and it has been 3 years already just about every hour for new explored every negotiation tactic used every amendment can sit it so maybe just maybe it's going to get his way and bill days britain away from brussels. r.t. london just maybe were across the twists and turns british political commentator joel gold told us he believes the paralysis over bricks and that is what forced boris johnson to take this radical step suspending parliament. i think you are left with no choice i think he has sidestepped around recording now has given him permission suspend bollman and they keep talking about for weeks it's actually for de mint's number one cause a 1000000 people must run a petition 17400000 people democratically voted in the largest democratic exercise
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this country's ever known to leave so let's put the petition to one side yes i believe boris johnson was delivered right whether it be the 4 books or the registers like me want to see other terms i don't know but it certainly looks as if there are trees amazed dead in the water and boris johnson is for once as a politician trying to deliver what he promised i think we should be saluting the. next day to call the new site has revealed that a number of us democratic presidential hopefuls have been taking donations from hedge fund managers with a stake in puerto rico soaring debt that is despite the fact that the same kind the beds of made repeated attacks on donald trump for failing to address the island territories desperate economic situation.
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puerto rico is just like the rest of the united states except it isn't and if their votes don't count in the fine. election why should presidential candidates care. to candidates 5 moderators 2 debates and only one mention of puerto rico in democratic debate that took place in florida home wolf $1200000.00 puerto ricans and these are the progressives what comes to going after donald trump anything goes even the all
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but forgotten puerto rico democrat certainly did speak up when trump snub puerto rico didn't sign a disaster relief bill at 1st. he's chain full the way with 3 to puerto rico in the islands i'm not even sure people in the president's administration knew poor 3 cons are all citizens if we're talking about territories let's make sure the people of d.c. actually get senators let's make sure the people of puerto rico are actually treated like fellow u.s. citizens that they are and let's make sure that we have some handle on the financial future of this country very honorable of them but what is not honorable is cashing in on puerto rico's difficulties and big hedge fund managers have been lending lots of money to puerto rico money the government cannot pay back and those very same hedge funds are now funding the democrats joe biden has gotten roughly $25000.00 from hedge funds like oak tree capital black rock and to comic capital
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and he's not alone a coalition of puerto rican activists is calling for the democrats to give that money back these hedge funds have pushed a program over stary team privatization in order to secure deputy mintz in that in many cases could not be paid by the puerto rican government the lives of countless puerto ricans have been destroyed as a result create a ricans will be denied a better future if hedge funds are allowed to continue to profit from austerity and privatisations on the island you can either stand with the people of puerto rico or with the hedge funds that have harmed puerto rico you can't do both but so far only bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have returned their donations. these democrats did not pay any attention to puerto rican issues it till they had an opportunity to criticize the president and isn't that ironic isn't that so hypocritical that it wasn't until they had an opportunity to find a criticism with president trump that they found puerto rico even an issue for them
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they should have been addressing this the entire time if this was important to them the only reason it's important now is because they found a way to criticize donald trump these hedge fund do nations are the core of hypocritical the fact that these democrats can sit back take these donations where people are profiting off of the economic problems in puerto rico and then at the same time say that they're concerned about this country is one of the worst things that i've seen i think when these democrats accept donations they don't check and i think they check only when it's convenient for them and they want to look at donald trump's campaign donations but they don't want to look at themselves and they don't want to look at the fact that they are taking donations off of the very thing that they say that there are against so far hedge funds making money off of puerto rico's debt crisis have donated roughly $230900.00 to democrats who are running in
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the 2020 alexion imagine what that kind of money could do for the people of puerto rico tale of mop and artsy new york. environmental activists have reacted with anger off to submerge that nestle is seeking to permission to extract millions of liters of water a day from the true springs in florida sun to face river spoke of a push by the food and beverage company to increase its bottled water production river runs to the north of the state it's rich diversity is beautiful isn't it money animal species that for instance $50.00 breeds of turtles ecosystems are already considered to be at risk because of years of overpumping main time indigenous communities up north of neighboring come of the vote being complained. of nestle's activity say they've been losing access to their clean water in fact they've launched a petition calling on the government to stop permitting the exploitation of local rivers we asked nestle to comment they have got back as yet over the company officially has always maintained that it has to all relevant regularly records
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regulatory standards and seeks to ensure the protection and preservation of the river as it draws water from we asked with a keeper john quarterman what he thinks of nestle's latest plans i think the sanitary river already has problems too little water last thing it is nestle drawing more water out and selling it back to us and plastic bottles that people will then have to clean up on the rivers and springs and have it right near this nestle public water. water now. our springs really hard to rebuild so those on their roofs madison county that's on the rookie river which is in our basin but if i recall correctly the grandson up $128.00 a few decades ago that's all that. they get a huge amount of water that i'm good at in bottles like this were to people through
