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tv   News  RT  September 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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can you. tell about sends a clear message to donald trump in an exclusive interview with r.t. urging the u.s. president to rethink its decision to pull off afghan peace talks. by blaming u.s. oil exports top democrats unite in calling for a ban on fracking upon themselves accused of playing into putin's hands. now the classic british children's t.v. character gets fired from his job over diversity concerns. meaning i welcome this is anti international. the chief u.s. negotiator in peace talks with the taliban is to testify before congress and
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questions over donald trump's decision to shut down discussions with the terror group while the taliban has urged the president to return to the negotiating table in an exclusive interview they gave with r.t. . i don't know the reason behind it maybe you can ask them what happened but if you are still committed to the leadership issues receive the i would stand and i would gladly see from this very minute to understand there's no solution for the one conflict except. except the peace on the table so we don't want to revitalize the hook to the i'm stuck tongue. in here come back to where we want to be we're just the side of the. after the fact if you're going to go that route. the taliban is frequently responsible for terrorist attacks across afghanistan the latest incident at least 4 local troops who killed 3 injured in
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a suicide car bomber targeted a military base in southern carbo on thursday and it almost a year of negotiations with the taliban on sunday when they admitted killing a u.s. serviceman to quote strengthen their bargaining position. the opportunity to speak with the taliban officials has been assessing how the talks fell apart just days ago they stood on the brink of a breakthrough the beginning of the end of the afghan war then it all collapsed and it was too good to be true the talks with the taliban are dead and the taliban refused to attend talks with trump wanting a deal 1st trump killed off negotiations citing an american soldier killed by islamists in afghanistan and i put it to the taliban how do you expect trump to talk negotiate with you when you are killing his troops as you speak. the
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next day when mr tucker canceled the sort of. negotiation he had mr buffett with his father is that he says he admitted that he had a good 1000 other well so if big dollars off us why did we could not get one of them or 2 other so this would go away and he would have to defend our civic to different people who defeated a north of people of other somewhere over there but really when what i really want to do we have to defend our people the way the taliban see it lead defending themselves in their country fighting against a foreign occupation and for every american soldier they kill tens of their fighters and civilians are killed in by the u.s. they said this isn't a war they won they say isn't a war they can win by force but they won't and can't give up the what is imposed on us. american soldiers there and i want to stop it's not i'll admit it for the
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soldiers are going to be in washington they are there and there was a lot of us but still we. proposed and we were keen to bring peace and i want some through the system but unfortunately i need to retrieve some sort of identity even if it was cancelled by the american side of science and done a lot of consideration which was which took a list of. his or her mr dulles are going to some of the characters that have broken such a peace treaty and good terms and but obama started it we're going to be stupid so be us rigid we want peace in afghanistan we wanted to give a serious message for the foreign troops is to go from afghanistan so if the other side also who. is this if he also wants the city i don't know what is the what is important for us we have 2 different forces if the if the american side is not really and it was initially and did not want peace on the day it will sort. be
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compared to a different person it would have to do this for a number of years what hurt the most the taliban had negotiated told me is how close they were to a deal a ceasefire the details had been worked out in the fine print sorted and approved only for everything to collapse where there was a discussion on the debate is over when you know they're going to decide that it's to do. a ceasefire between us an american forces and get a city by city government and force of the rule over there on. the internet when we wish it was so. good to avoid wishes of that the ceasefire. and to prevent succes but also other donors the donors the issues can be discussed as things stand talks for now over the war will go on the killing will go on but trump already boasting that he's hitting the taliban with his
