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tv   News  RT  September 10, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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there's less interest. especially. on the i'm your best at this year and very pretty but for now the mountains of least only grow. israel's prime minister revealed details of what he claims is a previously undisclosed nuclear weapons facility and he ran just days before he's up for reelection iran says he simply crying wolf. plus the russian government responds to a c.n.n. report that a top american spy was extracted from moscow over worries about trump's handling of classified intelligence describing it as pulp fiction. and british prime minister boris johnson suffer as a mother defeat as again a vote against his motion to force a snap election but the opposition accusing him of playing political tricks forced
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through. play on the looking into traps played by this prime minister these scum. today pricks. you're watching r t international bring you here live news update from our studio here and moscow welcome to the program. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has claimed that tel of you've identified a number of nuclear weapons sites in the iran that were then dismantled by tehran becomes a week ahead of elections and which netanyahu is fighting for political survival iran has rejected his latest allegation saying that quote the real possessor of nukes is crying wolf. picks up the story. i hope you could the latest installment of the b.b. shoe it's really classic stuff israel's prime minister
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a laser pointer and bashing big bad iran in this iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons unfortunately the best i could do in such short notice is this chopstick good enough but what a great show this time around netanyahu upgraded to a laser pointer fancy stuff cameras audience the whole she bang he revealed also the sight of a secret iranian nuclear weapons facility as luck would have it it isn't there anymore and is of course if you trust b.b.'s word with iran rulers we uncovered this is what they do they destroy. it just worked it out oh gosh darn how unfortunate for global security and justice and fortunate the b.b.'s election campaign forgot to mention the facility was apparently and this is
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going on b.b.'s word here the shrewd in july this year and the prime minister waited until now just a few days before a crucial election to tell everyone this is what i have to say to the currents of iran. israel knows what you're doing is wrong knows when you're doing it and israel knows we are doing it wake up says netanyahu to the world iran's a liar and everyone should dog pile on them with sanctions and pressure iran was unimpressed saying bibi's theatrically were a ploy to create a pretext for war the possessor of real nukes cries wolf on an alleged demolished site in iran he and b. team just want a war no matter innocent blood and another 7 trillion dollars if you're
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a fan of bibi's performances you'll remember the one that made such a splash last time april 2018. was very. low back in those days b.b. we had a regular pointer like i do now none of this fancy laser stuff he revealed then an alleged israeli operation to smuggle documents about iran's nuclear program out of iran but the u.n. nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. a rained on b.b.c. parade said they found new evidence of iran developing any nuclear weapons after 2009 what happened last time is a few days off the p.b.s. spectacle trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal which took years of work by a host of nations reintroduced sanctions and made life that much more miserable for
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millions of iranians sent thousands more troops to menace iran obviously bibi's best friend is a huge fan of the show but right now it remains to be seen if this gig mobey as big a hit as the last one seems to mean he's trying to kill 2 birds with one stone under one. and. pin to iran's care mongering and instill fear among really voters actually in order to move. more waters to. and to. the u.s. in iran the phenomena see. for. the french president to make possible. under sideline of the. general assembly meeting in new york so mr netanyahu is
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a master of deception is basically using a north playbook of iran fear mongering. the russian government has described in a c.n.n. report about the alleged extraction of a high level u.s. spy from moscow as pop fiction this comes amid warnings from both the white house and the cia that parts of the report were incorrect for more on this our correspondent saskia taylor joins us in the studio now these sort of stories always have lots of twists and turns let's start with the report itself from c.n.n. break that down for us well the cold war might be over but the spy games continue it seems a need in them this time it's c.n.n. because the outlet in its typical fashion of thought into multiple secret still says withholding concrete facts and of course taking a swing at trump reported on monday that back in 2017 the u.s. government successfully extracted a top level spy from russia. multiple trump administration officials