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early on the river so in addition to the pollution it's also causing the local to go right now just because we need that water or drinking for agriculture or industry we don't really need it to be making profit sure the swiss company for something that nobody actually needs. we tend to think of the tech industry as being at the forefront of tomorrow's world and also leading the way in equality and diversity among stuff that we but it seems one european web developers conference in germany didn't get that memo despite promising a rich and diverse lineup it canceled october's event after a number of delegates objected to the fact that it seemed there were no women speakers taking part. this year's conference seems to have gone with the white males only conference line up shame is 2019 we can do better there were numerous speakers with 2 sessions myself included workshop in the search but no women at all
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i'm not comfortable that. in response to the organizers said that out of 250 applicants to speak at the conference seems only one was female but in return of the critics say well if that was the case they should have reached more to women we asked our guest for their thoughts on the controversy the fact is that women are still half the population think we're just marginally over the half and the people organizing it seem to be a group of men it was their duty. the requirement to ensure that they had a wide range of people to speak about the issues that they wanted the debate when you want to be diverse you know on some occasions will be more willing speakers on some occasions we don't more bad speakers but he's also the also the childish to say that you're going to have people in and effectively racially or sexually profile i just say we're not interested what your speech is get
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a date we're not interested your level of talent we're not interested in the relevancy all were interested in is the color of your skin or your gender that is a joke the point is not about qualifications the point is about a culture which i'm sorry to say you seem to represent which it which is about accusing women of daring to be in your workplaces that would be a further comment if the women had applied local who got pushed out one woman applied there was basically no how and that's now how will the earth is that the fault of men it's very unlikely in the real world that that somebody would just not want somebody to speak on the grounds of the agenda i don't think that's very realistic i don't think that's something that's really going to happen i don't just don't think it's. it's factually accurate. it does happen i'm sorry to say i'm sorry to say it does happen i'm glad to say it's not absolutely widespread but you
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may be in your little. haven in which everything is right and rosy but for lots of women though not some ways in which women are excluded however competent i'm sorry that still happening i wish it wasn't but unless spoken about i don't think much will change. this is all since most of the global broadcast from russia so what should be 16 i had to feuding parties join forces to form a new coalition government it's only scuttling a power play by the countries on the migrants who administer them from hopping. about. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich.
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but you're going to be crooks this is what the 3 of them will be good. i'm interested always in the water. thanks it. seems wrong. but i. just don't call. me. just to say proud disdain become educated and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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warning italy said to get a new government this thursday it's after the 5 star movement struck a last minute deal with the democratic party to scuttle an attempt by the country's popular but deeply divisive interior minister to take power 2 weeks ago matteo salvini brought down his own ruling coalition in the hope triggering elections but thanks to his rivals negotiations that's not happened he's now calling their agreement an affront to democracy. because it's something you know the real truth is that 60000000 italians are being held hostage by the 100 m.p.'s that are afraid of losing. this is the real truth there are just 100 m.p.'s clinging to their seats you can call that a democracy but then don't be surprised if people say why do i need to vote well talian politics is a bit of a minefield some describing the latest crisis as being the most craziest yet
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what resulted is in 2 bitter enemies now strolling hand in hand to form a new government that's the democratic party and the 5 star movement of them will be told president today. we told the president we have reached a deal with the democratic party that would allow concert to be the next premier and try to form a long lasting government. but we have expressed to the president of the republic how much support for the attempt to create a new government with a new political majority why have the 2 forces been brought together well this always all is the result of the 4 partners a 5 star movement headed by the storm and tea immigration interior minister. trying to pull down the last government in the hope of having snap elections that's because he was void by polls showing that he was on 38 to 39 percent in terms of approval ratings and thinking that perhaps he could go it alone and form his new
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own government if they were fresh elections held in italy but that's not to be as these 2 are the parties who both perhaps like being in the polls are able to form this next government so we need no one of italy's perhaps most popular politicians at the moment has been frozen cold to the government described as being made. it is that millions of italians are probably wondering why vote if those who were kicked out by elections reinterview are back door just for political games before the crisis is not yet over this still a lot of tricky hurdles for the new italian government to meander through including creating a new budget that brussels will approve the new government will be led by just 2nd conti's she was the prime minister in the last coalition government and i'm going
