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israeli exit polls suggest prime minister netanyahu has again failed to secure a majority in the country's 2nd election this year. leading the hong kong activist to. act on monitoring the territories autonomy from china in return for continued economic privileges from the u.s. . and the so-called liberal racism u.s. democratic presidential candidate joe biden in hot water after he liked his african-americans on the parenting skills.
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it's 1 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching international live from our studio with me. welcome to the program the exit polls on to looking good for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu putting in behind centrist rival benny gantz by his close a few hours ago in the unprecedented 2nd parliamentary election which is again turning out to be a very close race across live to tell of the. middle east correspondent paula you've been across this hall all evening now netanyahu has hopes of a record 5th term they do seem to be fading very fast now if the polls are correct only. certainly his hopes are fading in the last few minutes as i was waiting to cross to you received a revised and updated exit poll suggesting that netanyahu is to parliamentary seats behind his main rival for my idea of chief pentagon says santa lift blue and white
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party whether that in the end transpires to be correct or not certainly netanyahu does not have enough seats to form a comfortable coalition majority he needs $61.00 out of 120 seats so he's going to have to form a coalition potentially not only with his right wing support base in the big question mark as well who can he actually approach to form a coalition government with if he can't and if been against content and that seems to be the prognosis certainly at this stage the country could see itself heading for a 3rd election don't forget the previous election was back in april and that was an election that because netanyahu was unable to win he forced in another election this time around and that's why we've seen critics say that the era of netanyahu is over he has clearly seen that although he has a sizable amount of support in israel there are sizable numbers of israelis who don't support him so that is the scenario as it stands netanyahu certainly very
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worried he hasn't yet addressed his supporters he hasn't yet addressed reporters we hear that he's on the phone already trying to put together some kind of coalition. i mean he did attempt to try to forge a coalition with. lieberman a lot failed so does he have on the allies that will get him out of this predicament. he has his traditional allies the right wing parties had a far right wing party and this was also a topic for discussion here in israel in the last few months it is headed by what many regard as a racist a former lead america had that party managed to pass the threshold it would have received for. knesset seats for parliamentary seats and that might have given it on yahoo the 61 majority he needed but that party did not pass the threshold and so netanyahu is left with his traditional support by support base for in below the
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majority as a result we have lieberman who you mentioned one of the country's former defense force ministers proven yet again that he is a kingpin this time around it was because of lieberman not wanting to join netanyahu coalition back in april over the whole issue of whether or not orthodox jews should serve in the army because lieberman did not join netanyahu 6 months ago we having the elections this time around and it's questionable whether lieberman will again join an attorney who need them and certainly has presented himself in a very powerful position he's doubled the amount of support in the last 6 months he came in with the exit polls of kuwait some tame knesset seats now earlier we managed to speak to one of his members of parliament. are really good because the early shit will go to the earth for the to go according to which we just saw work the see that's what the us the earth the center of the for the us. now that is one
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scenario that could see a 3rd round of elections being prevented but the likelihood of that happening has a huge question mark over it because you have these political leaders that really are at odds with each other for weeks now they've been throwing mud at each other and so many questions and answers in terms of how a coalition in terms of what this m.p. suggests could really function and work i mean we can't ignore donald trump who threw his backing behind the current prime minister what effect do you think that's . when i said be think it helped netanyahu he used images of him solve to the american president in. his election campaign you just need to drive down any of the main streets here in israel and you'll see the could posters showing the be incumbent prime minister sometimes with his arm around the american president but it wasn't enough essentially to see netanyahu when the
