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it's plain that we have a search for his gun and he bids. us presidential hopeful to see about fails to make it through to the next round of the democratic debates despite becoming the most searched candidate online questioning the d.n.c. selection process also to come on our to you french med school tale after losing his battle to protect people in his village on the harmful pesticides we get reaction from locals i think the government isn't doing its job they're the 1st to see that there should be no pesticides but they do nothing we breed the in the class sites we did during tacitly amount of the best sites we found was alarmingly high. from the keys to us media outlets of spreading fake news about him with m s n
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b c retracting its story after a threat of legal action. there good afternoon you're watching r t international now one of the most popular democratic presidential hopefuls has failed to qualify for the next round of t.v. debates why representative it was the most searched for candidates on google after the last 2 t.v. showdowns but this time around the d.n.c. says she has failed to meet the criteria required something though gephardt has called into question. the whole process really lacks transparency. people deserve having that transparency because ultimately it's the people who will decide who our democratic nominee will be and alternately who our next president commander in chief will be and when you see that lack of transparency it creates you know
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a lack of faith and trust in the process it's primetime television if you want to be anybody in the democratic party you better make sure you get on the stage at the presidential debates so what do you need to do to make it 2 things 1st get over 130000 unique donations to get at least 2 percent in a national poll ah but here's where it gets tricky not every poll is the same and if the democratic national committee doesn't like you they can reject the poll results that show things in your favor now tulsa gabbert has met the donations threshold he's got over 2 percent 126 different national polls however the democratic national committee says that doesn't count they have their certified list sure it's important of that information it's being provided but let's take a quick look at some of the polls that were rejected politico the economist reuters if these widely respected outlets and news agencies aren't credible in america then who is polling in the united states there is
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a club. a network of close associates and friends and they frown upon those polls that are either new or are now members of the club or the association so i would certainly speculate that has something to do with it it is a partisan organization the democratic national committee so any poll say that may have a tradition of leaning republican or not considered to be in the mainstream of democratic artists and ship you know would be would be ruled out even the polls deemed credible. the democratic party have a margin of error of between 2 and 6 percent and when the criteria for being in the debates is only 2 percent a margin of error like that is a pretty big deal so thomas again could have between 0 and 7 percent support among american voters now keep in mind there are over 200000000 people who are registered
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to vote in the united states of america so what's the difference between 0 and $14000000.00 well whatever it is it is apparently not important to the democratic national committee there is a margin of sampling error so if the margin of error is plus or minus 4 percent what is 2 percent in the polls if if it's 1.51 percent that the candidate has then does get rounded up to 2 percent whereas the 1.44 percent which is meaningless one could argue the democratic national committee is a private organization we can establish our own rules but then they also have to be open to the charges by somebody like gambler who says this doesn't smell like it's fair and frankly i agree with their i don't think it's mills that is fair now the d.n.c. doesn't exactly have a reputation for impartiality and fairness leaked e-mails in 2016 show that the
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democratic party leaders were working pretty hard to defeat bernie sanders and make sure that it was hillary clinton who ultimately took on donald trump now after the outrage in 2016 the new democratic party chair tom perez promised to empower grassroots activists i am more committed than ever before to restoring votes is faith in the democratic process because even the perception of impartiality unfair advantage undermines our ability to win that is unacceptable to that end the new d.n.c. under my leadership is committed to the tosk of making sure that all 2020 nominating process will be unquestionably fair and. transparence so as the list of candidates gets whittled down to one final nominee voters will have to decide as to whether mr pereira's is living up to his promise. r.t. new york. meanwhile another democratic 2020 presidential hopeful bernie sanders has
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come under fire for a mark he made about china u.s. senator praised beijing's efforts to reduce poverty although that did prompt condemnation from politicians and also the media is artie's more against the if explains it's the strangest thing there is bernie sanders one of the leading democratic candidates for the nomination and that of the blue goo is it does something that no god fearing american should ever do said something almost complimentary about china. is a country that is moving unfortunately going to war with north korea where you number of directions but what we have to say about china in fairness to china and its leadership is of i'm not mistaken they have made more progress in addressing the extreme poverty. so than any country in the history of civilization bad knee
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good thing there are patriotic journalists free media and honest politicians to remind me that it's not nice to say nice things about china it was seen as bernie basically praising the chinese communist party you know which is probably killed more than any other regime on earth do you think this will be a problem for him going into the general election i think. as they think again it was a wild way to answer that question well the chinese socialists killed millions of poor people so there's that dead people are poor just dead they call that the great leap forward and after that they used a tool that bernie despises capitalism i wish there was a visual metaphor for bernie's argument. just have to keep watching i don't know why just to bring everyone up to speed what bernie meant is near enough 40 years ago about 9 out of every 10 people in china
