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and down in a very roman style the kind i fully expect trump will point to a favorite horse to replace jay powell by the end of this year sounds like a george galloway speech we warned you about a pack of law it's a pack of lies of course for the scottish brogue hey george what's happening you've got it all your are is what i want the mess he's running again yes that's right and look your talk about trump it's happening in the united states yes cable news is the. same professional wrestling the heel right and trump is steve austin apparently miles entire career on steve austin the professional wrestler and now we've got mark carney bashing the dollar we've got the world waking up to the fact that the us dollars world reserve currency is a huge liability for everybody including the united states and we've got people now swarming into gold you know gold a bit heavily and looks like it's got a top it's already hitting new all time highs against the pound the euro the indian
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rupee a room ball. almost every single currency canadian dollar australian dollar with the exception of the u.s. dollar that's coming soon $234000.00 for gold bitcoin $152025000.00 for because this is what happens when your fear of currency system implodes do somebody just wrote that oh you know on the exchange 90 percent of the big coin volume is speculative while the negative interest rates around the world i would posit that 99.99999 percent of all the money trade is speculative well in terms of the speculation big coin and gold the speculation is that we're about to see an empire collapse. there will be a massive paradigm shift and an absence of trust and a great amount of distrust and thus you should have a store of value so you're speculating that this will happen of course you're going to see foam oh fear of my. sitting out so you're going to see
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a lot of people especially those who watch m s n b c or rachel maddow will only be buying gold at 5000 they'll be buying big coin at 100000 what you have to do is realize and recognize just with total lack of any sort of insanity or any emotional driven sort of look at the data and the reality as it is you know you should be you should have been accumulating stacking sat's stacking gold slowly just like the central bank of russia has been doing for the past 10 years every month methodically adding more gold or i should have been doing that when it was 500 dollars 600 dollars we're talking about here and very poor at $1000.13 our friends in mexico oh law. you know they've been stacking set that's why we are regarded god likes. the entire nation
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is here john lennon moment. anything that made our show an impossible to air. because it becomes an issue with us overlords you know tromp this past week or 2 he's been going on nonstop twitter rampage you mention professional wrestling here it's called the world wide entertainment wrestling world wrestling entertainment something like that used to be easier when i was w w f and that was just easier so he's been on a tweet farm he's saying jay pallies to cut interest rates by 100 basis points because we have to compete with europe where they have negative interest rates and that's an unfair advantage for them in the euro is tanking and we want our dollar to tank he also said we need more quantitative easing remember we've said over the past few years that you can't taper a ponzi of course the federal reserve tried to do that they tried to taper the ponzi we said they they would have to reverse themselves and they are reversed.
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saying themselves you know after they 1st started raising interest rates the 1st week or 2 under our kaiser report episodes people like now and then our rachel maddow you're wrong because obviously you can taper a ponzi well we see that they can't because it's all unraveling rachel maddow on the whole cable news corps in america in gauged in defense of see the world as world wide entertainment wrestling and everyone around the whole world the actual world who watches kaiser report has been stacking stats and stacking gold stacking silver and you know they're prepared and you know i was wondering how come recipes aren't copyrighted you know if you go to some are book some are really yeah some people are able to copyright those but the recipe for disaster here in the united states is. well this isn't copyrighted because it started back in the 1920 s. which is the 1st great depression we're now in and next great depression and in
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1929 through 933 we saw the stock market crash then and the global great depression and what happened we saw a beggar thy neighbor we saw so england i think was the 1st to really do it where they on pegged their currency to gold or devalued against gold and then the rest of the world had to follow and then in the united states we confiscated gold but we introduced the smoot hawley tariffs and here we have trump you know trying to we're it's on is off is on is off where we negotiated with china we're not negotiating with china now we have tariffs now like we're raising tariffs so it's all chaos but he tweeted this stream our country has lost stupidly trillions of dollars with china over many years they have stolen our intellectual property at a rate of hundreds of billions of dollars a year and they want to continue i won't let that happen we don't need china and frankly would be far better off without them the vast amounts of money made and stolen by china from the united states year after year for decades will and must stop our great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china and clued in bringing. your company's home and making
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your product in the u.s. i will be responding to china's terraces that's true this is a great opportunity for the united states to basically bring all their stuff home while this is interesting so yeah the crash of 1929 followed by the great depression in america we had another crash in 2008 followed by the great recession and the lessons learned according to ben bernanke the about the crash of 29 and the resulting depression were that there should have been more money printing and you know he made a speech saying what we learned from the depression was that we have something called the printing press and had we printed our way out of the depression sooner would there would have been a depression so now we had a crash in 2008 and they did print they printed trillions and trillions and trillions but is the result going to be anything different than a depression and the answer apparently is no we are in a depression in america in populations all over america there's poverty and more
