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democratic disaster as prime minister boris johnson moves the shutdown of parliament on able and willing to deliver on the river and the result. number of democratic party presidential candidates. it was revealed that many of the same 2020. nations from hedge fund managers. on the u.s. territories debt crisis. protests planned to draw over 3 and a half 1000000 liters of water every day from florida santa fe river. springs.
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thanks for joining us and our team from national dan hawkins here with. 3 years after a majority of brits voted to leave the e.u. parliament still paralyzed and suffering from a severe crisis of legitimacy has decided to shut it down a radical move means that after the suspension takes effect lawmakers will not reconvene until 2 weeks before the break that leaves them little time to pass legislation to prevent and no deal departure. reports. boris johnson is being well boris he's being bold as brass and he wants to come what may rather. what you do when parliament won't play ball you suspend it he needed her majesty's permission to do that which he bought we don't get a week into october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country
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forward we're going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it all october 14th and we've got to move ahead with a new program but why don't the lawmakers a quick refresher if you've been avoiding the news because you just can't take the b. word anymore for a number 1010 and to resume a husqvarna getting away from it all hiking in the swiss alps spent 3 years trying to deliver to the referendum something we are definitely clear on bricks it means bricks it bricks it needs rex it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it but parliament had other ideas patchy shouting had out even what have her key points had her reaching for her water then she found that brussels wasn't very happy about how to bit to old blighty and wouldn't budge on key points like the irish backstop to maintain a seamless border on the emerald isle they managed to thrash out
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a deal though and may tried 3 times to push it through parliament no luck so she shared a tear and left i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had to the opportunity to serve the country i love. and to boris johnson ardent bricks a tear and leave come figurehead johnson promised to take the u.k. out of the european union by how do we do you know deal and that's really riled so where are we now well just 2 months from b j and with parliament due to be suspended before it's. got going and only have 2 weeks to try to block a new deal brant said everyone's crying foul saying it's a constitutional crisis others though have just had enough he's gone on for so long now we just need to get on with it because it's just causing more trouble whole process is discussed in. parliament has been bypassed and is. not
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democratic it's a catastrophe so anybody who tried to bring it in would be to. get what the people voted for i think it's a constitutional outrage he wants to see. you know when. it's important to you know blame any problems on others and he will be patted on the back for delivering bricks and win an election that's what he sees as being born strong should do everything he could. to get back to if you can't get it through he's out although where is cynics point out that what's really on democratic ah m.p.'s in westminster spending 3 years in piles of taxpayers' money by dithering over delaying breck said ok perhaps it was a little wrong to disrupt the queen's summer holiday in scotland and maybe suspending parliament was quite drastic for what's supposed to be a parliamentary democracy that's apparently taking back control but then this is
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boris johnson who's never been one for the convention and it has been 3 years already just about every hour for new explored every negotiation tactic used every amendment can sit it so maybe just maybe it's going to get his way and bill does britain away from brussels. r.t. london british political commentator john gaunt told us he believes that the impasse over brooks that forced boris johnson to take that dramatic step of suspending parliament. i think you left with no choice i think he sidestepped round recording now has given him permission to suspend parliament and they keep talking about full weeks exactly for danes number one cause a 1000000 people marched on a petition 17400000 people democratically voted in the largest democratic exercise this country's ever known to leave so let's put the petition to one side yes i believe boris johnson would deliver breaks whether it be the 4 bucks or the great
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it is like me want. cio terms i don't know but it certainly looks as if there are trees amazed dead in the water and boris johnson is for once as a politician trying to deliver what he promised i think we should be saluting their . daily caller new sites has revealed that a number of us democratic presidential hopefuls have been taking donations from hedge fund managers with a stake in puerto rico soaring debt at this point the factors same candidates have made repeated attacks on donald trump for failing to address the island territories desperately comic situation.
