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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2019 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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it was. for. sally a moscow time headline this morning tensions rise in hong kong as anti-government protests against violent images of a man being viciously beaten there are gone viral coming up these disturbing images . that i know i. bought over today how long are we time leading up to this the hong kong protests is now in america hearings on a bill to provide support for the pro-democracy movement in hong kong. another big story across today for israel goes to the polls in an unprecedented repeat of parliamentary elections that will decide the fate of incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu look at how donald trump has been lending his way to the campaign.
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good morning busy on tuesday shaping up as a say just 10 10 am here in moscow this tuesday morning is kevin 0 in here with his 30 minute world news round up from the international start of this an unarmed man has been seriously injured by anti-government protesters in hong kong during the latest rounds of demonstrations there he reportedly tried to confront a segment of the rally at the weekend but was viciously attacked and left unconscious requiring treatment at the scene video of the instance going viral i should warn you next these images you saw a bit of it in the headlines they are upsetting. me and i don't yet know how you can tie dye. it out i don't know. what i don't which a woman. teasing out the man cheating at. the protest movement in hong kong 100 days over the weekend. once again they clashed with police the demonstrations
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were initially sparked by that controversial extradition bill back in june since then though the demands of the empty protesters have been much broader and of attracted support from the west. meantime one of the protest leaders has arrived in the u.s. joshua warren is now in washington where he's expected to attend congressional hearings he's a prominent student activist who organizes protests against the chinese government in our own kong the 22 year old is also a leader of the pro democratic party demo system he's already served several jail terms for his activities while his visit to new york over the weekend drew some huge attention in the media and reuters the new york times and bloomberg are among those that are asked for an interview or invited him to their age cues he also gave a speech to students at columbia university as part of his overseas to mr wong visited germany to where he met prominent politicians there including the foreign minister hiker mass he also met with the leader of the white helmets humanitarian group accused by damascus and moscow of staging chemical attacks in syria today as
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we mentioned it expected that u.s. congressional hearings senator marco rubio has introduced a bill that proposes support for hong kong from the u.s. to guarantee its autonomy he goes down off reports on it. they are many they've won the fight with the authorities by early submission but they are anything but done the american flag waving taskforce among the hong kong protesters are sending their poster boy to convince us legislators to do something big on autonomy. well for those of you having difficulty making out the absence of this boilerplate script it's that human rights and democracy act and it's meant to show beijing that the u.s. is serious about fighting for hong kong's rights the united states must make clear
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to china that its interference in hong kong's affairs will have consequences this month we must possibly cameron bipartisan on consumer rights and democracy act the bill was devised in response to what the u.s. has been calling a chinese infringement on the region's autonomy and requires for america to review own homes special status annually and if that status is ever revoked the region's autonomy would not so much be infringed but rather new to dust since the early ninety's hong kong has been enjoying huge advantages for wearing washington's special status badge. and some believe that a small yet vocal group of protesters is laying an explosive tripwire for the whole
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region which will not enjoy the konami chain reaction if it's ever triggered in a way that is they've just. to get all of the the biggest economy in the world without us this city will always just ordered. it's going to hold a great deal but it's not just the whole poorly there are thousands all united states don't believe in ready all of it would likewise be affected of course it's full of a cold war because. it calls only or percent of charlus the problem he was the. head of the deal years ago in the a cold war moral as far as equality is also. but this isn't on the other hand of course we lost i wish the one concludes this is the sea so as to help with the internationalization that remain with the.
