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watchers priorities those things that take precedence before others because our values deem them to be more important than most our children are often our priorities our health our families all are generally considered to be universal busy individual priorities in all of our lives but what about the priorities of our communities or our countries the united states of america for example now one would think that here in the self-proclaimed world's greatest democracy the voting and maintaining the sanctity of our voting system would be an important priority for the country one would think that however a quick look at the state of our voting systems in the federal elections commission and you'd see that the integrity and sanctity of those systems. are really quite cut of the top priority for us take the federal elections commission or f.e.c. which supposedly serves as a bipartisan watchdog for sort of campaign finance laws here in the u.s.
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well thanks to president trump and the u.s. senate in action on appointing new f.e.c. members as of august 31st the commission will no longer have enough commissioners to legally made it has my friends the new york times is reporting that the resignation of vice chairman map us peterson will up that the bully freeze the f.e.c. is governance leaving it one person short of a quorum and then and thus unable to take on some of its most basic actions including holding board meetings starting audits making new rules in levying fines for campaign finance violations but that's not the only election issues facing the country we also saw this tweet featuring a video of an electronic voting machine malfunction in mississippi go viral reminding us all that as of now there are still 8 states using voting machines that do not leave a paper trail. but but i don't want to just pick on the united states it's not just them that has issues with their priorities my friends not when we see headlines
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like these g 7 called out for 20000000 amazon fire aid package jim carrey got that much for the cable guy yes jim carrey got paid $20000000.00 the same as we're sending to the amazon for acting and the cable guy. that my friends is why our priorities should always be watching the hawks. 30. 3. but if. they like you know that i got. well them are going to watching the hawks i am to roll over for and today like
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every thursday we once again good dialogue 8 over debate is taboo but wallace myself bring you 2 distinct and formative discuss and discussions between a variety of topics and guests with unique political viewpoints starting with my very own perception and person perspective. and joining me today to bring their perspectives and perceptions of the host of the world according to just the former minnesota governor jesse ventura watching the hawks on social media producer and springer n r t america producer brant board thank you all 3 for joining us i want to start and talk about obviously priorities and let's start with the lack of priority here in the united states regards to our voting systems i'll start with you jesse how bad is it that our federal election commission the f.t.c. will essentially essentially be toothless come august for 31st this upcoming sunday because no one has bothered to appoint new commissioners to these 6 person group.
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well as i see it and what i'm looking at i've heard more and more that the trumpet ministration really came in very unprepared for the massive job that they had put in front of them and that was being the president being the executive branch of government it doesn't then there are there's all sorts of places that where things are not being filled this positions not being filled that position. while all of this isn't happening what is being filled you know things are trumps response and you know fights with the media fight with this sending out all the messages on a daily basis instead of bearing down and doing the job that he was elected to do and part of that job is the responsibility of filling those positions it was overwhelming filling them all or simply the governor of minnesota you can imagine
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what it's like when you're filling positions for the united states of america. because how bad is this when you look at like the p.c. which is responsible for you know essentially being the police of our elections with campaign finance things like this and now they can't even hold a core i mean to me it's emblematic of a lot of problems in the country from a local to a state and national level but i think like jesse said it shows that there's sort of a disconnect between what needs to be done just for an even sort of basic democracy to function and what's happening right so for something as important as this to go on notice a while like you said the president sends out $100.00 tweets a day and the press is that we get from the white house cover everything from fox news to the border over and over again while again the very basis of democracy are being overlooked right i think this is a huge problem and we have to we have to ask why and what's being done to fix it and i think those are the 2 questions that are often getting left out of the
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conversation well and i think it amy not to get without getting to part. isn't here i mean the same party the republican party has pushed for things like citizens united and supported that throughout the years they're the same people who don't want to fill positions on the f.e.c. that can actually go ahead and enforce rules on campaign finance violations despite the fact that there are only few left that you can actually be done so it's not a surprise that this is happening and i mean you know the governor actually discussed as he would he was the minnesota governor he had much less of a staff that we're looking at in the white house and many many lesson visors as the trumpet ministration has i mean this should be a priority is to fill all of these positions and not just let them go that is that is wrong and it undermines our government as a whole it's interesting too when you look at the up you see you know we can argue all day that it should actually they say it's bipartisan you know it has to be 3 republicans 3 democrats and let's remember this thing was formed with the from the threat of ross perot back you know the one 3rd parties a lot of the f.e.c.
