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10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the i know that it's too. early monday morning moscow time headlining right now prices spike following those attacks on the older funders of the weekend but the u.s. pointing the finger of blame at iran. is in the air climbs down on kashmir a prominent separatist leader awaits trial on a decades old murder case with wife coming up. magine any human being locked up in a cage fight by 7 feet with an opening that. universities in california might have to supply students now with abortion pills if a controversial new bill is signed off it's ignited debate. we need to educate these college students have
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a number of health not the answer here are we going to say to a woman you know what you had a chance to get an education to create a better life for yourself but you completely ruined that. good morning this is out international law from. moscow my name is kevin owen here with a 30 minute world news round up for you then 1st this all prices a spike following the latest attacks on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure moving at levels not seen since the invasion of kuwait back in 1990 the united states is saying that iran is responsible for the south of the attacks on the state run refineries denies the allegations and accuses the u.s. of deceit and if a trunk is got the latest is monday morning it's not even been a week since the famous most staunch was shaved off the face of america's foreign policy if you know what i mean but even without mr bolton someone else who's actually in charge of diplomacy has tweeted the u.s.
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will join efforts with allies to ensure iran is held accountable for its aggression and there's plenty of other hawgs to explain how not supposed to be done. it is now time for the united states to put on the table an attack on iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations where increased nuclear enrichment so the sound of the drums of war is back because oil refineries in saudi arabia went up in flames now after a hit see this island right here that is the kingdom of bahrain as seen from space the fire was so huge that the black of the smoke was almost just as big as you can see right there but who said it was to iran the u.s. state department even though boss might compare didn't explain how they knew the rain ians did it i'll tell you what the who the rebels who are fighting a civil war in yemen even said it was us but for washington that's just
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a smokescreen. amid all the cools for deescalation iran has now launched and i'm president of the tyco of the world's energy supply the damage is indeed a men's if you look at it from one side the world's biggest black gold producer says the strike cut its crude old supply by around a half donald trump quickly called the saudi crown prince to offer him full support but we know just how much oil and how much cash saudi arabia has riyadh has already called its buyers telling them the disaster is still not enough to disturb its black gold exports plus they've been known as a western darling in the middle east for years and the saudis have been bombing the who theory rebels in yemen with the solid approval of the u.s. and allies.
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but back to iran the number one troublemaker in the area through washington's lenses i mean lately even donald trump has hinted he's ready to engage in diplomacy with their leadership but apple could have. no problem with the black plumes of smoke from the burning saudi oil have probably clouded those intentions with or without john bolton what to do with iran remains the u.s. administration's toughest puzzle. if the u.s. is able to convince its allies like the europeans that. iran was indeed. a country that carried out these attacks then. that could be quite serious but there's no evidence so far that that that is the case we're only hearing from the u.s.
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that. that iran was responsible obviously the u.s. is is trying to put maximum pressure on iran. but it remains to be seen whether that will be effective this is the 1st major incident the u.s. has faced since bolton either resigned or was fired and so we will have to watch closely and see who is driving this this this very isolated but aggressive response to these attacks in saudi arabia. this morning a prominent separatist leader of disputed kashmir is set to face trial in an indian court for alleged murder almost 30 years ago his name is yesin malik he's the head of a group that wants the muslim majority region to belong neither to india or pakistan
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nuclear neighbors of course both want to claim cashmere in full is separatist group has been banned in india under a new anti terror law though as a former militant 25 years ago his group adopted violent methods mali faces trial for allegedly leading a group of militants who killed 4 indian air force personnel encouraged me a back in 1990 he's been in india in prison since march a law that allows for suspects to be held for up to 2 years without charge his wife told us about the inhumane prison conditions she says he's being kept in. imagine any human being locked up in a cage 5 by 7 feet with an open lap and to sleep there on the really hard cemented floor without any blanket and with this hypertensive lights on his head all the time he's got blood clots in his eyes because the light doesn't go off and he's not allowed to open the cage even for
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a minute and in the entire 24 hours just for 10 to 15 minutes they open the cage and like you know you with a leash you pull out a dog from the from the dog house and you force them to walk even an animal won't do that because naturally your legs your arms your bourne's they become stagnant and he requires definite physiotherapy which has been recommended by the doctors from that you. is increased wear in india strip kashmir of a special autonomy status in early august this year india sent thousands of additional troops arrested $4000.00 and imposed a communications blockade on the region that it wants to integrate but ex-wife again told us that india is silencing customary voices. it's basically it's that last for you know just an easy terms like a land grab i mean we're sitting in this house and just imagine if some gangsters. attack us and you know they snatch away our properties and you know they force us to write the name in. give them the property rights and cut off all the electricity
