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tv   News  RT  September 2, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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u.s. immigration officials have been granted permission to use fake social media accounts to monitor people seeking to enter the country flying in the face of efforts to read online networks of false profiles. turn to for germany party celebrates 2 of its best local election results with the immigration euro skeptics coming 2nd in both brandenburg and sachs and. also this hour a vigil commemorating the victims of the most deadly terror attack in modern russian history and here is the 2nd day of the victims and survivors share their painful memories of the milton school siege 15 years ago. these are guard troops
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who. created you surely did for. their souls so should you go. you're watching r t international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 4 pm welcome to the program. the u.s. department of homeland security has authorized migration officials to use fake social media accounts to monitor people seeking to enter the country but that does fly in the face of efforts to purge online networks of false profiles of quarter explains. fake social media accounts the latest weapon in homeland security's arsenal the department's updated guidelines have officially made cyber disguises fair game for its agents. the fraud detection and national security directorate is
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updating this privacy impact assessment to provide notice that officers may use fictitious accounts or identities on social media platforms to protect national security public safety or to combat immigration fraud homeland security claims these fake accounts could be used to clean up the process of legal immigration detecting fraud finding weak spots and immigrations vetting system and conducting background checks are all listed as areas that could be improved and although communicating with other users is forbidden there's still one problem with the idea fake accounts used for surveillance violate the usage terms of both facebook and twitter it is against their policies to use fake persona and to use twitter data for persistent surveillance of individuals who look forward to understanding u.s. c.i.s. proposed practices to determine whether they are consistent with the terms of service and might be against company policy but this isn't even a 1st for u.s. law enforcement earlier this year police stations the d.n.a.
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and ice work s'posed all for using fake profiles isis facebook personas were even connected to a fake university created to entrap illegal immigrants looking to study their as they were exposed to facebook moved to delete those accounts law enforcement authorities like everyone else are required to use their real names and facebook and we make this policy clear in our public facing law enforcement guidelines speech overrating fake accounts is not allowed and we swiftly act on any violating accounts. but an internet privacy watchdog says the social media giant isn't doing enough facebook's practice of taking down these individual accounts when they learn about them from the press or from e.f. is insufficient to what we believe is a much larger iceberg beneath the surface we often only discover the existence of law enforcement fake profiles months if not years after an investigation has concluded facebook no they obviously they don't care about anything they only care
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about making more money and and blocking people who are doing good things i mean they abuse people's private information it's built into their system and they don't want to do anything about it until someone holds them to account so thankfully the guardian pointed this out and then they they blocked it but how many things did the guardian not see and there are just literally thousands and thousands of these things that are out there ward unaided in authentic behavior is what facebook terms fake profile activity and since the 2016 election the company has been on an all out crusade against it i think to city matters because people need to trust that the content they are seeing is valid and they need to trust the connections they make for identifying and challenging 8 to 10000000 suspicious accounts every week we're also going to require people running large pages with a large audience as the united states to go through an authorization process and confirm their identity over 2000000000 accounts were deleted in the 1st quarter of
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2019 alone with fingers pointed at russia 1st and then iran and china later on and all the while congress has been spurring on the assault your companies announced a series of successful disruptions that resulted in the removal of pages groups and accounts my instinct is to applaud the diligence and of your security teams and credit you with taking the problem very seriously social media giants might find it easy to declare war on an authentic. activity it thinks might be going on abroad but when they know that their own government is itself using underhanded tactics to advance its agenda who knows if the same standards will apply we've asked facebook and twitter for their reaction to the development no comment it. will turn in for germany a party or a celebrating the anti immigration euro skeptics came 2nd in state elections in
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brandenburg and saxony significantly increasing their influence in those parliaments. because one of the party's biggest victories harbor its next steps are not clear the ruling christian democrats have already confirmed they won't work with the f.t. the outcome will become clear later this year as peter oliver reports. well starts off in brandenburg it was a win for the social democrats in a campaign that they were neck in neck with a hefty throughout the alternative for germany picking up around 23 percent of the vote there with the social democrats winning on 25 percent in saxony we saw massive gains for alternative for germany it wasn't enough for them to win the state that went to the christian democratic union anger merkel's party 2728 percent for alternative for germany in saxony could end up rising as high as 30 big gains
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for them there and it is a sensational result we have achieved the best result in local elections ever and we can see that 30 years after the fall of the wall governments don't want to be left wing need. is. the fight is not over the fight starts now we've become much stronger no one can remove us from germany politics anymore we're staying but we've seen from other politicians who will be looking at these results from alternative for germany and they're not happy about the role they've played in allowing a.f.d. to make such big gains but. i am happy that we have a really good result what worries me is a result in this means we continue to face big challenges in this country. we all hope for more and wished for more and i'm also disappointed like many others are disappointed no question as the lead candidate also share responsibility for this