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tell me that these are officials with direct knowledge that in a previously undisclosed to secret mission in 2017 the u.s. successfully extracted from russia one of its highest level sources covert sources inside the russian government a person directly involved in these discussions said that the removal of the russian was driven in part by concerns that president trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence and that that could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy. so rather big news there how has the russian government responded to this well in the absence of any hard evidence the rumor mill of course went into overdrive and the spy was widely speculated to be a leg swelling cough now swanning cough is of russian national who previously worked at the embassy in washington before becoming really a terrorist state counselor so not particularly influential in the articles though he's been painted as one of the cia's most valued assets who had access to the
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highest levels of the kremlin and today russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said that while he's not going to comment on rumors he can confirm that he's not talk to smile and cough nor even met him shortly afterwards the kremlin spokes possible so came out and said that what he really tried to lay to rest the idea that smiling cough was really part of interns in a cycle. which is true that smiling cough worked in the president's administration but several years ago he was fired his position wasn't gratz of a top official all the discussion in the us media about someone urgently extracting someone and saving someone etc it is part of as you know a sort of pope fiction genre. and on the other side what we heard from u.s. officials well the other aspect of this story that poses some questions is what role donald trump played this is a c.n.n. article after all now the spy was said to have been targeted long ago so long
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before trump came to power and really cultivated for a long time apparently the whole situation was so sensitive that. obama didn't receive any information on the informant in his daily briefs but was the mysterious he sent this information with secret secret special sealed envelopes to the wire to the oval office but then again reportedly everything changed when trump came to power c.n.n. alleges that the u.s. intelligence got a bit rattled and they were concerned that trump would mishandle classified information and potentially even inadvertently expose the spy so they decided that was the time to exfiltrate him what's interesting is that c.n.n. actually asked the cia about all of this and will probably be disappointed when the agency really cost some strong doubt about the truth behind all of that. is going to speculation that the president for one nation small sensor different teligent
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which she has access to each and every day he drove exfiltration operation in the curate. now shortly after that putting yet another c.n.n. report trump 2 came forward and tonight his involvement. now i know nothing about it i see the cia responded perfectly so whatever the cia said is fine with me but i heard they responded perfectly i know nothing so there are many holes to the story we're relying on anonymous sources and classified information which makes it almost impossible to verify that of course the major actors are denying any involvement or indeed knowledge of the case despite being named instead of shamed quite confidently but without really any evidence in the report the fact that it also conveniently depicts trump as a pos and incapable of dealing with the discreet dumond's of office is probably a bonus for the us media but with so many threats at this stage it sussed me more
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than anything else reads like a very good spy thriller so it's a special case when the cia and trump are agreeing on something saskia taylor artie's correspondent thank you. british prime minister boris johnson has lost a 2nd attempt at turning general election success at the ballot box could have allowed him to repeal a recently passed law aimed at blocking a no deal brock's it through a heated debate and parliament both sides of the house accuse each other of playing political games of all constituent should be confused tonight because the labor party disaster general election for 2 years. we have to still be strong and we are not looking into traps laid by this prime minister became the 1st leader of the opposition in the history of our country to show his claim for this time around she's going to. see how i mean the
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opportunity to have an election with a. due to removing the government this house has lost the respect of the country but it is a laughing stock around the world the prime minister has warned his days in office oh no books. on monday as well as dismissing johnson's bed for an early election m.p.'s compelled his government to reveal its assessment of just how bad a no deal breaks it could be there's more here shoddy edward stuff there. parliament is now trove road or suspended until october the 14th which is a massive 5 weeks away even after a horrendous week in parliament and in fact that terrible night last night boris johnson still maintains that bret's it needs no delay this government will not deny a brick road we will not allow the emphatic good into the referendum to be slowly suffocated by corridor. he says is the point of.