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all food supplies and we have no weiss no connection to the outside world so we're left defenseless in the same manner that's what they're doing with us right now they're starving us to death at. 1.4000000 and and i weiss's are not being heard because naturally we have a voice but order is a clamp down on communications on internet and there's a blanket ban on all the political voices and there's no social media there's no mobile networks no radios don't television so we are totally living on another planet right now because we dispute remains one of the longest resolve conflicts in british india partitioned india and pakistan back in $147.00 when indian security expert we spoke to justified new delhi's actions and said that a referendum on kashmir independence is not a viable option. pakistan has changed the demography in the areas that it occupies what we call as pakistan occupied kashmir and they have also brought in
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a large amount of the regular presence that is the militants and the terrorists since india had taken the decision on august fire the more the government had big these decisions to ensure that there would be nor. weiland from the people and also told that there would be noise damage by pakistan and the support of the terror groups how india and personal that at the moment it's not really clear but the political claim to pakistan occupied kashmir as the unfinished part of partition is still there on the indian political spreadsheet if you will. next california passed a controversial bill that if made law would force universities in the state to provide students seeking to terminate a pregnancy with abortion pills the proposal sparked outrage by ensuring
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that abortion care is available on campus college students will not have to choose between delaying important medical care i have been to travel long distances on these classes the work. not on my dime not on my dime taxed me to help the homeless tax me to help social services the don't tax me to pay for did this puzzle of human life they should be ashamed to risk women's lives in schools. if it gets the approval of california's governor in 2023 campus health services at $34.00 universities in the state will be required to provide students with abortion pills according to the bill there are more than 400000 eligible female students at california state university campuses or probably the nation's about $10000000.00 will be used to train staff and machines it's fair though that eventually the state would have to cover the cost or universities of the race student health one study of adolescent health phone that more than $500.00 women at public universities in
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california seek a medication abortion every month the same research suggests that off campus abortion providers in the state where on average over 9 kilometers from campuses resurface an attorney an author and current turk radio and t.v. host take up the debate. we have to allow women to decide if they want to pursue their education without the complications of bearing children that would be an economic harm to them they have to be able to be able to make a choice and providing them the tools with the abortion pill is simply just doing and doing just that we have to give women a choice but we should also be pushing adoption as an option why do we just want to hand them a pill and say it's ok here take care of your problems you know what the problem is we need to address this before these women get pregnant we need to educate these college students handing them over a pill is not the answer here are we going to say to a woman you know what you had
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a chance to get an education to create a better life for yourself but you've completely ruined that and now that you're pregnant we're not going to be able to complete your studies or there's a risk that you won't be able to do that and so you just have to drop out and a person who doesn't have an education doesn't have the ability going to go after high level jobs i now want and i'm now you're at a because most women ceasars and not interested in being on government announced in order not to go saying that most women are shown on and off or even have it already and more families will or you know we can get we can allow these women to go through with a full term pregnancy and allow them to choose adoption but can we actually be honest and discuss the impact of carrying a child for 9 months on a college campus when you absolutely had no desire to be pregnant very simply morally wrong it's morally wrong to promote abortion in a way that it becomes the chosen choice where it becomes the number one choice over a life i'm pro-choice i believe in
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a woman's right to choose i believe there are circumstances where she should have that choice but i also believe that we need to advocate for a life we're allowing women to decide for themselves based on what they know about their life experiences and their socioeconomic status or are they in a position to move. forward and currently take on the role of being a mother that is something that's not taken lightly by these women and i believe that when we allow them the tools to make the choice they're going to say you know i have to make this choice for me i hear you and i'm not necessarily again i'm pro-choice i'm not necessarily against abortion attire lady i think that it needs to be a calculated choice but i think giving women an easy way out and giving them a cop out and making them a victim and handing them a pill and saying go take care of this problem you know what i think babies are a blessing i don't necessarily think there's a problem and again i go back to the statistic which is for every baby born in the
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united states there are 37 families that want to adopt that baby let's raise the narrative let's empower these women let's take these college kids and say you know what it's ok you got pregnant we're going to help you here's this beautiful wonderful family that will adopt and raise your baby and maybe a better socioeconomic and environment than what you're in. america to join pros launched an updated version of his class people get monopoly now to try to address the gender pay gap the school miss monopoly is still female players who get more money than for male players for the say much it says the game embodies a positive message about female empowerment but it seems not all women are impressed. a look at there at the end. i don't really know. the all there are only.
