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tv   News  RT  September 4, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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serbia made weapons are allegedly ending up in the hands of terrorists in yemen and syria after being bought by the u.s. and its allies that is according to leaked documents obtained by a bulgarian. right. here in. the. british prime minister 2 more defeats in parliament as lawmakers reject his call for an early general election and a bill to prevent. the wrong announces plans to excel in.
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raising the pressure on europe to uphold the international nuclear deal. well whether you're watching from melbourne australia jakarta indonesia or even bali for that matter this is r.t. international i'm john thomas and we're certainly glad to have you with us. all right millions of weapons made in serbia have reportedly fallen into the hands of islamic state fighters in yemen and syria after they were bought by the united states and its allies that is according to documents seen by a book investigative journalist. this is anonymous they received a. document about. the queen not serbia not actively received and that you have got her mom tracking 0. 4 or so on those contrasts i will say able to id if i want to speak
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a lot lot of electrons in the sand language they hear it in their propaganda video a.t.m.'s if those documents prove to be genuine then weapons seen on the islamic state video in yemen could well be serbian made after being sold to u.s. military contractors correspondent guns have explains how the weapons could have ended up in terrorist hands. it's a remarkable trail from the arms factories of europe for the hands of isis terrorists in yemen in the span of barely a year we knew this courtesy of concerned citizens who leaked the e-mails the memos the contracts between the u.s. its contractors and weapons manufacturers and the jihad ists gave it away propaganda real from isis showed in their position 82 millimeter mortar shells which the reporter was able to identify for 18 read the numbers the side that is
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production growth for manufactured in 2018 k.v. stands for the arms factory v. for value of a place in serbia where the arms factory is and thanks to those leaked documents it appears the us military purchased a lot for from crusade military factory last year then it was a matter of following the paper trail how those shells were brought transported mog for the afghan army and ended up with isis in yemen report the discovered all this is certain in her findings. or at least. where. there are the claims you've made damaging of course is true for the us government that based on these documents that you got hold of
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how hard was it to get them and how certain are you that they are genuine. i don't that i am right in the beginning. i don't know that people. were all sent. where or was but i'm very thankful for them because. they are the. in the sitting government. and on the labor. market or so this there is the name of the company. there are you know government or birth of birth on behalf of the arm and there you go for the shipping of that so it's not all to. like he back to the u.s. government although there is indication that information about the us thank you
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know. we. were insured the documents speak for themselves the arms factory made the shelves alien tech systems and contractor for the pentagon purchased $10500.00 of them for $8000000.00 it was transported to both garia coincidentally those isis fighters were also holding a bulgarian made sold rifles next shipment was flown via silk way west lives and as a by johnny airline licensed to transport weapons for the pentagon to us bases next thing we know within the year shells are in isis is arsenal you need question all of this is how and who handed over those arms to extremists there and minded the just isis that we've seen in possession of munitions made in but also. the way
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in syria various other jihad scoops remarkable coincidence for them to accidentally stumbled upon all of these weapons reportedly paid for by u.s. taxpayers now we've sent many many requests for comment to the pentagon to its contractors involved in all of this the airlines the basis but so far nothing former u.k. army officer charles schubert gave us his insights on how weapons end up in the hands of terrorists. paper system itself and not just me many people since 2011 and before when this was being muted as we can supply we were told to moderate rebels as they were caught in the libya or syria with weaponry that would help overthrow gadhafi or for example a sad it was obvious to those of us who've got really any military backgrounds and told that it would be impossible to control where those weapons would end up and indeed much research
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a lot of it by academics and so on has proved this to be the case again and again either repost so-called selling or handing over these weapons to these creeps all of these groups can capture them in the field if they have pockets or disputes themselves of course it could have been and i don't think this is necessarily the stuff of conspiracy theories it could have been so obvious of course that this would happen that it would end the weapons would end up in the hands of these extremist groups that that was the intention right from the start these are all possibilities. while the british parliament has rejected a request from prime minister boies johnson to hold an early general election that is after lawmakers voted to take control of the commons agenda and passed a bill to prevent a no deal brags that artie's reports now from london. the prime minister last night had lost that votes whereby m.p.'s took control of the legislative agenda and so today what they did was introduce legislation that would seek to frustrate
