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tv   News  RT  September 5, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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the united states could potentially be smuggling tons of weapons and ammunition to militants in syria according to leaked documents obtained by a polgar in journalist. got him a putin how is key leaders a problem on the 2nd day of the eastern economic forum in front of all starting with the iran nuclear deal and arms race high on the agenda. and the un report highlights the role of the us britain and france and that violations committed in yemen. there are certain states who are well known to be supplying weapons that includes united states includes united kingdom.
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3. it's 9 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international live from austin with me an idiot welcome to the program. a trove of leaked documents have seemingly exposed the u.s. as a major supplier of illegal weapons a bulgarian jenna's claims america has been buying millions of serbian munitions which have ended up in terrorist hands across the middle east washington allegedly purchased weapons from 2 serbian state owned arms companies apparently for the police in afghanistan but those arms were then seen in an islamic state propaganda video showing militants in yemen you can watch our report on that in full on our you tube channel and these photos shows some of these serbian made weapons and ammunition produced by the same companies we mentioned this time in syria the 2nd part of the report claims the weapons program. ordered by washington have also been
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ended up in the hands of rebels and terrorists and as the accusations mount or to negotiate on of takes a closer look at evidence. from the start of the war in syria anti-government factions have been enjoying well a gun before all inclusive some pieces fell into their hands as spoils of war where the others came from nobody knew it seemed until now because apart from me de blowing hatred towards assad all these rebels i saw and self-governing jihadists they could have another thing in common a big wealthy arms dealer lurking in the shadows. able gary an investigative journalist has claimed to have exposed and a labrat network of private american companies which have been buying weapons from serbian manufacturers and shipping them to the middle east the journalist managed
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to get through a labyrinth full of fake trails and dead ends designed specifically to cover the tracks to the network's command center the pentagon. in one instance an american company 04 industries used a british broker as its middleman to buy mortar shells from serbian manufacture acoustic and this e-mail says to learn or is a direct proof of that and it was business as usual up until the moment one crew sick was about to get paid because none of the companies adult with wanted to wire the money instead they wanted to finish the transaction and through a nother 3rd party british company and this raised all sorts of red flags. bearing in mind that the payment will be affected by the company that is not the buyer according to our law and foreign exchange operations we will need the consent of
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the serbian government i.e. the ministry of finance in order to be able to apply at the ministry of finance we necessarily need to try a part time agreement verified and signed by the buyer sierra 4 industries the seller holding corp crew sick and the legal entity that will affect the payment charles kendall and partners limited. it was so suspicious the serbs even questioned if the final destination for the armaments would indeed be the pre-agreed location which was no not the middle east but harmless innocent romania. the draft in jesus is to pick it states the following place of delivery. to china and a base rumania according to the above it should be clearly mentioned that the goods will be used in romania including the purpose of use and the goods will be shipped to romania they weren't used in romania it seems once the money was finally wired
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of washington's memory was void clean instead the ammunition was flown to qatar and ended up in syria according to the journalist that they have gone so far there are private american companies or their companies or military part of the from bikini if they feel so you know are they still think. these are they really like you like. using different thanks after the website it's like this the people are like you problem finding information because they are all using the things like number 8 like this game if you think you. and you might like the berthing the weapons by up there are proud to. be
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here or react to americans these 2 they even visited crusade to troubleshoot any potential insurgence on behalf of the seller i also can't buy or you are and that her mother was some of the united states the european that are in what is not a government officials and proud that there is this is the serbia back in the order they were led by. and laying around. organizing their ship much less than a year on this same 2 men were awarded for. arming rebels in syria. the little affair with the serbs was far from a one night stand type of deal for the u.s. they shipped tens of thousands of munitions into syria drowning the country in arms for years we've worked to stop the civil war in syria and all the leave for human
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suffering we wanted to reach out to syria for industries remember the american company that initiated the deal with the serbs and imagine our surprise when we found out that the company barely even exists it has no listed phone number no email and just 5 yes 12345 employees not exactly a shock. from the company eco just mentioned to be contacted the pentagon and the crew that company for comment and we'll bring you when they come in in the meantime form british army officers charles shewbread says there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of those leaked documents. it's impressive piece of journalism by any standards i think to produce what she had to try to she's produced and apparently convincing evidence if the stock commit such genuine and so far at least been no indication whatsoever despite the opportunity to given to people so far showed them