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american legislators the bill is designed to punish mainland china specifically as protesters want sean. but while the end goal may very well be punishing beijing in pursuit of a geo political supremacy washington my just overall look at the collateral damage . u.s. democratic presidential candidate joe biden is pushing his bid for the white house with a focus on the fight against racism on sunday he delivered a speech an african-american church but just days earlier during presidential debates when pressed on segregation of the legacy of slavery switched the subject and lectured on americans instead on how they should bring up the children is caleb maupin with more on it. joe biden formally the vice president is now running in the democratic primary enjoys a huge amount of support from the african-american voters and he wants them to know he really cares about them we bring social workers into homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children it's not they don't want to help they
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don't want they don't know quite what to do play the radio make sure the television the scrutiny make sure you have the record player on the phone make sure the kids hear words a kid coming from a very poor school or a very poor background who hear 4000000 words fewer spoken by the time they get there the record player now he seems a couple decades behind on modern technology but it's also a tad bit condescending don't you think now some are calling it parent shaming biden is a liberal racist why dems better start calling this out because black women are watching if joe biden isn't forced out of the running now i give up 1st who looks into the camera and lost at the mention of racial inequality in u.s. schools then he describes back home life and then teen in the way it is done in the government and insulting drew biden's son on how to address the literacy of slavery was appalling and to scorn now this isn't the 1st time that joe is flubbed an
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answer when it comes to a racial issue he made some remarks when barack obama was selected as the democratic party candidate in 2008 that he probably meant to sound like a compliment i mean you got the 1st mainstream african-american who's articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy joe biden's comments point to an increasing phenomenon in us society being referred to as a liberal racism joe biden is not burning a cross or arguing that non-whites are inferior but he does seem to have a touch of a white savior complex he comes across as condescending to those he thinks he's helping a study refers to it as a competence downshift and joe biden is not the. only what white liberals may unwittingly draw negative stereotypes demean themselves down in a largely well meaning folksy but ultimately patronizing attempt to connect with the outgroup democratic party is pretty put on a list economy you can look you see order policies from the world put into place to
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live think their legs generally aren't smart ways really with their points to the democrats projecting a lot of their own insecurities a point everyone knows d.c. everyone is receives everyone is sexy as everyone is all this day and when it's really them they feel their way in a chance to see that is the other side actually feels that way for decades the democratic party has been promising to help minorities in the united states but do party leaders actually see them as it will members of society well joe biden's recent comments have got plenty of people asking that question. archie new york. israel's currently deciding the fate of incumbent prime minister but even that yahoo in unprecedented repeat parliamentary elections he's locked in a tight contest with his rival buddy guns as the latest from jerusalem but none political parties are expected to be part of the next israeli parliament or the israeli knesset and the competition here really boils down to 2 men the incumbent
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his right wing likud party and his former defense chief benny guns and his more seem to lift blue and white party not to say hm somalia 6 months ago when we had the previous elections which netanyahu won but despite winning them he was unable to form a majority 61 mandates out of $120.00 parliament seats many suspect that the same scenario could unfold and so the goddess of whether it's guns or whether it's the timing are who we might have a son and it's increasingly likely that nigel's able to form a majority government or so give me some more ideas that have. been doing to boost his support base of like well like any politician that's fighting for his political . survival netanyahu has been making a lot of promises the most recent of which is that he said should he be reelected he will and makes west bank settlements and a dog in valley as well anyone who thought that the peace process between israelis and palestinians wasn't already dead this certainly was the last nail in the coffin
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he has also started negotiating a u. s. israel defense treaty i had a call with prime minister netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with the mutual defense treaty between the united states and israel that would further the tremendous alliance between our 2 countries thank you my dear friend president trump the jewish state has never had a greater friend in the white house the american president donald trump has been playing an enormous role in the israeli elections back in april just before the previous elections he made the bold statement that the americans recognize the israeli hold over the golan heights and this is despite the fact that a contravenes international law and has remained a contentious issue ever since the heights were taken over by israel from syria back in 1967 in a moment i will sign a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights netanyahu has been using trump in his election campaign you just need to
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drive down any street in this country and you see both leaders beaming from election posters on any of the main streets in israel a political analyst earns on average around $180000.00 salary a year and yet the support that netanyahu gets from trump which is so much bigger is essentially priceless should this country head to a 30 lection which is what many here suspect and fear the question is just what else is trump going to promise and in turn yahoo. the israeli parliament was dissolved in april in a dispute of the growing influence of the ultra orthodox jewish minority the country's former defense and foreign minister has refused to join the coalition of the door lieberman has not spoken opponents of the military draft privileges that are handed out to the older orthodox community that they can avoid compulsory arm service if they are enrolled in religious studies.
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live in accuses the ultra religious minority of seeking to impose jewish religious law on the secular majority they've already managed to impose bans on public transport of the sabbath strict marriage laws and gender segregation people in tel aviv how to fix their daily lives. the ultra orthodox establishment have a very strong hold of the israeli politics in israeli government i think it affects our lives. that the orthodox make their own rules and they want to make themselves different from the other people i don't think there are affected too much except from probably things like.