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lived in poverty 9 out of 10 today 2019 it's one in 100 people one person in every 100 that's below the poverty line is that astounding yes the great news for a 1000000000 people yeah but it's china if we lived in a fair world that send them a congratulation note and flowers don't china does something bad to raise hell about it does something good very well ignore it or in russia don't forget brought here if they want to join us are knocking out isis that is just fine as far as i'm concerned work together to beat a monstrous group that's killed untold thousands and so on terror worldwide work together not a few are god fearing american donald trump believes that russia is our great ally
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against isis in syria but what russia is doing in syria is setting up missiles that only shoot down planes which isis does not have i think it's incredibly naive to think that vladimir putin would do anything in the us press interest and then you may run among us presidents for getting things like when jimmy carter praised yes praised hugo chavez well no you didn't really praise him but just to clue we came to know a man who expressed a vision to bring profound changes to his country to benefit is specially those people who had felt neglected and marginalized and once again. the free media and patriots had to remind mr carter that chavez is bad and venezuela together with china and russia iran maybe turkey a little north korea definitely geez bernie better grab a pen them and more baddies and even if they do what america does you can't compare
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the 2 because you actually can't compare them it's entirely possible and even reasonable but because just don't as trump found out when asked by a journalist about president vladimir putin being a killer to other killers you go out and kill those where you think our country so innocent rowland well it's technically your right but it's not what america wants to hear one patriotic american put it and no i don't lose any equivalently i do think america is exceptional america is different i think there's a clear distinction here and when you're exceptional you don't have to make sense you wouldn't just special you do bernie and be quite so nice here. a frenchman has lost his fight to protect people in his village from pesticides although he banned their use of court then overruled him and he's now appealing the
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decision however his case has inspired other mayors across france to take similar action shot at the bin ski expects. this tiny breton village of language has found itself at the center of controversy in the battle over the pesticides in may the local mag to court some saw as being a bold decision to ban the use of pesticides within $150.00 metre cordon over the village farming unions were furious and the matter ended up in court now the man daniel coeff had his ban overturned but the debacle is now shining a light on the deep political contradictions so rounding pesticides in france well president might call and praised his intentions for tackling phosphates a burning issue over health concerns he said the solution was not to issue a decree that doesn't comply with the law so mad coeff that's
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a double standard. i don't understand what is happening across and the ecology minister said that i am right and doing a good thing to protect my people but in the meantime i'm facing court for a decision to keep pesticides at a distance of 150 metres i don't understand politics now it seems the decision by the court has banned all pesticides was illegal has also earned good residence in this usually sleepy village. 2 children wit lots of fields around long where and it's important health matter for us especially for children we breathe the in the press the sites we did your intestine the amount of best decides we found was alarmingly high even though we eat organic and we grow some of our own food that is also organic. it was a bad judgment and the mayor wasn't heard i think the government isn't doing its
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job they're the 1st to see that there should be no pesticides but they do nothing or so i honestly think it was a bad legal decision by the court your needles and fitzgerald. paul says we are in a small village that is close to a farming area we need to protect people we never know what kind of health issues could be created by pesticides so i think the decision by the mayor was intelligent and he needed to make a decision to protect the people but now he has difficulties with the justice system the world health organization has said phosphate often used to weed killer probably causes cancer while gov phosphate has hit the headlines over health concerns much corn had promised to ban the use of phosphate by 2021 that provoked an outcry by farmers in unions who said they needed an alternative mark and then pushed the ban back to the following year when the current license will expire now across france the ban imposed by mcewan has gained traction he may have
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lost the 1st battling court but now a round 20 other mess have followed his lead banning the use of pesticides close to homes of farmers on the juris decry these bans as being politically motivated saying they are getting on the environmental bandwagon ahead of my oral elections. mayors are already thinking of the next election environmentalist's a regular habit can our agriculture in our only factories floundering unless these mayors are outstanding scientists they are taking advantage of people's fear to make this kind of decision which is good for their image is protectors of the environment and the population but it seems the government has been backed into a corner there must be a minimum distance between residential areas and pesticides brain i will advise in the coming days farming unions and the companies that produce pesticides ashore to
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have something to say about that but so too does make us who believes that these things all the only way to protect people who live in their farms which use pesticides otherwise he says their health is screwed so it's even scary for altie language it importunity so to come this hour since the protest leaders have been arrested in hong kong we'll get live reaction to that development in a couple of. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. when we all make this manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling class is project themselves. in the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. really. really really really.