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than half the population lives or below the poverty line so there already is a bit of a ghost depression going on which should develop into a full blown depression because neither policies work from the central banks so maybe the problem is the central bank in fact trump did follow up by saying my only question is who is our bigger enemy j.p. our chairman she but i want to say that i don't think it's you know it's there isn't a depression in the same way because we also have food stamps but on the at the same time we also a lot of people are doing very very extremely well those closest to the money printing the cantillon effect it's called anybody who lives in new york city even if they don't have a job their house prices are going up up up up same with los angeles when i went to u.c.l.a. there and worked out in los angeles like it was easy i actually supported myself at school by working part time i brought with stationery shop so i remember. winners
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of oppression like joe kennedy who went short the market famously and started the kennedy dynasty with presidents and what does lasted almost 100 years in terms of china being this bogeyman it was it was the likes of larry summers who by the way was up at jackson hole as well and basically saying trump is a maniac and supporting all these things that mark carney is saying which is the next headline but it was you know bill clinton who presided over them being becoming part of the w.c. you know and they've used those rules to be able to you know basically take over the world and u.s. corporations are the ones who export of the jobs they're you know that's why some people are doing very well the likes of jeff bezos that's why he's worth $120.00 or $30000000000.00 then over at the jackson hole i want to point out and remind everybody that we're on the set and risky reliance on us dollar bank of england's carney says this is the sort of stuff that the d.n.i. looks at kaiser report we've been warning you for the last 10 years and they say
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well that's bad and that's unpatriotic by here as bank of england governor mark carney took aim at the u.s. dollars destabilizing role in the world economy on friday and said central banks might need to join together to create their own replacement reserve currency we just looked at the facts around the world and said this is inevitable because you have to you know this is mathematics this is just the obvious and these are cycles that happen and here it is happening right the world reserve currency has gone from portugal to spain to france to britain to america and now it's going to be passed to something else possibly a global digital currency as mark carney at the bank of england suggests or something else you know larry summers is an interesting characters and he's of he is one guy who you could liberally use words so if astri and when you're describing larry summers sees a completely mercurial depending on the whatever opportunity he's seeking. take
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that argument but do it quite brilliantly he is a duplicitous kind of neo con character that is at the heart of america's decline you need to get rid of the larry summers you need to get rid of all the central bankers and to get rid of all these professional liars and replace them with civil servants well look at his tweet stream we don't have time to go into it look at larry summers tweet stream during jackson hole here's a guy who did along with robert rubin preside over a lot of the neo liberal policies that we have around the world and now he's saying oops i guess we were wrong and i guess we didn't ever predict negative interest rates we didn't predict this sort of thing in the cantillon a fact and it's caused a lot of unrest and maybe we should all 3 things change things and he's kind of suggesting maybe fiscal policy instead of of using the fed to basically give free money to all of larry summers friends in the banking world right there's a huge name out there on wall street now jamie diamond and others claiming that you know we need to really look at the way we do business and capitalism in america and
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not put profits furrow yes this is a strange thing that just popped up and it didn't get much attention because of course trump keeps on tweeting as the professional wrestler that he is to always get that that crowd cheering for him. right well look for a major rebrand for j.p. morgan chase going forward jamie diamond feeding children in africa you know on everything because he cares and by the way should bank with j.p. morgan according to him because they care well we're going to cover actually the j.p. morgan in the news in the probably in the next episode about their latest market rigging sort of stories but and terms of mark carney what he's suggesting is the dollars dominance of the global financial system increase the risks of a liquidity trap of ultra low interest rates and weak growth carney told central bankers from around the world as they gathered in jackson hole where the world's economy is being reordered he said the u.s. dollar remains as important as when britain wins go. so he sees that the world is
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being reordered we've been saying that we've been warning about this for 10 years it's 10 years this september this month coming up that we have been warning you here and kaiser report and here's mark carney he's a former hockey player so hockey players like max kaiser m.r. carney no what they're talking about he's suggesting in all coins i.e. this crypto currency for global central bankers but that's not going to work they're going to come to because they're going to come to gold right imagine we'll take a break and come back after this don't go away. paradise with some ground turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up
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locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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things. officer. told him to get up off the ground the officer began to head down the. democrats on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who. drew his or her own. wish to away from the officer. out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on tree swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the 2 any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on 3.