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as a woman i find ms monopoly sexist equality doesn't mean we men make more than men advocate free a way to go has for your amusement i do not need a financial head start i would like to start equal and then kick some butt thanks.
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hasbro actually wanted to celebrate women's empowerment with their new ms monopoly game why not finally acknowledge that a woman invented monopoly in the 1st place. in the 5 years i spent reporting my book at the monopolists published in 2015 which chronicled the discovery of the board games invention hasbro declined to comment or knowledge maggie's role in originating the game it trivializes the the plight of women in the workforce. i don't understand what they're trying to do it fact they also pay lip service if best to the originator of of monopoly who was a woman and what it does is it basically takes a cause which many people take very seriously and should the notion of eat quality and equivalent treatment in the light and reduces it to that of
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a board game and you start off where women make more money and somehow i guess this is supposed to inspire conversation or some type of insight into what women go through i think it's tawdry it's pathetic and again stupid. get involved our story online time 6917 moscow time outs international live you still to come a change of government maybe just maybe a corresponding warm welcome for my good suit make it through all the troubles to it to even get some live inside coming out from our europe correspondent. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig
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deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in. the world is driven by a dream shaped by our own personal there is. no day or thinks. we dare to ask.
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again this is about international good morning so next italy is allowed migrants to disembark from the rescue vessel onto the tree for the 1st time this year is signaling a break that from the hardline immigration policies imposed on the sylvania the country's former interior minister the move comes as the italian prime minister promises to over the whole italy's immigration policies let's get across this with your correspondent see what's going to make these people trying to get a better life some safety defense he good morning is it now than we say a more welcoming place today is it perhaps a big shift to seeing it from the prophet appeared to be on now or not. well absolutely this is being seen as a radical shift in policy by the new government you already heard from the
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country's prime minister last week that he wanted to make it to the room a place for my kids and that's exactly what we're seeing in the 1st week in office of this new government 82 my current allowed to disempower on the island of lampedusa but the country's new foreign minister to my is adamant that this is not to return to open ports. there's a big misunderstanding about the safe port good viking it was assigned a port because the e.u. would head to our request to take the major share of the migrants it must be my clear just like with the previous government our right is to ensure that those who arrive in italy redistributed to other european countries for the keys. well it's probably understandable that the foreign minister will say that this isn't a return to open ports in italy given that the closure of italy's ports to charity rescue vehicles was one of the most popular policies put in place by the former
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interior minister but to sell feeney as a result of his hardline immigration stance he saw his popularity surge at the polls and that of his party that he has been critical of this recent development and he thinks that it does take no a sea change. in the army they tally in population is not a slave will anybody. with the whispers with micro and macro to the traces of the italian people. so what about the people who live on the tile in tallinn island of lampedusa how is this affecting them and what did they think. to stop have they have the right to move and it's right to be tolerant it's only fair to rescue these migrants but decisions must be made because we can't accept everyone. their faith in the new government and i hope they will do things differently but i hope that with some sense they will be able to govern
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together for the good of italy. that i was once attacked by a moroccan he looked at me 3 or 4 times saw that i was old and i had to go. closer and just took it out that we might become racist when these things happen to you but we're not. being they should be fairly distributed throughout europe every country must take responsibility for these people in need to be. well e.u. leaders are still to yet agree on a concrete way forward just how they will deal with the immigration crisis it's only going on while it's in these new government says this isn't a return to open ports it's really more is very likely to be seen now is the charity rescue vessels think that they have been given the green light to once again it's really you know it's never a dull moment italian politics but it means so much of course what rules are
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brought in for these people trying to make it to some sort of safety of everything a breakthrough thanks very much for the update there your correspondent sheila do bensky. will look into a brighter future or not germany's approach to reduce energy has had some of the wind taken out of itself we can report this morning was strong resistance from people who live near power generating turbines you either love him or hate it would seem double quarter went to meet some of them to see what their problem was. germany's 2030 renewable energy goals are on a collision course with reality the country's energy sector needs a hero something to save the green agenda before it's too late and to fill those larger than life issues the government has put its faith in wind power we are convinced that the expansion towards 65 percent of renewable power on the grid by 2030 can only be reached if the expansion of onshore wind is revived for years wind power was a main driving force of germany's fast expanding green energy industry making up