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public transportation in israel. in saturday i don't have buses instead on several days i want to go to the beach and there are laws that they try to pass not. according to my opinions but we should accept them as well as much as we accept other laws from other communities i truly believe in diversity but still i think they should live their lives and we should we are supposed to live our lives and we should all. come up piers you can governments accuse the social engineering after it's been revealed it's been secretly from the muslim websites will be the fallout from the reactions bring them back. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race. spearing dramatic to follow can only. exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to the press this is what before 3 of the people. interested in the why. question.
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for good morning this is out internationally exactly 60 minutes past the clock having to do something today but i can still run for the next 15 minutes or so for the rest of this news update in the u.k. a lifestyle website for muslim teens has become an unlikely flashpoint it's been revealed that the home office has been covertly funding it as part of a come to rick's treatment some strategy of move that infuriated the muslim community from stuff. edwidge gushy picks up the story if you're a young muslim woman living in the u.k. this is the website for you at least that's what the creators want you to believe. this is a global media platform for young muslim ours in the east london and beyond to share and create inspiring and empowering content with positivity at its core inspiring but now it's been exposed after it was revealed that the site is being funded covertly by the u.k. home office in an attempt to tackle radicalization and now 2 employees have
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resigned over the controversial funding one of them says working there betrayed her beliefs. in my neighbors here so that through this opportunity. i really could help to make real change pushing forward a different narrative from muslim women themselves sure when though we are empowered and multifaceted are realized now there with the home office funding the project at the root there was no way i could do this regardless of the content i was pushing out well the project was set up in 2015 in direct response to 3 approaches schoolgirls including baker running away to syria and whether they flee from the very same place super sisters is targeting now it's made up of 9 staff members from jayco media and they secured their funding from something called build a stronger britain together which is an arm of the controversial terrorism. which has been accused of targeting and spying on listen communities in the u.k. now while many see that as a fundamental infringement of rights the home office has always defended its
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efficiency while super systems has like knowledge and apologize for their wrongdoing they insist that they have full control over their content we want to emphasize that even though be s.b.c. may funders they do not have any creative control over super systems content where we acknowledge we were wrong and we apologize for it is not more clearly stating the source of funding on the super sisters' instagram blog not just our website we have always been clear and transparent to the interview stage on how we are funded including at subs interview at least that's what they say but so biased male a former employee says that there were no female muslims on the creative or editorial team because she was only recently made aware of the controversial funding well some people are very angry and hurt by the revelations. these revelations are shocking for my contributors have claimed that at one point there were no muslim women employed by g.e. go where you know they did toral for super sisters. if i was
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a teenage muslim in today's environment i would be utterly confused and feel like i was constantly be inspired upon by my own government not setup by muslims not run by muslims you're trying to define young muslim women's identity thank you but muslim women can speak for themselves well suppose this is just the latest platform to be embroiled in a transparency route just a few weeks ago a social media network team called this is woke a page claiming to engage in critical thinking m.s.m. traditions was found to be receiving funding from you guessed it the home office or the problem is to 1st of all the home office seems to the only thing is seized in the muslim community is extremism in many ways this is really. engine hearing of trying to say that there is something fundamentally wrong with muslims in the mainstream and we need to socially engineer to sort of changed so they will not be
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problematic living in our society it really is sort of extension of seeing the whole muslims as possible terrorists and so therefore we should have these projects to changed into something more acceptable so perhaps the young muslim women in the u.k. right now be slightly more hopeful the new home secretary pretty patel who herself is from minority background might now be slightly more sisterly shouted stash to r.t. u.k. london a footnote on telly are some of his to comment on the story will bring you more if they do get back to us about it give us more detail about the thought behind it. the next day the u.s. ambassador to serbia karl scott has called on the serbian people to look at the bigger picture and put the nato bombings of 999 behind them we don't ask serbs to forget the recent history but we are asking you to look at the bigger
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picture. 2 decades ago nato launched that ferocious bombing operation against the federal public in yugoslavia during the kosovo conflict the alliance leadership claimed it was carried out of the time to prevent the genocide the veil by indian population in kosovo that operation lasted for a fiery 78 day we asked people in serbia what they thought about this comment now that. is the future of the bombing campaign was not justified in any way it was a terrible crime our government should sue for compensation not what the un security council never approved the nato bombing so you can only be considered an act of aggression it is impossible for several in america to be on good terms because the us government will always view serbia as a little version of russia and america for the americans everything they do is justified vietnam hiroshima and nagasaki the native american genocide and so on and they did not just promise they took part of our territory that you cannot justify
