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more drugs next to the selling of credit in the selling of arms there is nothing that we love to sell more busy here in the united states of america than drugs we sell drugs to everyone for for any and every malady heck we'll even create a brand new malady just to invent a new drug to sell to cure it but hogwash or is it appears that in the wake of the opioid epidemic in the millions of lives of has ruined and destroyed big farmer's world full of wall street all night dance party may finally be coming to an end not only did we see a judge in the state of oklahoma rule in the 1st of its kind lawsuit that johnson and johnson was paid the state over 500000000 for intentionally downplaying the dangers and over selling the benefits of opioids but now we've got word that the sackler family of purdue farmer who many consider the tony montana of the opioid epidemic bringing us the joys of oxy contin back in 1996 they they may be next on the chopping block the new york times is now reporting that as part of
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a possible settlement to resolve thousands of federal and state lawsuits the sackler family would give up ownership of purdue pharma the company blamed for much of the opiate epidemic and pay $3000000000.00 of their own money but for that but the punishment for the socceroos wouldn't end there the times goes on report that in addition to that there are $3000000000.00 cash payout the sackless would sell another drug company they own monday pharma and contribute an additional $1500000000.00 from the proceeds. this could essentially force the sackler family out of the opioid business to the tune of $4500000000.00 just their own expenses but are just bankruptcies and fines and does that bring justice to the millions upon millions of lives destroyed by the opioid epidemic let's find out as we start watching the whole us. go to. the. real thing it's like. as you said
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a lot of. what they like you know that i got. with. this. is exactly. what the watching the harks i am tyrrel for the time topical i. live you know tablets interesting because you've actually i've we have ordered through a long time and i would say probably the sackler family in the for per do pharma is probably a close 2nd to lead the jeffrey upstream case for something that you've followed for a long time since you started this group like digging into what their accountability and what they have done through the opioid crisis yeah they've got a lot of you do i do have a way some of the worst you know as a woman on the internet you sort of are used to a certain amount of the rats or foul things coming to you but it was actually
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a the idea that i suggested even 6 or 7 years ago 6 years ago that the pharmaceutical companies were paying doctors and they were the ones pushing mass and that's what was pushing me and i got a lot of a lot of heat for it and now here we are and every. also on this show we reported a couple of years ago about how the sackler family was going to look into after moving into the same thing pay. management in china in africa and in india that company was of course moon do farm out which is part of this big settlement so 2 under this settlement purdue pharma gets restructured under chapter 11 bankruptcy that means that to goes from being a private company hauled by the sackler family into a public beneficiary trust so whatever they make from this point forward goes into a trust which then pay all the profits go to plaintiffs in the case which of course
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as we see more and more of these are municipalities small towns counties states and also native tribes indigenous people of the country who sued them for things they've done on tribal lands in addition they are family or produce farm is has been working on the. addiction treatment drugs which oddly enough have taken them for ever so long to figure out they have all these things to help fight the addiction the disease that they are using to profit off of sick people and so now here you have they are saying that in part of this settlement would be that they would have to fast track their developer they would be under right now they'd have to give them to the public for free at no charge and also that they would fast track review status by the f.d.a. in order to get those anti addiction drugs on the market as quickly as possible for . us to grow them to lose some she would remain so we were just going to blow the
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school i've never heard about before the blood come you know the basic we are sorry your company is now going to be just giving money to the public for all of the sims you committed that's incredible well i think you know that they were going to try to do this thing where you know there's always this well we'll get these settlements but then they'll just go bankrupt and in this case i think there was the chance that we'll keep coming after you and people will keep coming after you if you don't take we're. sponsibility for us and you talk about responsibility their responsibility is coming to the to move almost $10.00 to $12000000000.00 i mean the value of profits from the new trust in the donations is estimated to be somewhere between $7.80 this would actually put the total cost of the settlement when you include the $3000000000.00 from the soccer family that they personally have to put into this to about 10 to 12000000000 dollars all together and you know all that kind of raises the question is that enough you know is that them suffering
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enough should they go to jail it's got a lot of the same questions we got from wall street with wall street crash economy you know are forums enough are just you know bailing out the ones they got exactly so maybe they learned something and this is what should have happened when the banks failed the should have happened when insurance company has failed not the taxpayer paying for it in this way we still keep the drugs that help we can actually figure out ways to minimize that and they're going to have to pay for the damage that they rot most awfully so purdue wants to achieve what it's calling a global settlement and that is an agreement with all the parties and all of the lawsuits to end all of them one big massive pay day so it would be about 10 states are at the negotiating table up in the air is whether the other $38.00 or so states that have filed lawsuits will agree there is also a larger group of 34000 cities and counties that have not yet filed lawsuits that
