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tv   News  RT  September 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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oh. boy oh. the u.s. government allows immigration services to use fake social media accounts to monitor people seeking to enter the country also this hour. i think. the alternative for germany party celebrates 2 of its best local election results yet with the anti immigration euro skeptics coming 2nd in both brandenburg and saxony. after 2 days of vigils and commemorations of the most deadly terror attack in modern russian history we speak to survivors and relatives of the victims. and iran's foreign minister tells all t. why it's vital to save the nuclear deal and stop the us breaking international law
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. must know that the united states for breaking the law. and. read nonstop to pure. colonial watching r.t. international i'm rosana lockwood thank you for joining us. the u.s. government has authorized migration officials to use fake social media accounts to monitor people seeking to enter the country this despite efforts to purge online networks of false profiles as donal quarter explains fake social media accounts the latest weapon in homeland security's arsenal the department's updated guidelines have officially made cyber disguises fair game for its agents the fraud detection and national security directorate is updating this privacy impact assessment to provide notice. that officers may use fictitious accounts or identities on social
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media platforms to protect national security public safety or to combat immigration fraud homeland security claims these fake accounts could be used to clean up the process of legal immigration detecting fraud finding weak spots and immigrations vetting system and conducting background checks are all listed as areas that could be improved and although communicating with other users is forbidden there's still one problem with the idea fake accounts used for surveillance violate the usage terms of both facebook and twitter it is against their policies to use fake persona and to use twitter data for persistent surveillance of individuals who look forward to understanding u.s. c.i.s. proposed practices to determine whether they are consistent with the terms of service and might be against company policy but this isn't even a 1st for u.s. law enforcement earlier this year police stations the d.n.a. and ice work s'posed all for using fake profiles isis facebook personas were even
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connected to a fake university created to entrap illegal immigrants looking to study their as they were exposed to facebook moved to delete those accounts. law enforcement authorities like everyone else are required to use their real names and facebook and we make this policy clear in our public facing law enforcement guidelines speech overrating fake accounts is not allowed and we swiftly act on any violating accounts but an internet privacy watchdog says the social media giant isn't doing enough facebook's practice of taking down these individual accounts when they learn about them from the press or from e.f. is insufficient to deter what we believe is a much larger iceberg beneath the surface we often only discover the existence of law enforcement fake profiles months if not a year is an investigation has concluded ordinated inauthentic behavior is what facebook terms fake profile activity and since the 2016 election the company has
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been on an all out crusade against it i think to city matters because people need to trust that the content they are seeing is valid and they need to trust the connections they make or identifying and challenging 8 to 10000000 suspicious accounts every week we're also going to require people running large pages with large audiences the united states to go through an authorization process and confirm their identity over 2000000000 accounts were deleted in the 1st quarter of 2019 alone with fingers pointed at russia 1st and then iran and china later on and all the while congress has been spurring on the assault your companies announced a series of successful disruptions that resulted in the removal of pages groups and accounts my instinct is to applaud the diligence some of your security teams and credit you with taking the problem very seriously social media giants might find it easy to declare war on an authentic activity it thinks might be going on abroad but
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when they know that their own government is itself using underhanded tactics to advance its agenda who knows if the same standards will apply. whistleblower and form a cia officer john kiriakou says the new policies could prove to social media companies this is an old trick used by local police departments to infiltrate protest groups to see what opponents of the police are doing is something that's been adopted now as a harassment technique by immigration services here this is american exceptionalism isn't it it's ok for the united states because we're the good guys it's not ok for anybody else because they're not the good guys this catches up after a while and this is going to make friends and foes alike angry and and think twice about u.s. policy especially as it comes to immigration i would point to platforms or organizations that are that are hosted overseas that are encrypted that are better
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protected things like proton through example. that that the united states doesn't have to reach into there is no backdoor there is no secret handshake with the c.e.o. of the company and the cia or n.s.a. or f.b.i. i hope that people do get tired of this and look elsewhere outside of facebook and twitter and instagram for some personal protection. in more of a headline news they also own it if a gemini pot is celebrating a local election breakthrough the and him a question movement came 2nd in state elections in brandenburg and saxony significantly increasing the influence in those parliaments was a in those results with some of the best for the party since it was formed just 6 years ago the ruling christian democrats have said they will melt with the f.t. peter all of the reports from then. starts off in brandenburg it was
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a win for the social democrats in a campaign that they were neck in neck with a hefty throughout the alternative for germany picking up around 23 percent of the vote there with the social democrats winning on 25 percent in saxony we saw massive gains for alternative for germany it wasn't enough for them to win the state that went to the christian democratic union anger merkel's party 2728 percent for alternative for germany in saxony could end up rising as high as 30 big gains for them there and it is a sensational result we have achieved the best result in local elections ever and we can see that 30 years after the fall of the wall governments don't want to be left wing need the. let me just see it is clear these 2 elections have had only one winner the. we've seen from other politicians who will be looking at these results from alternative for germany and they're not happy about the role they've
