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tv   News  RT  September 10, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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donald trump fires says national security adviser john bolton with the president claiming both he and his administration disagreed with many of bolton's ideas. israel's prime minister says that he will annex the west bank's jordan valley if reelected this week can. impose a fiction branded a c.n.n. report that the u.s. secret service is extracted a high level spy from moscow in 2070. 6
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for joining us if you're wondering where you are right now this is r.t. international great to have but i will start with the breaking news story for you which is that president donald trump has sacked his national security advisor john bolton citing several disagreements just 30 new york get an update from. then on yet another member of trump's cabinet. yes the announcement was made on twitter just before john bolton was about to speak for a press briefing john bolton the national security adviser of donald trump who is associated with the neoconservative school of foreign policy and advocacy of u.s. military intervention as a according to trump's tweet he's out this is what donald trump had to say on twitter it seems the terror attack informed john bolton last night that his service
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is no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did overs in the administration and therefore i asked his resignation which was given to me this morning i thank john very much for his service obie naming a new national security adviser next week. now the 70 year old former u.n. ambassador gave a slightly different version of the vents leading to his on jan terminations her resignation then was given by trump on twitter he spoke to the press saying quote i offered my resignation last night and president trump said quote let's talk about it tomorrow well apparently the announcement came on social media they did not talk about it as was planned it simply was an announcement that he was done now mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state also weighed in giving his analysis of what happened with john bolton and what's going on inside of the administration is what we heard from. her i made it clear to my counterpart leaving to the present to talk about the reasons
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he made the decision but i would say this the president's intitled to the staff that he wants that at any moment this a staff person who works directly for the president states and he should have people they trust and values and whose efforts and judgments benefit him and delivering american foreign policy i don't i don't i know everyone's talked about this for an awfully long time there were definite places that invested and i told him i had different views about how we should proceed now john bolton has a reputation for being an advocate of u.s. military force and interventionism around the world he has vocally supported intervention in places like syria venezuela north korea and iran and there were some moves by the trumpet ministration that certainly fit in with his overall viewpoint he strongly advocated that the usa withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and the trumpet ministration did indeed do that furthermore he has been strongly in favor of troops moves against venezuela and he supported the withdrawal of the
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united states from the intermediate nuclear forces agreement with russia however according to the reports pale was strongly opposed to donald trump's a meeting with kim jong il and one which he went to the demilitarized zone and then crossed into the democratic peoples or. public korea furthermore from what we understand a trump also disagreed with pompei o and they suggested he was making out when it came to recent events regarding iran oil tankers and ongoing talk of some kind of negotiation so there were some very solid disagreements between donald trump himself and his national security advisor were edited my fear is that those disagreements have now led us into john bolton stepping out of administration. bringing his right to live from new york think you can. ok earlier we spoke to former senior security policy analyst at the pentagon michael blue food believes that trump how enough to be undermined by both. i think more important is probably
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that trumps. basically leading him into a quagmire with iran and he did not want that to happen he wanted to negotiate he brought to the position something else he brought to the position of his own foreign policy agenda which was the neo conservative agenda of intervention intervention everywhere as the president said publicly a few times. there was no war that the golden didn't like he said the president up for failure in venezuela and and that was a fiasco madeira is still in place what happened was that once the president makes a decision you solute instead bolton took off working behind the scenes to undermine that and we saw this with with his actions with netanyahu
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and with. mohamed been some of the saudi arabia he was under he was undercutting the president every step of the way as opposed to. pump aoe who was much more clever and not criticizing the president but doing what a good soldier would do once the president made a decision and that was to salute and carry on. the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has announced if reelected this weekend he will an x. the jordan valley that forms part of the west bank and has long been labeled by critics as occupied territory. on the. whole we are on the eve of elections president trump said that after the elections he would present his deal of the century for a permanent agreement for israel and the palestinians to be presented just a few days after the elections and it's right around the corner these offers us a great challenge and a great historic once in