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puerto rico is just like the rest of the united states except it isn't and if their votes don't count in the final election why should presidential candidates care. to candidates 5 moderators 2 debates and only one mention of puerto rico in democratic debate that took place in florida home wolf want point 2000000 puerto rican and these are the progressive when it comes to going after donald trump anything goes even the all but forgotten puerto rico democrat certainly did speak up when trying to snub puerto rico didn't sign
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a disaster relief bill at 1st. it's shameful the way we treated puerto rico in the islands i'm not even sure people in the president's administration you poor 3 kinds are all citizens if we're talking about territories let's make sure the people of d.c. actually get senators let's make sure the people of puerto rico are actually treated like fellow u.s. citizens that they are and let's make sure that we have some handle on the financial future of this country are very honorable of them but what is not honorable is cashing in on puerto rico's difficulties and big hedge fund managers have been lending lots of money to puerto rico money the government cannot pay back and those very same hedge funds are now funding the democrats joe biden has gotten roughly $25000.00 from hedge funds like oak tree capital black rock and to comic capital and he's not alone a coalition of puerto rican activists is calling for the democrats to give that money back these hedge funds have pushed a program over stary to him privatization in order to secure dipping in that in
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many cases could not be paid by the puerto rican government the lives of countless puerto ricans have been destroyed as a result we had a ricans will be denied a better future if hedge funds are allowed to continue to profit from austerity and privatisations on the island you can either stand with the people of puerto rico or with the hedge funds that have harmed puerto rico you can't do both but so far only bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have returned their donations these democrats did not pay any attention to puerto rican issues it till they had an opportunity to criticize the president and isn't that ironic isn't that so hypocritical that it wasn't until they had an opportunity to fight a criticism with president trump that they found puerto rico even an issue for them they should have been addressing this the entire time if this was important to them the only reason it's important now is because they found
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a way to criticize donald trump these hedge. nations are the core of hypocritical the fact that these democrats can sit back take these donations where people are profiting off of the economic problems in puerto rico and met at the same time say that they're concerned about this country is one of the worst things that i've seen i think when these democrats accept donations they don't check and i think they check only when it's convenient for them and they want to look at donald trump's campaign donations but they don't want to look at themselves and they don't want to look at the fact that they are taking donations off of the very thing that they say that they're against so far hedge funds making money off of puerto rico's debt crisis have donated roughly $230900.00 to democrats who are running in the 2020 alexian imagine what that kind of money could do for the people of puerto rico kaleb mop and artsy new york. environmental activists have reacted with
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anger after the merge that mess lays seeking permission to extract millions of liters of water every day from natural springs in florida's santa fe river a spot of a push by the food and beverage company to increase its bottled water production the river runs through the north of the state it's rich diversity among the animal species that live there all for instance 15 breeds of turtles its ecosystems are already considered to be at risk though due to years of pumping. indigenous communities in neighboring kind of there have also been complaining of nestle's activities saying they've been losing access to clean water it ruins the petition calling on their government to stop the wheat from the exploitation of local rivers . we asked nestlé for comment we've not yet received a response of the company has always maintained that it appears to all relevant regulatory standards and seeks to ensure the protection and preservation of the rivers it draws water from last riverkeeper join call to mind what he thinks of
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nestle's latest plans. i think that senator the river already has problems but too little water last thing it is nestle drawing more water out and selling it back to us in plastic bottles that people will then have to clean up on the rivers and springs and have it right near this nestle public water they suck up water now. our springs really hard to read but it's those on their roofs brick madison county that's on the rookie river which is in our basin they paid if i recall correctly the grandson up $128.00 a few decades ago that's all that. they get a huge amount of water and the good in bottles like this which people throw it on the river so in addition to the pollution it's also causing the local to go right
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now just because we need that water or drinking for agriculture or industry we don't really need it to be making profit sure the swiss company for something that nobody actually needs. we tend to think of the tech industry as being at the forefront of tomorrow's wealth and also leading the way in equality and diversity amongst off the scene no one hear a pin developers conference in germany didn't get that memo despite promising a rich and diverse lineup it's council looked i was event off for number of delegates objected that no women speak is what taking part in this year's conference seems to have gone with the white males only conference lineup shame is 2019 we can do better there were numerous speakers with 2 sessions myself included that works up in the session but no women at all i'm not comfortable with that or the organizers have said that out of $250.00 applicants to speak at the conference