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selection and perhaps part of the reason is that donald trump is one boiled in his own political issues this time around back in april just before the polls were held made that dramatic announcement that he recognized the israeli sovereignty of the golan heights this time around he hasn't said anything to that effect so perhaps that saw potential support for natanya who declined but certainly those israelis that i've been speaking to do believe the fact that netanyahu and trump have a close relationship is a feather in the cap on yahoo and has helped him to garner in the votes because he's seen very much as being close to the american leader ok artie's middle east correspondent a polish thanks very much paula for keeping across this. we heard from a dimitri a daily on a from the palestinian fatah revolutionary council he believes there's no longer a center ground in israeli politics. well mr netanyahu in my eyes my assessment according to the exit polls he is most definitely defeated he's out
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because while he is counting on according to these polls 56 seats in this coalition and awaiting israel became. party of 10 seaters to join him or not and in fact depending on him to form the government the natural thing for israel betaine to lieberman's party to join against and pull it through are there to the right as a matter of fact actually there are no centrist party running there's lots of now with his extreme far ideological right parties coalition and there is the right israeli right joined by very weak. unimpressionable left wing parties but at the end of it there it would be. a good change for the region because nothing has proved to be an idealogue that is
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really ruling israel today based on 4000 year old text which is something totally taking the taking the. political process into full frozen mode. and leading name in hong kong the protest movement has appealed to u.s. lawmakers at a congressional hearing on future ties between washington and the chinese autonomy territory joshua one has been pressing them to pass the whole cancun right from democracy act which would monitor the region status with beijing in return for ongoing special economic sanctions. hong kong special status under american law depends on the city being treated as a separate customs area or beijing should not have it both ways repping all the economy benefits of hong kong stand. in the world well erosion of our freedom this is the most important reason why the hong kong human rights and democracy act and
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just a thought process of hong kong civil society joshua wang is a prominent student activist who organizes protests against the chinese government in support of hong kong's independence the 22 year old is also a leader of the pro-democratic party demo sister he's already served several jail terms for his activities mr one visit to new york over the weekend drew huge attention from the media the reuters news agency the new york times and bloomberg among those who asked for an interview or invited him to their offices he also gave a speech to students at the prestigious columbia university one has long supported the hong kong human rights and democracy act and we said he said he expects it to be passed easily the bill proposes support for hong kong from the u.s. so long as it remains governed at a arm's length from beijing if not that could trigger washington to revoke the city's special status as equals should honor reports. they are many they've won the
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fight with the authorities by early submission but they are anything but done the american flag waving taskforce among the hong kong protesters are sending their poster boy to convince us legislators to do something big on autonomy. well for those of you having difficulty making out the absence of this boilerplate script it's the human rights and democracy act and it's meant to shill be doing that the us is serious about fighting for hong kong's rights the united states must make clear to china that its interference in hong kong's affairs will have consequences this month we must pass a boy cameron bipartisan on consumer rights. democracy act the bill was devised in response to what the u.s. has been calling a chinese infringement on the region's autonomy and requires for america to review
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own homes special status annually and if that status is ever revoked the region's autonomy would not so much been friendly to but rather new to dust since the early ninety's hong kong has been enjoying huge advantages for wearing washington's special status badge. and some believe that a small yet vocal group of protesters is laying an explosive tripwire for the whole region which will not enjoy the konami chain reaction if it's ever triggered taking away this leverage is. sitting all of the ready biggest economy in the world without a state and city hall is just ordered it was going to hold
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a great deal but it's not just the whole bali there are all the thousands of dollars they still believe in old gold and it would likewise be affected of course it's a political war because. it calls only or percent of china's economy previously ringback said about tale of the deal years ago in me a call to all moral as far as equality is also so strong so big but sent on the other hand of course we lost i would wish the one country to see so as to help with the internationalization that really with the real insolence of all american legislators say the bill is designed to punish mainland china specifically as protesters want shown not to but while the end goal may very well be punishing beijing in pursuit of a geo political supremacy washington my just overlook the collateral damage. well
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be back in a couple of minutes after this break. you know world of big. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by our own personal those.