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a lifetime opportunity to apply israel sovereignty over our settlements in judea and samaria and also other areas with significance our security our heritage and our future so you know who put it donald trump when we provide historical opportunity for our stand your ground he says of the lord's origin of that was very unusual lands classified as quote by world body think moving the united nations or in other words going to shore an extension of jordan's growing areas in other words you know all. these process of that was long before him any opportunity of a 2 state solution of a palestinian state as well let me quote by an israel because they. are the disputed territories of the west bank and gaza strip of long been a seed of discord more than 600000 israelis in the settlements the 1st appeared in the region more than 50 years ago many international organizations including the
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u.n. and do you have called the settlements a serious breach of international law and israel rejects those accusations claiming that those territories never belong to any country and so no legislation was violated. that's ok in cross live now to defense and political commentator amir oren. it's always been a very good evening i mean we've heard the pledge from netanyahu is it possible though for israel it's actually put this into action. no not really and you know you showed the great sense in. sick where you. 2 from your previous item to this one because the evening is a net loss for the time you know if you lost both them now what he had earlier this evening was just a campaign pledge he knows he cannot annex any inch of the occupied territories for 2 reasons one and the most important one is that peace ways egypt
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as well as jordan is based on united nations security council resolution 242 from november of 167 for beating the acquisition of territories by force and therefore if he tries to annex even jordan valley and not only then some area we have quite the local population the jordan valley being basically bare and he will risk. the entire structure of the middle east he knows that peace a nonstarter it's just a way to focus attention on himself and by the way day after tomorrow he's in sochi for a meeting with president putin and people in israel don't really understand why the russian president wants to help and who is not very popular right now in the
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election. what about if we put this together with what netanyahu was saying yesterday when he claimed that iran had these previously unknown nuclear weapons facilities and that they destroyed them to cover up any evidence if you put that with what he's been saying today critics say this is just all about the election trying to draw attention to himself go along with that is he trying to you know remind people he sees iran as a as a threat and that israel needs a strong leader a leader they already know. yes the critics are right this time because he's trying to shift attention from his corruption scandals he could be indicted. as early as october he wants people to talk about himself as a well class leader in league with putin and trump and he wants to remind people that iran is a mortal danger to israel and presumably he's the only leader capable of contending
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wheezy iran as well as going along. in order to salvage whatever he can from the so-called view of the century but all of that does not seem to have an impact the public opinion polls have not moved at all over the last several weeks people seem to be indifferent and are waiting to go to the polls next tuesday. you mention the deal of the century and i have to start with the name if anybody said the deal of the century to you. is a payment for me of a used car salesman. believe all the spin that's being put on this do you think we're going to see anything credible well of course not by the way even though donald trump. author of the book or had someone author a book for him named the out of the bill he didn't really mediate the in any deal
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he was a puppy to real estate deals and when he announced. some sort of bravado almost 3 years ago that he's going to bring about peace between israelis and palestinians he had no idea what can volved now that he knows he understand that it's impossible and by the way he's special emissary jason grimsley already resigned a few days ago knowing full well that it's an exercise in futility and just briefly if we can why is israel so happy to allow washington to be drawing up the international map for them. well please don't say israel saying it and you know israelis are not this is really in agreement with netanyahu many israelis hopefully most want to have some compromise some grand compromise with the palestinians with the syrians with others in the middle east in order to have some
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peace and quiet and would be willing to make our concessions if a real deal would be on the table and the international arena would be conducive to it amir really appreciate time but here in the thoughts of my guest i mean oren defense and political commentator thank you very much. moving on pope fiction that is our moscow branded a c.n.n. reports that the u.s. secret service is extracted a high level spy from moscow in 2017 citing multiple sources c.n.n. claims that the spy was extracted as it was feared donald trump may expose him both the white house and cia say the story is incorrect and he says skits taylor delve deeper. secret missions exfiltration of spies top level intelligence it sounds like the makings of a thriller and in