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a no deal drags it which many m.p.'s and in fact many economists feel would be devastating to the u.k. so this morning and throughout the day in peace have been debating and voting and finally passing this bill along to the house of lords which would essentially once it gets approval because law and stop no deal brigs it from taking place also pushing back greg's day from its current october 31st deadline in response to that . tried to introduce or did introduce a motion calling for an early snap general election to clear the mess and to try to see who the country wanted to go forward with negotiations with the e.u. in order to do that he needed to get 2 thirds of m.p.'s on his side however the labor party abstained from that so mr johnson while he won the vote he did meet the 2 thirds threshold and essentially the labor party led by jeremy corbyn saying that
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this is not the time to be voting on whether or not to hold a general election because the priority should be getting this legislation finalized and ratified and stopping and though still brags that in this according also speaking in the house earlier today said that once all of that has been sorted out then tension could possibly go to a future general election in any case it's been a bad day for boris johnson and he still faces the prospect of being one of if not the shorter serving prime minister in living memory. the president of iran has announced plans to accelerate the country's nuclear activities it will be the country's 3rd step in scaling back its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal isn't rouhani made the announcement ahead of a weekend deadline for european powers to help bypass u.s. sanctions on iran's oil trade. but know that we will take the 3rd step and we will announce it in 2 or 3 days in my view this is the most important that we are taking
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its impact will be really amazing we will give the e.u. 2 more months while we are taking this step to get back to the negotiating table but the so-called 3rd step a means iran will lift all limits on nuclear research and start developing centrifuges to speed up the enrichment of uranium iran has been raising the pressure on europe to uphold its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal since the us pulled out in may this year global affairs analyst patrick cummings and believes iran's negotiating tactics could actually succeed. iran is playing a very shrewd negotiations game they're sort of taking a page out of donald trump's art of the deal they're trying to basically dictate the pace of negotiations in this case or events as well they're dealing with 2 main parties which is the european signatories to the j c.p.o.
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way and then are also indirectly dealing with the united states this is designed clearly to apply pressure on europe and in effect in direct pressure on washington so trying to really putting direct pressure on washington obviously isn't going to work washington will escalate its threats and so forth so iran is seen this as a possible solution to its problem to break the impasse on the deal that the u.s. walked away from by putting in direct pressure on the other $35.00 plus one countries that maybe they can do something to remedy iran which is going through a severe financial crisis right now as a result of a whole raft of sanctions being placed on it after the united states walked away from a deal that it agreed as a partner to when it walked away in may of 22 and. a un report has
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accused of the u.s. britain and france of being complicit in war crimes in yemen the report highlighted the role of arms sales to the saudi led coalition. there are certain states who are well known to be supplying weapons that includes the united states it includes the united kingdom and it includes france to name but 3 the group of experts has recommended that 3rd states prohibit the authorization about arms transfers and refrain from providing arms to parties to the conflict this is because of the prevailing risk that such arms will be used by parties to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law the us is the main arms supplier to saudi arabia followed by britain and france between 20152800 washington sold weapons worth around $10000000000.00 to the saudis the u.k. and france trailed far behind with $2100000000.00 and $500000000.00 respectively
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one of the authors of the latest u.n. report charles told us the continuing flow of arms into yemen is perpetuating the war there this is a collective failure of the international community as a whole and it is the responsibility of the international community as a whole and inevitably those people who supply all of us have a greater influence on the parties and therefore have a perhaps a greater responsibility to take action to try to prevent plantations there is no doubt that it is the continuation of the supply of alms to yemen that is prolonged the conflict the u.n. report also called into question the findings of saudi arabia's joint incident assessment team this body set up by riyadh claims to investigate violations by the coalition in yemen with transparency and impartiality charles get away again told us that the group's analysis is superficial. the trouble is the coalition has not
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been cooperating with us and therefore we have very little information apart from what is in the public to make the press releases of the joint incident an assessment team to produce are comparatively bland and so far as we can see they do not carry out a sufficient legal analysis what is needed is an independent and impartial assessment so this what we have tried to do but the difficulty with examining conduct to force them to is it's easy to look upwards from the result the result will tell you very little it won't even tell you what the intended target was and what we need and what the world needs is access to the targeting persons so that we can find out what is going wrong because something clearly is more than 5 years since the start of the war in yemen and children are bearing the brunt of the conflict accrue from our sister channel r.t. arabic visited an orphanage in the country's capital.