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only one was female critics though say that those behind the event should have reached out to more women and we asked our guests for their thoughts on the controversy. the fact is that women are still half the population think we're just marginally over there half the people organizing it seem to be a group of men it was their duty. the requirement to ensure that they had a wide range of people to speak about the issues that they wanted a debate when you want to be diverse you know on some occasions where people were being speakers on some occasions with more bad speakers but it is also the also the child age to say if you're going to have people in and effectively racially or sexually profiled i just say we're not interested what your speech is going to date we're not interested your level of talent we're not interested in the relevancy all were interesting is the color of your skin or your gender that is
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a joke the point is not about qualifications the point is about a culture which i'm sorry to say you seem to represent which is which is about accusing women of daring to be in your workplaces that would be a further comment if the women had applied local who got pushed out what you would apply there was basically no candidates now how will the earth is that the fault of men it's very unlikely in the real world that that somebody would just not want somebody to speak on the grounds of their gender i don't think that's very realistic i don't think that's something that's really going to happen i don't just don't think it's it's factually accurate it does happen i'm sorry to say i don't i'm sorry to say it does happen i'm glad to say it's not absolutely widespread but you may be in your little. haven in which everything is right and rosy but for lots of women though lots of ways in which women are excluded however competent they are
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i'm sorry that's still happening i wish it wasn't but unless it's get spoken about i don't think much will change. for the next. feuding parties form a new coalition government in it's a scuttling a power play by the countries and team are going to interior minister stay with us for the details right after the break. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the
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hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. maxwell to international is that he's just got a new coalition government. for the 5 star movement struck a last minute deal with the democratic party to scuttle an attempt by the country's
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popular but deeply divisive interior minister to take power 2 weeks ago much as sylvia brought down his own ruling coalition in the hope of triggering elections rival's negotiations though that's not happening is calling for their agreement an affront to democracy. because it's something you know the real truth 60000000 italian held by more than 100 m.p.'s that are afraid of losing. this is the real truth there are just 100 m.p.'s clinging to see if you can call that a democracy but then don't be surprised i got my do i need to vote well talian politics is a bit of a minefield some describing the latest crisis as being the most craziest yet what resulted is into bitter enemies strolling hand in hand to form a new government that's the democratic party and the 5 star movement of them
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a little president today. we told the president we have reached a deal with the democratic party that would love to to be the next premier and try to form a long lasting government. but we have expressed to the president of the republic how much support for the attempt to create a new government with a new political majority why have the 2 forces being brought together well this always all is the result of the 4 partners a 5 star movement headed by the storm and tea immigration interior minister. trying to pull down the last government in the hope of having snap elections that's because he was void by polls showing that he was on 38 to 39 percent in terms of approval ratings and thinking that perhaps he could go it alone and form his new own government if they were fresh elections held in italy but that's not to be as these 2 are the parties who are both perhaps lacking in the polls able to form this
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next government so we need a no no as one of italy's perhaps most popular politicians at the moment has been frozen cold to the government described as being made. millions of italians are probably wondering why vote if those who were kicked out by elections reinterview are back door just for political games before the crisis is not yet over this still a lot of tricky hurdles for the new italian government to meander through including creating a new budget that brussels will approve the new government will be led by just said he was the prime minister in the last coalition government and i'm going to buy donald trump in g 7 berates will he be the glue that holds these 2 parties
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together or is he going to be pulled into very different directions with parties with pretty much at most points opposing ideology there is still a chance that mattel yourself being he could get his wish and italy could see snap elections before those scheduled ones at the moment pasted in 2023. a palestinian student has been barred from entering the united states over facebook posts made by his friends 70 year old is smile and secured a place at harvard was the portal to lebanon after u.s. customs and border protection deemed inadmissible students so that upon arrival in america immigration official questioned him for hours about his religious beliefs and friends online activity as part of the interrogation he says he was ordered to block his phone and computer which were examined for hours on the border of the allegedly find and to us posts on his contacts social media tells his own pages