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. for the program fighting racism is a touchstone topic for us democratic joe biden's push for the white house on sunday he gave an impassioned speech at the black church but a few days during a presidential debate when pressed on segregation and the legacy of slavery he switched to lecture african americans on how they should bring up the children caleb maupin explains how biden's been caught out before in crossing the line from
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empathy to condensation. joe biden formally the vice president is now running in the democratic primary enjoys a huge amount of support from the african-american voters and he wants them to know he really cares about them what responsibility do you think that americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country make sure that we bring into the helpless the student the teachers deal with the problems that come from home we bring social workers into homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children it's not they don't want to help they don't want they don't know quite what to do play the radio make sure the television the scrutiny make sure you have the record player on the phone make sure the kids hear words a kid coming from a very poor school or a very poor background who hear 4000000 words fewer spoken by the time they get there the record player now he seems a couple decades behind on modern technology but it's also
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a tad bit condescending don't you think now some are calling it parent shaming biden is a liberal racist why downs better start calling this out because black women are watching if joe biden isn't forced out of the running now i give up 1st he looks into the camera and laughs at the mention of racial inequality in us schools and we could racists that he describes black homelite and parenting in a way that is stunningly ignorant and insulting drew biden's son on how to address the literacy of slavery was appalling and to scorn now this isn't the 1st time that joe is flubbed an answer when it comes to a racial issue he made some remarks when barack obama was selected as the democratic party candidate in 2008 that he probably meant to sound like a compliment i mean you get the 1st mainstream african-american who's are to cool it and bright and clean and a nice looking guy joe biden's comments point to an increasing phenomenon in us
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society being referred to as liberal racism. joe biden is not burning a cross or arguing that non-whites are inferior but he does seem to have a touch of a white savior complex he comes across as condescending to those he thinks he's helping a study refers to it as a competence downshift and joe biden is not the only one what liberals may unwittingly draw negative stereotypes demean themselves down in a largely well meaning folksy but ultimately patronize ing attempt to connect with the outgroup democratic party is pretty put on a list economy you can look you see all her policies from the welfare state to dave put into place to live think legs generally are a smart way and really would be appointed to the democrats projecting a lot of their own insecurity is a point everyone knows do say everyone is race is everyone as sexy as everyone is all those days and if they're when it's really them they feel that way and it's trying to say that it's the other side that actually feels that way for decades the democratic party has been promising to help minorities in the united states but do
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party leaders actually see them as equal members of society well joe biden's recent comments have got plenty of people asking that question. r.t. new york. and leader of britain's opposition labor party is in the cross has a washington think tank suggested that if he becomes prime minister he might possibly classified u.s. intelligence to russia what it was that the special swimming around and coping. it could all have escaped your notice the world seems to have been tipped upside down and recent years what made sense a few years ago is now considered crazy what was thought of as downright insane a few years ago now considered sensible like a potential british prime minister being called a russian agent by britain's best friend report urges mr trump to consider
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withholding sense different from ation and even pushing for the country's nato membership to be downgraded if the labor leader and his downing street analysts are states that if labor takes office there would be a serious risk that information passed to call being or his allies could be compromised especially if it was russia were iran the up somehow everyone with security clearance in the u.k. one of the most heavily surveilled nations on earth everyone missed that journey corben might be compromised but america and i'll figure it out that is if you trust us intelligence agencies whose report was apparently seen by a think tank analyst the british opposition leaders you know sympathetic to putin are you really mean we were due to speak out against the abuse of human rights by the putin government and its supporters both at home and abroad and i join many
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others in this house in paying tribute to the many campaigners in russia for human rights and justice and democracy in that country is critical of russia he supported stringent sanctions against russia all very anti russian stuff but he made a mistake you see when the souls we spied trail of staging the world's most botched and barassi in poisoning with putin himself firing the starting pistol who'd been dead ask. the evidence proof that it was the russian government who did it. who does that either this was a crime or fluted by the russian state or that state has allowed these deadly toxins to slip out of the control it has an obligation to exercise if the latter connection to russian mafia like groups that have been allowed to gain a tool hold in britain cannot be excluded. that's what he said nothing about