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pavement dead in theory we have been serving as policemen in afghanistan and that was not meant to be the job of our great soldiers the finest on earth over the last 4 days we have been hitting our enemy harder than at any time in the last 10 years until that is common sense prevails and the us goes back to what everyone in washington knows is inevitable talks negotiations with the taliban u.s. politicians have been arguing about the country's role in afghanistan for years since it was a key issue as they nights 3rd round democratic debate. where doing right now in afghanistan is not helping the safety and security of the united states because the problems in afghanistan are not problems that can be solved by a military we have got to put an end to and less war one thing we've learned about
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afghanistan from afghanistan it's that the best way not to be caught up in endless war is to avoid starting one in the 1st when we came to you know office to brock turned the president tournaments ajo when they said we had a plan to get out he turned to the whole security team joe will organize this get the troops home the big mistake that was may which we predicted was that you would not have a circumstance where the shia and the kurds would work together to keep isis from coming from moving in a huge mistake and one of the big differences between you and me i never believed what cheney and bush said about iraq you know what here's the war in iraq. and helped lead the opposition. and it's been a kind of you know how the feeling that they would be massive destabilization in that area if we went into that war. the form of this clashed over several
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issues but recently there has been one topic they've mostly agreed on the opposition to fracking with some even calling for a complete ban the process involves drilling deep into the ground to recover or oil and natural gas critics like that it's dangerous and bad for the environment took us democrats share those fears to get aboard and as the story. the usa is now the world's top the oil exporting country check out these words from the international energy agency booming shale production has allowed the u.s. to close in on and briefly overtake saudi arabia as the world's top oil exporter president trump says that this is a huge achievement he's ready to celebrate success becoming more and more energy dominant i don't want to be energy free we want to be energy dominant in terms of the world but not everyone shares donald trump's energy market enthusiasm in fact most of the people who want to run against him in the 2020 alexion want to outlaw
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the practice of hydraulic fracking that's the reason the usa has so much oil and gas any proposal to avert the climate crisis must include a full fracking ban on public and private lands. on my 1st day as president i will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on own you fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands and i will ban fracking everywhere it's not just the left progressives you've got the centrist come all the harris there's no question i'm in favor of banning fracking so at this point roughly 59 percent of america's oil is extracted from the shale so if you outlawed the practice of hydraulic fracking you would knock down the oil sector of the u.s. economy pretty hard the same for natural gas now check out this headline. kremlin kemal or harris and other democrats are embracing vladimir putin's preferred u.s. energy policy the new conspiracy theory even went viral on twitter many in fracking
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and use of natural gas would do more damage to america and make lead to more prudent heavier than anything donald trump has ever said or done so good job democrats you are being pro russia pro putin and program wind by wanting to ban natural gas of course the senator isn't the only 2020 democrat calling for this from russia with love ban on fracking the most reliable of k.g.b. useful idiots bernie sanders is even clearer that this notion that opposition to hydraulic fracking is all a big plot from moscow is nothing new in fact we've even heard it from the halls of the u.s. congress we have seen evidence of campaigns targeting a culture and energy as 2 to. industries of interest to foreign powers on energy we've seen anti fracking narratives so it seems like nowadays the only way to really play it safe in american politics is to find out what the why we're putting once and do the exact opposite so let's hope that the russian president doesn't
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talk about say fixing up america's crumbling roads and bridges or addressing the opioid epidemic. r.t. new york. in the u.k. a classic children's t.v. character is being criticised for failing to keep up with modern equality standards farm and some has been axed from his role as a mascot for a local brigade as if their bosses that he could discourage women from joining. his friends. on the phone to the rescue team managed to save the day. first aired in 97 as an animation about firefighters in a small world spillage since then has been widely used to promote fire safety and services across the u.k. now though it seems this time could be up billy boy explains. generations of kids may have grown up with him but legendary children's t.v.