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close again now in hong kong 2 leaders of the anti-government protests that have gripped the chinese territory have been released on bail they were arrested earlier in the day on suspicion of organizing unauthorized rallies or more protest leader was arrested on thursday and remains in custody well the hong kong authorities have refused permission for a planned march on saturday the event was called off in response but it's unclear whether protesters will turn up anyway one of those released on bail today is the leader of the pro-democracy the most sisto party joshua wall he rose to prominence during the 2014 umbrella movement earlier this month a photo of long meeting a u.s. consular official reignited suspicions though that west. and governments are meddling in hong kong so let's get more on all of this with china specialist and joins us you're very welcome thanks for your time this afternoon andrew just firstly how are these arrests being viewed in hong kong and do you think it is
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likely to prompt people to come out into the streets this weekend. well for most of the hall people already buried the watching on television every weekend while. protesters at the front end of a wave all very peaceful demonstrations but every week is played out this while an attack police stations throwing up petrol bombs and also the discovery of high explosives suspected of associated with the both ready of us and also the other thoroughly barrow's. calling for liberation of phone call and redemption of our times and even the recent certain hold up of those those who unfurling these banners in tippett in china so i think that the beijing is extremely worried that these peaceful protests are being hijacked by the militant
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and or all teary motives hoarsely bearing the whole box or a color revolution well the rest of these throughway going to. potest those have one thing in common both associated with the move by the calling for self-determination all the other rest all the founder of the band now banned all pro independence party openly promoting palsy dependence and he was also arrested as it were trying to board a plane to tokyo so i think this is leo by some of the hopeful people who do not take part in the protests. and whose livelihood has been disrupted as a polling point in governments more vigorous response to this challenge a little less said andrea amnesty international has come out and said that these arrests are an affront to freedom of expression do you think many people sympathize
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with that comment or all are more people mad sympathizing in grateful that the chinese government is clamping down on this sort of illicit behavior as you call it . well i mean that in the international press it's also highlighted the. seen as suppression of freedom of expression suppression of all people is a separation but in what we see but only. i think well also has witnessed people demonstrations in recent weeks all over. somebody who said even 2000000 people marched. on the streets like this really and in fact you know over the hundreds and thousands of the most racist been approved by the hong kong government so there is still that call of freedom of expression i think what the government most of the public are saying is they want to try to hold hold hold floor no ransom destructing
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in the putting barricades at will attacking police stations. the whole international airport and also causing both of the home of even all the a citizens also a hair at rest in. police relatives online. so i think that this is a very dangerous situation when a little more and more people see the home is sending them to enter. the people's liberation army. or getting. on pirate but of course the agent doesn't want to do the senate because that would be the end of one country 2 systems that would cause huge international. charges for the patient so i think the hong kong government is expected to restore a lot more. and this is seen by
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a fine number of people as costly turning point busy but i think that the demonstrators on open them because a lot of them back over again when. young people who want more they will proceed even outside the constraints of hopefuls cause as usual but let's face it one country 2 systems is really something leak and something. contradictory because you're the one country is. a regime and then the 2 systems is a whole you know having experienced live in the western part of society and now the whole competition trying to reconcile these 2 concerns for example on delivers a suffrage and trying there's no way that a jane will allow the election of a chief executive who can turn out to be a separatist so there are all safeguards in the whole prostitution which are not
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democratic but these are not except the one above us that's ok on the issue of western meddling and free will what are your thoughts on this because i one of those arrested was photographed at the u.s. with a u.s. diplomat tell you how credible are these accusations the west is staring things out . well i think that is a very difficult to to prove a to read that kind of. hand. leading to this whole group and let's face it i mean this even disregarding the fund in all of militants the radicals there are tens of thousands a 1000000 a 1000000 or people so there is a genuine groundswell of this satisfaction of unhappiness of anger against the inequalities in the society in the sea hunt one country 2 systems is in place
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and it tilting towards the one country a lot of them 2 systems and of course the people's political aspirations seem to be held in check so there was a genuine groundswell but on the other hand this. well his to be hijacked by various other organizations with all the influence for example is the board of some of these builders the military has been trained in the or slow freedom. which of course is involved in a lot of these around the world trading whole trading on tactics all. the establishment the so-called civil disobedience acts so i think that and also the ones. supported by where is international organizations including the national endowment for democracy of the united states of course and others this is a democratic country and this organization has an n.c.o.