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false flags or conspiracies the question was really the kremlin or whether russian criminals got their hands on it in the past when sense meant being sensible that may have been a legitimate question but in this new reality you don't do sensible things you do like borish johnson was then foreign secretary who lived and said that the poison could only have come from russia he claimed categorically and i think he used the words 109 percent to come from russia porton down have not said the eyes of the foreign secretary has information that he's not sharing with porton down or it was a bit of exaggeration if you're an adult for the police the school level education you have heard illegitimate query being floated if you're a paid pundit with an agenda and flexible said the morals you'll have heard blah
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blah blah my name is jeremy corbyn and i love the u.s.s.r. now if that got their mouths frothing imagine it catatonia those hacks went into when who'd been spokes person compared the souls very poor isn't ings the whole works about iraq's weapons of mass destruction. i think obviously the government has access to information and intelligence in this matter which others don't however also there is a history in relation to w m d and intelligence which is problematic to put it mildly now some of the reactions are a bit too full on to show you here but come on you know what happens to anyone who gets in the way of the russia bashing express their mood down and maybe got over a few times for good measure who wins problem is he just doesn't learn from pain less it is if russia is blamed for anything you have to believe it time magazine
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pretty much says so although the washington post took a more scientific approach listing corbin's faults one by one the opposition labor party leader and his spokesman a refused to accept the kremlin was responsible be konstanz from british intelligence see complained that moscow had not been accorded due process and d. so the right response was robust dialogue he doubted the faceless intelligence agencies with horrific track records wanted jew process and justice 1000 days in a human rights dialogue rather than health you know i'm done as no more to say here i'll leave you with this the day american intelligence agencies learn to keep classified reports classified rather than leak them weekly is the day we can perhaps trust them to tie their own shoelaces. so i will
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take over the top the hour with more updates so stay with us. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision a little sheltered lives every thing came to a complete. the day that i was raped. you know told to shut up kill me and i see how destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me with his birth think if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the u.s. military rape is a very very traumatizing thing to have happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting
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rape is more likely to get the victim punished to be a friend and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of tower and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. but if she warned you and i do. would be sure that the was more than those genes knew speech and she me you. know when you guys you hear. in the news i mean guys are that infants involved. a lot of people seesawing your present parts of 2 kids each other both for the most school. discipline but as a little 30 as if our true. by.
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god that 5 days doing this is. if you. knew. you would include in. 6 when you challenge me when you want our money on a shave it is on the way as he's got a. ball then yeah i'm going to what you don't care man don't put him on me if i don't fall so. what are police today's article showing. ripples told you more committed to did this to the. poor there was ripples
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all the way it was a bubble. book there was a belief. the bible. so it was fun to watch when there was a. point that we. don't. really know if you can't teach. an old school 2nd monies and. be. done on. the field and. in it it just goes to the whole song w n. p.
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this music is hip hop by canal cortin's. one of the many gypsy groups in france and this is an illegal romanian and gypsy settlement in some tiny. french troops and might not be overjoyed to hear this sound because they tend to believe it wrongly for different groups of gypsies to intermix. for one thing margaret gypsies face a very different problems from those of the french jews. and he hit the fan base. and. post them. on google it's just a word of. some things you. don't want doesn't do that or if your doctor is gonna. go to
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the doctor who they would need to do a good will gesture to someone that's almost a national as there was a lot. you're going to get you when you look just. because it's a. good value just because i knew. more news doesn't go there do we missed that about that was the. last of the key plus the videos. towards you. this is no village anywhere near keesha moldova the eiffel tower is just a few kilometers away. your charity out of. the street no one has speaks french to. all these hardworking people came to france seeking refugee status. in pursuit of welfare rights and the opportunities france gives to refugees. the county waiting for. confirmation of the stage of song.
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him is reminiscent of a preacher he quotes the gospel and appears to want to be a pastor yet that's rather like an insulator should listen. first to the from augusta. this is sam to me the north koreans. immigrants from all over the world settle. the social housing for those with confirmed refugee status contents for new arrivals. most of the gypsy council we visited duniya sunny. here in orange ily. ily 17 yeah we don't. know who are who are your carry. on as who soon you would be in the arms on debian
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lest you lose your own battle creek your picking.


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