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as not genuine if they're genuine these documents are indeed as deanna herself suggests they are indeed explosive in their revelations really what it shows is that long after we all know of course or many of us know about this operation timber sycamore that was launched by the us was run by many years by then a covert arming and training project for syria's rebels supposedly moderate rebels . but of course invariably many of these weapons ended up in the hands of what even the us deems terrorists in syria that was all supposedly ended in 2017 when it was finally disclosed that it's actually publicly acknowledged that it existed and so now we've got evidence quite clear evidence if the documentation is true and again there's nothing to indicate that it's not that actually this program in another form has continued. over to russia's far east where 5 key leaders took to the
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stage and now they're both dark on day 2 and the eastern economic forum russian president vladimir putin was joined for discussions by the indian japanese malaysian mongolian needles on how to move forward on trade technology and the environment and avoiding global military escalations reporting from the forum in a patrol car. that was quite a company in that room the leader of the 2nd most populous country in this world and as we began to realize. the last few years a staunch ally of russia and the plus the leader of japan an ally of the us in the 1st place but as they put himself a great friend of the russian president vladimir putin and finally the heads of 2 asian mongolia and malaysia a lot was said about what's left of global security now that the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty is gone because the us administration thought that was the way to go in the 21st century mr putin said that he believes the world will have
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plenty of reasons to worry about after all a potential new arms race is a very big deal which in the recent was a serious challenges facing humanity imagine if the some weapon maybe a nuclear one in orbit over our heads i'm very this could drastically change the security situation across the globe as for my own american partners keep silent when we suggest continuing to negotiate to some moments there's nothing new in that . another key message from the russian president was that moscow will keep up with all the missile r. and d. that the west will get itself involved in but when it comes to the deployment that won't happen on the part of russia when it comes to the weapons previously thought by the i.n.f. treaty until america starts taking the boxes on their deployment plans no matter
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how difficult and serious this issue is though vladimir putin decided it's worth adding a bit of humor and jokingly suggested that america should waste money if it can buy some of the arms to call g. from russia. which i still don't know do you want us to sell you those weapons they are saying they will soon produce their own that might be so but then why would they spend the money if we have already spent it wouldn't breach of security but would create balance. another landmark international agreement that is now in real jeopardy because of the new diplomatic methods of the u.s. administration is the so-called iran's nuclear deal well judging by what the japanese prime minister said at the plant a recession donald trump and shinzo abhi aren't on the same page in this regard despite them being allies. we have long told the us we have our opinion concerning
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iran and the nuclear deal i wish it would be resolved through negotiations i talked to the supreme leader and he said that iran isn't going to produce or use nuclear weapons he said it very clearly believe it or not before shaking hands and vladivostok mr putin and mr abbay met $26.00 times before and the japanese leader was keen to point that out once again after all they don't call each other great friends for nothing and he even entertain the audience with his knowledge of a russian prover that suggests that. you have to eat a lot of salt together to become real friends. the audience here might not know that the summit meeting we've just had was our 27th meeting ladies and gentleman it's important for you to know that president putin and i have had so many meals together time and time again that one might say we were even keel lives of soul together it was clear that the prime ministers of japan wanted to be good guests
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and shore bit of admiration for their country that they're visiting and that's when the names of russian pole woodson riders started coming up and even quotes around remotely the indian prime minister even compared the russian writer leo tolstoy with someone who is known as the father of the nation in the mahatma gandhi so it's this kind of warmth respect and the desire to hear each other's opinions that is form and void of all stock will be remembered for on the sidelines of the economic forum in a lot of our stock the malaysian prime minister has again criticised the ongoing investigation into the downing of flight m.h. 17 saying the probe will remain biased unless more countries are involved or 298 people died when their plane crashed in eastern ukraine in 2014 it was bound for malaysia from the netherlands when it was shot down the dutch led joint