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didn't contain anything critical of washington. i have no single post on my timeline discussing politics the agent said that she found people posting political points of view that opposed the us on my friend list i responded that i didn't like share or comment on them and told her that i shouldn't be held responsible for what others post in a statement to al-jazeera u.s. customs and border protection said that only a jew i was banned from entering place that information discovered during mean spec sion harvard spokesman said on said on tuesday that the university is working closely with the students family and your forty's so that ismael can join his classmates in the coming days the university's president has previously criticized the trumpet ministrations visa restrictions and so-called muslim ban which last year saw $37000.00 applications rejected we spoke to a palestinian journalist ramzy both about the case. it's
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a very dangerous precedent it's not something that only palestinians or arabs should be worried about but i think everyone else including americans should be worried about it as well but it's also part of the larger trajectory of anti palestinian measures that have been taken by this administration for years only a few days prior to what happened with ismail at joe we wasn't the state department has removed any reference to palestine or the palestinian authority from its page this is also a continuation of the crackdown on any aid that is delivered to the palestinians so we are seeing here a trend and this trend is worsening day after day and we have what we are witnessing in my opinion is a process of a complete a researcher of palestine the palestinian people and as people
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deserving of rights of freedom of travel of freedom of expression i feel more education and so forth and so on. you can check out any of the stories on our website r.t. dot com states you novel watching all this coming up in a few moments time we're back in half an hour just. seemed wrong. but old roles just don't call. me old yet to shape our disdain to come out of court and engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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she stressed to no longer post like this or that the british and the bill of voted out. to. stop it was to use 3 days to fish to do she's ok so i pushed quite a shock. which she dumped on and now look what you've seen in a response future. for sure i. want to go to the show through my it's a bonus for c.b.s. you. could just. put them to the spirit of $430.00 some to be arguable that it's a studio actually the person to be vocal for should still stop them speeding. spruced she.
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knew to call. them or. i'm one of them but i think ended up getting one when there's a real body. did both lot on. one of them one night you should have done this. with them i don't want or i think that's funny as i knew she needed that common opinion to yank the bloom he could feel that he had a chicken dad's going to be made to move a little the one that young enough that i would have been proud of that. we are in
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a depression in america populations all over america. there's poverty and more than half the population lives far below the poverty line so they're already has a bit of a ghost depression going on which should develop into a full blown depression because i'm not either policies work from the central bank so maybe the problem is the sense of. what holds his hands to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be. to want to be press that's what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our.
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ratings and sell you take a shit. drugs drugs and more drugs next to the selling of credit in the selling of arms there is nothing that we love to sell more here in the united states of america than drugs we sell drugs to everyone for for any and every malady heck we'll even create a brand new malady just to invent a new drug to sell to cure it but hogwash or is it appears that in the wake of the opioid epidemic in the millions of lives of his ruined and destroyed big farmers were full of wall street all night dance party may finally be coming to an end not only did we see a judge in the state of oklahoma rule in a 1st of its kind lawsuit that johnson and johnson was paid the state over 500000000 for intentionally downplaying the dangers and over selling the benefits of opioids but now we've got word that the sackler family of purdue pharma many consider the tony montana of the opioid epidemic for bringing us the joys of oxy
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contin back in 1906 they they may be next on the chopping block the new york times is now reporting that as part of a possible settlement to resolve thousands of federal and state lawsuits the sackler family would give up ownership of the company blamed for much of the opiate epidemic and pay $3000000000.00 of their own money but for that but the punishment for the socceroos wouldn't end there the times goes on report that in addition to that there are $3000000000.00 cash payout the sackless would sell another drug company they own monday pharma and contribute an additional $1500000000.00 from the proceeds this could essential to force the sackler family out of the opioid business to the tune of $4500000000.00 just on their own expenses but are just bankruptcies and fines enough does that bring justice to the millions upon millions of lives destroyed by the opioid epidemic. let's find out as we start watching the honks. the to. treat the day
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like real that this would be the last to get to the bottom. of. what they like you know that i got. with. with. this. because i. was on the watching the harks i am tyrrel for the time topical i. live you know tell us interesting because you've actually i've we have ordered through a long time and i would say probably the sackler family in the 1st purge to pharma is probably a close 2nd to lead the geoffrey up steam case for something that you've followed for a long time since you started this group like digging into like their accountability and what they have done through the opioid crisis yeah they got a lot of you did i know you have always some.


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