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tv   News  RT  September 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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among the week's big stories the united states. of weapons and ammunition which end up with militants in the middle east that's according to documents obtained by. the get the. right. the british prime minister's turbulent week. defeat. in parliament. full of these convictions on. the one. i could see. it's a cynical move from
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a cynical prime minister. for foreign. country's largest city. with the top stories from the past 7 days on right up to the moment developments as well welcome to the weekly international. millions of weapons made in serbia reportedly fallen into the hands of islamic state finders in yemen and syria after they were purchased by the united states it's one document seen by a bulgarian investigative journalist highlighted. this is not a murphy received a blow to the hands of our i am here with the land not. actively
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and you have that. tracking oh though a where you are and that there is a contract i was able to id by one for the people that are not left in there and that is the theory and their propaganda video even man washington allegedly purchased weapons from 2 serbian state owned arms companies apparently for police use in afghanistan but the saw arms were then seen and makes a propaganda video showing militants in yemen numbers on a mortar shell there are seemingly referred to a shipment 0 for the year of production 20 belleek shows that the box in question was part of a deal between the serbian states arms manufacturer crew sick and the pentagon contractor and these photos show some of the serbian made weapons and ammunition
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produced by the same companies this time though in syria the 2nd part of the report we just saw claims the weapons procured by washington have also been ending up in the hands of rebels and terrorists there to the accusations mind to our t's igor should been taking a closer look at the evidence. from the start of the war in syria anti-government factions have been enjoying well a gun before all inclusive some pieces fell into their hands as spoils of war where the others came from nobody knew it seemed until now because apart from me de blowing hatred towards assad all these rebels i saw and self-governing jihadists they could have another thing in common a big wealthy arms dealer lurking in the shadows. able gary an investigative journalist has claimed to have exposed an elaborate
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network of private american companies which have been buying weapons from serbian manufacturers and shipping them to the middle east the journalist managed to get through a labyrinth full of fake trails and dead ends designed specifically to cover the tracks to the network's command center the pentagon. in one instance an american company 04 industries used a british broker as its middleman to buy mortar shells from serbian manufacture acoustic and this e-mail says to learn or is a direct proof of that and it was business as usual up until the moment one crew sic was about to get paid because none of the companies that dealt with wanted to wire the money instead they wanted to finish the transaction and through a nother 3rd party british company and this raised all sorts of red flags. bearing
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in mind that the payment will be affected by the company that is not the buyer according to our law and foreign exchange operations we will need the consent of the serbian government i.e. the ministry of finance in order to be able to apply at the ministry of finance we necessarily need to try a part time agreement verified and signed by the buyer sierra 4 industries the seller holding corp crew sick and the legal entity that will affect the payment charles kendall and partners limited. it was so suspicious the serbs even questioned if the final destination for the armaments would indeed be the pre-agreed location which was no not the middle east but harmless innocent romania. the draft in jesus is to pick it states the following place of delivery. to china and a base rumania according to the above it should be clearly mentioned that the goods
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will be used in romania including the purpose of use and the goods will be shipped to romania they weren't used in romania it seems once the money was finally wired of washington's memory was clean instead the ammunition was flown to qatar and ended up in syria according to the journalist that they have gone so far there are private american companies or your company is. very far off from bikini. you know are they still think. these are the really like you like. using the 1st place after the websites like this that people are like problem finding information because they are oh oh you think they are anyway this team is using.