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support of offices around the world but all the other hand is the link directly. influence but only had there is no doubt that the militants are highly trained look at the way that their formation at the budget and also policy in those and say i'm a still i'm going to jump in and start there because we've run out of time but to really get to get your thoughts afternoon i was article on china specialist thanking. the us president donald trump has lashed out at us media outlets for spreading more fake nice the washington post was 1st to feel his wrath it published a report on his mexico border war quoting unnamed sources saying he would pardon officials if they followed illegal orders but it also cited to another a 9th source saying that trump was only joking still trump was not happy another totally fake story in the amazon washington post lobbyist which states that
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if my aides broke the law to build the wall which is going up rapidly i would give them a pardon this was made up by the washington post only in order to demean disparage fake news. well the m s n b c news channel is next in trump's sights it's did a bombshell report on the president's supposed ties to russia at ledge he had russian cosigns the him with what you bank on the basis of a single unidentified source. this single source close to your bank has told me. that the trump donald trump's loan documents there show. that he has cosigners that's how he was able to obtain those loans and that the cosigners are russian all of that would explain it seems to me every kind word donald trump has ever said about russia and vladimir putin well the story backfired because trump them wrote to the channel accusing it of spreading false and defamatory niecy
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also threaten legal action if the story was not retracted and n.b.c. host lawrence o'donnell apologized for airing the claims but insisted they could still be true. tonight we are retracting the story we don't know whether the information is inaccurate but the fact is we do know it wasn't ready for broadcast and for that i apologize. russia can just shut off the electricity they have that ability now and it is like negative 50 degrees in the dakotas right now what would happen if russia killed the power in fargo today and intelligence officials now believe with a high level of confidence that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in a covert effort to interfere in america's presidential race the only thing we do know is that putin's enemies have a way of turning up dead and that evidence has a way of being meticulously covered up when you have
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a public figure in this particular case donald trump the president who was suing he has to show that the alleged defamatory statement was the product of actual malice either that the individuals knew it was wrong or they used it here's a word reckless disregard for the facts they are at the ratings basement there are baby monitors that have higher ratings than this they don't care and you soon as they're done with this lie they'll go to the next slide because they can drive as fast as they want through the street called mendacity and it's not even journalism it's not even remotely that it's i can say what i want and if it's wrong ok will give a little bit of an apple and move on not even a slap on the wrist nothing. it is just coming up to half past 1 in the afternoon here in moscow good to have
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a company today we're back again with the headlines and more stories in about tough . guys are financial survival guide liquid those that you can convert into gas quite easily. to keep in mind though out of the team into place a little board. post g 7 what is the lay of the land calls for unity and demonstrate the opposite also iran is again in the spotlight just what is trumps foreign policy in this volatile .
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live. live. so who is christopher manny well i grew up in several small towns throughout the midwest. from a good christian family. and join the national guard and then eventually college into law enforcement. i did 13 and a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my peak knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent raising 2 kids harlow the ice as a racist guy i mean and worried.


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