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a way it is because this is an elaborate tale recently had by c.n.n. multiple trump administration officials tell me that these are officials with direct knowledge in a previously undisclosed to secret mission in 2017 the u.s. successfully extracted from russia one of its highest level sources covert sources inside the russian government the c.n.n. report claims a man at the highest level of the kremlin was secretly feeding theeye a information for over a decade that he was so ensconced within the kremlin wall so friendly with and trusted by president putin's in a circle but he even managed to photograph documents on the russian leaders desk u.s. intelligence officials had already expressed concerns about the safety of this by other russian assets given the length of their cooperation with the u.s. this according to a former senior intelligence official the report is peppered with vague mentions of secret sources mysterious interviews and skips a bit on the facts facts make
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a thrilla indeed the c.n.n. report doesn't even given him playing of the identity of the informant but the russian media was willing to give it a chance and landed on one smiling cough it's been reported that he previously worked at the russian embassy in washington before becoming up to stay counselor at the presidential administration not really the pinnacle of influence which is true that smiling cough worked in the president's administration but several years ago he was fired his position wasn't that of a top official all the discussion in the u.s. media about someone urgently extracting someone and saving someone it cetera it is part of as you know a sort of pope fiction genre but c.n.n. probably felt it had a bombshell report on its hands it found yet another. unverified crum to suggest it was the russians not the american public who elected trump and then showing that washington had successfully outwitted moscow by sneaking that alleged spy out but
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what could make this revelation more delicious how about trump also being shown to be an unreliable slip president now that would be called a person directly involved in these discussions said that the removal of the russian was driven in part by concerns that president trump and his administration repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence and that that could contribute to exposing the covert source as aspiring so just to clarify the cia gave up its most important source on the off chance that trump might spill the beans a source that's been cultivated for over 10 years in the country is readily says it's almost impossible to infiltrate i could even buy into that if the cia gave me something to what quits i mean they aren't exactly trump's cheerleaders their response that must have come as a bitter blow at c.n.n. h.q. misguided speculation that the president's handling of our nation's most sensitive
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intelligence which he has access to each and every day driven alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate i love a good story but anonymous sources classified information which is impossible to verify trampas incapable of dealing with the discreet demands of office and washington being a step ahead of everyone well it just fits all too neatly. 5 senior mosque officials in london have been banned from office after an inquiry into the actions of a nice select streamers to work with them or higher cause joe for life last year for attempting to create has been called a jihad this child army from young worshippers questions have been asked about how it was allowed to happen with more on this story here's artie's polly burka. step around the corner of this suburban london street and the windows on the building and the plaque on the door will reveal that this is in fact a mosque and it's
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a mosque that sin a bit of trouble right now for hiring a dangerous extremist to teach children and then trying to cover a top 26 year old. taught islamic studies at the mosque despite having no qualifications and being employed as an administrator. was jailed for life gerry in the trial the court heard details of how he'd shown extremist materials to children that had attended the off to school club here and how he tried to mold them into an army of kids. terrorism white house a fight he wants a group of 300 men. and
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those children to reenact the westminster time he was showing them very concerning terrorist related propaganda videos videos such as beheading videos. yet you power laws them with fear from the point of view that if they raise the law then something similar would happen to them. an inquiry by the charity commission that's the governing body which regulates the way that charities in england and wales a run has now disqualified 5 of the senior officials that used to run the sh. this law makes academy for failing to safeguard children as young as 11 from the attempted radicalization by that former employee many of the children that attended
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the classes here were too frightened to tell their parents about the graphic and violent videos that our hike was showing them now that the buses here have been removed an interior mosque manager has been appointed to get things back on the straight and narrow but for the residents of ripple road there are still questions about how acts activities were allowed to continue unchecked for so long overseas quite frightening being on you just because you see everything on the news and obviously it's always quite far away isn't it so it is a bit frightening to think that that's there when i'm here you know as i've been i mean for much different nationalities worldwide. i wouldn't sound surprised at all i mean it's a national. problem isn't it is not a problem for our suits across the country so it goes out just around the corner it
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could be money he was doing it i would never know because you know it's you just never know where there's a large failure on all parts in the not just the board the management ones who have just been dismissed for their failures because it's more than just a failure because when you read the report they are to flee. to the investigators into work but it's obviously a failings on the education system in the area to actually fully check for myself i think it's also a problem where anybody who questions anything to do with islam is vilified and that's a real concern but people should be able to openly raise concerns of anything that they feel is a problem and let it be investigated and if there's no problem phone off but if they're released then obviously the children are the priority. italy's prime minister and his newly formed government are facing a 2nd vote of no confidence no monday just because he won the 1st vote and also announce the new direction italy would take under the coalition that he is now