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and much like birthing their weapons via their proud. nation would be syria or react to americans these 2 they even visited crusade to troubleshoot any potential insurgence on behalf of the seller i also can't buy or you are and the government some of the united states. that are in. the shells and proud that there is this is the fear of being back in the order they were left behind. and laying around. organizing their shit much less than a year on the same 2 men were awarded for. arming rebels in syria. the little affair with the serbs was far from
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a one night stand type of deal for the u.s. they shipped tens of thousands of munitions into syria drowning the country in arms for years we've worked to stop the civil war in syria and all the leave for human suffering we wanted to reach out to syria for industries remember the american company that initiated the deal with the serbs and imagine our surprise when we found out that the company barely even exists it has no listed phone number no email and just 5 yes 12345 employees not exactly a shock or the pentagon crew sic are yet to give us a comment on the allegations. in a rare interview since resigning in january former u.s. defense secretary jim outis could not resist touching upon the russian meddling issue. we're going to have to recognize they mucked around our election and we're
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going to have to deal with the putin that is not the putin we want to. erm the daily beast news website has published an article arguing that russian interference doesn't just mean putin's russia but that it goes way back in history our senior cross-pollinate i'd guess the of lines the clock back now into the mists of time. there are a few legends as obscure and my idea is this one seemed leaguers the freemasons u.f.o.'s the loch ness monster and big foot there is russian meddling and with every retelling someone nods and the little twist i mean who is going to disprove them the russians have been attacking us for 100 years but moscow mich still doesn't get it now it's the daily beast turns out russian meddling is ancient lenin who already targeted western capitalism and specifically britain for
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a long term campaign of infiltration and subversion you scared yet well you better be lenin himself was a bit of the medlar says the daily beast though they do say a lot of things but with every telling as i said a little something gets added in this case another 50 years to russian election meddling plus the 50 years that mr secretary of state pompei you added when it was his. of course i'm the one before that and the one before that didn't stop at 2008 you can go back to the seventy's. i decided to investigate these claims and fortunately they wouldn't let me play spooky music didn't take long though to discover how old this meddling was literally here is russian octopus depicted in 2018 its tentacles reach far far back into the
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past same octopus seen in the 1950s who were incidents i think not it's the same one cited again in 1970 russian octopuses do you know there's only one and we'd never have known if not for british imperial propaganda no matter how deeply buried the truth is out there and the new york city a forgotten passageways where the monk covered more evidence of russian meddling that you know the russians interfered in the us civil war sent warships to support the north abraham lincoln sue effectively did they meddle with the americans actually welcome those warships potentially the russians not only lost the election for hillary clinton but the war for the confederate states now this is the part where the spooky music would have been really good the founding fathers were
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infiltrated and recruited by what would all wouldn't become the k.g.b. benjamin franklin himself 789 was elected to the russian academy of sciences for his quote scientific contributions others say he passed on early manuscripts of the us constitution as russian handlers the proof is in your wallet look at his face on the $100.00 bill it doesn't smile and it's well known that russians. never smile are they was difficult but we tracked it back a 1000 years we found brush and meddling before russia even existed fish surely any way millennium a goon in the ruler of key of than roosts married his daughter to the french king and surprisingly the king died very soon and she ruled the fronds for decades the
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1000 years of russian medlin proved beyond doubt back to you daily beast at sea which you can dig up about jesus christ's that the his thighs so the k.g. be britain's prime minister is sticking with is do or a dying strategy to take the u.k. odds of the european union on thursday boris johnson emphasized his reluctance to extend breaks it i roll be did course a 1000000000 pounds a month in achieves absolutely nothing earth is the point of of further me i think it's it's a totally totally pointless well they you bill designed to stop the u.k. leaving the block without a deal was passed by both the house of commons arm the house of lords the legislation requires the prime minister to us the e.u. for another extension if a deal is not agreed in parliament by the 19th of october mr johnson also feel this
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week to force a snap at general election because he locked a majority in the heist now m p's will vote yep once again on monday on whether to hold the national poll or not additionally this month the prime minister exposed $21.00 m.p.'s from the conservative party after they rebelled against him and voted in favor of legislation to block a knoll deal breaks at the list the includes several former cabinet members on tory gran's these including winston churchill's grandson sue necklaced storms throughout the weight parliament frequently erupted in a anger over the course braked of was taking the prime minister is acting like a dictator the public simply show you see. what is going on in this place the prime minister should simply follow his convictions on the resign who there's only one car in a kid that i can see in these times i think it's a city girl movement from