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result alternative journey were founded as the anti euro euro skeptic party back in 2013 but it was following the influx of refugees and migrants into germany in 2016 that they started to pick up a lot of points a lot of votes in the east of the country the big problem is going to come now is how they got to form some form of coalition in these 2 states. because the major parties the established parties i guess you could call them now both states have said they will not work with alternative for germany that means you're probably looking at at least a 3 party coalition in both states a well quite convoluted coalition a real broad church is going to have to be put in there because of the large chunk the large proportion of the votes that alternative for germany have picked up in both the states of brandenburg and saxony here in germany martin dolls are a homburg m.p. for the left party believes the f.t. is riding on the back of false promises. it's a very negative to have
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a look at methods of orient as well the past us an agenda that is based on ethnocentric nationalism militarism each annual or is rather than as well as racism exclusion and resulting roles show who gets voted like this e.a.v. it pretends to do something for those who are. the party program and the politics of that i really care and follow the interest of the privileged president allotment in the last 30 years where do you see with the s.p.d. the green party and the liberals they destroy the woman is fundamental to german society with a new europe politic already our rule should be to consequently and really consequently bring out and analyze what a new liver is and does to people then we have to bring forward in nigeria the
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prospects of for the people instead of trying to get into governments. for a 2nd day a vigil for the victims of the most deadly terror attack in modern russian history is being held $334.00 were killed mostly were children dying in stange in which more than a 1000 people were taken hostage at a school in the north a cent in town of beslan warning you might find some of the following report upsetting. most hostages were kept in this room a sports hall beslan is a small town a close knit community you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in this room that had
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lost someone when you see. someone who had. opened. every year we come here to the school and the cemetery to the cemetery every month even my sister in law is buried there with her 2 kids and it's always sad when vigils unite people in mourning what happened here is hard to forget it but life goes on. what's left of a hold unites everybody here police and soldiers who try to save who could medics who ran into the fire to evacuate the wounded parents and teachers who stayed with their kids and pupils and the hostages. the walls here were lined with flowers soft toys of course the photographs of those who died also bottles of drink symbolic as the terrorists had denied any food or water to the hostages for the 3 days of the siege by the time they had a chance to escape many were to the hydrated and weak to move hearing the
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experiences of those who were here is truly horrific as people inside began to faint dr lisa moments of our help whoever she could the terrorists gave her notes with their demands to pass on to authorities they threatened to kill her son if she made a wrong move if stanley is the subsidy here i said i'm a doctor so they took me to the corridor to give 1st aid to someone who wanted terrorists in the gymnasium it was very hard to breathe most of the kids were running a fever in thinking they told the adults not to faint or they risk being killed as a terrorist didn't want any burden i asked him to let me go and i had to carry a message for them they let me come to the school entrance they were holding my son saying if i went out of the door they'd kill both of us immediately. there is a story isn't the only miracle escape that day alina was 9 when she was seized along with her family she turned 10 the next day while still
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a hostage she sees her rescuer. 2nd birthday changing my life forever north but all times of move all the blast wave knocked me and my brother back to one side and our amps to another after the blast site opened my eyes and saw the special forces soldier screamin anyone still alive get out of here and then we went with my browser to the cloak room and we heard the special forces soldiers say be careful where you fire your kids here and then we went out through the window sometimes we need was my classmates to visit the school for us there is life before and life after 15 years later for many the memories are as warm as ever. some come here seeking answers an explanation of how such a thing could have happened others simply light a candle and share an embrace to get some closure all you know if it in one fact this can never be forgotten and can never be repeated i know hawkins.
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the number of victims is so appalling that a separate memorial cemetery known as the city of angels was built we talked to those who came to pay their respects. positioner or a drunk will. question our muscles or what stories sort of or things. or things are all can. do so either old can of beans or crunchers a. good addition and of course also asked ourselves cumulative or since you were a professional for a few school which are on the course and i'll choose this ritual to. hold
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historicity. or plan which order and. her choice and order. every of those above the school. which signals the. anybody knows if. the good wishes to disobey. must be to this world of a piece of. evil following the carmina burana i salute them they'd actually pay i mean. this is just. research when there's a whole new computer book was sorry to have to use them for sooner to the readers and include what you call them leaders who are usually very innocent doing
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this and as with us or doing this to. the charger lasted for 3 days with people held captive for more than 50 hours without food or water to say will mark the 3rd day of commemorations with local schoolchildren releasing balloons for the victims or bring you coverage of that right here on r.t. .