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investigation team blamed russian backed rebels in eastern ukraine a preliminary report claims the rebels used a russian made book missile system moscow though has repeatedly said that the particular system in question was left in ukraine after the breakup of the soviet union and a separate experiment looking at how the plane was brought down russian ad defense company concluded that the missile could not have been fired from the region and in the report those results were ignored by the joint investigation. r.t. has spoken to the malaysian foreign minister who told us why his country was so concerned from the very start of the investigation. i think the concern that very early into the investigation. we eventually becoming off in the age of 80 but not at the initial stage and that was one of the reason why we have a lot of consent. the other is a nice when. some people will very quick in making accusations
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yes the investigation was still going on already there were some effort by some quite. to accuse a particular country happens to be russia. i'm not saying not doing this work but as i have said earlier it is premature. to make accusation specific accusations. if particular country or a group of people. the un has once again raised concerns over the humanitarian crisis in yemen where the conflict has been raging for 5 years the organization called out the international community for its inaction running the situation in yemen a collective failure he's been warned that the following video contains distressing scenes the u.n. says the civil war has left tens of thousands of people dead and many more injured
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over 700 children have died from landmines alone since 201324 1000000 yemenis are in urgent need of assistance to survive as the country struggles with famine and cholera outbreaks a crew from our sister channel r.t. arabic visited an orphanage in the capital sana. had a legacy i was playing while our she worked raising i heard a bomb explode and saw shrapnel flying in all directions some towards me and then stumbling i ran for home only to find added my family had been killed my mother and father my brothers and sisters they were all. at the time because of the war the number of all fronts has risen so much that the
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orphanage just can't house them it's bleak for this children many of whom have to leave right from the streets. but there are countries which the u.n. sees as specifically responsible for the crisis in yemen in a new report it pointedly mentions the united states britain and france are supplying arms to parties involved in the conflict and urges them to stop the sales . there are certain states who are well known to be supplying weapons that includes united states it includes the united kingdom and it includes france to name but 3 the group of experts has recommended that 3rd states prohibit the authorization about arms transfers and refrain from providing arms to parties to the conflict this is because of the prevailing risk that such arms will be used by parties to commit or facilitate serious violations of
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international humanitarian and human rights law. in the main arms supplier to study arabia followed by britain and france between 20152018 washington sold weapons worth around $10000000000.00 to the saudis the u.k. and france child far behind with 2 point $1000000000.00 and $500000000.00 respectively one of the authors of the latest u.n. report charles caraway told us the continuing flow of arms into yemen is perpetuating the war. this is a collective failure of the international community as a whole and it is the responsibility of the international community as a whole and inevitably those people who supply all those have a greater influence on the parties and therefore have a perhaps a greater responsibility to take action to try to prevent violations there is no doubt that it is the continuation of the supply of alms to yemen that is prolonging the conflict. the u.n. report also calls into question the findings of his joint incidents assessment team
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the body claims to investigate violations by the coalition in yemen with transparency and impartiality charles caraway again tells us that the groups and now this is superficial. the trouble is the coalition has not been incorporated with us the virtual we have very little information apart from what is in the public domain the press releases of the joint incident an assessment team could use our comparatively bland and so far as we can see they do not carry out a sufficient legal analysis what is needed is an independent and impartial research meet so this is what we have tried to do but the difficulty with example in conduct to force them to us is it's easy to look upwards from the result the result will tell you very little would even tell you what the intended target was and what we need more worldly is access to the targeting persons so that we can find out what
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is going wrong because something clearly is. a wave of deadly attacks and looting in south africa sparked a boycott against the country led by celebrities across the continent the violence is targeted at migrants from other african countries who have flocked to one of the continent's most developed nations reports from johannesburg. south africa's still reeling off to 4 days of bloody violence have resulted in some 7 people being killed those are figures we've received from the police and some 300 people being a race to the violence was triggered last week in the country's capital pretoria when a south african texas driver was alleged to have been killed by a nigerian drug dealer now as part of a protest against a south african texan drivers who took to the streets because he soon that protest evolved into a demonstration against all foreign is inspired to add the same to his around the country and the result has been violence hundreds of foreigners have been days to