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i was playing while our sheep were creasing the head of blond exploded and so shrapnel flying nun to actually some towards me and then stumbling around the car only to find out that my family had a mother and father my brothers and sisters they were all down. at the time because of the war the number of all fronts has friesen so much that the orphanages can't house them it's bleak for this children many of whom have to leave russia from the streets. still to come in the program american film stars are rounding on colleagues who support donald trump that story and much more after a short break this is our 2 international.
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you know so many people reference mary antoinette let them eat cake and then you know historians have gone back and they said you know it's actually my cake and brioche you know that so i brought in an actual poem my god what a mess we brought in actual brioche this is a brioche just by the slice there at the. end so this is what she suggested that the peasants this should be eating because they run out of they say this is a brioche is a slightly nicer version of there's a few in the cupboard let's throw that to the peasants and maybe that'll shut them up. to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go on to be press which is
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what before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. welcome back this is our team international now some big name american actors are coming under fire for suggesting a very guest list for a trump fund raising event could be used as a guide for who never to work with critics see the blacklist suggestion as a dangerous move. listen when i asked times people did this have people ended up killing themselves yeah this is not a good idea ok listen you are all you are a fool you joe want to work with is your personal business the prevailing voices in hollywood consider themselves to be woke progressive's extolling values of
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tolerance and liberalism but not so much tolerance when it comes to conservatives actors debra messing and eric mccormack are calling for the list of attendees at double trump's recent beverly hills fundraiser to be made public because apparently celebrities should not be able to support the president please print a list of all attendees the public has a very to know haiti a charmed carnival reports and everyone the tenzing this event so the rest of us can be clear about who don't want to work with blanks conservatives are calling it totalitarian liberalism i don't blame you i understand i wish i could denounce trump as i was offered quite a bit in return and it would make my life easier but i have refused to do so as i believe he is great for on nation and people you are entitled to your beliefs let others have their they're pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy is low very hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and
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intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking but to be fair if people are taking a political stand going to a fundraiser shouldn't they be public about it aren't political donations a matter of public record well if you only would stars have found out that leaning the right word is pretty bad for their career james woods was declared to be a racist when it became clear that he supported donald trump furthermore stacey dash who is a mexican was declared to be racist when it turned out that she was a fan of the donald what's the nastiest thing someone in hollywood has said to you about your politics everybody tells me i'm racist i'm a black mexican it's apps or white cursing people have actually. he said to me you're not black enough is the same mysterious having white people with ugly sweaters at christmas and grandma drunken i'd knock the snow white people and now they say black people have to think act speak and the certain way in order to be black enough hollywood conservatives routinely conceal their views fearing it could be a career killer to not follow the party line interestingly susan sarandon the leftist
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actress has also become the target of a lot of hate not for being a conservative but for being a hardcore bernie crab who refuses to march in lockstep behind the d.m. see if you don't go to that liberal fundraiser if you're not at that big dinner you're not in iowa. you're not in the club you're not being hired i mean it's a very lonely existence out there but it's a toxic environment and they they that is they react this really to the fact that you don't agree with them and i like being with conservatives. there's a whole bunch of them that. people don't really. give in to give a lot of attention to it's old news that hollywood leans towards the dems during the 2017 midterm elections more than $4000000.00 was donated by top hollywood exacts and stars now 99.7 percent of that money actually went toward the democrats that's according to hollywood reporter that cites the official results and
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statistics from the federal elections commission and hollywood's top $100.00 list only 3 have donated to republicans and during the 2016 elections 90 percent of hollywood's donations went to hillary clinton they even made an amusing ad only way we can prove that to you is by having lots of famous people lots of famous people lots and lots of famous people just kind of famous people repeating how important poor and important or important how important it is. kollywood has even threatened to take action against those who don't adhere to their liberal values remember george's anti abortion law well there was a call for a boycott of the state we cannot in good conscience continue to recommend the industry remain in georgia if h.b. 481 becomes legal the movie world has always pushed back against traditional values however it also glamorizes well and the american dream values that are very important to american conservatives now hollywood is one of america's most powerful