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to buy donald trump and she certainly berates will he be the glue that holds these 2 parties together or is he going to fall into very different directions with parties with pretty much at most points opposing ideology there is still a chance that mattel yourself being he could get his wish and italy could see snap elections before those scheduled ones at the moment pasted in for 2023. story next this morning about a palestinian student who's been barred from entering the united states of a facebook post made by his friends 17 year old is small joey who had secured a place at harvard no less was deported to lebanon after u.s. customs and border protection deemed him inadmissible the student though says that upon arrival american immigration official questioned him for hours about his
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religious beliefs and friends online activity as part of the interrogation he says he was ordered to unlock his phone and computer which were examined for hours while the border officer did allegedly find and he u.s. posts on his contacts social media accounts his own pages he says didn't contain anything critical of washington. i have no single post on my timeline discussing politics the agent said that she found people posting political points of view that opposed the us on my friend list i responded that i didn't like share or comment on them and told her that i shouldn't be held responsible for what others post in a statement to al-jazeera u.s. customs and border protection said only that it was banned from entering based on quote information discovered during the inspection meantime a harvard spokesman said tuesday that the university is working closely with the students family and the authorities so that ismael can join his classmates in the
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coming days so it looks like this story is not all over yet will continue following it university's president has previously could assize the trumpet ministrations visa restrictions and so-called muslim ban which last year saw 37000 applications rejected with bearing in mind whispered to palestinian journalist about the case get his thoughts. it's a very dangerous precedent it's not something that only palestinians or arabs should be worried about but i think everyone else including americans should be worried about as well but it's also part of the larger trajectory of anti palestinian measures that have been taken by this administration for years only a few days prior to what happened with ismail at joey was that the state department has removed any reference to palestine or the palestinian authority from its page this is also a continuation of the crackdown on any aid that is delivered to the palestinians so
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we are seeing here a trend and this trend is worsening day after day and we have what we are witnessing in my opinion is a process of a complete a researcher of palestine the palestinian people and as as people deserving of rights of freedom of travel of freedom of expression. of education and so forth and so on. minute follow us on facebook and twitter it out see here most of this thursday morning monday is kevin and thank you for watching this program stand by too if you get time for example boycott of worlds apart program for the next half hour look at the e.u. and china is right here after this break. 6 geysers by the national survival. when customers go by you are just
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a. good help well we do some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is fuck it to the global economy. officer. to get up off the ground begin to. hurt them freeze on the sounds of. a grown man the christening essentially. wish to do away from the officer. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one smiths and they would have been done treece one as i have suspicions didn't you know i never saw any contact with you that you any kind of went back to where they were so the answers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer is gonna need to turn tree.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart in the world of political matchmaking the european union has long claim to put value of value creation and that's worked well for a while but now that some countries counsel a whole new industry in the time it takes the e.u. to come up with a single policy decision is that credo still satisfying for the own members to discuss that i'm now joined by. the president of the european economic and social
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committee mr years good to talk to you thank you very much thank you so much for the british and now you often talk about the idea. for europe while also praising the enormous success of the european project that's been so successful why does it have to be reborn. so let me see that the euro tools to come back to a. more long term historical view appears to be an enormous successful as many. historical periods of bust implied of the being totally lost dead or disappeared by they could get i 2 and then they'd need to a new start so. to make also perform this song came exactly. at the end of the middle age. you know the. many i used to say that the middle age was age. exactly the opposite it was a. period
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. and there was a change of the. change in. the u.k. . and the leadership of a country that. but it's interesting let me focus on this idea. because many historians. believe. it was. more. for. what i hear you saying is that. there was a need that. you
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are essentially driven by the. question is that. visiting or. has been on this. issue that. he was the need to come back to come back. to the. bank in the public space. was a positive. change and the symbol of the. has been. to the technological. exactly what and where i want to take this conversation forward because many critics of the e.u.
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have absolutely no issue with europe's past they recognize the enormous success of the european union you often say that reconciliation and peace are its greatest achievements most of the people agree with that they take issue with the ability of the e.u. as a system as a mechanism to move forward to be as efficient as it has to be in present times can you really do the reunion without changing the way the decisions are made. be done . in the exactly what happens. in these middle age with these 2 elements of innovation. to element of innovation because the good the good in them and creation of the culture plus technology should have been closed in a close region the region and the influence. of.


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