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what they did how can you defend them bombing them any nation whatever he did or didn't do. been canadian filmmaker bar a smile or guess case as the almost lot of those bombings but then still affects us to this day don't use depleted uranium in bombing serbia and we are feeling the effects to date there is a parliamentary commission that. released its findings in serbia claiming that the uranium that was used in the bombing is still affecting the cancer rate in serbia iraq since 1994 it did in 1908 and is the search forget that the specially because us policy towards serbia has not changed from 1958 yes they're not dropping bombs but the whole reason for the leader bombing was to illegally take over our serbia that is the province of course vote to this the united states recognizes the independence of course what they are pushing for
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serbia direct. it's a balance so if the united states really want it to get over the past and everything troubles us then then they will be the ones to change its policy. so we'll do still right now in haiti protests over fuel shortages of violent reportedly one person said demonstrators were seen barricading streets and setting tires alike it comes as haiti faces shortages following the government's failure to buy one $100000000.00 to fuel supplies the country's been in crisis since the collapse of an agreement with venezuela last year which allowed haiti along with other caribbean countries purchased subsidized fuel. different picture of a mexico celebration fair to tell you about is the 209th anniversary of independence from spain mexico's president watched all his troops including top military commanders marched through the capitol thousands are gathered in mexico city for that parade which reportedly stretch for a very long a kilometer is. very smart well that's it thanks for watching so much more for us so many more stories you have time for. up and he has breaking news they will go
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straight to mobile devices for a charge from us and a way one is kevin 0 in from in the rest the r.t.t. have a great day. they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams. but only one of the cells will ever make it to the top. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once. not even broken wings could deter them. for generations at the madrid ski theatre ballet sweat and tears on r.t. .
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same wrong but old roles just don't. mean you won't believe yet to shape out this day to come to advocate and indeed from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside venezuela things through different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associate the famous good to have a son of a moment too soon and move it out of something. sad to see on the moon the cuckoo clock of the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry
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kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. terms of economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants to make a movie economy of venezuela screed. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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guys are this is the kaiser a park where were you september 3rd 2009 that's a question we'll be asking kids and grandkids for years to come that was the 1st episode of the kaiser report yes 10 years ago today the kaiser report began broadcasting all over the world under the country's billions of people. 10 years ago this month indeed we started here in paris so while we're here in paris i wanted to record the special there are some controversies about when the 1st episode actually aired of course because of a you tube and how they upload and date things but nevertheless i want to you know
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look back a little bit what we experience here in paris at the beginning of our journey of kaiser report 10 years ago and what i realized looking back and anybody could do that because it's all on you tube go kaiser report episode one episode to episode 3 episode 4 just watch those 1st episodes i'm going to look at episode one and 3 at the moment because it napa said one we interviewed danny schechter the news that a sector who has since passed away but he was an independent journalist who at the time had just made a film called plunder the crime of our time so we started our 1st episode talking about the financial collapse the ongoing battle at the trillions of dollars and this 1st little clip before we turn to the interview with him i want to show you that actually know we friends makes an appearance on our very 1st episode of kaiser report start a danish actor author of this book but yes this book the crime of our time is also
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the creator of a film that's now out in available it's called plunder the crime of art a little bit with a book that came out before lehman brothers went bankrupt speaking on wall street i called for a jail not a bail out. the street is a fine and she's center i don't think of that as a. no it's time to make the case for why the financial crisis is a crime story and i'm not the only one who sees this way. nomi prins was a managing partner of bear stearns and goldman sachs this is the most expensive take out the biggest. try it in world history we're talking * about a crime we can't even quantify you're talking double digit trillions of dollars and a lot trillions and trillions you know we at the very beginning were pointing fingers at easy money and the central banks as papering the crime wave and that was
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an excellent clip by moment prince who went on to become a regular on cars report written many books on the subject and danny schechter this whole approach talking about really plunder the crime of our time and that's also been recurring theme for 10 years it only got worse and we're seeing now 10 years later kind of the end game as we negative interest rates for example would be an extension of what was the seed stone at that time of extraordinary overreach by central banks the theme of plunder is important because again it ties to france and all of our work is said when plunder it happens at the top it starts to trickle down this is when the mean the way at the top is plunder the whole society becomes corrupt and it is corrupt and this is part of why we have uprisings everywhere why we have that why we have trump and the these people at the time did not understand
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because obama had just come in everybody was like all hope and change is going to be great but let's.


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