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show character fireman sam needs to get with the times that's according to the lincolnshire fire and rescue service for years he was their mascot helping to recruit new fina fighters bots now lincolnshire fire and rescue service say that fineman sound is outdated and non-inclusive and he's putting off potential female recruit firefighters nationally and residents locally have raised some concerns that farm and some doesn't reflect the former service today in terms of both the job itself and our workforce it's important to us that our open dates and community events don't think anyone feel excluded and therefore we took this decision lincolnshire chief fire officer. fired fireman sam has been getting roasted for it duration does a great job for you as a wife writing life as a wind a way that's not yours it's not acting like you should do is to far yourself that
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it is a leaf i'm a sahm alone this isn't the 1st time that fireman sam has been in hot water many argue that while the show is politically correct and features plenty of female characters it should be renamed to firefighter. no i think you got it right i think it's just somebody taking it to the fore and stickery really enough income quite happy with what it is he is the epitome of straight. to my mind. may not be terribly appealing to people who want to be. firemen however if you're to be a farmer. why don't you just stick to the basics and enjoy and get back to the basics so we might have a nicer place to live. very very happy to have been renamed firefighters and 1st some to then become
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a non gender specific person over here but why not some sort of gender specific name but street sir yes now muslim and yes exactly exactly they could be put in here because no rubbish it could be so just do. it was just a children's cart to take meetings to fogs that music and another british cartoon icon peppa pig was recently been rated by none other then the london fire brigade whose head is by the way a woman for featuring an episode where mommy pig pretended to be a fire man and not a fire fighter mummy pig is dressed as a fireman on a well you just like. i'm going to the mummy's fire engine practice come on peppa pig we've not been firemen for 30 years you have a huge influence on kids and using out of date stereotypical gender specific
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wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters join our fire fighting sexism campaign women make up just 5.2 percent of firefighters in england and with that in mind lincolnshire fire and rescue service have come up with 3 original new characters to help attract more diverse recruits that anthropomorphise sized fire extinguishes freddy filled but and penelope. india is made around $4000.00 the rest since part of kashmir since just last month will have a look at what's going on and other stories for you after the break. to become eternal you have to become. robots. since you know we have to become creatures like. iran and north korean or the superhero movies.
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then i don't think i don't see them on i don't want to be algorithm. this is our last show in paris and then we go on the other countries oh my so excited you know that you've heard about it we're going to talk about it and are going to talk about the french economy the uk they have one here. you know world of big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back the outgoing president of the commission john told young has lashed out at an initiative by successive regarding migration with all the details is done of course. dunker might be on his way out as a hughes commission president but that hasn't stopped him from giving his $0.02 on issues of migration one of his latest statements assured the continent that migration is not a threat to europe's way of life. to oppose the european way of life to migration you have to respect the. independent view from the independent from the. younger was responding to his successor ursule of on their lay and her initiative to make several government titles of positions more creative and a bit less formal now the most controversial of which was the vice president for the
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protection of the european way of life and this this position was intended to address how migration affected life on the continent the european way of life is built around solidarity peace of mind and security we must address and they legitimate fears and concerns about the impact of irregular migration on our economy and society younger might have come out publicly in opposition to their lands initiative to rename these government positions but in the e.u. parliament there are larger divisions at play some are saying that this is helping the right wing might even amount to fascism while others are saying what's the big deal and the why it's european commission claiming to protect our european way of life is a far cry from the idea of unity in diversity on which this union is built when we talk about the european way of life what we're talking about is asylum and integration the european way of life is about those coming from war from hunger
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from climate change and integrating all those who want to come and live with us now this row is only one part of europe's larger migration situation especially because 1st arrival countries like italy and greece are finding it increasingly difficult to stem the tide of illegal migration on to the continent while from a far countries like germany are only pressuring them to handle the situation better. earlier i discussed this issue with paris based attorney at law and sorenson chairman of the communist party of sweet european life evolved during the years it has changed a lot a european life is the unity within that diversity but the only issue here is what do you going to do with all these make grants coming to europe are we as european are able to host them. greatly haase them or not when it comes to migrants. our basic position is that we support. the migrants and we.