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we hear. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be close it's like the 43 in the morning and people are. interested always in the why. there should be a. welcome
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back and the u.s. crippling student debt is expected to dominate the next round of democratic debates for the 22000 and election over the years graduates have had to take on a growing financial burden with the future looking bleak as artist reports. trade wars slows and global growth and shaky afternoons on wall street have got financial outlets warning that a new recession or economic downturn could be on the horizon now that's bad news for everybody but for millenniums the generation of americans born between 198119068 could be fatal to meet dakota lilting he's a senior at new school university entering his final semester this fall once he finishes and graduates he'll be out on his own facing economic circumstances much harsher than previous generations of americans if you look at these problems the fact that it's impacting almost every millennial it's not just a question of someone else it's a you know countrywide and even continent wide problem the conditions that our
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parents and our grandparents were they had good paying jobs right out of high school didn't even need to go to college get a trade school whatever and have no student debt and still be able to support a family it's just not the case anymore educational debt is a problem for millions of young americans adults ages $22.00 to $38.00 have double the amount of educational debt as gen x. ers the previous generation that came before this might be due to a 100 percent increase in the cost of college tuition despite the job market benefits of having a degree going down significantly also don't have much in terms of wealth and property net household worth is down 40 percent from the previous generation and 66 percent have no retirement savings less than 37 percent own stocks furthermore the median age of home buyers in the united states has actually risen to 46 because younger americans simply aren't taking out the mortgages and making the down payments people are working for wages people are underemployed people have
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bachelor's degrees and are working at mcdonald's putting weights on me before i even go out into the economy you know where it influences everything what kind of jobs you look for the job market you're looking into the wages that are being paid you know it's a lot that you have to think about when you already had 20 to. $25000.00 worth of stuff. with really nothing tangible besides a diploma to show for it and his economic gap seems to also point to a widening political gap younger americans seem far more attracted to the left wing figures like bernie sanders and they pay a lot closer attention to issues like income inequality people just aren't making enough money people feel like they're not being represented if people can't get an education without spending enormous amounts of money they're going to vote for you know their interests you know republicans take a share in the increased child care more infrastructure spending that would create jobs higher wages now donald trump says the fears about the economy are unfounded
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he's even said that the usa is having an economic miracle now all americans are nervous but one particular generation that never really recovered from the financial meltdown of 2008 they may not have very many houses cars or stocks but they've got plenty to lose and r.t. new york. french luxury brand door has axed its latest perfume ad starring a guitar wielding johnny depp as after it was slammed for its depiction of a native american dancer. at an event and. the campaign had only been why for a few hours before dior removed it from social media critics accused her of cultural appropriation saying it was offensive and racist. this is competing released by due word today is deeply offensive racist and cultural appropriation at
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its worst by a corporation that is exploiting native peoples and culture for profit from stars and just think these complaints are intentional control the c equals free publish it i find it deeply disturbing brands force native people to make the choice between stereotypes and misrepresentation or odd turns his ability. there responded saying it had tried to avoid cliches adding it collaborated on the ad with the group americans for indian opportunity but it's not the 1st time a brand has been criticized for taking inspiration from other cultures vogue was accused of racism when for a photo shoot it dressed up model karlie kloss as a japanese geisha goat cheese and a turban was accused of failing to respect religious and stephany's and designer marc jacobs was criticised for a catwalk show a mostly white model supported dreadlocks but conservative commentator chadwick moore says creativity is being stifled. to your head to head at heritage american
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actors and they hired a team of consultants who are native american to work so the company was trying to be as sensitive and culturally respectful as possible the company even said beforehand that this was about connecting with nature and about the natural beauty and for some reason this friend came under attack for cultural corporation this sort of tells a lot about the nature of our my boss didn't bother to research anything about this campaign that involved her research anything about the word savalas she was means why old i mean. 3 means natural you know the law has been in control of culture for so long suffocating creativity suffocating a sense of beauty so kate even with fashion a sense of absurdity you know that a sense of fun and look and see even snobbishness. are now lastly some world news in brief in hong kong thousands of students have boycotted classes on the 1st day
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of the new school year some city workers also join the protests over the weekend there were violent clashes between police and anti beijing demonstrators hong kong is now entering its 14th consecutive week of protests. marking durian made landfall in the bahamas on monday one person was reportedly killed. the storm is now on a collision course with florida where a state of emergency is in force wind speeds are reaching 358 kilometers an hour and experts say dorian could be the strongest hurricane to hit the east coast in nearly 3 decades. that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook for up to the minute reports.
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well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean there in the small bold sniffs they don't harp on ships and it's still very. much something and. the little self to being told fish already 90 percent of the dots need to fall on the collar. cons of 15 schools $75.00 tons to run out and they do it several times a day with a big fleets an hour you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can all stay still and just. be witness of the deal
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more you go out. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have. so. eh. eh eh. eh eh.
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eh eh eh. oh. please. list some lists lists. lists.
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and very well might continue watching on since last. i'm. ready ready ready ready sure need to stop at the continuing to grow. i just never know very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software program. there was no reason the more. things that are to me the. nose on the move something else that we need to get through everybody's scared to talk about it certifiable is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can even talk about it every chance even have
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a conversation about it then. we're in trouble. ready when else shows seem wrong. why don't we just don't call. any. yet to shape out just they become educated and in detroit equals betrayal. when something a find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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sophie shevardnadze to those years is still just a dream or does hope spring eternal when it comes to beating the curse of. having haunted us for centuries as a solution is finally within our grasp of breda gray and the anti-aging piano air and the chief science officer and co-founder of research foundation is my guest today. through the. strong. mortality. presidencia technological leaps we might finally have a chance at the longevity of biblical girl fit's. science achieve the impossible will ever last in life only be available to the rich. population divide the good she.


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