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having. he has more. much more toned language coming from italy's prime minister decepticon to talking about the new government having to have more humanism and also talking about integration when it comes to immigrants let's have a listen to what else he had to say we are more and more convinced that protectionism is not a matter of quick response to immigration that is why we believe that the defense of our national interests and our values has to be conducted in a common battle together with other european countries where there were protests outside the italian parliament as giuseppe contained and speaking amongst the protesters was met. the leader of the league and the country's former interior minister the man whose hardline stance on illegal immigration such as closing the ports to charity rescue ships has seen the number of people coming to italy
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illegal via the sea decrease rapidly since those policies were introduced now he spoke to protesters saying that he wants fresh elections and he said that the new government is looking to level all the work he did when it came to illegal immigration there are already the 1st signs of government trying to reopen the pooch and in this case we will close with the pull together because in italy we do not and. let's release government may feel new but it seems as if the shine is already beginning to wear off between the 5 star movement and the democratic party with many predicting that the coalition won't be able to go the distance something that i'm sure taylor salvini will be rubbing his hands in glee over with the prospect of early elections in italy. people are lining up to take aim at hollywood's latest comic book movie before it's even hit the silver screen the joker has been accused of glorifying violence.
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i've just seen in their work in phoenix starring as the joker documenting the early years of the said villain from the batman franchise and it shows him as a loader who descends into madness it's not yet on public release this film but a screening at the venice film festival got people are going online many of them are saying it encourages viewers to sympathize with problematic things i don't want to have sympathy for a man best known for his robbery murder and arguably rape shoved down my throat for 2 hours it was not that long ago when a socially isolated described chilled white man who felt wronged by society quite literally dressed up as a joker and shot up a movie theater in colorado joker
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a film where you're supposed to sympathize with a mediocre white man radicalising to do range violence will no doubt be appealing to the wrong audience for the worst reasons millions of children will see the upcoming film joker to laugh at a clown millions of children will be taught that crime violence and mayhem that the stuff of jokes one will howl with take responsibility for promoting a culture of crime we spoke to one filmmaker who believes that censorship should be a last resort. problem with criticizing a film before it comes out for what it's supposed to say is that we're starting to as a lot of people like to do in this country self censor art and creative expressions of art and i have a big issue with that pure and simply because it's really difficult to comment on something that you've not seen and if you're already saying that something is going
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to be the way you think it's going to be and you don't want to see it then we have a problem we have a problem that we have in this country with polarization at a political level at a cultural level we don't want to see what we think is going to be different from what we think about what we support i don't think that video games or movies will encourage people to to commit acts of violence i think the issue is at the source of education of many things that are going on in this country when it comes to mass shootings and role violence i think entertainment if something is an expression of something that is happening in this society that we need to deal with and it's a reminder that there is a lot of issues that are not dealt with and i feel that a lot of people like to put those issues under the carpet instead of dealing with them head on. ok that brings us right up to date thanks for staying with us this
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evening watching on t.v. international join me for updates in half an hour. exists is a sticker from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers. the litterbugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. on the. phone now the mountains of ways only grow higher.
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please. it's. so sad. to see. and a very warm welcome to you you're watching us and. no one else seems wrong wrong just don't call. me that you get to shape out these things you can get educated and engaged with
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because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. greetings and so you take shoes when it comes to big pharma in their world of money power and pills there was only $1.00 certainty oct watchers that public accountability for these corporate drug dealers is going to be harder to get than a prescription for oxycontin that is where multiple multitude of state attorney generals across the nation are discovering as news of settlement talks between pardew farm and the over 40 states and 1500 cities and county governments suing the pharmaceutical giant over their role in the opening up a democrat grow.


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