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was designed to kind of keep 3rd parties out of focus on these 2 but this was also dropped all the commissions currently sitting on it right now were all appointed by george w. george w. bush obama didn't fill new positions they're all actually overstaying their tenure they're only supposed to be there for 6 years some of them are running in the like multiple 101215 years now sitting on that commission i want to jump over the there's 8 states right now in the u.s. new jersey texas louisiana tennessee kentucky illinois kansas and mississippi that all use voting systems electronic voting systems that produce no paper trail in 2020 i'll start with you brian how concerning is that when you see that video of this guy and men in mississippi trying to get that vote to go cast that will cast this is a big issue but i do want to i do want to step back a little bit from all the they're changing the votes they're not changing the vote the problem is they should not use the touch screen to vote it's just like i don't know if you've ever been to an a.t.m. you hit the 5 and it hits the 2 you hit the 5 hits the 2 you hit the 5 you finally
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figure out how to adjust it and that's what really happened in this viral video from mississippi i don't think anybody was. feeling that both specifically it was just the machine is malfunctioning but that is a problem are elections while figure federally regulated rules are not federally put in place for all elections as they should be why we let some states have different rules use different machines that we let other state it doesn't make any sense so that's one thing that really needs to be addressed in this situation so for just about what your feelings on that quickly. well sometimes modernization isn't the best thing you know you get old guys like me who do it a different way i got news for you the best way to do all of this is with the old paper ballot that we use in minnesota that can be counted by hand if need be so that if you have a close election you can literally count every vote by hand these electronic machines as was stated earlier they can malfunction they can be hacked you have no
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idea with no paper trail when you press the button if it was recorded to the candidate of your choice or not if you do it with the old paper ballots which we do in minnesota you can have recounts or recently in recent years we've had some of the closest elections here in minnesota in history and we've all had them they've come out there's nobody saying anything was a kosher about a minute show doll lection i want to hit this at the very quickly what does it say about our society when you have the g 7 countries put up 20000000 dollars for the amazon rain forest when i was talking about the fires going on in the and africa right now as well but you have $20000000.00 put out there but at the same time when you look at our society we're going to pay jim carrey $20000000.00 to do the cable guy or netflix is going to spend $100000000.00 to get the rights to stream friends that's a mess of our priorities is it not i think it definitely isn't and we can look at this as a global problem where we have people in different societies all around the world
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who are billionaires who could spend $20000000.00. then one night gambling in vegas and go home and have a great night of sleep our priorities are backwards not just on the global scale of the amazon rainforest we can relate that to so many different aspects the fact that jennifer aniston or whoever your favorite why actor actress is makes that much for one movie is how much is being given to the environment is actually emblematic of every country that it's in its awards environment at this point and if we don't wake up soon it's going to mark climate change is going to feed forward like this is people's lives they're playing with with this money and i don't think people really realize that. your thoughts just let me jump let me jump in here too it isn't just the amazon seeing it face to face in the ocean and i got news for people it's very simple if the ocean dies we die. and the story you know too much focus is put on the autonomy of money what good is that
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going to do you know when i went into the combat zone of vietnam we never cashed checks because money was worthless survival was far more important you learn that through life's experiences we better wake up we're facing survival not monday good point good point and i don't want to disagree with the importance of the both devon and the governor. issue here because it is very very important but i do have a problem with headlines like the media headline yes i could give you a 1000000 scenarios where i say you know how many they've made 750 $1000000.00 on red dead redemption 2 and meanwhile the amazon is burning we've only given them $20000000.00 yes people do need to change their priorities and if we all just didn't buy one video game we could end up saving the world possibly or ending world hunger but that's what. we do have to expect though our government institutions and things like the g. 7 to step up and do
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a little bit more and i don't know if you know this but one of the big things with these amazon fires was the. catalyst it wasn't just the blackout from smoke that you saw in brazil it was actually a lot of it was from a viral mean where people are pointing out the millionaires and billionaires who were giving money to the notre dame cathedral after it burned and then saying but nobody's doing anything about the amazon so it's almost that we get shamed in even addressing this in the 1st place and as i mentioned earlier right now you've got a large swath of africa that's on fire right now that nobody in the media or anybody is talking about the equally as bad. and i would suggest that in both cases the difference is though that in both cases it is sort of the capitalist ploy away and most of the fires we're seeing now in the past 6 months in the amazon were started for force deforestation right so that they could expand the farming industry in the same way that when we talk about capital that's that's not knowing there isn't that same economic system right hopefully at the end of the day our values one day will one day reach a point where we can hire all those. let's not forget the hurricane bearing down
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now it's left puerto rico but now it's heading towards the white people their fruit ballasts suddenly will become a priority in this world well i got to say thank you all 3 of you for coming on debate jesse ventura devon springer branch of birth thank you so much for coming on great conversation all right as we go to break cock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on our social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to podcasts coming up the amazing tab of the wallace michael always opens up the gallery james called me his policy violating memos and finds out just who is more sex with fans of porn. filled. with. g 7 what is the lay of the land calls for unity to demonstrate the opposite. is
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again in the spotlight just one. city in this volatile. said she stressed to not all but must take a survey and i'm going to ask at the bill a budget out that it will cost to a. hospital or was thank you she then takes the case to she's happy so i push quite a long. sit down look what you've seen and i must get your carmona man or she shan't. want to talk to you so if you're my it's your bonus for c.b.s. . it's a mistake so it's a quarter until put them to the spirit of the 4 days they seem to be a valuable piece that it's a studio actually the person to be from pushing. them spinning.