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welcome back to the kaiser report timeout to get a crack empty over there to final for part craig welcome back max great to visit with you again we've done this 3 or 4 times this year now and it just gets more interesting every time because the bull market in gold is back and you've been a keen observer of these markets for many errors and give us great insight to us happening now trump is escalating the trade war with china he's calling jay powell an enemy of the steak seems to have ignited gold to rocket higher what do you expect by the end of 2019 and what about 2020 let's start there 1st of all if people are watching the kaiser report here in 29000 they're missing out because you want to see a b. c. or bloomberg they all act as if nobody saw this coming you know how could the bond market be rallying in the you don't curb inverting in gold going up max you and i have been talking about this since january. we've been visit with you know 3 or 4
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times and we've talked every time about how 2019 is going to look a lot like 2010 with not the fed not raising rates but the fed cutting rates as we slip into recession and then more q. we had negative interest rates and all of this stuff driving gold to its best year since 2010 here we are i mean as you and i speak we're at the highs of the year silver's finally start to pick up to trade more stuff is just crazy i just friday it was almost surreal last week when you had trouble openly asking on twitter who was the bigger enemy president xi or the head of the fed and then you then you had the bank of england head mark carney go to the fed's party in jackson hole and talk about replacing the dollar i mean this is just this year is just crazy and if anything i mean there's always going to be ups and downs bull markets in. just
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about anything are characterized by tuesday's forward one step back a series of higher highs in our lows you just simply have to own gold gold in all its forms and as the world realizes that and as assets are allocated to gold and precious metals the mining shares things are just going to look better and better for all of us right i should mention for folks who are hearing what they think might be lightning and thunder in the background that is thunder in the us and so yeah that's a little natural on coming storm we're expecting you seem to be in the middle of the storm appropriately so but you know we imagine the kaiser report you know we are a global show it goes out right there nationally and when you talk about c n b c or bloomberg and these other networks they're very local they're region all their u.s. their u.s. dollar centric so when we were observing that the price of gold is breaking out and making new all time highs against the euro against the british pound against the
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ruble against the brazilian currency is up almost 400 percent you know it was obvious to us that there was a sea change coming because you have a global perspective and i think that is what you need if you want understand each local perspective you have to take a global approach now mark carney stood on u.s. soil last week and trashed the u.s. dollar so this is interesting because here you have a central banker that's breaking ranks with the other central banks and usually they work together and coordinate their policies a lot of collusion going on but there seems to be breaking now. it was a remarkable moment the history of fear defend his right the world needs to replace the u.s. dollar as a unit of account and you and i and most folks that are paying close attention this we've been talking about this now for the past decade you know the fact that this exorbitant privilege that the u.s. has had since the end a war more to is a transitory thing i mean before the u.s. the british crown was the reserve currency and then you go back before that and you had well like portugal had it you know and you go back further and it was china i
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mean this is something that the world has switched that man tall every 100 years or so literally for centuries and it is soon going to be the u.s. has turned a switch to the thing that probably concerns me the most every time we talk about this is that typically that doesn't take place peacefully the country that has that mantle that has that exorbitant privilege to force its currency on the world usually don't give that up you know just say ok find out your turn you know we're seeing the u.s. in employ this montra by force throughout the world trying to keep the world's reserve currency status because we lose it and when we lose it all those trillions and trillions of dollars that have been printed for the last you know really 40 plus years almost 50 years since nixon closed gold window all those dollars that are incubated the u.s. treasury market in the foreign currency reserves of all of our trading partners
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a lot of those are going to come home and when you have a sudden supply of anything i mean in widgets you name it apples oranges if there's a sudden supply of it hits the market and demand stays the same or demand falls you get a sharp drop in the value and that ultimately is what's coming home in the u.s. eventually but it was shocking to hear i mean think about it i mean they're throwing a party basically the fed is to talk about how great they are and talk about central banking and. general and i have a competitor if you will bank of england show up and stand in front of everybody and say well you know your currency is going in the dustbin of history we've got to have a new paradigm i mean that's pretty remarkable think of that happened and that's just another crazy thing that happened last friday as far as replacing the dollar you know there's a couple of candidates there's the special drawing rights from the i.m.f. that's been bandied about by thought leaders who suggest that could be the replacement for the u.s.
