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tv   News  RT  September 3, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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for us this is what the book for real people get. interested always in the waters of college. first of all. things. meet here. the u.s. vice president warns of more possible russian meddling to come while some media claim it's gone on for 100 years we all gave voice. to come on aussie the recovery
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teams and yet and all of these from the ruins of a prison by the society's great call say the number of dead likely exceeds 100 plus along the mali instead of whistleblower the song you see celebrities joining in among them the pink floyd from portugal to. china protesters in hong kong moved to the british demanding that they receive citizenship from the 4 month loan you lost as despite the. less than enviable rights record on the terror trip. and also these are live pictures here because it is the 3rd day of vigils being held across russia marking 15 years since the beslan school massacre these live pictures. claimed 334.
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i. i. like it awfully well can you watching r.t. international now on a visit to poland the u.s. vice president mike pence has once again warned of russian interference in western politics. now is the time for us to remain vigilant. about the intentions. the actions being taken by russia. as we stand together and as we see other nato allies follow your lead president. meet their obligations to our common defense in nato we know their efforts will fail. his remarks did come as a daily beast article frames historical events going back hundreds of he is russian interference however is more aghast they have now argues why stop there there are
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a few religions as obscure and my idea is this what seems leaders the freemasons u.f.o.'s the loch ness monster and big foot there is russian meddling and with every retelling someone now adds another little twist i mean who is going to disprove that the russians have been attacking us for 100 years but moscow mich still doesn't get it now it's the daily beast turns out russian meddling is ancient lenin who already targeted western capitalism and specifically britain for a long term campaign of infiltration and subversion. you scared yet well you better be lettin himself was a bit of a medlar says the daily beast though they do say a lot of things but with every telling as i said a little something gets added in this case another 50 years to russian election meddling plus the 50 years that mr secretary of state pompei o added when it was
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his. of course i'm the one before that and the wonderful that i hope i didn't stop at 2008 you can go back to the seventy's. i decided to investigate these claims and fortunately they wouldn't let me play spooky music didn't take long though to discover how old this meddling was literally here is russian octopus depicted in 2018 its tentacles reach far far back into the past same octopus seen in the 1950s who were incidents i think not it's the same one cited again in 1900 how many russian octopuses do you know there's only one and we'd never have known if not for british imperial propaganda no matter how deeply buried the truth is out there and the
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new york city of forgotten passageways where the monk covered more evidence of russian meddling that you know the russians interfered in the us civil war sent warships to support the north abraham lincoln sue fixedly did they meddle with the americans actually welcome those warships potentially the russians not only lost the election for hillary clinton but the war for the confederate states now this is the part where the spooky music would have been really good the founding fathers were infiltrated and recruited by what would all wouldn't become the k.g.b. benjamin franklin himself 789 was elected to the russian academy of sciences for his quote scientific contributions others say he passed on early
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manuscripts of the us constitution as russian handlers the proof is in your wallet look at his face on the $100.00 bill it doesn't smile and it's well known that russians. never smiled it was difficult but we tracked it back a 1000 years we found russian meddling before russia even existed. anyway millennium ago the ruler of kievan roost married his daughter to the french king and surprisingly the king died very soon and she ruled the fronts for decades a 1000 years of russian medlin proved beyond doubt back to you daily beast at sea which you can dig up about jesus christ and his ties to the k.g.b. . now the 3rd day of jewels is being held across russia marking
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15 years since the beslan school massacre the clock claimed the lives of 334 people most of them were children we're looking at live pictures now where they have just released $334.00 balloons there in beslan one for each of the victims hundreds of people actually taking part in this memorial ceremony down there at the moment in the ruins of local school number one just a few seconds ago the school bell was rung twice at 5 minutes past one local time marking the 1st 2 explosions that took place. so these are some of the pictures there live from bears and then shortly. in the next few minutes or so the participants will next walk to the local cemetery carrying photos of the victims to . the massacre was the deadliest terror attack in russia's modern history back then over a 1000 people were taken hostage in the 1st day of school and that all day or did last for 3 days with hostages held at gunpoint an awful lot of food water with
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explosives hanging above their heads. on the 2nd day of that siege more than 20 hostages were released after the former president of russia's republic. convince the terrorists to let out women with babies we spoke to a girl who was one of the infants allowed to leave. yet this time but just now your . school question on your story is now. is now a trial but people here were squashed on calmly and that is cries of we're doing. our living if called or. closure. i got an issue shouted out in your skies really don't appreciate. did it just stop when you were perceiving on the gentle for. mom or. dad it just goes just so in
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iraq recognition i got it out spinning now there's matric humor. dog. everything by then i am glad it didn't. stick which i do to charm. which one of the. first wives netted it up to look funny oh yeah she was not allowed to show all mischievous mommy yet you could ankle. biting. and other nice recovery things in the southwest of yemen have pulled 88 bodies from the ruins of a jail bombed by the saudi led coalition the search was halted for the night but according to the red cross more than 100 people are presumed dead the aid group is
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condemned the attack is shocking the facility has some 170 people medics have been dispatched to the scene of what is the to be the deadliest strike on the country this year. right there a few hours after the airstrike brought me halt laying around being able to support surrounding hospitals around 50 people have been back we need to be can see a 110 by on the time people have been healed we are there are still around 20 people missing presumed to be are also lying on the dropped all. riyadh does reject the accusations and insisting that it took all precautions to protect civilians the coalition also claims the building was not a prison but a storage facility for drones and missiles this is a traditional huth the tactic and