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expressed. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest ratings in truth to stand down to lose business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. question. thank. you general there are the lower.
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ranks since want. a new report from the u.s. office of the inspector general shows that between january 6th 2017 and they were 112017 while james comey was the director of the f.b.i. he wrote about 71 on one memos about interactions that he had with president elect and then president donald trump in that series of memos komi considered those 7 memos to be personal documents 4 of which he kept in his home safe and some which were written on his personal computer and one memo dated january 28th 2017 komi claims to have told the then president trump over a private dinner at the white house quote i don't do sneaky things i don't leak i
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don't do we still moves then on may 3rd 2017 he appeared before the senate judiciary committee regarding his oversight of the f.b.i. while defending his decision to reopen the investigation into former secretary of state hillary clinton little more than a week before she lost the 2016 presidential election and he also made this claim when asked about leaks to the press. have you ever been to the source in the news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation never. just less than a week later on may 11th the new york times published a piece called in a private dinner trying to be handed loyalty komi to mirrored and which the details of that january 28th white house dinner and others were revealed by his june 8th appearance before the senate intelligence committee let's just say the individuals
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that you told about your memos that been sent on to the new york times did they have a copy of those memos or were they told orally of those memos had a copy i had a copy at the time. for the kids at home this means he did give his memos to the press for publication just through a 3rd party and as the o. i j report states the memos had not been deemed classified by the director of the f.b.i. the time james komi more importantly that comey will not be subject to any legal action for doing so so he broke the rules but not the law because let's be honest there's a totally different set of laws for the powerful or the rich when they blow the whistle on trumpets comey felt he was doing your hero good to dodge responsibility based on a technicality however if you blow the whistle on war crimes as say chelsea manning did you're a traitor who should be harassed incarcerated and bankrupted as an example to all who dare to question those in authority so hot watchers let's take a moment to hypothesise on the hypocrisy of secrets and leaks as we step into the
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gallery. joining me this week in the gallery is the host of news who is hugh's got a millions are t.v. correspondent rachel blevins and the host of boom bust christie i welcome. we won't we will have to work here because it's on my television i was about are there will be no waking from this conversation is part of my secret memos and savior if you want to own personal computer about the f.b.i. in the. same standards for everybody so when you look at the report what it says is former director komi failed to live up to his responsibility by not save guarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his f.b.i. employment and by using it to create public pressure for official action komi set a dangerous example for the over 35000 great f.b.i. 0 employees what message does this start with you scott what does message does this
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send to the american people who on both sides of the are already feel like justice is a lion their eyes are wide open if you have the right money or connections it's not a new message the message of distrust that has been there all along once again this is what we already knew it was going to happen none of us were surprised by this revelation in fact the oxygen you used to have at that to say the words cost us more than what this is actually going to do to james komi it's true. and i think right now this is completely unjust because this is cern there is the freedom of press right now is at stake because both of them were technically convicted under the espionage act and yet one got away scot free while the other one did it so that person was acting so that 2 people actually convicted and one of them was actually the publisher of wiki leaks right now that actually brings to a fair point that even someone like that a publisher who is not even like the relevant the freedom of press is at stake under the espionage act but if you're the head of the. because you have power let
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me ask you rachel to that point is this kind of. show that that whole idea of a deep state is is kind. of 6 a big club and you're not it is exactly how it is for tony that part of that group . that he was kicked out of it soon. speak whereas you have killed me ending with in prison and is now being tried being in prison for the fact that she will not come out and testify about things that she's already chance to justified in this case for guarding the justly into double standard there and it's crazy to think that they're going after someone like her or still if you're going to sign but at the same time james comey didn't exactly come out and group you go to war crimes committed by the united states military but that doesn't mean it doesn't know about a crime so i think that's a bigger picture that we have going forward on this because one of the reasons why he is so protected why this is almost like a slap on the wrist is because they do know that he's
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a part of it and both are hearing republicans and democrats while you have trough supporters saying see we told you it was a witch hunt republicans are saying all of these silent like they normally do as well as democrats are because they know komi has everything on everyone and so to risk him right now even agitating him or you could say fine you guys want to go after me i'll bring it out on you as well this very this is the song right we're not winning it deep in it right now and it's a very sticky summer here in washington and that explains a lot the question number you say is when you look at the memo especially the one from the january dinner. as a writer it looks like a novel draft it looks like the draft of a book not enough ishall memo christie do you think this is one of those things where he took advantage of the situation and suddenly that's your book deal pretty much i think this was a complete technicality because he said that these are personal memos and these were things that were technically already revealed on twitter things that trump publicly stated already and it wasn't even classified so he literally got away on