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would like to be bound to the agreement that also there you know you talked about their closing monday farm i think what you're going to have is they're closing because there's literally no way for them to even go forward they made a fortune killing people another place for you know. just 2 short years ago in 2017 business tycoon warren buffett told shareholders at a berkshire hathaway annual meeting that i don't know that much about cyber but i do think that's the number one problem with mankind. i don't know that i can disagree with them of course of the tie in berkshire how the way specialty insurance had already successfully launched 2 insurance plans that covered both the costs associated with a cyber attack and any liability for it which was a good business decision as cybersecurity ventures reported recently that there was a new ransomware attack on a business or public resource every 14 seconds in 21000 in addition they estimate that by 2021 they will happen every 11 seconds and fact the fear is so real that
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the city of baltimore announced this week that after a terrible attack on the city in may of this year they would transfer $6000000.00 from the parks department to pay for the costs of the ransomware attack and that they were considering purchasing insurance of course this comes of a pro publica piece by senior reporter rene dudley which found that the f.b.i. and security researchers say paying ransoms contributes to the profitability and spread of cybercrime in the some cases may ultimately be funding terrorist regimes so why do insurance companies pay the did data kidnappers time after time will cause it's more profitable to pay the ransom than to pay to fix the problem out there. it is that many cyber experts say that are causing the ransom attempts to soar and attempts to multiply and as insurance companies across the world look to get a piece of the market expected to be worth over 23000000000 by 2025 want us to wonder if their profits are worth putting small towns and public services across the globe more risk than ever before that is incredible insurance companies making money off
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. of this room somewhere you know mr powell who is being held hostage by this room somewhere you know and it's supposed to be sort of new and it is new to an extent lloyd's of london who famously you know i think they insured j. lo's legs. behind i mean something so lloyd's of london one of the oldest insurers in the world actually put the phone. cyber security insurance policy out on the market in the ninety's $99.00 actually so right before it's ok they're everywhere tonight so they're actually they built the market and that's kind of where everybody started copy is what lloyd's of london for those are the home of don't go follow the high tech stories you know what is ransomware you're my mother would be sort of like i've never heard a room somewhere you know read somewhere basically it comes in attachments infected
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software apps infected external storage devices and compromised websites and one of the facts that locks the files of the systems on that network and that's where the hackers are going to come in and say hey we can unlock all this if you pay us all you know usually those payments come in the form of what bitcoins give us x. amount of bitcoin is and will give you back all of your networks and all of your you have these insurance companies just pay the room where i am not what happened in lake city florida or the city of lake city florida. i don't make the names not this or i just report them but so really in the summer they got hit with a ransom or attack for about 2 weeks they couldn't access a lot of their files or their systems that the mayor in the city council voted without any debate without anything to do what the insurance company said which was which was also was a subsidiary an underwriter of lloyd's of london. so they voted no debate which
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was just pay them the $42.00 bitcoins that the person is asking for what they didn't consider what they didn't mention a lot of their statements was that their idea department was already looking at a way to recover those without paying. but they were like metal take too much so instead they paid $42.00 big ones which of the time was the equivalent of like $460000.10 thousands of $1000.00 of that and they had to be paid by the city for the deductible of the insurance policy and one person lost their job. that is ridiculous to me. and that's that's what happened so mike lee. who is the lake city spokesman told the press our insurance company made the decision for us at the end of the day it really boils down to the business decision on the insurance side of things than looking at how much it's going to cost to fix it ourselves and how much it's going to cost to pay the ransom while i'm shocked i'm sure to find out that this whole hey pay ransom or is somehow made ransoms get bigger and want like they're going to kidnap more people if you bring them right you always know not to
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do that i mean look quickly according to a point from london based on the loss ratio for cyber policies in the us was 35 percent in 2018 that means for every every dollar in premiums companies are paying out $0.35 the loss ratio for property casualty insurance is 62 percent for every dollar premiums are paying out 62 percent so size their concerns is twice at least 2 times more profitable than any other kind of insurance and they keep a memorandums it keeps going up never keep buying the insurer makes you wonder if there's a connection between that and i wonder as an artist we're going to break rock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered all our social media be sure to check out watching the box the podcast is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere listen the podcast coming up we dig into the money and connections jeffrey epstein cultivated in the worlds of science and technology with journalist but this one and all of this this take to the bottom of the.
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anyone else seems wrong. why don't i just don't. get to see. these days actually. and again. the trail. find themselves well the part. of the common ground. 0 officer. told him to get up off the ground begin to pet him down. and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like mislead essentially officer hurley. through his or her own.