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almost a quarter of total production so far this year its proponents praise wind as one of germany's most important energy sources creating thousands of jobs and many megawatts of energy while also cutting c o 2 emissions but wind farm expansion has slowed to a snail's pace and these towering males have cost hundreds of anti wind citizens initiatives to spring up across the country so i drove down to brandenburg task residents how they felt about these when mills being built in their backyards and enough to know their craft warning lights are flashing so that you feel like you're in the middle of an industrial park on oil refinery and during winter months the shadows from the rotating mills create a disk in your living room and there are a lot of complains about it so i was on talk we're going to have been sitting outside on the sunday as you know open our windows it annoyed because of the noise of the whole landscape licas those are serious problems but noises and shadows
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aren't the only issues here in fact residents are complaining about other ways in which when males are hurting the environment. is renewable energy is a great idea but the needs to be a reasonable approach windmills in the forest we are generally against that they hadn't must enough crudes bats and insects are being killed on mass murder damages biodiversity by technology. they're supposed to be environmentally friendly there are more negative outcomes than positive ones and to top it all off they feel that the government doesn't care who bears the burden when it's in day or when generating zone was built at a distance prescribed for smaller meals and that was ok but then they built an additional one that is 50 meters high with these regard to the local community we haven't been asked but just presented with the facts 6 into it on both of them the 1st 6 mills were instilled and we urgently consider it positive now they're getting
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bigger taller louder people are getting annoyed and now there is a notion that our contribution to renewables has been fulfilled and the expansion should stop and if the government doesn't explore other alternatives in response to this grassroots opposition germany's environmental goals could be gone with the wind donald carter r.t. brandenburg it watching this morning 26 minutes past the hour depending on what part of the world you're in a cause that's the 30 minute world news that they have for us this monday follow on facebook follow us on twitter check it out t. dot com for the latest with any time in moscow it's kevin in the team wishing you a great day. please. leave. was. league.
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final. bell any. one else chose seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. the ball yet to shape our disdain comes to the ticket and in game trip it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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time after time she we're going underground as in the week trump appoints a new u.s. security advisor nato nation turkey hosts talks between presidents further one putin and rouhani the head of the un general assembly coming up on the show palestine's ambassador to the united nations speaks to going on the ground on the eve of an election that threatens to end the career of israeli prime minister netanyahu as he faces global condemnation of his plans to annex more palestinian land plus of hearings continue today in occupied cuba the guantanamo lawyer for alleged $911.00 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed explains how the cia appears to have gone out of its way to prevent his conviction told us a more coming up in today's going on the ground the 1st today marks 37 years since the sabra and shatila massacres committed by christian fascists aided by israeli defense forces in lebanon after up to 20000 mostly civilians were killed there when
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the supreme court in europe left the door open to a future possible prosecution of then israeli prime minister ariel sharon on war crimes for sabra and shatila this is what the then foreign minister binyamin netanyahu now prime minister of israel said israel and the jewish people cannot accept additional blood libels. against the jewish state on the soil of europe so what happened at sabra and shatila 37 years ago today here's what renowned academic norman finkelstein told this program about what led to it lebanese maronite forces told that can go into the refugee camps clean them out quote unquote and they went in there and block and street and exit into the camps it's fired from where it's at night as the lebanese. forces the
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christian forces that are carried out this massacre and accounts about 2000. how stinney and refugees were murdered in sabra and shatila but when netanyahu than working with the perpetrator of alleged war crimes this is fake news when. factor distorted and you semitic diatribes are allowed. centrally calling for the free slaughter of jews without the right of the jews to defend themselves this is the harking back to the worst and use of semitic practices that were prevalent in europe than who has been one of the few world leaders to visit boris johnson since becoming prime minister here before he shut down parliament i think they should welcome. may be the. first public to go into. ok. yet another try. to push
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forward keep.


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