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institutions and there is no question that it is not acting when it comes to its feelings about the donald the more you hate the more creative you hate especially in hollywood the more you. achieve and seek favor of your fellow hollywood types who in their right. mind in hollywood that whatever want anybody to know that they're exercising their 1st amendment right to support a candidate sometimes people really don't care necessarily for trump as much as they do consider this to be a good business move there are people who contribute to democratic causes republican and the like but it's a it's a it's a suicide pact for you to openly in the hollywood or among certain areas new york as well or i am in silicon valley for you to even suggest that you support from. some of the asia's biggest economies are getting together in russia's
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far east for the eastern economic forum on wednesday president putin met with the indian prime minister in vladivostok to sign 25 trade deals and he said we put trying to was following events for us. beach. countries clearly understand nala days we need a month to achieve peace and stability and all cooperation is very important to achieve this it's already become somewhat a tradition day one here in vladivostok at the eastern economic forum is usually when vladimir putin and his most important guests spend most of their time together getting involved in all kinds of activities and this year the number one guest at the forum is the indian prime minister and the run from modi so on wednesday it all began with the leaders met shook their hands and straight away boarded a motor boat to go to another town where at the resists shipyard and that's
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a very special one because that was the location where a submarine intended for the indian navy was once modernized so that was something that around remote he really wanted to see and then eventually he said that he was deeply touched by the hospitality of the russian leader there was a funny moment when the 2 actually wanted to step on board the the motorboats but they couldn't decide who to lead go 1st when mr modi and mr putin came back to this island the island of bruschi they went straight to business and more than 2 dozen agreements were signed as the indian delegation was meant by a team of russian ministers i saw the actual policy holders with the signatures and of the assistant from the indian embassy she was actually having a hard time taking all the folders away and here were talking about all kinds of cooperation from sending indian auster thoughts to space in the future to joint
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efforts in protecting the environment including the tigers and turn out the tigers are very special for the indian prime. honester and the russian president because here and vladivostok there was a species of tigers that was almost extinct but the thanks to the efforts of the russian government now that problem is solved and it turns out the 2 leaders do share an affection for animals but there are plenty of other reasons why the 2 leaders are calling each other dear friends here's what mr modi said in an interview to the russian media there is a special chemistry in our relations especially lightness in this forum we will have a lot of time to discuss a lot of issues while the east economic forum is just beginning and on day 2 neurons are modi and vladimir putin will be joined by the leaders of malaysia
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mongolia and japan will be there for you that doesn't for me i will be back in about 34 minutes with another look at news you are watching hockey international certainly glad to have you with. said she stressed to. surrender but nash wasn't at the ball of the trap that he had little to. stop question was to you she didn't taste the piece to deceive me so i pushed it all shall. go to which she doesn't have time and i know what you mean in the list you check around in there for sure you. want to go to the source of your might your bone structure
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be. it the mystic sword supporters are still with them to lecture or does it seem to be arguable that it's a student actually the person the person believes on could or should stop them spinning. expressed sure. there's things. we do here to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. greetings i'm salyut. with the paranoid pirate noir kohls of election meddling by way of fake news. ludicrous social media means in armies of quick bot still being fed and here in washington d.c. and throughout the corporate mainstream media it should come as no surprise that now the u.s. military is being brought into the mix on august 23rd the defense advanced research projects agency or darpa announced to the world that it will be starting the semantic forensics program for some of 4 to quote darpa they will
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develop technologies to automatically detect attribute and characterize falsified multi-modal media assets to defend against large scale automated this information attacks. basically there going again spake news and military jargon yes darpa the defense agency that brought us those wonderful nightmare and boosting running and jumping robots swarming drone videos and who can forget the laser guided bullets as that darpa is now getting into the business of combating fake news naturally those most afraid of fake news the ones who have worked hand in hand with us intelligence agencies to spread the paranoia over it the us corporate news media they are the most excited about this move by darpa bloomberg writes that if successful the system after 4 years of trials may expand to detect malicious intent and prevent viral fake news from polarizing society. conveniently forgetting that there is
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never actually been any evidence that viral fake news stories have polarized society or legitimately influence the election and change people's votes that actually doesn't exist so today let's kick start the algorithms and find out just how darpa is going to fight this apparent scourge of fake news as we start watching the hawks. it's really. easy. to see. what it's like you know that i got. was that we. would. be. welcome when watching the hawks i am the romans and i'm to have a lot less yes and the feeble braai the creeping of the jumpy ones and.


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