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twisted away from the officer. out of his crew. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung at bob's his hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact me to do any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it on tree. what holds is something to. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you're the president should. do something i want to. achieve right. this is what. we're going to be. interesting always a. big
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complicated web of connections deceptions and money that jeff or abstain cultivate and as life to help insulate is crimes of child sex trafficking and pedophilia is coming more and finally coming more and more into view our quaters well stance political and hollywood connections have made headlines it's his kind of relationship some financial connections to many high profile members of the scientific and tech communities that are now finally being looked into these connections have included the likes of world famous mathematical biologists out of harvard martin o. axillary physicist lawrence krauss and a host of other individuals and institutions in fact many of these individuals and institutions continued accepting abstains financial friendship long after his conviction of soliciting a minor for prostitution in 202011 warrants krauss actually told the daily beast
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quote i don't feel tarnished in any way by my relationship with jeffrey i feel raised by it i'm sure that 250000 he received from the stands foundation that we know of and hands to education help that uplifting feeling joining us now to dig deeper into mr epstein's connections to the world of science tech and academic is the founder of truth and media. thanks for joining us ben. that me and then tab at the mention of physicist lawrence krauss mathematical biologist martin oh well there's so many other names and institutions now being tied to epstein and what are some of the other ones that we're talking about now because there are huge institutions and big names in that world. there are huge institutions we're talking about well you mentioned the universities so in mighty harvard both receive them mount sinai their school of medicine in new york they received funding as well as the institute in santa fe it's called the center for
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a institute in new mexico received a lot of money over the years from him there by the way the only organization that's talking about actually giving the money away everybody else to say no that they're going to keep it the melanoma research alliance which you mentioned lawrence krauss was a part of so we're seeing that there were a lot of these different organizations that received money from him science organizations but let's be real here there's a reality to what was taking place is that jeffrey epstein was making a move to attempt to reform his image between 2008 and 2009 and 20172 $1018.00 and that's when this money was being given away in fact according to some filings he was giving away as much as $20000000.00 a year to different science research firms he wanted to set himself up as a science philanthropist and so he was seen that way by a lot of people within that world and because of that it gave him some credibility is specially with media to treat him differently while oh. you know after you learn
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that geoffrey apps a gave $800000.00 to mit media lab alone and professor sacked lloyd mit president wrapped in a long email to the mit community stated to geoffrey abstains victims on behalf of them i.t. administration i offer a profound and humble apology and response we will commit an amount of equal to the funds mit received from any abstain foundation to an appropriate charity that benefits its victims or other victims of sexual abuse has this kind of response been the exception or the norm as sort of more and more names are coming out and they're like oh no now we're tied to absence of money what are we going to have to do. yes so far it's been the exception most of these organizations haven't said much about it but all as i mentioned the santa fe institute where he obviously had a home in new mexico has said that they're looking at possibly giving away that donation that he made to some other charity but they haven't said where it would go and so i think it's you know so far everyone's kind of waiting to see how much
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flack they actually get from this i got to tell you guys you may be surprised by this i don't even mind that he gave money to these organizations i know some people feel like it's dirty it's blood money but the money that he had didn't have to do with the crimes that he was perpetrating against these young girls and in some cases children so i don't care that he gave money away in the organizations that received i have a bigger problem as a media guy with the fact there were 3 different major publications huff po forbes magazine and one other that essentially wrote puff pieces about his philanthropy they wrote puff pieces about what he was giving money away to and in some cases essentially there were ghost writers who would write these pieces about how jeffrey epstein was so generous and he was fighting against trump's war against science and tribes war against. every science and he knew the environment thank you and i admire him and essentially these these articles were fake articles
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that were written by some p.r. firm they were submitted they were run in these different magazines the new yorker wrote a glowing piece about him and how much money he had given away and this was taking place over the course of several years and that's what i have a bigger problem with not that he was giving money away but that giving money to these institutions or organizations counted almost like if there's a scale yes i'm doing these horrific things but look i'm giving money to these organizations so well kind of balances out and the fact that media when along with it that there is a process in media to go along with that and to somehow absolve him of his sins because he's giving money to organizations they like it is crazy to me. yeah i would say that that's the interesting thing about this because you know as a woman i know so many women in science engineering tack you know medicine all of these things and what i've heard for decades is that there is a very male centric very massage and mystic culture within that world that whoever
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has the money and whoever brings the money makes the rules about how the party is go and the conventions go and see him as i wonder how much of that is well there's a reason why they didn't have a whole lot a young bright young gals that at some of these mit media lab or other conferences if someone like jeffrey obscene or people within his ilk were there it probably wouldn't be great for anybody you know it's interesting because you know you mention that idea of like you know epstein gave money to an institution they don't share any real guilt with those crimes but there is that element of cover up and in my mind is like that is an argument that i feel like could hold water that look if you guys are cover if you're using you as p.r. basically i would give this institution a bunch of money just to make my image look better in my mind and i disagree i mean there were disagreements but in my mind that does make the institution somewhat vulnerable to this does it not because they are just scooping up money from a from