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we were international solidarity because the reading from basically become part of the system most of these immigrants come for economy called reasons and as europeans we cannot handle this and we cannot give them the better their situation or a better life because we have a lot of we have a lot of unemployment here so it's going to be it's going to be very difficult for us european to force them all these immigrants as well as the one well the. united. states because it covers the whole of europe emissions are divided into classes. support. for unity between. the exploited and exploited within the european companies. to form the way of describing the situation in europe this is
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a comment directly from mrs lay and. we must address underlay legitimate fears and concerns about the impact of irregular migration on our economy and our society says she feels that. the economy just every day people's lives are being threatened by by gratian are you in favor of them come again even if they're causing problems in that sense the problems of migrants in themselves the problem is the reason they are being used the capitalist system as. we exploited. various countries economically. we we need more. of the countries we. live in a climate of the world i don't know if you remember a long time ago in france we had the french prime minister card michelle walk out and he said long time ago and he was a socialist and he was a very open mind the socialist and busy very pro him again and he said once we cannot we cannot force all the means that we afterward in france that's that's the
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thing it comes across as very negative very defensive that immigrants are a sweat to us shouldn't she have gone for a different title perhaps you know commissioner in charge of improved integration of immigrants from her perspective of course you have to. listen to the bar right now just to use which in order to try to do some support from the road keeping them from going to basically all the wrong or representatives make peace with the law of the torah law. in their use of language and words of the road is not surprising because this is the this is the political climate that exist the protection of the european way of life is more against let's say let and let's face the problem is more against islamic countries and they stand people because most of them they come here they want to they want to keep their way of living their way their way of freedom of their religion and i can tell you as anyone
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myself i many and myself i'm earing in france and i came here but when you go when you go to a country you have to you have to pledge respect to that to their culture. this country keeping and sipping your of your own culture i consider myself as friends as iranian friends make. a difference called sir but i think as a as a french i should be spared the culture of france. only $4000.00 people have been arrested in indian administered kashmir since new delhi revoked its special status last month that's according to local authorities the mass dissensions government ongoing clashes between the local population and indian security forces more than half of the of those arrests have been released although hundreds of local politicians and prosser produced activists remain behind bars india says it's committed to establishing full constitutional order in kashmir and accuses pakistan of stirring unrest my government is taking affirmative
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actions by adopting progressive policies to promote social economic equality and justice these progressive policies will now be fully applicable to our citizens in general and no doubt these are some good decisions entirely internal to india no country can accept interference in its internal affairs certainly not india pakistan needs to stop interfering in india's affairs it needs to stop exporting to india the minute that stops normalcy the problem today has been created because of pakistan's qualities of a 1000 cuts to the pakistan as a knowledge of the world or the global factory pakistan needs to back off all indian states are normal the only issue that happens is interest me because pakistan is the immediate me word that creates trouble that the minute pakistan is out of that we should probably stop. and he sat down with the focus on the prime
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minister imran khan to discuss the situation in kashmir. what we fear now. is that. this is current b.g.p. government is now going to use force. we fear that there will be oppression unprecedented already as i said 370200000 kashmiris have been killed but what they are going to do now we faired that this is out of our genocide why are they why have the clampdown on media they don't allow any media to get in there nothing is coming out of what is happening in the time they've imposed this curfew and these extra. security personnel there they did not even allow the leaders of the opposition parties to visit the dinner allow them there so what are they trying to hide. sadly i would have expected the world to react much more than
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it has. and you can watch that interview with in full right here on r.t. international a little later today. and about things of appreciate you staying with us coming your way in just over half an hour. just a nuisance. warning more like. a couple o. . 6 islamist groups in.
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the footage there are good terrorists and bad deadens the bad terrorists and those in yemen who the united states deems to be a threat the good of those who are in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right wing military juntas funding an army of death squads there's no any more because there's always a small come from really good that's. for profit.
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to become eternal we have to become kharkiv robots mutants you know we have to become creatures like you. i wrote nora you know as a. superhero movies. then i don't see them i don't see them on i don't want to be algorithm. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. been there into small boats next to the harpoon ship and it's standing. on top of. the limo self to big fish already 90 percent of the dock and he won't recover. qantas 15 scoops 75 tons they do it several times a day with
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a big screen oh you get an idea for an ocean. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be within this oh he is the only boy because. i'm doing this because i want them for the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean how we have. john bolton is out trumps approval rating is down and elizabeth warren is now tied with joe biden for the democratic nomination in a newly released poll the political panel weighs in on this edition of.
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welcome to politicking on matthew cook in for larry king on tuesday president trump announced via twitter that he was firing the national security adviser john bolton for his part. mr bolton claims he quit this plays out as a newly released poll shows donald trump's approval ratings down since mid-summer what path might mr trump take in the coming months to try to improve those numbers and another poll shows senator elizabeth warren climbing into a virtual tie with former vice president joe biden for 1st place in the battle for the 2020 democratic nomination can she maintain her momentum let's turn to the political panel for analysis they are amy holmes political columnist and michael toben democratic strategist and former senior aide to senator chuck schumer they're both in new york city welcome to the program that pleasure to be with you so let's jump right in and talk about this economist hugo poll released why.


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