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toot off to the businesses were attacked the police were forced to use white control mss such as tear gas and rubber bullets and the situation is still rather unstable now because of the nationality of that alleged drug dealer being nigerian a lot of the focus has actually been on nigerians now south africa has temporarily closed its diplomatic missions in at bouchet and lagos in nigeria for fear of reprisals against it stops south african businesses of all suppose they doors temporarily in nigeria and the south african foreign minister has said that this is an embarrassment for south africa and she has expressed her great for violence against foreign as nigeria has pulled out of the african economic summit being held in south africa and the nigerian foreign minister has also expressed concern reserved sickening and depressing news of continued burning and looting of nigerian shops and premises in south africa by mindless criminals with an effective police
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protection enough is enough we will take definitive measures the last time there was as in a phobia outbreak like this in south africa was back in 2008 but this is a country where you have an unemployment of 29 a saint which means a very often the distress of people who don't have jobs turns against foreign as often instead of at. directed against the government and its lack of delivery the 2011 same says is the last official census in terms of how many foreigners are in this country and it puts the figure at 2000000 i think a statement suggests the figure is closer to 5000000 out of a population of 56000000 who have the south african president has also expressed alarm over what is happening saying that there's no place for us in a phobia in south africa now i'd like to condemn the violence that has been spreading over and number of provence a country in the strongest. i've been talking to
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a lot of foreigners here in south africa who are very afraid of what is happening there is a lot of fake news that's been spreading on social media with pictures that are not actually even south african showing people being people jumping out of buildings with the caption foreigners it leaves south africa's so we're in the process of verifying another the media along with the experts but the situation certainly is dire at the moment. democratic candidates are just think the nomination ahead of the u.s. presidential election next year but it seems the party is thin on the ground the head of the round of debates with only 3 hopefuls set to take stage there's some speculation over the black a numbers with 2. marianne williamson. from the debate line up after they criticize the pentagon's budgets his caleb. among the 2020 candidates vying for the democratic nomination is self-help guru marianne
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williamson she's one of the most googled candidates and known for her oddly spiritual approach i'm going to harness. this dark psychic force she's certainly trying to grab the attention of certain voters but it may surprise you that she actually has a strong appeal among a broad selection of rank and file liberals we don't have a health care system in the united states we have a sickness care system. in the united states this is part of the dark underbelly over here. now she has criticized u.s. foreign policy and particularly the pentagon with a nearly $740000000000.00 military budget but only $40000000000.00 proposed for the state department budget our outsize commitment to brute force and never with her in commitment to so forces of this well no limelight for her she has been pushed off the stage of the upcoming debates along with antiwar candidate tulsa gabbert all thanks to the new rules of the d.n.c.
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there is a well strategized effort to smear me there is no doubt about that there are some very powerful forces that want to make sure i'm not in the 3rd debate so i must be doing something right if they work so hard to create that in this crowded campaign the antiwar democratic candidates seem to stand out however it's those centrist pro-war hawkish democrats that get all the spotlight take a recent poll from amman and a plus pollster in the united states now the results from this polling agency actually showed bernie sanders in the lead ahead of joe biden but inconvenient poll results like that just end up getting shunned he's clear that the moment university poll published on mondays and i understood when we released up all the picture it paints a diversion from us and the media has a role in helping the d.n.c. to they target those who don't fit in with the establishment narrative they pull out the label god marianne williamson well she's a faith healer who doesn't believe in vaccines gabbert she's
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a pal of bashar al assad bernie sanders well he's just a silly old man who can't really be taken seriously he took on the bag but the bag clobbered him isn't that not a good message i think that would be a not good methods and i've never given that method when you say false pretenses though u.s. officials determined that assad did you use these chemical weapons against his own . ustream going to hear that about iraq right unwritten rules are becoming ever more clear for the democrats step outside of that pro-war box and you're labeled a clank no matter how much the public likes you. r.t. new york. news for now i'll be back in around 30 minutes time with more updates so stay with us.
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there's a. leak. is this is a stick from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's. their plastic. special projects funded. on the. teeth but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. pain years and crosstalk started 10 years i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts fight it out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option $25.00 text birds. and one red rose another suggestion geo political jeopardy parody no political cookout where we will literally. be elites. late night show it's a rare format these days and it's cheap. i need is an old microphone in
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a printed banner if i actually meet with one of my guess i can do this candle after politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the bow tie you know that is too much.
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during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today.


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