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a truly bad guy anybody with money right you know so here's here's what i would say is that everybody who gives money to organizations is a bad person in some way because i don't believe that people as a whole are good people necessarily they we all do wrong things so i don't think that charities and institutions that have to should have to sit back and say well let's pull out a moral calculator and decide who is moral enough to give us money but at the same time it's not so so hear me clearly on this what i'm saying is that i don't like the fact that by giving money to these these institutions that society as a whole whitewashes somebody in that way and says oh well but look at the good they're doing. because they gave money to this thing and the and the fact that media falls into that as well if that's the right organizations geoffrey of the met with a new york city p.r. firm and he sat down with them and said i don't want my obituary the 1st lines in it to be billionaire pervert he said this and this organization began working with
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him to reform his image by the way the the of which where he is not billionaire pervert he got that right it's going there are pedophiles. but that's that was goal right was to was to reform his image and the way that they went about doing it was almost 16 really predictable to be able to say oh give money to the right organizations and the right people in society and then everyone will agree that you're actually a good man doing a good thing doesn't matter if you give money to them it doesn't change the core of who you are that's kind of the point that i was president and it's a very good point because that's the thing he gives this money but he also gave money to institutions and in areas that how much did he influence our thought process on certain things as a way to get out is transhumanism the bedrooms humanism to gen x. for rich people. nothing is i wonder how much money got put into certain things so what i wonder about is should abstain the scandal drive universities and
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institutions i think they said to reform the donation process so that you know you can still keep the integrity of the work they're doing because this is put a stain on the an mit media lab this is putting a stain on every single place that does a lot of really good work do you think a better system in place to keep the people with the money and the people doing research and work separate. so what i would prefer to see is a shift in society as a whole where we do not regard people as being better because they give away a small amount of their excess in order to craft an image about themselves if you believe that the environment should be taken care of and you have money and you give it to that they give it and that should have there should be no bearing in society on your goodness or badness based on that if this is a conviction of your heart and you choose to give away to charity and i give a lot of money away to charity and i don't have a lot of money but i give away to charity because i believe it's the right thing to do but i don't broadcast it in a way that says let's make a p.r.
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move in order for people to know the good work that i do i think as a society we should say if you give a way out of conviction because you believe in something that's great that has no bearing on whether or not you are a good or bad person in our society you know in a finish up with this too as i said we do have to admit we don't think this this investigation is going to go deeper into that not only the institutions but also the individuals because a lot of those individuals too were making trips to the island to hold you know charity function runs and things of that nature and then you know that raises a whole nother nest of questions about barrack the involvement of jeffrey's extracurricular activities that should also be looked into as well you know absolutely thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure having your. because things. you know what you could get plant based cheese fabric leave a neat now science has created a plant based fire retard that's right and also a press conference on august 26th the american chemical society revealed a new fire retardant that does not include cancer causing unsoiled posen and
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poisoning ammonium phosphate or monium sulphate amazing developed at central michigan university it's made from chemicals come out of the net from nuts tealeaves and bulk weight direct compounds that when coated as you can see on a poxy resin kept the resin from burning at least as well as dangerous ammonium based chemicals even when the resin finally did fire it protected it longer and the flames were much weaker with the plant based alternative in addition this could be used to treat clothing and fabric making them fire resistant and safe for the people wearing here's the science for getting hot and bothered for. very good very good hot and bothered for plant based but you know i mean it that was cool to see there's always things to do with it but you know i love this idea plus it's biodegradable yes and i come from a family with all lot of volunteer firemen and a lot of volunteer in the country we don't have france the city who runs this you
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know we actually have to do a volunteer and a lot of them are have been over the years exposed to these things very bad chemicals and i would hope that we could do a better job that most definitely they are and they are all right that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are told that we are loved develop so i tell you all i love you i am tired of the drugs and alcohol and people are watching those hawks out there and over a great day and like everybody. thank . you. who to call tony and emma. i'm one of them but i think it's ended up by one that all but one is we're buddies.
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they both plot on. one should have and this. put them to i don't want or i can't that's funny as hell and mission you know that i'm looking at it yeah. boom he could feel that he had a chicken dad going i know he may have to move out of one of the men that he had to before had a mess of. things
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. meet dear to. my wife a paradise with so much all year round turned into a round experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory body. this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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that. is. forced to apologize on ash one of m.s.m. b.c.'s top hosts retract the story linking donald trump to russian on and off admitting the so called rigorous verification standards of the outlet 12 knowledge that it had to be. also environmental activists rally against a nest lays plans to draw over 3 and a half 1000000 liters of water from florida's santa fe river every day saying it would threaten the areas that was over 60. and a lack of diversity sees a european web developers conference console dave a guest list with no females we debate whether the industry is struggling to keep up with the times. is very likely in the real world.


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