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a city called prime minister went on for quite a while on the web and so what lies ahead then for breaking the new k politics let's take a look barr's johnson might get thoughts not election but he's also under pressure already to quit as prime minister all their options are to get a deal done with the e.u. before the deadline on the 31st of october or delay it to once again to january next year luis that been bryce break to party m.e.p. for scotland shared his thoughts on what's happening we find ourselves in a situation where parliament is no longer serving the people of the united kingdom parliament is serving parliament think it's about time they started to be honest it's not about stopping america it's about stopping any talk of bricks so these people i hope ran on frustrate in this process for as long as possible until bracks that fatigue is so strong that we kind of just give up on this but you know in the united kingdom 17400000 people voted for this and it's time to enact democracy it needs to happen now of course jeremy corbyn is very reluctant now after several
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years of calling for. an election now he doesn't want one but but that's possibly because we can see from the polls that they wouldn't fare very well in the general election i would like to see course be able to take control of this process and move forward with this but my fear is that the parliament will continue to work against him they will hand over control to your now you're watching still to come with this hour described as a national emergency by police we take a look at a wave of xenophobic violence that has hit south africa and more all not the details after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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compared to centuries of chinese history 2 years is nothing unless budgets 2 years of donald trump with yet another round of tears being added to the u.s. trade war this last week news china's strategy of waiting out the enemy likely to work with the current american president. the barbarians the vandals on wall street are now actively plundering your bank account with a negative interest rate in astronomy comic policy there and there's no economics behind it that would cue to any school of economics that has ever existed as dr michael hudson said since the bronze age it's just out right for harry as a. fellow
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again the on going up to beijing protests in hong kong are now into a 14th street weekend turned violent earlier this sunday police used tear gas against the demonstrators who were seen appealing to the u.s. president. i. was. the star spangled banner being heard there as protesters gathered near the united states consulate with their message for donald trump waving american flags and shouting slogans in english like resist beijing on liberates hong kong they called on u.s. lawmakers to pass a bill protecting hong kong's democratic freedoms and human rights fires were allegedly started in a subway station while protesters barricaded roads and clashed with the authorities before the police had rearrested leading pro-democracy activists just one for
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breaching his bail conditions. on the bill protesters are calling for is making its way through the u.s. congress introduced back in june it would require a new checks on hong kong's autonomous status if passed it could see chinese and hong kong officials hit with sanctions if they undermine the region's autonomy or human rights u.s. lawmakers have described it as a commitment to democracy. in u.s. congress we look forward to swiftly advancing the bipartisan hong kong human rights and democracy act to reaffirm u.s. commitment to democracy human rights and the rule of law and a feast of beijing's crackdown on the some of the us are still so obstinately sticking to the wrong course they threaten to push the relevant hong kong related legislation wantonly criticized hong kong affairs and grossly interfered in china's internal affairs once again i advise certain u.s. politicians to immediately stop pushing hong kong related legislation cease interfering in hong kong affairs at once and make efforts to enhance mutual trust
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and cooperation between china and the u.s. hong kong based investigative journalist 100 volt check thinks the protesters are already receiving help from washington. it surely are at the go up full thus there was doing all to probably expect our annie though don't help from the united states or united states is love gone are fro son that the ropes or do any thing got to do hold them out however there are gone thing fuller it on good guy erect me to you and bro but gunk the supports from good us through of the united states was your the mall good a cyst so cold the wall going to simoom a go to be of or hearing go boldest well that surely we voted to muck it up to read those on iran who is or against them is be either intimidate it's or or of duct china is earth or keeping cool earth there is or so far the big 3 go own grown of lloyd force womb and go
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a local brought us those by the whole won't to subversion gun loss that on the old with goes entire was that there's bout of was stations up big destroyed i were main avenues absolute we dropped from got us of the sits a this week south africa's biggest city to home a spur of saw foreign own business is looted to mid a wave of xenophobic tensions are course the country on monday the country's police minister describe the situation else a national emergency paul asli are now reports from a city were foreign or say they're increasing the living in fear killing j. peace in johannesburg with her key danged had seen some of the woods who vibe minutes against foreign is south africa as you can feet yet nuthin off taking what if the they can come if some pepper the owed by non some thick head what the not where all of you that it means the any moment now top of the entire and balding can come to coming down because to leave hammering out of the structure now the mood on the ground it's that of that a.g.