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played in allowing a.f.d. to make such big games. i am happy that we have a really good result what worries me is a result in this means we continue to face big challenges in this country. we all hope for more and wished for more and i'm also disappointed like many others are disappointed no question i as the lead candidate also share responsibility for this result alternative journey were founded as the anti euro euro skeptic party back in 2013 but it was following the influx of refugees and migrants into germany in 2016 that they started to pick up a lot of points a lot of votes in the east of the country the big problem is going to come now is how they're going to form some form of coalition in these 2 states because the major parties the established parties i guess you could call them now. in both states have said they will not work with alternative for germany that means you're
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probably looking at at least a 3 party coalition in both states a well quite convoluted coalition a real broad church is going to have to be put in there because of the large chunk the large proportion of the votes that alternative for germany have picked up in both the states of brandenburg and saxony here in germany. well we got the views of both the left party and the f.t. on those results but you can be very powerful even many on a position and especially when you have a weak governments against you and what we see in sex on even just a most important east german federal state and there we have a christian democrat party that at least used to be quite conservative and we have greens that are lefty for greens so now they have to to build a coalition or do they don't fit together at all so we've all have a weak government and we've all seen the party members of both the greens and the
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christian democrats are very on a happy about that so at a new government will be very unstable and be a very strong and we are together and united and when you are a strong opposition force and you have had a unstable government then you can kind of reach a lot so i guess it's a mistake that you have to be part of a government to change a country you can change it by good position by good media and by good arguments and add all those to tossed for us in the next years do you has an agenda and really that is based on it will centric nationalism militarism will elect a new liberalism as well as racism exclusion interests on to morals success of the fifty's or you but it's also going to be governments this happens on the fundamental of the last 30 years of german politics 30 years of your liberalism is politics destroying the humans fundament at least of the german society and the
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left. didn't find the clue to really criticize the call to teach which is conducted in the moment consequently there is a problem and it's a problem as well to my mind. doing very well inside it and it brings. oh it is fool's this which feeds the ideology of the year of jesus lawless that's nothing. it's easy to have are you trying to change the world qualities. today's vigils have been held mocking 15 years since the beslan school massacre it was the deadliest terrorist attack in russia's history claiming the lives of 334 people most of whom were children warning you might find some of the following images disturbing.
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on the 2nd day more than 20 hostages were released after the former president of russia's republic of ruslan a chef convinced the terrorists to let out women with babies we spoke to a girl who was one of the infants allowed to live. and you had to stand by just because now you're. going to trust reform that what was going on yesterday it's now . is now it's done your job but people if it was squashed on the town believe it or not us guys if you do it again come. along if she called or aiming actually pleasure. you got an issue shouted out in your skies invalid don't push you.
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to just stop when you are proceeding on ledge into food. or illegal which look at that and it just goes just so you're right. that i'm spinning now condensed mature human. opinion my dog. is written by then i am about to give in it. just acknowledged i do the charm don't. like to turn. in 1st watch and i took it up to chicago to make it look probably oh yeah she doesn't look like the show called mr smiley yet you could call in a new one. right in. our correspondent daniel holkins reports from the school where the atrocity took place most hostages were kept in this room in the sports hall beslan is a small town a close knit community you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in this room that had lost someone or knew someone who had. the good would you
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every year we come here to the school and the cemetery to the cemetery every month even my sister in law is buried there with her 2 kids and it's always sad when vigils unite people in mourning what happened here is hard to forget this but life goes on. what's left of the whole unites everybody here police and soldiers who try to say if you could medics who run into the fire to evacuate the wounded parents and teachers who are staying. with their kids and pupils and the hostages. the walls here were lined with flowers soft toys of course the photographs of those who died also bottles of drink symbolic as the terrorists had denied any food or water to the hostages for the 3 days of the siege by the time i had a chance to escape many were to the hydrated and weak to move hearing the experiences of those who were here is truly our way as people inside began to faint
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talk to the help to have a she could the terrorists gave her notes with their demands to pass on to authorities they threatened to kill her son if she made a wrong move if stanley is the 1st thing you do i said i'm a doctor so they took me to the corridor to give 1st aid to someone who wanted terrorists in the gymnasium it was very hard to breathe most of the kids were running a fever and. they told the adults not to faint or they risk being killed as a terrorist didn't want any burden i asked them to let me go and i had to carry a message for them they let me come to the school entrance they were holding my son saying if i went out of the door that killed both of us immediately. there is a story isn't the only miracle escape that day alina was 9 when she was seized along with her family she turned 10 the next day while still a hostage she sees her rescue as a 2nd birthday changing her life forever to the north but all times of moving the
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blast wave knocked me and my brother back to one side an hour and to another after the blast site opened my eyes and saw the special forces soldier screaming anyone still alive get out of here that would raise my browser to the cloakroom and we heard the special forces soldiers say be careful where you fire your kids here and then we went out through the window sometimes we need was my classmates to visit the school for us there is life before and life after. 15 years later for many the memories are as raw as ever. some come here seeking answers an explanation of how such a thing could have happened others simply light a candle and share an embrace to get some closure all are united in one fact this committee will be forgotten and could never be repeated hawkins r.t. . the ordeal lasted for 3
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days with people held without food or water she used a marks the 3rd day of commemorations with local schoolchildren releasing balloons for the victims and we will bring you that coverage here on r.t. . actually as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm not sure like. i agree some banks have to fight 9 street fraud thank you for.