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me that's what they want. to force us to yet another point. i would everybody to know there are no circumstances in which i ask to do that we're leaving on the 31st of october gives bonds we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. on october 31st new ifs or buts timetable was absolutely mammoth us included q. emergency debates plus boris johnson's notion on a snap general election the 1st emergency debate requires the release of preparation documents actually squeeze through with a majority of 9 basically requiring the government to hand over documents and messages of communications all from facebook all the way to what's out message and
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are technically m.p.'s should now have access to all of those messages dating back to july the 23rd that date being quite crucial because it's the day that boris johnson became prime minister not to mention of course that was the day before the government said it was going to suspend parliament it also includes the operation yellow hammer documents there the files on preparations they too should also be to disclosed under this motion now the government yesterday responded saying that it would share these a pro. documents but believes it's an absolutely unprecedented and disproportionate move but we understand that these documents are trickling out throughout this morning so this current parliamentary session has now wrapped up once and for all till october the 14th 5 weeks away and for the opposition it seems like it's been quite a good end to that session for boris johnson it could get a lot worse we heard from conservative party politician roger evans he agrees that
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another brags that would be pointless. i think he will do his level best to get this done by the 31st of all tell you but without saying extension if he doesn't it will bring considerable discredit upon the political process in this country because we keep seeing this difficult decision kicked into the long grass what difference is the 3 month extension really going to make anyway if you look at the timetable for this time if you were about to go off into the policy conference season and i don't know if the parties were actually seriously considering abandoning those come from says so they could continue talking about the solutions they didn't want to for exit which is all you have to have out of the house of cards but we've got the lib dems conference coming up then the labor conference then the tory conference so we would expect people to be away from poland and not having debates and making law at this time if you have any what marketable news after the short break.
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when we all make just manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. can all middle of the room 6. 1000000 real need for. the world is driven by. one person.
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thinks. dear to ask. welcome back and learn then 5 senior mosque officials have been banned from office after an inquiry into the actions of an ice will extract missed who worked with them omar hawke was jailed for life last year for attempting to create what's been called a jihad us child army from young worshippers and questions have been asked about how it was allowed to happen are to spoil a polly boycott reports. step around the corner of this suburban london street and the windows on the building and the plaque on the door will reveal that this is in
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fact a mosque and it's a mosque that sin a bit of trouble right now for hiring a dangerous extremist to teach children and then trying to cover it up 26 year old mahaan taught islamic studies at the mosque despite having no qualifications and being employed as an administrator. was jailed for life gerry in the trial the court heard details of how he'd shown extremist materials to children that had attended the off to school club here and how he tried to mold them into an army of kids. he's teaching us terrorism like how to fight he wants a group of 300 men. and
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those children to reenact the westminster attack he was showing them very concerning terrorist related propaganda videos videos such as beheading videos. yet you power laws them with fear from the point of view that if they raise the law then something similar would happen to them. an inquiry by the charity commission that's the governing body which regulates the way that charities in england and wales a run has now disqualified 5 of the senior officials that used to run the sh. academy for failing to safeguard children as young as 11 from the attempted radicalization by that former employee many of the children that attended the
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classes here were too frightened to tell their parents about the graphic and violent videos that are hike was showing them now that the buses here have been removed an interior mosque manager has been appointed to get things back on the straight and narrow but for the residents of ripple road there are still questions about how hacks activities were allowed to continue unchecked for so long overseas quite frightening being on you just because you see everything on the news and obviously it's always quite far away isn't it so it is a bit frightening to think that that's there when i'm here you know as i've been an influx of different nationalities worldwide. i wouldn't sound surprised at all i mean it's a national. problem isn't it it's not a problem for our suits across the country so it goes out just around the corner it
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could be money he was doing it i would never know because you know it's you just never know where there's a large fire there are no passing it's not just the board the management ones who have just been dismissed for their failures because it's more than just a failure because when you read the report they are chiefly. the investigators into it but it's obviously a failings on the education system in the area to actually fully check before myself i think it's also a problem where anybody who questions anything to do with islam is vilified and that's where we are concerned but people should be able to openly raise concerns of anything that they feel is a problem and let it be investigated and if there's no problem phone off. then obviously the children are the pio it's. the italian prime minister with his newly formed. government is facing a 2nd confidence vote on monday decepticons on the 1st one and also announce the new direction and take on of the coalition he now leads by now to our correspondent