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dollar mark carney i'm sol suggested a new crypt oh currency like a crypto bank or type currency i mentioned labor i believe the facebook currency that's in development as being something that could be emulated so this is interesting for a couple reasons not only is the issuing of a u.s. dollar as world reserve currency but now he's talking about krypto and virtual currencies as a replacement is this one step closer to mark carney going falbe bit coin advocate like we've seen joe carnahan say in b.c. and a few others that once they get the pod then they become suppose she's drones as i like to call them as mark carney about to go full full blown bitcoin maximalist i don't have an informed opinion on that i just follow you when the world starts what about bitcoin i just wonder what you think and i know you think we're going 228000 i'm 200000 you know and we've seen you know this notion of you know put forth that
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somehow bitcoin could become some type of reserve currency but in terms of market cap i mean it's just a fraction of what even gold is and so i would think that if it growing there are some type of virtual currency said that direction the price of it is going to have to be considerably higher than what it is now right i think it was a very good point it is only a fraction of gold's market cap so let's get back to gold because this has been messed around for. 5000 years and moved up sharp and fast and does fundamental analysis come technical analysis at this sort of turning point. in one empire appears to be collapsing in another perhaps as rising another words are we on the cusp of a secular change in the direction looks like you've gone from a bear to a ball in the gold market and the is this what we're talking about it's like 70
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other fee out currencies gold at all time highs jastram dollars canadian dollars british pounds recently back sunday night it almost an all time high in euro terms so it's only not an all time high end in dollar terms i suspect that's just a matter of time at this point once we moved up through $1360.00 which had been kind of a pretty start resistance level for almost 6 years that's a people started getting excited and now we're back about $1525.00 which had been significant support at the end of the previous 4 market that support was taken out with a massive smash in middle of april 2030 now we're back above at that even more people are catching on in terms of investment opportunities i want people to think of something i mean i think you really get your arms around this rick rule who i'm sure you probably know told me this couple of weeks ago over the last 40 years the percentage global allocation to gold silver precious metal mining shares all that
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stuff as an asset class has ranged from one half of one percent globally to 8 percent that high being back in 1980 the median is 2 and a half percent we're right now we're still at one half or one percent so can you imagine if the entire world suddenly don't you know puts 5 times the amount of assets into gold and silver the mining shares that are currently in the sector where prices are going to go there are only so many forms of gold that you can buy there's only so many good profitable mining companies that you can buy. so we're really on the edge of an opportunity to make a whole bunch of fear in this as well in the next couple of years and i think that's all like i said pretty exciting all right here's another a trend we've been talking about our theme over the over the years and has to do with manipulation of precious metals and a few years ago when the gold action antics last action committee was talking about this and others it was considered a conspiracy theory over the past 2 years that we've had many reports several
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reports from different countries different regulators that one just came out recently talking about j.p. morgan proving unequivocal way that there has been massive manipulation in the precious metals sector and these precious metal manipulation of cartels are breaking up when this also be positive for gold and that the ability for these 1000000000 banks dollars to keep the price cheap. for whatever reason there that seems to be breaking up as well so if you were to if gold were to find its actual price if you remove the 10 to 15 years of manipulation that right there implies 20 $52600.00 an ounce crags the world kind of exists on alchemy in the precious metal sector because everybody figured out after the collapse of the london gold pool that there just wasn't of gold to go around to keep the price in check and so there's been this alchemy of all these different forms of gold exposure whether it's futures contracts unallocated county g.l.d.
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i mean you name it the actual gold that's in existence has been levered 121521 semitone say 100 to one now the banks make money at this this trading and making of the markets as they continue to get squeezed with negative interest rates and i get the regulators looking at em and this whole boolean banking business begun becomes non-profitable they may very well just get out of it maybe forced out of it by some of the regulators maybe not us but in the u.k. all right we're going to have to wrap. get up there and pick it up on the 2nd segment we'll talk about manipulation also talk about the possibility of will we encounter confiscation as we did back in the 1930 s. but thanks for being on this segment because the report that max and that's going to do it for this is dushan of the concert report with me back to kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank our guests craig empty of the t.f. metals report if you want to catch us on twitter it's guys report or kaiser report dot com so i stand by.
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she stressed to make sure that the british. stopped actual story you'll see the face conditions have a c. which quite a long. time and i know what you mean the member states. for sure. in the short of your remarks your bonus for should be. dismissed as a word supporters are still with them to the spirit of. what you believe that it's
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a stupid actually the person to revoke or should still speak them speak. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only hastily i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time to sit down and talk. new chick or founding. a model but i think. ended up going to one when there's
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a real body. they. should have been there so. i don't want or i can't miss. i mean yes i knew she you know that if you're not a yank. who could get you killed and have to keep. going i am who made the move all the my life young enough to. eat. sleep. eat sleep.
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forced to apologize on one of the seas top posts with trucks a story linking double trump to russian oligarchs within the so-called rigorous verification standards of the outlets would not adhere to. also this hour environmental activists rally against nestle's plans to draw with 3 and a half 1000000 liters of water from florida santa fe river every day saying it would threaten the area's biodiversity. and a lack of diversity sees european web developers conference cancelled over a guest list with no females but about whether the industry is struggling to keep up with the times it's very.


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