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the story that's right. the debt slavery. there's things. we. welcome back iran's
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a foreign minister has said the country is ready to stop you raney him richmond's within days or even al as if the e.u. proves its commitment to the international nuclear deal iran had announced plans to further reduce its compliance with the agreement saucing this week and to iran raised its limit on uranium enrichment foreign minister zarif told altie why reaching agreement with the e.u. is key. not reaching anybody i'm simply talking about the realities you see all of us when we went to primary school and high school we had bullies in our class and bullies would not stop if people just look at them why did beat another student wants to be the 1st student to go to the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th do parents must know that the appetite of the united states for breaking international law when ever and where ever it serves them really not stop with casey pure as it has not are you on earth. unesco the climate change to be
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honest with you at the end of these not even in the interest of the united states in the long term if you have a long list international behavior you cannot have predictability one state being unpredictable will bring other states to the state of unpredictability and then we will have chaos so it's not in anybody's interest you will not have any rule of law respected if one country starts to break them basically as a matter of habit. where you can watch that full interview on the r.t.s. worlds apart on tuesday or on our website r.t. dot com for. more than 100 people have been killed by a sound led airstrike on a detention center in yemen according to the red cross the aid group condemned the
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attack near the southwestern city of daraa as shocking this is city hall some $170.00 people medics have been dispatched to the scene of what is thought to be the deadliest strike on the country this year. between both a very very benign day or a few hours after years. bought me a whole lot leaner around being able to sue paul. around in hospitals around 50 people have been. wounded people we can see 110 by on the 10 people have been. around 20 people missing. are also lying on the dropped all riyadh rejects the accusations and insists that it took all precautions to protect civilians the coalition also claims of the building was not a prison but a storage facility for drones and missiles this is a traditional who thought tactic and a violation of the laws of armed conflict this site was not registered with the
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united nations and was not on the no strike list the south and let me tonight for all of the coalition warplanes work the residence in the war planes flew past and drop bombs directly at the building where 170 prisoners were in custody what you are seeing now is a real disaster scene it is a crime against humanity yemen's civil war pits rebel who theses against a multinational coalition led by riyadh for years fighting has fought the world's worst humanitarian disaster the head of the m. and delegation of the red cross says international law may have been broken. in suburbia big nice big old became east that we have been between where youth times people would hand be in close contact with them so it was a place that was quite well known nice going through 3 or protected by international humanitarian law when if you are a peg. by international military law the question of why you lesion of are you
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chose is really at the full round to have a definite conclusion we need only need to get that on the stand what the motivation what was the precaution of the measures taken by the warring parties a decent very tragic incident that has killed a very very high number of the. explosion in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least 5 civilians according to local officials and up to 50 others are injured monday night's blast destroyed several buildings in couples green village compound which is home to international organizations the taliban has claimed responsibility this happened just hours after the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan announced a draft peace deal with the militant group the plan was finalized after 9 rounds of talks and under the agreement the pentagon would leave the country while militants
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would pledge to play no role in international terrorism political analyst shabbir razvi thinks the us president has a strong person and trust in making the deal work. whole sort of so-called war on terror has been going on for 18 years and i think it should be correctly dubbed as war of terror taliban are really bidding to have more power and therefore they're flexing their muscle to show that they really are forced to reckon with effectively the taliban has really run circles around the u.s. forces the alliances that went into one of the stand or wait in years ago and most of the other partners with us here have really withdrawn or not really effectively contributing anything it's really usa who has continues to have any
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presence and now that they're deciding that enough is enough with elections round the corner in the u.s. in 2020 and perhaps mr trump also wants to sort of portray to his base that he is what he probably is that he doesn't want to have foreign adventures there for complete withdrawal from a one star and maybe in his favor for that particular purpose we'll be back here in just over half an hour's time with more news headlines from around the world i mean i'm meantime download the r.t. app to get more news on the move. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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you know world of big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. exists is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litterbug 3rd trimester which industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's. their plastic. on my end i need. a special projects funding me. on i knew that that is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. so. even a little. seclusion. wasn't getting to me which. it was more. so.
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if. there's a good. you have a. 3. industries n.p.c. i'd push quite a long. time . in my business.
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what. was your use of the world. if you missed the words. put them to spirit over 4 days you seem to be. arguable that is that the it's a studio choice of. september the 1st 200-4915 am school number one beslan north of santiago was attacked during
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a festive assembly marking the start of a new school year terrorists took 1127 hostages forcing them into the main school building the gem of the county they fired shots into the under the ground in front of their feet. being as a witty waiting though did they start on god only a bluff says the last nickel fair to rush corn to syria. boy lay out my mom all my stuff so i use stuff so sister i've yet i ain't heard of and i struck a special mom i think she's tough i knew i know most of these sickly and you had a chaise yes don't you see he's passed me you need to keep these need to. know which a post by you must. put ok for me to continue to hold it.


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