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a violation of the laws of armed conflict this site was not registered with the united nations and was not on the no strike list the south and i said let me tonight for all of the coalition warplanes work the residence in the warplanes flew past and drop bombs directly at the building where 170 prisoners were in custody what you are seeing now is a real disaster scene it is a crime against humanity or yemen civil war does pit rebel who things up against multinational coalition led by riyadh 4 years of fighting no have sparked the world's worst humanitarian disaster the head of yemen at allegation of the red cross says that international law may have been broken. village ginsberg again music big very big homies that we have filmed bt in for various times people having to be in close contact with them so it was a place that was quite well known to get
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a nice depth of baghdad they are protected by international humanitarian law when if you are a peg person to that park a picnic by international humanitarian law the question of violation of i.h.l. is really at the full ground to have a definite conclusion we need an inquiry we need to bet that on the stand what was the motivation what was the precautionary measures that were taken by eyeballing p.c.t. said very tragic incident that has killed a very very high number of people for. a rally in the u.k. in honor of cheating the sanchez saying celebrities takes the stage to voice their support for the whistleblower among them the pink floyd front man roger waters who performed his song wish he were here he is an outspoken supporter of the wiki leaks fan. now. you.
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see. what's it been ousted from that fight which separates out despite an almost total need to silence on stage but until it's most people have jobs they talk about what's told them hey i want that i think will come out. it's a real issue in the tech and democratic right which is so profoundly important that this song ensues someone whose only crime is to tell the truth when we come to defend putin assume she is being tortured for telling the truth about saudi government crimes and meanwhile the criminals who got us into these in need the rule was still. in power we heard that he was absolutely staving that terrible conditioning belmokhtar. we see is
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unbelievable also joining forces i want to winning titles and still make cuts off kilter to speak as he says comics are the richest political prisoner having recently had contact with the saudis he tells us about his state as well as giving us his thoughts on the case in shadow. so. this is not. the same. act you speak. very nicely. just. for exercise the system you say makes. really nice. where you. get out. while the sexing the 2 days concept might be on your usual. the atmosphere of the stillness heat and anger towards the british couple on this issue is not because i
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have seen plenty of trash talk in president assad he is as we know hardly 7 out of $0.15 but jumping bail back 20 had a song she famously sought refuge in the ecuadorian embassy not into the south but his office website which cities classified u.s. war logs on cables which reach details about america's foreign policy on civilian casualties critics have also cry foul over the possibility of extradite whistle blow to us with his once one charge of conspiring a call from a computer and while that's unclear what the u.k. will pay said to us tomorrow until that point out of hearing in february 2021 thing is what 18 weeks of a song just confinement might have cost the public outcry protests on fresh up on the british government continues to tail off seem not to succumb like the kind some
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frances find 19 times and your rights are violated their gender equality goal by hiring 10 men and women to have a look at these sites to stop. financial survival. money laundering 1st to visit the 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up something to do something in america something over the cayman islands and it will pull these banks were complicit in the just after did not call it's a funny to do so. ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and the whole beautiful jewelry how. do you know what money's worth highly. if you watch record.
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join me every 1st week on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. welcome back now iran's foreign minister is the you to prove its commitment to the international nuclear deal and says that iran is ready to stop the enrichment of uranium within days or even hours but it does come after iran and i'm span's to further reduce its compliance with the treaty starting this week torontonian raised its limits on uranium enrichment saying it would breach the deal with restrictions
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further if no one proves eager to save the accord with iran's foreign minister javad zarif to tell r.t. why reaching an agreement with the. you can see this interview unfold throughout the day on artie's worlds apart and also on our website but he's a taste of what he said. not reaching anybody i'm simply talking about the realities you see all of us when we went to primary school and high school we had bullies in our class and bullies would not stop if people just look at them while they beat another student once they beat the 1st student or go to the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th the 2 parents must know that the appetite of the united states for breaking international law when ever and where ever it set of them really not stopped with casey pure as it has not ins. unesco the climate change to be honest with you at the end of the days not even in the interest of the
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united states in the long term if you have a long list international behavior you cannot have predictability one state being unpredictable will bring other states to the state of unpredictability and then we will have chaos so it's not in anybody's interest you will not have any rule of law respected if one country starts to break them basically as a matter of habit unfortunately the europeans have not been able to put their money where their mouth is they have been stating their support for the j.c. pure way but they have not been prepared to take the risks and to invest in order to maintain a great achievement of diplomacy i can only say that that's what they need to do how they want to do it they want to convince the americans or they want to defy the americans it's their decision i believe the americans will not be convinced unless
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they see a determination for the from the rest of the world to uphold principles of international law as i said a bully. appetite blue simply grow if they see lack of reaction the negotiating table is there is a ticket to get to that to go shooting people and that's put compliance fruit juice to pure. now tensions remain high in hong kong where anti beijing protests are into their 14th consecutive week and some of the demonstrators in the chinese territory a former british colony and our skin london to grant them u.k. citizenship but on quarter now looks though at how britain's own questionable policies in hong kong seem to have been forgotten. hundreds of hong kong's protesters are shifting their focus to the british consulate demanding full british
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citizenship that was denied to them under colonial rule. the. one right now i. want the british government to declare that they sign the british agreement has been pushed by the chinese government for became east meditation i want to send to do while we are at the forefront at the global level if i can fighting against the evil party which is the chinese communist party it was 997 that hong kong officially returned to mainland china the city's residents and initially had 2nd class citizen status in the british empire reserved exclusively for colonial subjects so of course many were thrilled to throw off the chains of colonialism but for some nostalgia for the old union jack clearly persists both in hong kong and westminster the u.k.