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charlotte charlotte what more did the prime minister have to say. well some very different language coming out from just seppi kaante when he addressed the italian parliament on monday using a different tone particularly when it comes to things like immigration he talked about the new government having to have more humanism and he talked about more integration let's have a listen to what else he had to say. we are more and more convinced that protectionism is not a matter of quick response to immigration that is why we believe that the defense of our national interests and our values has to be conducted in a common battle together with other european countries. well at the same time there were protests taking place outside the italian parliament amongst those in the protests were. being italy's a film interior minister the man who took
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a hard line approach when it came to illegal immigration in italy and as a result of that has become possibly italy's most popular politician under his tenure as interior minister he imposed a raft of restrictions including closing down the ports to charity see what vessels that came in and brute illegal immigration from the sea if you look at the figures some people have suggested that as a result of those policies there has been a drastic reduction in the number of people making their way to italy via the mediterranean since those policies were put in place some a look now at 2017 this is the year before mateus salvini became the interior minister and as you can see there were almost 120000 arrivals of. by the sea to italy now a year later when he was interior minister that was reduced by less than 24000 coming in by the sea to italy and so far in 2019 those policies have meant fewer
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than $6000.00 people arriving on the shores of italy via sea we also saw those policies perhaps projecting a huge up short in popularity for the league his party going from polling 17 percent in the elections in italy the general election in 2018 to 34 percent in the european elections in may early this year number 2 years so the need popular for those hardline policies said to the processing crowds that he believes that italy's new coalition will look to reverse those hardline policies. there are already the 1st signs governments will try to reopen. this case closer together because in italy we do not. well italy's government may feel new but it already seems as if the shine between the 5
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star movement and the democratic party is already wearing off with tensions rising between those 2 parties over a number of issues including a high speed rail link between france and italy that the 5 star movement had opposed in the previous government with many predicting that this government won't be able to last the difference since it will come off the tracks and then of course hopefully for matteo salvini what he wants is to see fresh elections earlier than expected in italy are to start a different scale thanks for bringing us that report. for now but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest thanks for turning it. you know world big partisan mockers and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. and the big 10 years since the prospects started to 10 years i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts fight it out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option $25.00 text birds. and one red rose another suggestion geo political jeopardy parody no political cookout where we will literally wrote the elites. late night show it's
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a rare format these days and it's cheap all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner. to leave me with one of my guess i can do this candle after politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the bow tie you know that is too much. our film begins in hawaii in the middle of the pacific ocean in spite of the island's remote location it is also
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a form and it didn't go to the epidemic of the 21st century plastic. and plastic pollution is littering beaches and endangering certain species of animals no matter how remote or out of reach. in this elaborate tree in the north of the archipelago scientists study marine animals not plastic at least in theory. no idea what that is. but it's certainly plastic. and jessica perelman is a biologist accustomed to finding plastic in fish stomachs she has started a very unique collection. casually often plastic bags and this was all
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coiled up at the stomach when i found it had no idea what it was and i all that it just. or did you react when you find this installment i was shocked i started you know documenting it measuring it taking photos showing whoever else was around in the lab and we were kind of. we were just there shocked to think that these fish are are really ingesting this i mean. to her disbelief the scientists has found plastic in a non likely specimen known as the long fish. the young researcher was not expecting such a surprising discovery when she began this species. fish live at a depth of about 200 to 400 meters and they're clearly coming in contact with plastic and it appears that plastic is truly
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a deeper problem that we might have imagined. even swimming at these depths the long sit fish manages to swallow trivial plastic objects. i mean occasionally you might find a brand name such as this. bottle label and what is this so this is a label from a water bottle dishonor bottle clearly and found amongst the. design design is a pretty well known. bottled water company. you know finding finding a label such as this in the stomachs makes it that easy to determine where you know where it may have originated. this is always more to use than just what you see. is just water in the bottle.


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