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a technicality despite the fact that he broke the rules as you mentioned but aggressive is what publisher's going to publish and not be seen as being unethical in the ceremonies this is a government issue that all you're doing is encouraging this to happen to future and that the white house is not always going to be republican and so you have to be very careful if you open this pandora's box it's so strange well i don't want to completely run out of time but it's fall back right. because you know another news close to capitol hill is hard there was a study and it said that they conducted at the adult video news awards of course. in which they 9 surveyed 300 men what they found is that over 90 percent of what they call porn superfans compared to just over 70 percent of the general population agreed that working mothers can have just as mormon secure relationships with their children as non-working mothers and for the statement that men and women should hold traditional gender roles within a family 80 percent of support superfans disagreed nationally 73 percent of
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respondents disagree so as someone i myself with attended the a.b.a. twice as a journalist just to be clear i'm not that surprised or do you think there are more . i was actually really surprised by the study but i also kind of questioned the validity of this data because it was only 294 participants and it's like what causes i said a superfan anyway like someone who attends the expo like you're bound to answer certain way you are bound to have a certain perspective in this very close demographic and the last thing you want is the fact that you are sex itself and i'm saying it's not true i wasn't surprised but the quote i'm more surprises please let's define in today's modern day society with a traditional family there is a big between 2019 and even 1900 much more than 950 we are not leave it to beaver anymore what a traditional family is and i think that's where maybe a loophole is there when you sure my original family is probably a lot like the rest of people that i'm surrounded by do you think we're really grateful to you is this something that you know are we just changing the
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definitions of things are we saying look at this not it's not that big of a deal if families are a little different if women have different roles or so i think that could be and i think it also takes different stereotypes into play and you have to question ok what are these different backgrounds what what went into their decision making and are they impacted by the porn that they're watching or that they're super fan of and may impact them differently than the classic studies that we've seen which are to say that it would make men more violent or more aggressive or that sort of thing but i also think it talks about the conversation women are now having modern day about sex i mean normally i'd be embarrassed and praying that my mother right now is not watching this some talking about it on me she's a bad bad but i think that now women are able to talk about it and say things and that might also be a reason and this is an environment that they would be in to be able to speak freely and not be necessarily shamed for actually saying the word they were trying to say there it is deep say you know that i would be ashamed to say motivate you
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ladies were sitting down with me here in the gallery today i think we got there a lot will get through more next week to give us a much scottie nell hughes christiane reach of love and thank you so much for joining me that. thank you russia for a good act for every one of my co history affairs in this world we're not. on top of the law keep on watching no fox and have a great day and night at the. office
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or. to get up off the ground. heard them on the sounds of kind of mighty grown man like wrestling essentially. away from the officer. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on 3 swung as i didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer is gone and he. said she stressed to no longer post take a swim and i'm going to shoot at the bill of books that i have. to.
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stop the show was to you she didn't taste the face changes she's a c.e.o. which quite a shock. to which she never happened and now look what you've seen in my response to trick or moment of me for sure i. want to go to the show through my it's your bonus for should be. good to mr. spirital or does he seem to be arguable that it's a studio actually the 1st to revoke or should still stick and spin. stink global insurrection against banker occupation we started that really before
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occupy wall street before the revolution in cairo before obviously there's you all in france or the protests and they're all connected all these protests are connected they're all connected to a rebellion against the out money and banks they're all global insurrection against banker occupation. who why a paradise with some around turned into a round the experimentation field an agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regular. bodys this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison the hawaii and its people so one has to
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ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. u.s. presidential hopeful told fails to make it through to the next round of democratic debates that despite becoming the most searched for candidate online she is not questioning the d.n.c. selection process. in other news a french wherever i was to appeal after losing his battle to protect people in his village from harmful pesticides we don't reaction from the locals. and i think the government isn't doing its job they are the 1st to say that there should be no past it's not like they did nothing we breathe easy to pass the sites we did during tests in the amount of pesticides we found was alarmingly high.


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