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we don't feel i hunted the same comfortable filming we've been told the show no is no way to be seen and no doubt he is trying to stay as far away from meet kind of fiend as concept because one still gets to state that b. situation has not been changed to complete calm i know it's hard to believe but this was a bottle store one of the questionnaires working there was who comes from zimbabwe what actually happened because one found it made to have only a cold november great vision of the day both up was there inside monday night the big gone by then the been. a mentoring away from a good well known name for the big dig between madame tussaud and. across the road here is alan who owns a hardware store and when did you ever think that you would see these kind of scenes happening so close to a business own for she will bring through it before and resolve them. with similar experience to the chemist secret company already going through. for most of last 3
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wonderful children and what do we do with each of the large blue dog look for firmly that we've read from. you think showing your south african identity protects your kids going to give you this week with why what happened are you going to go look close the emotional galardi a little are the police and the government doing enough more given that we're not doing enough or don't know which big name we would believe when the government we're going to play with the nobody wants both of whom the muslims will get a little problem it's not just foreign owned stores that were targeted here you can see a 2nd hand car dealership that was broken into and the cars satellite now the result has been an offer by the nigerian foreign ministry for any nigerians living in this country who feel unsafe to be able to fly back home for free this is the worst spate of them a phobia of violence that south africa has witnessed since 2008 police is to most adjacent some 8 people have been killed and more than 300 have been detained as we
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say the violence is a sad reflection on what where he is and and tenable situation. where are you from. the world your plate to be in south africa the erm for you of course the gold the people thought the good will last sunday i'm no good news for of middle neurons you're given to be given the blows and how many years if you can summon good ideas to take you south africa your school. and now you have no business no move this thing you should have it is feeling like you compare the cost of family all the more so that now this shop here which has been completely boarded up was owned by nigerians and there is no way here to be seen of course they are very afraid this shop is completely solid but this shop too has been looted also owned by nigerians lock on the door completely sealed up the people here definitely afraid that the violence will continue you welded up the shops why they've been
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there. and they take everything through go through. and where all the nigerian owners and the foreign owners all around the world are they thinking to leave the country they wrote your book or to stop the other great group we. ever quest went out today for nigerians in the country who want to be free of charge i'm able to do so and there is at least one flight today leaving at this stage the situation is extremely untenable unstable and i continue being on the streets there's a lot of uncertainty so we what what will happen remains to be seen policy are our team johannesburg that you're recap of the news week it was next do stay with us as we chronicle 15 years since one of the most horrifying events in recent russian history the beslan school massacre this is our introduction.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to. let you go on to be prosperous like that before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the college. there should be more. the world is driven by shaped by one person or those great. snow day or thinks. we dare to ask.
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is this is a stick for the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're in the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry shouldn't be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. stickle capsules excuse. them a letter that seems cool sets for their classes chris take a close ally and only stay in your own hands at a special projects funded we tell the difference. on the line your best bet is the end of a footy team fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. so
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far even an equal number of. diverse occlusion dissident. movement could be familiar with which. it was more. present. on the record. because you can't. sell. it out that.
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there's a good. deal with the lies all the. 3. industries which quite a long. time . in our business. to be able. to. push through it was british to reserve the world.
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at the midst of all sorts of. for them to spirit or do it isn't to be. arguable it is that it's a studio actually of. september the 1st 200-4915 am school number one beslan north of santiago was attacked during a festive assembly marking the start of a new school year terrorists took 1127 hostages forcing them into the main school building the gem of the canteen they fired shots into the air and at the ground in front of their feet. when as already waiting now.


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