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had obligations to hong kong citizens before 997 and the extension of overseas citizenship which is many ways a 2nd to citizenship was a mistake and i think is one that should be corrected at a time when there are clearly tensions in hong kong the u.k. could reassure many home kong citizens that their existing it's all recognised by the u.k. and their own valued britain's foreign secretary felt that very same obligation it's up to the people hong kong to decide what they think should happen in terms of their own government hong kong is not part of the united kingdom but the u.k. signed an internationally binding legal agreement in 1904 but in trying to the one country 2 systems rule in trying to the basic freedoms of the people of hong kong and. we stand for square behind that agreement foursquare behind the people of hong kong and they'll be serious consequences if that internationally binding legal
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agreements were not to be on that yes british hong kong once an outstanding model for all who craved freedom and human rights write well not if you consider that there was no democracy there it was always ruled by a british governor directly appointed by london and as for protests forget it a 900 $81.00 u.k. army document shows how comfortable the government was with shooting unarmed protesters practically the stench would be took photograph baton rounds shotgun and small arms fire small arms fire would be directed into the crowd for lethal effect shooting to kill protestors a real cornerstone of basic freedom the u.k.'s ministry of defense dismissed the document as theoretical speculation but even if that's true with the outcry over such a document be as muted if it were from the chinese government i doubt it kong was a british colony 450 years didn't attain there was absolutely 0. democracy it
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was june from london through a governor who was appointed in london and sent over to hong kong was one of which was christian to be one of the most militant voices in straitened bush's agenda intervention by the west in this current crisis so there was no real democracy whatsoever he shouldn't put tears as the oldest article memory if it ever seems to be interested in the west as it will be just as old as a lot of people who are seduced by the western culture which the late western liberal democracy in there is a logical switch total memory there's a lot of historical unleashed the reaction of the u.k. government it was overturned on principle that principle the states were so foreign to national sovereignty isley the new un charter would be 2 and refused to get involved other than to advice who to. to stop being violent to stop trying to decide which gracious to stop trying to create a situation whereby the people's liberation army
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a chain i was no choice. to be. in france a local council there has been fined 90000 euros for failing to comply with the gender equality law after it employed too many women short of the been scared as the story. if you thought gender bias was becoming a thing of the past you'd be wrong over the years much work has been done to create more jobs when it comes to gender quotas have been put in place with a view to make sure that women have their voices heard and get some of the top jobs but what about when the scales tip well that's exactly what's happened in one french council walk on progressive town just north of leone and it's to find 90000 euro for appointing too many women for the 5 senior jobs went to the fairer sex breaching france's public sector gender parity nourse the carousel is got smacked i
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think is comical to be punished for this reason not only do i stand by our appointments i'm proud of having so many women in our management teams french law states that the ratio between men and women can't be more than a 6040 split what many public institutions fail to grasp is that the more applies to both sexes meaning that men can't be underrepresented either but the whole concept of employing people just because of their gender and not potentially because of the skills has set twitter alight this proves that in forced parity stupid the commune has to pay a fine of $90000.00 a year is because they have too many women in the management team if you are dumb and lazy guy you can get hired. the case of breasts hiring more women than men demonstrates the total absurdity of the parity rule it was inevitable that this would happen one day it's time we looked at people skills before looking at their gender it seems bald on press isn't the 1st council to fall foul of this in 2017
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with 50 of the it was also sanctioned for having too many women at the helm if the spotlight the hoo ha around these particular cases the reality in france is that women are still lagging behind in terms of being represented at the top across the country only 34 percent of women have management positions in local government finds have also been slapped on those who failed to employ enough women including high level government positions the french finance minister was fined 1700000 euros while the foreign minister responded 450000 euros gender equality may be one of my calls top aims in france i have made a quality between women and men the great cause of my 5 years' time but it seems no matter which way you look at it from it's cold quite seem to err on the right side of it overrules. r.t.
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paris. is just coming up to half past 1 in the afternoon here in moscow that's how the news is looking so far today more from us at the top of the. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this skeery dramatic development the only really engaging resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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there's things. we dare to. resist is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as it sits tickle capsules exposed so fundamentally that sings will set for their classic mistake a costly on land on a tank when your own is at a special projects funded he doesn't have an o.t. on line your best bet is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class other one isn't.


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